BullPerks Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

8 min readMay 25, 2021


We held a live AMA with Constantin Kogan, Co-Founder of BullPerks on 25th May 10:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


JH| Shin Chan: Before AMA start, can you introduce yourself and the team background?

Constantin Kogan : Sure, few words about myself: I’m an entrepreneur, digital asset investor since 2012, and blockchain technologies enthusiast with 10+ years of corporate leadership and experience in the technology and finance sectors. Co-Founder at Bullperks, Partner at BitBull Capital and former Managing Director at Wave Financial.

As an influencer and meta-connector, it is my personal mission to help talented entrepreneurs disrupting various industries with blockchain technologies.
In recent years, I’ve been involved in the world of tech, investment, advertising for over a decade and is a top thought leader in trends, particularly in Hedge Funds, IT Startups, Venture Capital, Healthcare, Agriculture, Real Estate, Media/Entertainment with expertise in the Blockchain technology and digital assets (crypto assets, digital securities) management.

During these year had a chance to demonstrated a variable history of growth and expansion in fundraising, community expansion, strategic partnerships, helping to build teams and develop scalable business models. Delivering superior administration on the latter areas of expertise utilizing effective communication skills, business acumen, systems analysis, tech sociology, and behavioral psychology to support efficiency and maximum returns.

Constantin holds a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology and a Masters in Education, fluent in five languages. I’m also a contributor to CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, Bitcoin Magazine, Tech Radar, HackerNoon, AltCoin Magazine, Securities.io, constantly quote by Forbes and other Tier 1 publication as well as an author of scientific articles, research paper, in addition, a thesis on social media and behavioral psychology of internet users.

Our team consists of professonals in different areas: traditional finance, blockchain, marketing, legal, compliance, management etc.We are also investing in the space on our own, so the product is built with love to support other people like us

JH| Shin Chan: Do you have any News/update about BullPerks would like to share with us?

Constantin Kogan : We have just onboarded our Chief Compliance Officer, which shows our commitement to creating fully legal and compliant product.

🤝 BullPerks is beyond excited to cooperate with a compliance officer and money laundering reporting officer — Sheynel Smith.

This will ensure that projects on BullPerks are the most compliant to current regulations and the highest standard.

✅ Check her credentials HERE! (https://medium.com/bull-perks/bullperks-is-proud-to-introduce-sheynel-smith-our-new-compliance-officer-9238a6a9a6c1)

In the coming week we’re going to announce some contests and later on some new exciting partnerships. Forgot to mention some big celebreties who endorsed our projects

For people who are fans of Billions a famous American television drama series, we are preparing a big surprise.

AMA Twitter Section Begin:

Q1 : Your project has a really interesting name — BullPerks,Do you draw an analogy with a bull market and bulls on the exchanges?Why perks, benefits for bulls? how did you come to this name and what semantic subtext does it carry?What benefits do you offer to bulls and to everyone?‌‌

Constantin Kogan : Thank you, we have a strong believe that digital assets are still in its early stage of adoption. Institutional investors are seen to be rushing toward Bitcoin at high speed, with more companies emerging that look to adopt Bitcoin as a way to store their reserves. Retail investors are actually more excited about the DeFi. As people who are investing in the space, we tried to create a brand with a connotation of providing something extra.

Our slogan reflects this mission “Cause being a Crypto Bull comes with big perks!”. Decentralized VC model is an exceptional opportunity to provide a fair access into early stage DeFi projects for retail investors, in other words into deals they would never be able to get in otherwise. Besides being bullish we cherish equal approach to business, that’s the biggest benefit we are offering to our community.

Q2: Have you got the desired VC partner and private investor to lead the seed / private sale?
And can you project when this sale will take place primarily a public sale and how it will be done..??

Constantin Kogan : Yes, we have a lot of great investors who bring the value of smart money. Some you’ve already mentioned in the announcement. Others can be found on our website. Transparency is import to us. The public sale is planned on June 9th.

Q3 : I understand that BullPerks is a community of people who seek to harness their power and invest together in the best projects on the same terms as VCs, but how will we really know which projects to invest in? Will the entire community vote to choose which project to invest in?

Constantin Kogan : It’s a good question: we will carefully listne to the community and gladly review all suggestions. The community will vote with their investment choices. Our job will be ro currate the next unicorns and people have the freedom of choice to support the project or potentially pick anohter one.

