BLUCA AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

9 min readMar 20, 2022


We held a live AMA with CEO, Narut from Bluca on 20th March 8:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene | Shin Chan: Good evening everyone, I am pleased to have CEO, Narut from Bluca joining our Public AMA today.

Before we start our AMA, Can you give us a quick introduction about yourself and the core team for the new joiners?

Narut |Bluca: Hi everyone, my name is Narut, CEO @Bluca. Our team starts with a group of developers and business developers in Thailand. With our experience in a tech company and in the crypto industry, we want to bring the best combination between gaming, finance, and art.

That’s why we create Bluca. A blockchain-based game that combines fun gamification and quality of the NFT.

Serene | Shin Chan: Do you have any recent or updated Bluca news you’d like to share with our community?

Narut |Bluca: Yes, a latest news about our IDO

We will start our IDO on March 21–22 which is tomorrow in case you guys interesting in our project.

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1. How many characters are there in #BlucaNft and how the game is designed,
Could you tell us about the main features and give us some details of each of them, from the ways in which we can generate profits and the Marketplace that you have designed for the game?

Narut |Bluca:

100+ forms of Blucamon are available for players to enjoy collecting like we are collecting Pokemon.

Each of them has unique attributes, you can evolve, level up, breeding them to the next form.

Players can earn by playing games, staking, or selling the NFTs. Our marketplace will be launch next month.

Q2: I read that Blucamon is an NFT creature and there are 100+ of Blucamon In the Blucaverse. Is Blucamon divided into several categories such as type, elements, and rarity? then can we Breed Blucamon? if so, how to Breeding Blucamon?

Narut |Bluca: Yes that correct, we want to create a collective NFT which is unique in terms of attributes and also the design. Blucamon is divided into many types, elements and rarity.

We can also breeding the Blucamon through Summmoning lab (Our breeding features) that will be launch next month.

There are many possibilities in the breeding mechanism.

Q3. Bluca is a blockchain-based game that mixes gamification with the NFT’s top quality. This is basically the description of any game created lately, with the same idea how does Bluca intend to outstand and persist among them?

Narut |Bluca: Yep, there are many games that has launch these several months.

Since we intend to be a “Fun gamification and quality of NFT” platform, we have an experienced advisor on the Game Designer from Game Studio to help us develop and build the game system. As a result, both crypto and non-crypto gamers can enjoy the game with the quality of the NFT.

But everything takes time, and I have to admit that it’s very competitive and challenging to be the top project in the space. All ecosystems are on the plan and we are thrilled to release our new features.

Q4. Hello, I’m curious whether you have any plans to raise awareness of “Bluca” in regions where English is not widely spoken.. Do you have a local community in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, or another country where Bluca might be better understood??

Narut |Bluca: Yes of course. Many countries are not using English as a native language. We want to raise awareness to non-english speaker as well, we have some influencers in South East Asia to help us achieve that goal.

We also have local community for you guys to join,

Check out here ->

Q5. Can you talk about the PVE mode in Bluca? What are the rewards of this mod? How are we going to compete with our Blucamon in PVE mode to get rewards in the game?

Narut |Bluca: Despite the staking mechanism in the game, we also have PVE in minigames like Blucacard. Players can earn by defeating the bots in each stage of the game.

Player needs to prepare their Blucamons on each stage differently.

Their skills, power, and attributes are important to fighting. The reward are containing $BLUC and in-games rewards.

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6. How many kinds of Blucamon are there in the Blucaverse world right now? How do these Blucamon differ and differ from each other? Will the game have rare Blucamon species, what do I need to have the most unique and strongest Blucamon?

Narut |Bluca: There are many types of Blucamon, each of them is unique. To differentiate them, you can look at their attributes, for example, power to stake, 6 main attributes to fight and many more. You can own the strongest one by buying in the market, summon them or obtain them by the events

Common — Uncommon — Rare — Epic — Ancient — Mythical

Q7. How old is your project? Is it just an elite project or a global project? If the project is long term. What does the project mean? Do you have a history of the past?

Narut |Bluca: This project is nearly 7 months old. We are create to be a global project which is looking on the long term. We are crypto people long ago, saw many different types of platform so we decided to do our own. To create a stabilize combination of finance, gaming and the design (NFT)

Q8. I read on your website that we can acquire a limited Blucamon in Alisia that is only few in quantity and for a limited time. Can you tell us what special qualities this limited Blucamon has that the other Blucamons don’t? Also, how could we really obtain this special Blucamon?

