Dragon Mainland AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with CEO, Jason Dekker from Dragon Mainland on 12 November 10:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Mika | Shin Chan: Before AMA start, can you introduce yourselves and the team background?

Jason: My quick background is I started my professional career as a stock market trader in the late 1990’s trading Internet stocks. I did very well and started my own hedge fund in the early 2000’s. Ran it up to $300 Million USD at its peak.

Then I was a founder of a Biotechnology company sold to a publicly listed Nasdaq company. Had an organic food and beverage company sold to my former business partner.

Then I was the CEO and Founder of a Blockchain company called GoChain. We successfully raised $15 million USD in our ICO in 2018 and won the Binance community listing vote by the largest margin ever, ticker symbol GO.

At GoChain we partnered with several Fortune 500 and public companies like Microsoft, Dish Network, and Enviva. GoChain has primarily turned its focus to Supply Chain with its Chainsparency platform. They also have an NFT platform called Zeromint.

There’s more but I’ve had a very successful corporate background and been active in the blockchain crypto space for the past 6+ years.

And, now I’m the CEO of Dragon Mainland! Our team is the combination of a game studio and blockchain/crypto experts. That’s exactly what’s needed for a play to earn game like Dragon Mainland!

Mika | Shin Chan: Do u have any upcoming news or events that the community need to keep an eye on?

Jason: Lots! We are in are in our Launch Phase now. We’ve got our LBP, DEX listing, Marketplace launch and much more in the next 2 weeks along with the complete game launch in early December.

Please watch our Socials for official updates.

Mika | Shin Chan: wow that is very interesting i seldom see projects going on LBP

Jason: Yes, if you aren’t confident in your project’s future it’s probably not a good idea. But, if you have experience and believe in your project we think it’s a great idea for price discovery.

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1: There are about 9000+ dragons in ciculation and everyone is excited to find out how awesome their dragons are. How can we view the dragon skills and effects? Also, what advantages do Genesis dragons have over those that are bred in future?

Jason: Let me start with a graphic:

This shows each attribute and it’s point value for Purebred Dragons.

There are 5 races of dragons in DM, Fire Dragon: favors violent combat, Water Dragon: favors assisted regeneration, Rock Dragon: favors defensive control, Storm Dragon: favors agility attack and Thunder Dragon: favors skill damage.

All 5 dragon types have a mutual restraint relationship with each other. Water dragons restrain earth and fire dragons, fire dragons restrain wind and thunder dragons, wind dragons restrain earth and water dragons, earth dragons restrain thunder and fire dragons, and thunder dragons restrain water and wind dragons.

The most important features of Genesis Dragons are as follows:

1. Purity: Genetic purity of Genesis Dragon Eggs is 100%, while the probability of 100% purity for ordinary Dragon Eggs is extremely low, with most having only 40%-50% purity.

2. Number: the smaller the number, the higher the value, and the Genesis Dragon has the smallest number (1–10,000)

3. Genetic mutations go up as cross breeding takes place.

Lastly, with the Genesis Dragons they are purebreds and you know their attributes and they won’t change and theirs no chance with them. You are guaranteed certainty that you will not have any mutations especially negative ones.

Q2: I noticed that inside Dragon Mainland you have two types of tokens: $DMS and $DMP, could you tell us about what is the function of each one inside the ecosystem? How and where can you use them? And what are the ways to obtain $DMS and $DMP?

Jason: Dragon Mainland has a dual token model DMP and DMS:

Dragon Miracle Potion (DMP) is the utility token issued by Dragon Mainland. It doesn’t have a fixed total supply. It can only be obtained through passing game levels, combat wind, and completing daily quests. It will be consumed during dragon breeding, dragon skull absorption, and devouring other dragons.

Dragon Mainland Shards (DMS) is the ecosystem and governance token of the Dragon Mainland. The total supply of DMS is 1,000,000,000 and no additional DMS will be issued.

The full release will take place over 5 years or 60 months.

Token Allocation:
Mining Rewards 45%,
Foundation Reserve 15%,
Team 21%,
Advisor 4%,
Token Sale 15%

Team, Advisor, and mining reward tokens are locked and released monthly in equal increments over the 60 months.

