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We held a live AMA with Head of Marketing, Maccie Paquette on 3rd April 2023 10:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.

JH | Shin Chan: Before the ama start, can you please Introduce yourself and Acta Finance?

Maccie Paquette: Absolutely! I am the Head of Marketing at Acta Finance and am responsible for really everything that has to do with our marketing strategy. I do a lot of our content writing, create our banner designs and graphics, assist with all of our recurring content and creative series such as our Partner Spotlights and Tutorial videos, I host our weekly Discord Stage Show- Acta Non Verba, and run our community growth initiatives.

My marketing style can be summarized in four words: Strategize, structure, schedule, and execute.

That said, I’m just a small piece of the puzzle. We have incredible developers working behind the scenes to make our platform truly phenomenal.

We have KOL manager who does so many crucial organizational tasks to make sure our whole network of partners, KOLs and investors are all working together.

We have our lawyer who is endlessly striving to ensure we are aware of and abiding by legislation so that we don’t encounter future issues.

And of course, we have our Founder and CEO Christof Waton who steers the entire ship and has been working tirelessly and with every department, offering his expertise and guidance.

I’ve never met a more passionate person in this industry (and after working for a VC where I met with and got to know hundreds of different founders and CEOs, that’s really saying a lot.)

We’re all so proud and excited about our progress and it’s wonderful to get to share that with all of you.

Acta Finance: There is so much I can say but I’ll try to summarize it into the most important points

Acta Finance is a DeFi ecosystem that aims to empower individuals and organizations to take control of their financial futures and make informed decisions that drive positive change.

With a focus on transparency, security, and accessibility, Acta Finance is building a decentralized financial ecosystem that introduces many centralized features for the first time on-chain to fight manipulation, corruption, and abuse of passive earning features.

We are bringing true innovation and utility to the DeFi.

Acta Finance brings a complete DeFi Suite, with multiple DeFi products and introduces features, that incentivize user activity and user base growth, for the first time on-chain.

The MVP that we are releasing on launch is:

✅- ActaFi Swap (active liquidity, like uniswap v3 / Traderjoe Liquidity Book)
✅- ActaFi DAO Program
✅- Referral Program
✅- Address Milestones (referrals and trading volume)
✅- Staking
✅- Farming
✅- wNFT (Launch incentive, locked staking at high yield)

Post Launch we will continue development by upgrading the liquidity aggregator to aggregate active liquidity pools.

✅-Build an RFQ Model
✅-Build P2P Lending
✅-Margin Trading
✅- Launchpad

So a ton of big plans, and more than what I’ve just listed but I think that’s a pretty thorough breakdown ;)

JH | Shin Chan: thank you for introduce yourself, team and Acta Finance. it is like cover all the thing in defi 🔥🔥

Maccie Paquette: Exactly. Our CEO saw the gap in the industry

JH | Shin Chan: really awesome 💯

Maccie Paquette: And wanted to fill it. Thank you! We’re all very proud and excited.

JH | Shin Chan: it’s great to know all of these from you🚀 Let’s rock Acta!

Beside that, do you have any news or update from Acta Finance would like to share with us?

Maccie Paquette: haha thank you! And yes definitely

There is still a lot to do from the development side, however, our main goal right now is to launch ACTA token successfully.

As your community might be aware, Acta Finance is the first project to utilize our DAO to decide whether token should go to market. On February 22, 2023 it was decided by DAO voting that ACTA token is going to the market this year in Q1 ( WHICH MEANS VERY VERY SOON)!!!!

This is very exciting news for our team and also a lot of work ahead. All of us are working at full capacity to prep for TGE as we strive to lock in exact dates and other specifics.

Acta Finance’s next big step is performing successful launch and following our listing roadmap:

A couple other updates that I think are really important to mention are that we have just started releasing Tutorials about our various products, for example last Thursday we released our Staking Tutorial in both written and Video forms:


We’re hoping that by giving our community the resources the need to know how to navigate our platform in advance of TGE, it will really encourage them and build confidence to truly explore and utilize it to their own benefit

2nd thing: We’ve just joined Link3 and have tied it to our Discord Stage sessions which allows our community to gain NFTs just for joining us on the sessions. Our next one is this Thursday so we’d love to invite all of you to join us there:

Final thing to mention is that we launched a Crew3 competition just over a month ago (now they have just rebranded to Zealy). We’ve gone through some changes with it and will be releasing all new details on our Thursday session so come by and learn how to get involved and collect some rewards. ❤️

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q1. The DeFi field is full of many projects, all of which provide functions such as lending,staking,borrowing, yield farming and liquidity on multiple platforms. As we all know, marketing is essential for every project. What makes Acta Finance special compared to other competitors?

Maccie Paquette: I like this one a lot because as you mention, in such an oversaturated market, sometimes it’s tough to see what really makes one project stand out against the crowd. That said, Acta Finance IS that standout!

As I mentioned earlier, our Founder/CEO Christof Waton saw a gap in the industry. There were many DeFi platforms but non offering everything and none so intricately thought out to allow for one aspect of the ecosystem to directly affect and positively impact other parts of it

The impact we would like to have is that we bring a new DeFi standard with incentives FOR THE PEOPLE.

