DexBrowser AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with Marketing Director, Joseph Day from DexBrowser on 29th November 9:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene | Shin Chan: A very warm welcome to you Joseph

Before AMA starts, can you give us some background on the DexBrowser team?

Joseph | Dexbrowser: Sure, first I’ll introduce myself. I’m Joseph and I am responsible for marketing at DexBrowser. I have worked for BTCC designing communication plans, managing content across all platforms, overseeing translation, and localising websites and apps.

I’m from the UK and in the team we also have people from Russia, the US, and China, most of which have backgrounds in blockchain — both from the tech and marketing/business side.

Serene | Shin Chan: Any latest/ update news about DexBrowser you would like to share with our community?

Joseph | Dexbrowser: We’ve got some exciting things coming up — an IDO on FantomStarter, IEO on MXC, and we expect to start trading in December.

We’ve been working on the product for awhile now, so we’re really excited to get the ball rolling! 🙂

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1. Dexbrowser not only meets the needs of individual trading pairs, but can also handle bulk and large-volume trading and arbitrage. What does this ‘Smart Arbitrage’ and ‘One Click Arbitrage’ consist of? What advantages does Dexbrowser have that make it unrivaled in the market?

Joseph | Dexbrowser: Dexbrowser’s “smart arbitrage” and “one-click arbitrage” tools help users find the best trading pairs and paths through smart algorithms. At the same time, we have more auxiliary tools, such as:

1. More detailed display of transaction data, allowing users to search for more information such as pricing, liquidity pools, transactions, K-lines, etc.

2. Providing cross-chain and cross-DEX one-click aggregation arbitrage transactions, including:
- Arbitrage opportunity notifications
- Professional data analysis and visualization tools
- Smart tools such as one-click arbitrage

Q2. I noticed that the BRO Token facilitates ecosystem governance and is used for other platform functions. Do users need to stake BRO to gain access to certain services? Can Holders participate in deciding fee structures, new farm pools, new exchanges, etc.??

Joseph | Dexbrowser: BRO is an important utility/governance token in the DexBrowser ecosystem.

We have many data-based services, such as “address tracking”, “attack alert”, and high-level arbitrage services. Users need to pledge BRO to obtain the right to use these.

We will also set up a set of NFT cards, which will act like VIP passes on the platform. By staking different amounts of BRO, you can obtain different NFT cards and enjoy different levels of services.

Meanwhile, holding BRO can also obtain other powers, including participating in governance voting and deciding fee structures, new farm pools, etc.

Q3. Dexbrowser have many feature. Are all tools in Dexbrowser free? or do we have to pay a subscription to access all tools? What accesses can we get by holding BRO token? How important is the sustainability in price of BRO token to be able to make your project sustainable as well?

Joseph | Dexbrowser: Not all features are free, as mentioned above. We will divide the functions into different levels. All users can enjoy some free services, but we will also have some functions that are charged, such as “attack alert” and “wallet address tracking”. Users can use methods such as pledging BRO and purchasing NFT to access more functions.

Q4. One of the features that caught my attention from Dexbrowser is Attack Alert, so can you give a little explanation about Attack Alert? How will this feature help and benefit users?

Joseph | Dexbrowser: Attack Alert is one of our most important functions. We track and analyze token data, and provide real-time alerts about potential hackers and attacks to the protocol and users, which can help users track addresses and recover their losses. This includes:

1. Monitoring transaction data and tracking information abnormalities in and out of the account in real time;
2. Locking addresses, monitoring abnormalities, discovering hidden dangers, and giving warnings before the dangers appear.
3. Doing a good job of default processing, scanning data more efficiently and accurately, making early warnings in advance, and preventing systemic risks. It is a very good tool for both B- and C-side users.

Q5. I am a farmer and my main attraction is providing liquidity to the market for attractive APY and I see that DexBrowser has a cross-chain “first-to-farm” Smart Farming ulti-chain. does DexBrowser have something to offer investors like me compared to other similar projects?

Joseph | Dexbrowser: Smart mining and one-click access are based on the data we obtain to help users realise smart asset allocation. These include:

- Intelligently allocating assets based on data analysis of the depth, interest, liquidity, transaction volume, etc. of the mining pool.
- Preventing liquidity risks. For example, if the liquidity of the mining pool drops and the interest rate changes abnormally, it can be withdrawn early.

So the characteristics of the product are:

1. Cross-chain “first-to-farm” real-time access to the latest mining pool, supporting cross-chain;
2. Mining pool search engine with custom filters, such as pledge, APY, mining cycle, risk factors, etc.;
3. Optimization of mining pools:
- Automatically allocating funds to different mining pools through intelligent algorithms, bringing users the largest APY;
- 24/7 real-time monitoring, statistics, and filtering of risky mining pools;
- Automatic reallocation.

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6. It says #Dexbrowser will launch more advanced LP cross chain mechanism with high performance @FantomChain support, can you Explain the advantages This cross-chain transaction? What is the function of LP cross chain?

Joseph | Dexbrowser: DexBrowser will launch a more advanced LP cross-chain mechanism based on Fantom, which is more efficient, safer, and cheaper. LP cross-chain directly moves liquidity from other chains to Fantom, providing a better trading depth.

With the high-performance support of Fantom, the whole process of cross-chain transactions only takes a few seconds.

For example, the liquidity provider deposits the corresponding proportion of CAKE and USDT in DexBrowser on BSC and generates a CAKE/USDT LP. Then Dexbrowser protocol will mint an aCAKE/aUSDT aLP on the Fantom, so that users can trade aCAKE on DexBrowser. Meanwhile, DexBrowser will carry out arbitrage to eliminate the price gap if there is, which can minimize impermanent loss.

Q7. I searched and searched on the website and I couldn’t find anything about your token or any private or pre-sale, so could you please give me a link to where I can find info about it ??

Joseph | Dexbrowser: Please check out Lite Paper for info about BRO, and you can follow us on social media to keep up to date with the sales.

Q8. What’s your plans to get the community involved in developing in your project? Related that, what’s you done to build a strong community and grow as globally?

Joseph | Dexbrowser: We’re creating a data-based ecosystem. We provide data and technical support, and encourage people to develop their own data derivatives. We will not only give them BRO rewards, but they can also deploy on our platform and charge users for their services.

Q9. What advantages does Dexbrowser have over competitors’ similar products such as Beatsquare, Libre, and DEXTools, given the rapid evolution of DEX-related products? What is your competitive advantage?

Joseph | Dexbrowser: The biggest difference is that we are not just a data service provider. Our goal is to build a data-based product and service ecosystem. Anyone can build their data products on this platform and earn. Users can also find data products they want to subscribe to and use the products to assist them in trading and rake in the profits!

Q10. Founded in 2017, is a New York-based venture capital firm that prefers to invest in blockchain and technology. I am interested in investing.Can you tell me how I can invest? And what do I need to follow to invest?

Joseph | Dexbrowser: You can send an email to to introduce your organisation to us, we will have someone contact you. 🙂

Q11. From what sources did you plan to generate income for the DexBrowser project? In addition, for what purposes will you use the income from the commercial transactions made on your platform?

Joseph | Dexbrowser: Many of our products and services can be profitable and can charge both B- and C-side users.

For example, for attack alert, many projects (mainly DEX and NFT projects) have already contacted us, hoping to obtain early access.

Also, for wallet address tracking, we can track transactions of specific large currency holders, which is a particularly useful service for traders who copy orders.




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