Q4 : Bullperks run the dual functionality of being a decentralized VC as well as a multi-chain launchpad under one project. How can you manage two identical but separate aspects of the early project? How can you ensure the fairness,, the quality and safety of projects.

Constantin Kogan : It’s quite simple, the decentralized VC business line will offer private rounds and launchpad will offer public rounds. We strike a fair balance between the interests of investors and founders without compromising any. We strike a fair balance between the interests of investors and founders without compromising any.

Additionally, we use a project-by-project approach to determine the most suitable strategies to market each project. This way, we work with projects from concept to execution to ensure the projects unlock their potential.

Q5 : In order to be a member we need to hold $ BLP, token,, Can you mention all the tiers and the corresponding amount of $ BLP we need to hold for each one? Are the best projects available only at the highest level? What criteria do you use to categorize projects into these stages?

Constantin Kogan : • Bronze Bull — 500 tokens BLP — do not have access to VC projects only IDO
• Silver Bull — 10K tokens BLP
• Gold Bull — 100K tokens BLP
• Titanium Bull — 200K tokens BLP

Yes, you need to hold a certain amount of tokens stated above to qualify for each tier. Then it’s similar to a lottery principle of people having chances to participate in the project.

Telegram Live AMA Begin:

Q6 : Will you support staking and farming options in the future? What else can hodlers do ?

Constantin Kogan : Yes.

Q7 : What is your motivation for creating the $BLP Token, and what will we see in the future regarding your project? How do token holders benefit from these tokens?

Constantin Kogan : We went through all the pains of personal investment in private deals, hedge funds, pools, syndicates etc. When we launched BullPerks, the goal was crystal clear. We did not intend to create just another VC firm or crypto launchpad. Instead, we wanted to build a venture capital that genuinely does something different from the status quo. With a community as a central focus. Our goal is to make BLP token desirable holding asset that will bring value to people not only in short term but will unite real bulls with long term vision.

Q8 : How are you different from your competition?

Constantin Kogan : Our fees and a percentage of the company’s profits are used to buy back tokens from the exchange strategically. This increases the tokens’ value and strengthens the possibility of great ROIs. You won’t find this with any other launchpad. We are a real multi-chain platform, and we use real metrics to assess our growth. Prioritizing median performance over average performance, we are able to offer investors accurate insights into what they are getting into, making it convenient to make informed choices.

Q9 : How is the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic where you work? How does it affect the course of the project?

Constantin Kogan : All the teams works remotely and we work with the same efficiency, sometimes even faster. The office space is becoming antiquated tradition, especially for global startups like ours.

Q10 : According to the roadmap, what are your most important next priorities? Does your team have enough funds and strong community to achieve those milestones?

Constantin Kogan : Our next important miledstone is to launch in early June. After that we are planning to integrate mroe chains. Currently, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain will be first.

Q11 : 🔵 How do you take precautions against money laundering risks?

I read that Sheynel Smith joined the BullPerks team. How will Sheynel Smith support BulPerks as a compliance and money laundering reporting officer?

🔵 There are many fake projects on the market. How do you research on raising funds for projects on your platform, helping with Marketing and providing consultancy services? How do you know if the project is fake?

Constantin Kogan : By developing robust compliance policy in accordance with International Standards on Auditing and Anti-Money Laundering. We also do a thorough due diligence on every project, looking into the founders and their background, tech, legal, financials, marketing plan. And yes, we assist with everything we can for the projects we decided to more forward with.

Q12 : Since crypto projects are under the surveillance of cyber attackers, users are always curious about data security. Please explain to us how to secure the user data of users on BullPerks?

Constantin Kogan : We are planning to conduct 2 independent audits by trusted audit companies. In addition, our CTO has tremendous experience in cryptography and cyber security.

We will have audited smart contracts. You are signing all the transactions in Metamask so you are in control of what will be sent to us. Our strong advise to anyone is to educate themselves on topics how to secure our hot/cold wallet as it is your responsibility.

WILL your token PROBABLY DUMP, Are you prepared for this bear market and How will your team handle the panic of your Investors?

Constantin Kogan : We are going to work with professional market makers, grow our community, create nmew partnerships, and as I’ve mentioned before percentage of the company’s profits will be used to buy back tokens from the exchange strategically — so this should balance the price at any market

- End -