Decentral Games AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

8 min readSep 1, 2021


We held a live AMA with Founder, Miles Anthony from Decentral Games on 1st September 09:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


JH | ShinChan: Before the ama start, Can you please introduce yourself to our community?

Miles: Hey everyone, I’m Miles, founder of Decentral Games.

We started the project back in 2019, and have grown to over 40 strong!

JH | ShinChan: do you have any news or update would like to share with us?

Miles: A bit of background on DG… Decentral Games is a social gaming Metaverse where anyone can earn tokens by playing poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots. DG hodlers vote on treasury management, economic policy, and development to grow and strengthen the Decentral Games ecosystem. We started Decentral Games to deliver engaging content in one of the fastest growing new platforms — social 3D metaverses.

We use Decentraland as our frontend technology to deliver our games in a social 3D setting.

Yes, we are officially announcing play-to-earn poker today! We will be publishing a blog post later today with the details.

We’re very excited for this next chapter in DG.

Twitter Section:

Q1: In Decentral Games, you develop blockchain -based games, such as slots, lotteries and roulette. How do we know that these games are fair? Often these types of games have hidden fraud ,Is there fairness at all your games

Miles: Yes, all our games are on-chain and our randomness is generated using a hashchain. Additionally, we are working on integrating chainlink VRF in order to deliver on-chain randomness. You can check out one of our various roulette audits by the community here as well:

Q2: I learned that DecentralGames made a virtual casino in #decentraland and #boredapeyc NFT legends made their ape casino via $DG in the VR metaverse world. But I really want to know about the relationship between Decentral game and boredapeyc

Miles: We’ve recently rolled out a B2B product that enables partners such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, DEXTools, Atari to deploy DG games in custom venues. It was essential to build this DG npm package for internal use to easily keep all DG venues up-to-date following specific game optimizations and additions. However, it has gradually become a compelling and lucrative B2B product, as it enables any metaverse developer to deploy DG white label poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots into their scene in return for a revenue share with the DAO.

Metaverse poker lounges and casinos have become one of the most engaging ways to gather online crypto and NFT communities. Due to the highly scalable nature of our npm package product, we are excited to support many more aligned partners for custom metaverse poker lounges and casinos in the future. If you are the head of a big online community and you are interested in launching your own metaverse poker lounge or casino, reach out to us on Discord!

You can read more about this here:

Q3: How do we join the dgGov v1 contract and start staking to earn $DG rewards? Is it enough to keep $DG in our Metamask wallet? What is the staking period?

Miles: You can stake your DG here to start earning rewards:

The current gov apy is 20%!

This is to ultimately govern the DG Treasury, which you can track here:

Q4: The Play-to-Earn on Decentral Games has got many users excited and can’t wait to get on with it. Can you explain to us what inspired this model? Apart from DAI, can you tell us what other tokens that users can use to playon DecentralGames casinos?

Miles: Gameplay mining rewards players with $DG for playing games with MANA, DAI, ETH, USDT, or ATRI. The following bonuses may increase your mining rate:

2-player bonus = +10%
3-player bonus = +20%
4-player bonus = +30%
NFT wearable bonus = +10% per active wearable

You can read more about how rewards are calculated here:

To start mining $DG, you must complete the following steps:

1. Go to and connect your Metamask wallet.
2. Get Matic MANA, DAI, ETH, USDT, or ATRI
3. Approve Treasury on Matic Network
4. Hop into a casino and hit the tables!

For more a more detailed breakdown of how to earn DG gameplay rewards you can view this page:

We are also announcing a new play-to-earn initiative later today for poker so stay posted!

Q5: According to your website, Decentral Games has become the world’s first metaverse employer, but is this NFT casino platform truly a “employer”? If that’s the case, how many employees have you succeeded in bringing into your metaverse from all around the world?

Miles: Yes we have over 15 casino hosts who take shifts in the scene to help new players onboard and just hang out with the community:

Telegram Live AMA Begin:

Q6: Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project/company. How have you been able to build a complete project and what is the way to generate profit/revenue of the token? What is the income model?


The DG has grown to over 13 million USD over the last 8 months of operation and continues to grow each week from game proceeds and Polygon node rewards! 🚀

Q7: Are there any governance privileges who hold Decentral Games tokens on your ecosystem and what is the benefits of holding your token?

