Demole AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with CMO from Demole, Rae Lim on 12th October 09:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


JH | ShinChan: Before the ama start, can you please introduce yourself and the team background?

Rae Lim: Sure. I am Rae Lim — CMO of Demole. I have experience as a digital asset advisor, marketing manager, and investor relations manager in Singapore and In addition, I have managed various corporate social responsibility projects in British multinationals.

I have been joining Demole at a very early stage as a CMO.

We have a huge vision for Demole, so from the early stage, we gathered a huge team of 35 people working on the project.
Demole has 4 separate teams that take on different functions as follows:

Game artists and developers
A team with 10 years of experience in game development and design, working outsource for leading game companies in Vietnam and China. Our key members came from Gameloft.

Blockchain developers
A team of seasoned blockchain developers has outsourced international projects. We experimented with developing the complete blockchain specialized for social media and an NFT game in 2019.

Financial team
The survival of any “Play to earn” game depends greatly on the sustainability of the cash flow, token flow, and NFT’s inflation model. Financial team is an experienced group of members who have worked as financial advisors and business consultants for big firms in traditional and crypto markets.

Marketing team
A strong marketing team with a worldwide network of partners, with a deep understanding of KOLs system, has accompanied many successful projects.

JH | ShinChan: Could you please tell us about Demole in short, and Is there anything else you can share us the update/news from Demole?

Rae Lim: Let me give a short explanation about Demole

With a Diverse PvP and PvE play-to-earn system,. With multiple earning and gameplay mechanics, Demole is the attractive choice for:
1. Gamers who want to immerse themselves in a real game built on a high standard with
- 3D design: You can enjoy some of our 3D characters on our website
- Rich storyline
- Diverse content & features
- Available on both PC and mobile
2. Crypto investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio, entertaining while earning. Some amazing things we will bring to crypto investors:
- Easy to join with low entry barrier — While in other NFT games, you have to spend thousands of dollars just to start, you can start enjoying Demole with $50.
- Available on both PC and Mobile — You can play and earn everywhere, everytime easily.

JH | ShinChan:

🌟🌟🌟 Demole x Venture Capitals 🐉🐉🐉

Demole announces their Private Partners on board given the following Venture Capitals: X21, AC capital, Magnus, Raptor, Consensus labs and Basic capital. Besides, they have Daomaker, LD Capital, and Metrix Capital on board as the Seed Investors.

More Info:

and we can see alot of strong vcs partner with Demole 🚀🚀🚀

all the famous name :) and looking forward to more exciting news from demole soon 🚀🚀🚀🔥🔥🔥

Rae Lim: Sure, This is one of the things we focus on the most.

And we have lot of them :)

AMA Twitter Section Begins:

Q1: i was wondering about what you call i.e. “Redistribution Mechanism” it is unique & exclusive. so can you tell us more details about it? What makes this mechanism so different and unique and how does it work? and how important is that mechanism?

Rae Lim: Interesting question!

Please take a look!

Let me go deeper into 3 Unique Selling Points of Demole:

1 is Revenue redistribution mechanism — We divide in-game spending into these parts:
- Burning — This will benefit the investors
- Part will go to the team as fund for develop the future features
- In-game rewards — The more people spend, the bigger reward for every gamer

2. Financial model — Many NFT games have dead ends because their financial models were more suitable for traditional games than for NFT games — where token values and in-game asset inflation rate are crucial. We have brought in professional financial teams who will build the model and observe the ecosystem on the daily basis.

3. Fully 3D gameplay — This is the best point of Demole 😊

Q2: Demole has mentioned having a lot to offer and your page highlights many positive aspects of the project! What have been the difficulties that you have overcome to get to this point? What could you say is the most difficult moment that Demole has gone through since its inception?

Rae Lim: Yes, since the early days of developing Demole, we have drawn a very good vision, and to achieve that, we have also spent a lot of effort to research the market and find ways to overcome current issues of the majority of NFT game projects currently on the market

But as shared, Demole’s team has experienced personnel and we always achieve the things set out in the roadmap, so we can easily overcome challenges whenever we face them.

Q3: It caught my attention that in Q1 2022 they will develop “More social functions”, but are they really referring to marketing campaigns that attract more users? Or will you be new game functions that allow interaction between players?

Rae Lim: This is our roadmap

Yes, more social functions here means there will be more new game functions that allow interaction between players.

And at the same time, we also expand marketing between communities, attracting more attention from users around the world.

Q4: Do you have a guide or a section where you explain the different types of creatures, abilities and their prices? Where can we read more about the gameplay of How do the training camps work? Can they be played offline?

