Atlantis AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

9 min readJan 18, 2022

We held a live AMA with Global Community Manager, Audrey Ngo from Atlantis on 18th January 9:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene | Shin Chan: Before we start our AMA, Can you give us a quick introduction about yourself and the core team for the new joiners?

Audrey | Atlantis Metaverse : For those who missed our last AMA, I’m Audrey — Global Community Manager of Atlantis Metaverse

Let me introduce a little bit about Atlantis’s Developement team

The Journey of the Atlantis Metaverse begins with a great team that shared a united passion about the possibility of Metaverse.

They have more than 10 years in implemeting many different fields: finance, banking, e-commerce, game and also cryptocurrency

Serene | Shin Chan: Can you briefly tell us what is Atlantis ?

Audrey | Atlantis Metaverse : Atlantis Metaverse is a fantasy-themed strategy GameFi project. We aim to create a decentralized society which is built by our beloved users.
As a Play-to-earn project and with the combination of NFT ethos, Atlantis citizens can both play games and earn a steady income through DeFi integration.
The game is based on the concept of Greek mythology and has a long-term story as the gameflow will be continued and developed in 4 consecutive worlds (Ocean, Hell, Sky and Earth). According to that, 4 worlds in the game are equivalent to 4 different Gameplay versions.

Serene | Shin Chan: Do you have any recent or updated Atlantis news you’d like to share with our community?

Audrey | Atlantis Metaverse :

We will soon release our very first NFT Collection this month. To be verified on Binance NFT is a big boom I guess. Actually, our members were kinda shocked for this news

So this is also our great motivation to prepare for the best products to be widely launched

The Game Testing Vers will be released in the end of this month, so do not miss our NFT stuffs. I guess you will wish for characters to experience our GamePlay

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1. In your website i read that you can buy NFT real estate using TAU and it can be converted into physical real estate. How does it work?

Audrey | Atlantis Metaverse |: The cohesion between digital assets and real assets in the ecosystem of Atlantis Metaverse is a clear picture, the project currently owns platforms that can bring physical assets into the Game. Specifically is Real Estate Integration.

Q2. I have seen that Atlantis Metaverse has held an “NFT Campaign” on a well-known platform, is this true? If yes, will you bring any new features/upgrades on this? What will this NFT campaign look like And How do you plan to personalize your gamer experience?

Audrey | Atlantis Metaverse |: I confirm that Atlantis will have our NFT Campaign launched on a well-known platform, this is so promising 😉

I am truly ethusiastic about our upcoming NFT Sales in January and February.
Atlantis Metaverse will release the Genesis NFTs, these are parts of a wider collection that consists of thousands of Atlantis Metaverse’ NFTs. These first-ever NFTs will be our Heroes.

The Heroes will come under different rarities. In addition, we have 7 characters and 6 elements in total. This is the proof that we have a wide variety of available Heroes waiting for you to claim.

Users will also have a high chance of getting a Legendary NFT with our 3X Drop Rate Event. In order to get these NFTs, users will purchase different NFT Tickets, the guaranteed Heroes will differentiate, depending on the rarity and price of the Tickets.

Q3. In relation to your NFTs, could you elaborate on the utility of your NFTs within your platform? Are they intended to be retained as simple collections or will they bring additional benefits? Do you have your own marketplace where Atlantis NFTs may be sold, traded, and purchased?

Audrey | Atlantis Metaverse |: As I said, to join Atlantis gameplay, you need to equip yourself a character pack. And this NFT Campaign is your first chance. Also in our platform, users can produce, craft, or provide valuable products and assets to develop the economy in the Atlantis universe.
All of those products are NFT-ified and exchangeable on our Marketplace

And YES, we’ve launched our own Marketplace. Let’s check it out:

Q4. I see that it will unfold in 4 consecutive worlds: Ocean, Hell, Heaven and Earth. Based on that, 4 worlds in the game equals 4 different game versions, so currently which of these game versions are you focusing on developing and what features does it have?

Audrey | Atlantis Metaverse |: At present, we are doing our best to develop Atlantis Ocean Gameplay. In game, we have features that can help users enjoy game and also earn money
🔸First to mention is PvE system (will be launched in quarter 1, 2022). In our PvE mode, there will be 3 different campaigns:
1. Daily Quests: These missions can be done every day in the game. Users need to complete missions to collect experience points for the character as well as to receive items.
2. Boss Raids: Users receive Boss-hunting world quests from the system to receive attractive rewards. The reward is calculated according to the ranking of the player’s contribution to fighting the Boss.
3. Dungeons: Users will go through challenging floors. The deeper you can conquer, the greater the reward.

🔸In particular, we provide tournaments for users and give them rewards according to their level in the game. Also, we will develop the monthly, quarterly, yearly tournaments

Q5. In his roadmap he has important purposes, such as the 2D game model for 2022, in 2023 it will be 3D and the metaverse in 2024! But these are long periods,what will you do to keep investors engaged and motivated during those periods?Will they offer long-term benefits at Atlantis?