Miles: We give governance rights to our community through the distribution of $DG via gameplay, liquidity, and governance rewards. $DG holders are The House, and allocation of house profits (the community treasury) is governed by the community, with votes proportional to staked $DG. You can track the DG Treasury in real time here:

As the community treasury accrues value, probable strategies for allocation of funds through governance would be:

(a) direct investment into marketing campaigns that will bring in more players and expand the community;
(b) direct investment into new game to further provide value in fees or revenue for community treasury;
© buyback of $DG and distribution of $DG to governance participants vested over X months for each tranche;
(d) buyback of $DG and allocation of $DG to additional gameplay, liquidity, or governance rewards

Q8: I was able to read that in a very few hours an event will take place in its metaverse, so could you really explain to us how many people can participate in each event? And also how can I participate in one of them?

Miles: You can hop in to any event and compete for crypto prizes! You can keep up to date with our events schedule here:

Q9: For a project development first of all main priority is having enough fund. Does your team financially capable to run this project? Do you have enough fund for it’s developement Can you tell us that how your project generate the profit?

Miles: We just completed a recent raise of 5 million USD! You can read more about the raise here:

We are confident we can last through any market conditions with these funds.

Q10: On Decentral games, What types of NFT games are there?
Can You tell more about the NFT marketplace fee?

Miles: We have all types of wearables NFTs, you can check them out here!

By wearing them, you get a bonus on your DG mining while playing games in crypto.

Q11: can you give me social media links to get the latest information about #DecentralGamez and is there an ambassador program for the community?

Miles: Yes you can keep up with us on:



Telegram: @decentralgames

Q12: -Play To Earn is one of the biggest revolutions in the crypto industry. Taking into account the immense boom of platforms that offer this service, what strategies does Decentral Games expect to use to impose itself in an increasingly competitive and saturated market? How do you expect to stand out?

Miles: Effective play-to-earn ecosystems strike a balance between token emissions and burns in order to maintain the value of the distributed token, which in turn attracts more players into the ecosystem. We view the play-to-earn movement similar to that of DeFi during the summer of 2020. Projects like Axie Infinity have demonstrated that the model can be highly effective in bootstrapping a very strong community around EV-positive (expected value positive) gameplay.

Over time, we believe several projects will attempt to deliver play-to-earn architectures. However, due to the state of Decentral Games’ current product and community, DG is in a lucrative position to take advantage of this new wave in gaming with a first-mover advantage. We’ve already built metaverse poker, blackjack, roulette, backgammon, and slots, which are games enjoyed daily by our community through memorable events like live music performances, casino night competitions, poker tournaments, and more.

With large, active communities in Discord, Telegram, and Twitter, DG has built an established crypto-native community around a live product ecosystem. This has positioned DG very well in the market as we begin to implement our play-to-earn initiative from a place of strength.

P2P gameplay is essential for play-to-earn because only then does it make sense to incentivize player liquidity. That’s why we chose to start with poker. With this in mind, Decentral Games will release a free-play, play-to-earn poker game which will create a daily distribution of ICE tokens for players and reward them for both their participation and performance.

Q13: For now, Decentraland Games currently has 4 casino games available, Blackjack, Roulette, Slots and Poker. In the future, do you have any plans to add more casino games to DecentralGames? Then what casino game would you like to add? And also when playing your games is there an age restriction? Do you have kyc in your platform?

Miles: Yes we plan on developing several other games after poker and it’ll be up to a DAO vote!

Q14: What are your goals for significantly expanding your user base, worldwide market, and partner base? What are your plans for creating a large and powerful community?

Miles: We have a very global community with managers in Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Russian. We plan on translating our site to all these languages asap so we can cater to these areas!

Q15: So we should hold both DG and eth in our Wallet
In order to provide liquidity?

Miles: Yes you need that to provide liquidity for Uniswap, but we also have these pools:

Decentral Games Governance: 20% APY (in $DG) for $DG on Ethereum

Uniswap V2: 85% APY (in $DG) for DG-ETH on Ethereum

Sushiswap: 38% APY (in SUSHI) for DG-ETH on Ethereum

Quickswap: 71% APY (in QUICK) for DG-ETH on Polygon

Dinoswap: 104% APY (in DINO) for DG-USDC on Polygon

SushiSwap: 64% APY (in SUSHI and WMATIC) for DG-WMATIC on Polygon

Q16: I understand that Decentral Game is in the beta version, so we can participate in their games only with free tokens, does that mean that we cannot obtain any kind of profit yet? If so, then when will they launch their full platform?

Miles: Our games are live with real crypto! You can onboard here:

- End -