Colorpad AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with CEO, Ryn Nugra from Colorpad on 21st December 09:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


JH | Shin Chan: Before the ama start, could you please introduce yourself and team background to our community?

Ryn Nugra: Sure

My name is Ryn Nugra, Im Owner of Colorpad. I have also been part of one of the leading companies in my country. Today I am building a colorpad to be better and ready to compete with competitors out there

JH | Shin Chan: Could you tell us about Colorpad in short, and Is there any news from Colorpad you can share with us?

Ryn Nugra: Colorpad is Web3.0 Application & Leading Decentralized Launchpad for the masses.


Colorpad is decentralized crowdfunding platfrom that is a new way of raising funds in the cryto game industry (Metaverse)

So far we dont have any news, but now we’re open Investor VC to joining with us.

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1: Colorpad is a cross-chain microcap launch pad, according to you, however could you clarify what microcap implies and how this system serves users? Are you the only platform that supports microcaps? What are you able to accomplish as a result of this?

Ryn Nugra: Yes, right. Colorpad only accept projects with a low-capitalization or below $50m. The reason is to considered riskier than a large-cap stock.

Q2: With Colorpad, decentralized projects will be able to raise and exchange capital cheap and fast.
But there are many forerunners, providing these facilities already.
I would like to hear, how ColorPad can come on top of ur competitions? What are your offerings,that sets u apart?

Ryn Nugra: We’re different, why?

When is IMO done, a project launches a coin or token through a decentralized liquidity exchange, We offer users the ability to return tokens, either they keep them or sell them at profit of supporting 100% of the circulating supply until the completion of the refund process.

If the token value falls by more than the refund value, then IMO users can make risk-free profits by buying tokens from the market and returning them.

Q3: The only available pool on your staking platform is intended for BNB-COLOR staking pool. Will this only be the pool for your staking product or will you add more pools including other pairs of other project? Can you tell us more about your future plans for your staking product?

Ryn Nugra: Yes, for now we only provide BNB/COLOR pairs. We also plan to add more pools in the future such as USD/COLOR

Q4: I read that your project will allow access to stablecoins and fiat currencies, can you tell us which stablecoins you are currently accepting? And I also want to know, if it will only allow to include USD? What other currencies can we visualize?

Ryn Nugra: The type of stable coin we want to add right now is USDC. So far we have taken the key from global market where they use USD as the main currency. Maybe later we will add EUR & CNY

Q5: You plan to launch your metaverse in the third quarter of 2022, according to #colorpadorg. Can you tell us more about your metaverse’s features, who will be able to access it, and what new features will be available?

Ryn Nugra: The features will be available is VR, the details will be announced soon

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6: How to apply for IDO? I have many project friends who want there IDO to be done. So do you have any referrals program or incentives for bringing the new projects in your platform?

Ryn Nugra: Yes we will have refferals program to grow up our ecosystem also spread the world event about $COLOR, but isnt live yet

Q7: what are the security features in colorpad and have some smart contracts on colorpad been audited?

Ryn Nugra: The audit is important, we know. But at the moment we aren’t audited yet, and will live soon!

Q8: On Your Website, All the data are Provided which shows of Funded Project, Participants, Total funds,

Will this data be Transparent over time as well?

Ryn Nugra: Yes indeed, the data is transparent every time. So there’s no manipulation in the future





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