Audrey | Atlantis Metaverse |: Let me make this clear, we will right now release 3D game model and Metaverse technology will be widely applied into the system when we’ve already had a strong and stable foundation.
I know this will take a long while and more efforts in our members’ patience, but that’s why we have 4 worlds in the game and 4 different gameplay versions. We are trying to update users’ experience by diversifying their tastes.

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6. Please share a little bit about what the current game development process is. Do the users have any chance to test?

Audrey | Atlantis Metaverse |: Yes, Atlantis’s dev team is trying to give out the Testing Version for our users in this month. We wish to hear your supportive feedbacks so that we can prepare the best Official Gameplay in January.
Thanks for asking me 😘

Q7. I read that On your Marketplace, There will be artists as well,
What will be benefits for users ?
Can they order for any Personalised Charecters?

Audrey | Atlantis Metaverse |: Yes, not stopping at the basic features of NFT, we develop a platform on the Marketplace which can connect with Artists so that users can order Artist to design characters according to their preferences and imagination. This aims to personalize users’ experience in our system

Q8. Project based on two tokens $TAU and $AUM. but, Which of these will serve as game governance tokens and which will serve as in-game currency? and Is it necessary to have $TAU and $AUM, as well as NFT, to start each game?

Audrey | Atlantis Metaverse |: In Atlantis, users can use 2 main types of Tokens: $TAU and $AUM

💰Token $TAU is the governance token in the Atlantis universe and used mainly to pay service fees such as buying and selling,… or to help users participate in the management of the ecosystem: Staking, DAOs…

💰Token $AUM is considered as the payment token and used in-games, mainly for the purpose of upgrading items, upgrading characters …etc to serve the user’s gaming process. $AUM tokens are only mined from user activities in the Atlantis universe. To control inflation, the project will rebalance the supply once a month to ensure the sustainable development of the Atlantis universe.

Q9. AUDIT plays an IMPORTANT role in improving the stability of any PROJECT. Do you have an AUDIT CERTIFICATE. Or are you doing an AUDIT of your project to make it more secure and reliable?

Audrey | Atlantis Metaverse |: Atlantis’ smart contract Audit Report is ready to ship. The contract does not contain issues of high or medium criticality.

Please find the Audit Report in PDF format here (!
Special thanks to SOLIDProof for hard auditing our contract!

Q10. In the roadmap as I see, Can you tell us more about Land or Real Estate? Thank you

Audrey | Atlantis Metaverse |: Thanks for your good question
🔸About Land:
Users can choose to buy themselves land plots in The Atlantis Universe. The number of land plots will be finite.
On their land plots, users can do many different things: Building a farm to raise and train sea animals to fight, building a smithy to forge weapons, building training schools to provide personnel for activities in the game, building workshops to manufacture technological weapons…
Production and service activities will be continuously expanded, creating an open universe on the ocean floor with a diverse community from all walks of life. Users can produce, craft, or provide valuable products and assets to develop the economy in the Atlantis universe.
👉All of those products are NFT-ified and exchangeable on the Marketplace.

🔸Real Estate:
The Atlantis universe is not entirely virtual. Atlantis will Tokenize real-life real estate and all real estate transactions will be done on smart contracts, combined with legal procedures abiding by each country’s laws, to bring the residents of Atlantis a more sustainable development. These property owners will have the same full rights as the owners of real estate in the game while also owning actual, physical real estate.

Q11. I read in your game there will be a Tournament event. Can you explain this for us? How can we get involved in this Tournament event? Are there any prerequisites to participate in this Tournament? And what kind of prizes will this Tournament give us?

Audrey | Atlantis Metaverse |: A tournament will be opened when a certain number of players are on the system. Players will compete in knockouts with hundreds of other users in the form of PvP to choose the top player who will win great prizes from the system. Also, we will develop the monthly, quarterly, yearly tournaments

Q12. What is the competitive advantage of your project? What advantages do you have that other competitors don’t have? And What would be your project’s most similar secure competitor on the market today in terms of scalability, security, features and adaptability?

Audrey | Atlantis Metaverse |: Ah, interesting questions. I’m so proud to give you our 4 most outstanding points that can attract more and more users.
👍Firstly, let’s talk about our long-term business vision: The game story is developed according to 4 worlds (ocean, hell, sky and earth) to lengthen the gaming process and continously update their experience.

👍In the future, we will integrate Metaverse. At the early stage, the game is evolved from a 3D game to slowly creating the foundation for the future Metaverse. After developing all 4 worlds, Metaverse features will be started to apply in the 1st world to upgrade the users’ experience.

👍Real Estate: At present, Atlantis has some real estate projects which are in the process of being deployed and integrated into the Game.

👍Finally, we are trying our best to personalize our users’ experience: Marketplace provides a platform for users to connect with Artists to order characters according to their preferences and imagination.