BirdWorld AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with CEO, Marcos from BirdWorld on 25th April 9:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene| Shin Chan: Welcome to Shin Chan Channel, Before we start our AMA, Can you give us a quick introduction about yourself ?

Marcos: Hi, everyone, I’m excited to be joining the Shin Chan telegram community today! I’m Marcos, Founder & CEO from BirdWorld.

Serene | Shin Chan: Now, could you please introduce Bird World to our community?

Marcos: The concept of Bird World is simple, and now we’ve developed it, almost obvious.

Bird World responds to the challenge of NFT utility gaming.

Beside the game, we believe NFTs should have the same potential as other crypto assets to earn NFT holders yield, in a meaningful and engaging environment.

In Bird World, NFT holders have two options:

1. Stake their NFT, earning yield and Bird World collectible cards

2. Customize their NFT in the game by powered up skills, to participate in staking again, earning tokens as a reward

Bird World isn’t exclusively for NFT holders — those who don’t own NFTs are critical to the outcome of $LAB staking, earning $LAB in the process.

Bird World bridges the gap between NFTs and GameFi, enabling interoperability between a multitude of NFT projects. The possibilities for growth are limitless with the various yield and gaming strategies embedded in our dApp.

We’re excited to have the community join us as we create greater purpose for NFTs plush GameFi!

Serene| Shin Chan: Please tell us about the tokenomics of Bird World token

Marcos: $LAB is the utility and governance token of Bird World, it enables users to vote in our DAO as well as boost their opportunities to earn more in NFT staking.

$LAB holders are also eligible to share in the success of Bird World through rewards.

Another token named $LAN is gaming token that allows birds to power up their tools and swap to $LAB.

Our dual Tokenomics are structured to protect the integrity of Bird World and its users.

Key features to highlight are first, that 35% of our tokens are dedicated to game rewards, 12% are held by the IDO, 20% for the team and advisors, 18% rewards to the community, 2.3% to seed investors, 1.7% for airdrop and 11% are maintained in LP liquidity.

Serene| Shin Chan: Please tell us about the roadmap of Bird World

Marcos: Bird World has come a long way since we started out. One thing that has remained consistent in our approach is our dedication to creating a game solution that works for and with the community, with embedded fairness features.

So far, we’ve designed out pretty amazing characters that integrates 6 amazing races for battles, and planned to create a solution for both NFT bird holders to earn passive income on their NFTs.

There’s a few key steps to achieve before we fully launch all the functionalities of Bird World. First, we’re doing a full security review, bringing in consultants to undertake a full internal audit before engaging an external auditor to review our smart contracts and ensure the dApp is secure. Second, we’re preparing for the long-term business partnership, which will be a huge opportunity for Bird World insiders to support the success of the project.

Looking further into the future, Bird World’s success will be dependent on the community and our team. Birds will help us determine which functions to integrate, and we’re looking to the community to advocate for Bird World further out into the metaverse ecosystem. We would love to share with Bird World insiders when we move to the testing phase.

Serene| Shin Chan: Could you please tell us about the IDO integrated in Bird World?

Marcos: Definitely, it crazy that our project has successfully raised $700,000 in its completed IDO A Round and $1,800,000 in IDO B Round for the LAB token both in a few hours. Everyone knows that raising $2,500,000 is not easy, especially with the current crypto market conditions, right?

Its concluded 2.5% of total supply especially the whitelist list is temporary full, and we could not image that GameFi still popular on BNB Chain. We got some feedback from IDO buyers, and we heard one voice keep saying that our idea of sustainable plot and the mystery stories of birds attracted their mind.

Serene| Shin Chan: Please what is Create to Earn?

Marcos: We all know how precarious the NFTs work, especially with various trends in staking, gaming and collecting. We won’t lie to ourselves and pretend the only direction to go in is boring; therefore, we allow users to create their owned NFTs based on initial birds NFTs.

Gamers could level-up or power up their NFTs skill and get more earning that they would except. Different gamers will result in different NFTs which comes to creating NFTs as valuation.

Paying out rewards in $LAB is a conscious choice by the team to safeguard users no matter what the market conditions. Of course, we also have the risk that should there be a burst, yield generated would be lower — however it would not result in any loss to users.

Serene| Shin Chan: Great. May i know how much raised from seed investment?

Marcos: The seed investment is already done before the IDO but further details that I could provide is below: The seed investment, led by CoStone Community and VanEck Group, an ETF firm, resulted in a strategic partnership agreement that will deepen their business ties with BIRD WORLD

At the same time, BIRD WORLD is backed by Fidelity Management and Research Company, Marshall Wace, Digital Currency Group, FTX, Breyer Capital and other leading investors. And through AI TechFin and upgrading the brand strategy, it aims to achieve mutual benefits and a win-win cooperation with the investors

Serene| Shin Chan: What is the project all about ?

Marcos: Bird World is a decentralized AVG game crafted by a development team from multiple countries, including Blizzard, which incorporates blockchain, DeFi, GameFi, metaverse, DAO, and other technologies.

It allows users to enjoy wonderful and rich game experiences, and they can also earn while playing.

In the future, Bird World will integrate competition, interactive entertainment, mobile app and desktop version through blockchain and tokenization, realizing the integration of online virtual environment with physical environment, creating a borderless entertainment world and an unprecedented entertainment experience for global users.

Aiming to disrupt the gaming market, Bird World joined SoftBank Capital Group, and reached a strategic cooperation agreement in the United States. The two parties will actively carry out cooperation in all aspects, and take AVG games as an opportunity to promote industry reform and build the world’s top metaverse blockchain game infrastructure and GameFi ecosystem application system.