Narut |Bluca: Yep that’s correct. They are very special limited Blucamon that can only be obtain by playing the games. This type of blucamon don’t need to evolve, they are in the golden form that can level up to 30 no need to evolve anything.
So the power will be more easily to increase than the standard one.

Q9. Hacking attacks happen very often and scare us investors. How strong is Bluca’s security and have you had an AUDIT to be more sure of your security?

Narut |Bluca: 4th winner! The security is our priority same as we give to community. We are audited by inspex, a top cybersecurity auditor platform in Thailand. Moreover, the blockchain code is advised by our advisor who are senior blockchain developers in the top blockchain company in Thailand.

You can check more of them here ->

Q10. Can you tell us more about your Evolving and Limited Blucamon? What is the best way to obtain these Blucamon? How many different variations are there?

💥Can you give us more details on your upcoming IDO? When will it take place? What are the ways we can be whitelisted?

Narut |Bluca: Tomorrow is the day we start the IDO. The whitelist giveaways is still open but nearly ended.

We will doing the IDO for 2 days with 5 launchpad platform. Babylons -> Binstarter is the first two on tomorrow.

Here is the link of the whitelist giveaways gleam

Q11. The Bluca Network ecosystem, according to what I’ve read, is built on two tokens: BLUC and SCR. What use do these 2 tokens serve? The awards will be delivered to the users in which of these 2 tokens? Will it be possible to exchange one token for another?

Narut |Bluca:

$BLUC is our main native tokens which is used widely in our ecosystem, you can receive $BLUC by earning in games, staking by your Blucamon. While the $SCR is used for summoning the Blucamon. Can be found by farming your $BLUC/$BNB or $BLUC

Q12. I Can See That BLUCA was inspired by the #Mobox platform.
In making GameFi simple and fun games with NFT quality.

Will Users experience simple games while there are also competitive ones? is BLUCA well planned in strategy for users and their development journey?

Narut |Bluca: Yep that’s correct. We are inspired by Mobox.

We want to create a sustainable ecosystem where player can play many games not just one. We are building Alisia to let player explore and upgrade their Blucamon as it was a pet of your own.

Then, there will be mini games where you can play to earn. Each of them will be simple games while some is not.

Q13. The max total supply of the $BLUC is 1,000,000,000 or 1 billion tokens. Nothing Updated on Coin Burning Plans on your whitepaper. Will there be Deflationary model? What about Anti Whale Mechanism? What steps will be taken to maintain the value of $BLUC and $SCR?

Narut |Bluca:

We have the buyback and burn model to help us sustain the project

20% of all profits will be automatically buyback and burn. We see that to sustain the project in the long term, we need to plan this model as well as the other.

To talk about inflation/deflation, we also have a model for balancing our NFT to not inflate or deflate.

To prevent the inflation: we have evolving mechanics, breeding condition
To prevent the deflation: we have the breeding, fragments, farm

Q14. I Read In the Roadmap that In Q1 2022 , You have Planned to Launch the “Mt.Sapphire: NFT staking” , Will You Please tell me More about the NFT STAKING of the BLUCA Platform and What Rewards I can get By STAKING my NFT ?

Narut |Bluca:

Mt.Saphhire or the NFT Staking features have some gamifications that player needs to put their Blucamon in the Mt. Their will be a bonus power for blucamon which have the same rarity, elements, and many more.

Players will receive $BLUC as a reward.

Q15. Can you share TokenMix? Or a roadmap? How can I research all of Bluca? Can you share the links?

Do you opened Ido or airdrop? If yes, where can I register? And sign up?

Narut |Bluca:

About the roadmap,

We worked with lots of NFT marketplaces in 2021 and finished the NFT presale. In a matter of minutes, both the Standard and Exclusive NFT were sold out.

We launched Alisia, the initial phase of the game, as well as several new features like Summoning, Evolving, Leveling, and more in the first quarter of this year.

Since it covers both the last Standard NFT Sale and the IDO, Quarter 1 is a key phase for us.

We plan to list as much DEX/CEX as possible in the second quarter in order to expand globally. We’ll also launch our marketplace this quarter, as well as a new card game that uses our NFT to play and earn.

For the rest of the year, we’ll be focusing on the metaverse, selling items and integrating the system with the real world so that users can gain privilege more.

Q16. I read that Bluca has a private market place. What advantages does your marketplace provide to upgrade our army and are all Blucamon tradable?

Narut |Bluca: We want to make our own marketplace for this reason
1. Easy for players to buy, don’t need to find many marketplace
2. Sale fee is smaller than outside marketplace
3. Every fee will be used to buyback and burn