I know a lot of projects say that as well, but here’s just part of the reason why we stand by those words (Acta Non Verba — Deeds not Words)

There is no DeFi ecosystem out there with a proper referral program, and definitely not on-chain.

There is no DeFi ecosystem offering rewards for userbase growth and activity (address milestones)

Currently DeFi products are limiting themselves to single products, in place of taking the long development path and bringing a complete ecosystem.

THAT COMPLETE ECOSYSTEM is what Acta Finance is building with our launch on Avalanche. Shortly after launch, we will deploy on Arbitrum, BSC, Polygon, Eth.

Q2: 1. There are other projects doing the similar things like Acta Finance is doing. Can you name one thing that Acta Finance do differently from the other projects?

2. Do you see other projects as your competitors or you see them as your peers to grow and work together (if there is opportunity)?

Maccie Paquette: I answered the first half of this question in my previous answer but I still believe the 2nd half to be worth addressing — “2. Do you see other projects as your competitors or you see them as your peers to grow and work together (if there is opportunity)?”

We at Acta Finance, ABSOLUTELY believe in working together to drive innovation industry wide.

We actually have some upcoming partnerships that we will be announcing that may surprise some of you because to most other people, they would see those entities as competitors. But let me as you this… When did competition make anyone weaker? It doesn’t. You work hard you try harder. You share knowledge with one another and see which parts each company thrives most with.

We are very grateful for the competition and it’s our close relationships with them that have allowed each of us to grow and become better versions for the benefit of all of our shared communities.

Q3: Community support is one of the biggest aspects of a project’s success, Most projects have programs that interact with their users, Does Acta Finance have any special plans to attract and expand the community and improve the user experience?

What are the advantages and utilities of ACTA token will be within the Acta Finance ecosystem?

Maccie Paquette: This is a great question.

We are very passionate about our community and take several measures to make sure we are addressing their needs and attracting new members.

1. The first thing is we have awesome moderators. Our moderators are there to answer as many questions as possible and assist our community members with their questions or concerns.

2. Our CEO is VERY responsive. Although he is extremely busy, he makes time each week to check in with the community and answer any questions that are more specific and sensitive. He works so hard behind the scenes but if always willing to step onto the front lines to make sure our community feels heard. We try to do at least one exclusive internal AMA with him per month in our Telegram community channel:

3. We have our competitions, videos, community conversations, games and activities. There are tons of ways to get involved and stay entertained with us

And finally:

The ACTA Token will have 5 utilities:
✅- DAO Program
✅- Referral Program
✅- Gas fee
✅- Lending
✅- Launchpad


Q4: On your Roadmap Q1 2023,you plan to launch an Advertising campaign. So,can you tell us what kind of Advertising campaign you will engage? How would you attract more users and investors? As a new project, how would you fund this advertising campaign?

Maccie Paquette: This is a great question because although an “Advertising campaign” may sound pretty straightforward, it’s deeply layered

1st Layer: Internal advertising — This layer focuses on information and education. Providing our community (both current and future) with the material they need to TRULY understand Acta Finance and be able to decide whether they believe in us or not.

2nd Layer: Partners/KOLs — Reigniting our partner communities to remind them that Yes, Acta Finance (unlike so many other projects) actually not only survived the bear market, but KEPT DEVELOPING throughout the whole duration. These efforts vary from having our videos/series/breaking news and of course AMAs with their communities, to inviting the founders and leaders into our own Acta Non Verba and Partner Spotlight series so that OUR community can learn about the too.

again, working together

The third thing is we are running our airdrop competition that I mentioned earlier. Yes, this does attract some bountyhunters, but within that crowd there are also so many incredible and genuine people who we hope to get to showcase our platform too by having them participate in the competition quests

4th Is straightforward PR- advertising through strategic pres releases

and 5th: we have a HUGE group of Youtube KOLs ready to push our project out once we confirm exact details around our launch

In terms of the budget — I personally believe our CEO is a genius — and of course, he has accounted for these costs in advance as well as curated our CAP Table so strategically that a lot of the advertising we need is actually pledged to us already

There is always more taht can be done, but we have a pretty confident handle and are pleased with the positive reception across the board so far.

Q5: Can you explain the benefits or holders of the Acta Finance wNFT NFT and where can I read more about Acta Finance to get to know the Acta Finance ecosystem?

Maccie Paquette:

This is a great question and we will actually be releasing a new Youtube Tutorial/explainer on our innovative wNFTs in two weeks. The ActaFi wNFTs will be a TGE incentive to reward early ACTA adopters.

To get started you will deposit your tokens to the staking pool.

Your stake will be wrapped in an NFT that you can sell at any time.

Unwrap the NFT to claim the stake and rewards when the lock-up ends.

Something really amazing about our wNFTs is that they will be in limited quantities (again, reward early adopters) but they also have very high APR/APY (25% & 35%).

The best place to learn more is in our TG community channel, that said, for wNFT specific info you can check out this article:

And stay tuned with us for our Youtube Tutorial. Here’s the channel for those of you who are video buffs:

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