Rae Lim: We are working with KOLs from many different countries around the world, and are working on a set of video tutorials (in many different languages) and a whole bunch of other tutorials. So rest assured, Demole always cares about user experience. We will let you enjoy Demole in the most comfortable way.

And be played offline?

I think Blockchain doesn’t seem to support this

Q5: Demole offers multiple chances to win and several synthesized game mechanics. What are the multiple earning opportunities that Demole offers? Are there ways to actively and passively earn income?

Rae Lim: Earning mechanisms are the backbone of any NFT game. In Demole players can earn by the following mechanisms:

  • By participating in in-game activities Campaign, World Boss, Arena, Daily quests, players will receive eggs, hammers, and tokens, which can be used or freely traded/sold with other players on the marketplace.
    - Players/Investors can also go to the Training Ground, a staking pool where they put their monsters and tokens to level up the monsters while receiving more tokens passively.

And we have a lot of other mechanisms in development, which we will announce to the community soon

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6: do you agree with statement are PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATIONS really help every project more existence? could you give us list of your partners so far?

Rae Lim: This is one of the most important thing we focused on, so i’d love to answer this question!

‘do you agree with statement are PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATIONS really help every project more existence? could you give us list of your partners so far?’

We call what we are doing is ecosystem expansion, we work not only with VCs and marketing partners but also other kinds of partners, including wallets for integration, gaming guilds to expand end-user pool, and even gaming platforms.

Here is the list of our announced Investors:
- Seed Investors: Daomaker, LD Capital, and Metrix Capital
- Venture Capitals: X21, AC capital, Magnus, Raptor, Consensus labs, Basic capital

Besides, we also work with partners in various fields

One of our partners is a huge gaming platform with 20 million frequent users

And just a minute, i will forward some here

SEED SHO Details —

Demole is a vast and remarkable world with thousands of monsters by the five elements: wood, water, fire, earth, and metal. Powered by blockchain technology, each monster and item you own is unique, designed with excellent 3D graphics, and can be traded in the marketplace.

Merit Round Details:
More details will be announced soon!

Learn More:

New Partnership Announcement — Demole x Venture Capitals

We are so proud to announce Private Partners on board given the following Venture capitals: X21, AC capital, Magnus, Raptor, Consensus labs, Basic capital.

With a Diverse PvP and PvE play to earn mode, Demole is the first playable 3D RPG in the crypto/NFT ecosystem. Demole offers multiple earning opportunities and diverse gameplay mechanics synthesized to create an immersive world for Gamers to explore, be entertained and to earn. For investors the Demole represents the next iteration of play to earn, creating value with its unique gaming properties.

Our NFT game will launch in Q4 2021.
🔥Stay tuned for IDO and game release!

Q7: I see that some BIG Backers have already joined Demole to support the project. However I can’t find any articles or news about where to buy tokens or NFT. Is there a whitelist application to join the pre sale? How much token allocation for each stage?

Rae Lim: I see that some BIG Backers have already joined Demole to support the project. However I can’t find any articles or news about where to buy tokens or NFT. Is there a whitelist application to join the pre sale? How much token allocation for each stage?

Token or NFT sale announcement will be soon this weekend
Timeline will be: IDO -> IGO (NFT sale) -> Game Launch
special benefits will your early users get?
For more about our tokemetrics, this is a very unique flat token model
Where we would like to ensure fairness and equal distribution to everyone

Q8: 🌻If Demole provides multiple winning opportunities as well as a variety of game mechanics. How does Demole’s PvP and PvE modes work? What are the various profit opportunities provided by the game? What features does Demole possess?

Rae Lim: PvE is Player versus Environment
Where you will be with Arena, Boss, etc
And PvP is when you are no longer alone
Ask your friends to join haha
For PvP mode, stay tuned for our in-game exciting Arena Mode. We will update everything on our channel soon how exciting it will

Q9: There are so many NFT gaming platforms on the market. Demole, what is your plan to attract the community when there are so many alternatives for gamers?

Rae Lim: This question is great and we prepared a lot for it

The strengths of an NFT game can be seen more easily when we put ourselves next to other NFT games available on the market today.

You can see we have certain advantages when compared with other projects.

Q10: Demole is one of the first 3D playable RPG games in the NFT gaming world. Is Demole only available on PC or can it be played on Mobile? And is it planning to come to Android and IOS?

Rae Lim: Yes. Demole can be played on both PC and mobile. Why?

According to statistics, in the game market alone, mobile games have occupied a very large market share in the current game market. So when developing any game project, we cannot miss this fertile segment. That’s why we decided to develop Demole that can be played on both PC and Mobile