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1: You said that Bird World has undertaken to have an infrastructure based on the DAO. How does Bird World intend to leverage the DAO and how does it combine game governance incentives?

Marcos: Bird World is a game of strategy cards + simulation nurturance, it uses a unique matching algorithm that matches players at the same level, providing fair matches for all players. Most games don’t allow players to participate in game updates and development. Games often have bugs that players want the developers to remove or fix. Bird World uses an innovative DAO system to give players the best votes in game development and improvement.

Q2: What inspired the team to make the Bird World ecosystem set in the New Medieval World? Bird World is divided into five eras (navigation, industrial revolution, America and Steam) there are four or five eras. What difference from one era to another, is it an evolution of periods?


• Bird World: the first bird world online game, experience a different game world.

• Dynamic scenes: Breaking stereotypes; Introduce the concept of dynamic scenes; Terrain, architecture and weather dynamically change

• Physical engines: The effective combination of online games and solo physical games makes the fun of combat perfectly

• Strategy gameplay: Easy to get started, hard to master; Novice gradually promoted; Burning brains: take on top players

• Freedom & Exploration: Sandbox world, freedom, exploration, the search for the unknown underground ancient civilizations

  • Surprising plots: Bird conservation theme plot , surprises are everywhere, come and explore

Q3: You will surely agree with me that NFT must have the same potential as any other crypto asset to earn NFT holder returns. So, what utility does BirdWorld’s innovative NFT have for holders? What strategies did Bird World develop to increase its NFT value?

Marcos: Through blockchain networks and tokens, Bird World creates a perfect replica of a decentralized +GameFi+ metaverse + gaming ecosystem and toolset for users and developers.

• In Bird World, all game objects are represented as NFTs on the blockchain network. Therefore, all projects can be owned by users or others. Bird World allows users to accumulate more in-game tokens and assets such as items. The key to Bird World is that once acquired, users can exchange those assets in the market for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, such as dollars, to generate disposable income.

• In the Bird World ecosystem, the Play-to-Ean model will be one of the core of the game. Making money while playing is birdworld’s biggest selling point. Leveling up and defeating monsters in the game will not only bring you joy, but also tokens, equipment, items, and NFTs, which can all be sold on the blockchain market.

• BirdWorld will create a motivational ecosystem through the recycling of non-fungible assets. Use activity and contribution to measure the number of user benefits. At the same time, through the generation, circulation and value fission of scarce assets and NFT, it gives the maximum feedback to users.

• In Bird World, buyers and sellers can trade freely in the secondary market for NFT transactions. In terms of GAS fees, the proposed Bird World has no user barriers or distribution restrictions compared to a normal NFT trading platform. In addition, NFT on Bird World stores data in a decentralized storage network, ensuring that data is persistent and immutable.

  • Bird World can provide players with a fair, impartial and open game environment, transparent data, transparent rules, no backstage manipulation of item drop rate and malicious induced consumption. The hope is that the assets of game players can be preserved in a long-term, secure and decentralized manner. At the same time, Bird World hopes to split the value of digital asset economic model through the NFT+GameFi model.v

Q4: Is your game simple to understand for all kinds of gamers, particularly those who are new to cryptocurrency or just getting started? Could people still enjoy the game despite their lack of knowledge about cryptocurrency and crypto-related products?

Marcos: Of Course, easy to play. Users can watch our trailer

Q5: A few free mini-games will be available in BirdWorld. Will each of those “mini-games” be truly connected to the main game, allowing me to utilize the same NFT heroes That use in battle, or will they be completely separate?

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6: Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join the #BirdWorld project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who have not yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about the BirdWorld project in the non-crypto space?

Marcos: Yeah, our investor VanEck is non-crypto investors, and we wil bring more traditional finance investors to cooperate with us.

Q7: what would you do to ensure that users support (BirdWorld) in the long term, and not just for temporary gain? How can your team increase user engagement with your product and project capabilities?!!

Marcos: We all know how precarious the NFTs work, especially with various trends in staking, gaming and collecting. We won’t lie to ourselves and pretend the only direction to go in is boring; therefore, we allow users to create their owned NFTs based on initial birds NFTs. Gamers could level-up or power up their NFTs skill and get more earning that they would except. Different gamers will result in different NFTs which comes to creating NFTs as valuation.
Paying out rewards in $LAB is a conscious choice by the team to safeguard users no matter what the market conditions. Of course, we also have the risk that should there be a burst, yield generated would be lower — however it would not result in any loss to users.

Q8: The main thing that made me a BirdWorld fan because you guys aim to disrupt the game market, that’s why you made a deal with SoftBank Capital Group. Will the two parties actively cooperate in all aspects? Can you tell more clearly what “disruption” you are planning?

Marcos: BirdWorld will lead GameFi2.0 as we solve the issue produced by GameFi1.0, which is Play-to-Earn only.

Q9: Can BIRDWORLD gameplay be easily understood by all types of players especially for those who are relatively new to crypto or just starting out? Can they still enjoy the game even if they don’t know much about crypto and crypto related products?

Marcos: Yes, BirdWorld is easy to play. Please watch our video first

Q10: For now how does BirdWorld bridge the gap to attract more traditional players and educate about the benefits of blockchain-based gaming?Do you have any specific plans to engage and expand the community and improve the user experience of the game??

Marcos: Bird World wants everyone to be their own master, free to manage their own assets without being peeped, monitored or blocked by centralized institutions. Based on decentralization, privacy, fair and independent, Bird World will ensure the fairness of financial security and every investor to participate in at the same time, the dangers of stripping centralized, build the decentralized ecological circle and the value of the real closed-loop, establish contact for virtual and reality, let the metaverse and DAO and at the same time promote social progress and create a personal value.





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