There is a fixed max supply or DMS but we have several mechanisms to make sure our DMS supply is deflationary to protect the value of it over the long term.

The advantage of holding DMS is that if you stake your tokens and participate in our DeFi opportunities you will earn more DMS!

Next, 50% of the marketplace revenue will be used to buyback DMS and permanently freeze it. This means that there will be buy pressure from gameplay on a daily basis and the overall available token supply will continue to decrease on a daily basis.

The more people play the game the more DMS tokens that will come off the market. This in itself should drive investors to stake the token and hold it AGAIN decreasing the available supply on the market.

We strongly believe in deflationary token ecosystems to create long term value for our holders and we believe in rewarding our token holders that stake their tokens to earn bigger returns.

We feel it’s a very strong model and one that aligns the incentives of the players, investors, and the ecosystem.

DMS use cases

1. Marketplace Payments. All NFT transactions require DMS as the payment medium or currency

2. Gameplay. Breeding, training, and raising your dragons requires a certain amount of DMS as a service fee

3. Governance. DMS holders will be allowed to participate in platform governance voting by staking their DMS

4. Staking. Users will be able to stake DMS to earn weekly DMS rewards

5. Liquidity mining. Users can provide DMS liquidity to the revenue aggregator in order to receive DMS token rewards from liquidity pools

6. Platform DMS freezes and burns. Token deflation. 50% of marketplace earnings are used to repurchase DMS in the open market and permanently freeze them and 100% of Blind Box DMS revenue is burned

DMP Use Cases:

1. Breeding
2. Dragon devouring
3. Dragon skull absorption
4. Dragon Skull Synthesis

Both tokens can be obtained through our Marketplace once it opens. DMS will be available on a DEX and hopefully a CEX soon.

DMP can also be obtained or earned through gameplay and Dragon NFT pledge mining.

Q3: The Dragon Mainland game will only be available on mobile devices to launch, Android and IOS. In a few months do you estimate this available for PC and Mac? What are the minimum requirements for mobile devices to play Dragonmainland?

Jason: Any smart phone will be able to run the Dragon Mainland mobile app. So, there won’t be any special requirements. We haven’t finalized the PC/MAC versions as of yet. So, stay tuned for more info and specifications in a few months.

Q4: Almost 3/4 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

Jason: After having done an ICO in 2017–2018 and living through that bear market this is super important to learn from our past mistakes of having inflationary token supplies.

One of my main focuses on DMS has been to create a token ecosystem that will create long term value for the DMS token holders and the game itself. If the token doesn’t have value then no one will want to “play to earn” because they can’t earn a living by doing so.

As such, we are taking 50% of marketplace transaction fees and buying back DMS and permanently freezing those tokens. This means that everyday we will be buying DMS and decreasing the token supply. In addition, 100% of the blind box revenue will be burned!

We feel these these mechanisms will help create a much smaller token supply and also encourage token holders to stake and hold their tokens for the long term. If we are successful this will decrease the available trading float thus keeping the DMS token price high.

Lastly, we are also trying to keep the number of Dragons in the game in check by having a meritocracy based system where the weaker dragons can be swallowed and eaten by the stronger ones!

Deflationary token models are the only long term ecosystems that will have value going forward.

Q5: I saw that Dragon Mainland describes itself as the next generation of Play To Earn games, can you tell us more about this? What kind of attributes makes your project the 2.0 version of P2E games? What is different and better on Dragon Mainland comparing it to other P2E games?

Jason: The top unique P2E 2.0 features are:

1. Deflationary token ecosystem: 100% of blind box DMS revenue is burned and 50% of our marketplace transaction fee is used to buy back the DMS token. It will then be permanently frozen.

2. Dragon devouring: Stronger dragons can devour weaker dragons to upgrade a random. This will decrease the proliferation of Dragon NFTs.

3. Dragon staking: stake your dragon NFTs to earn DMP.

4. 3D graphics and enhanced gameplay that make it much more engaging and fun to play.

There’s some overlap from what I just wrote above but we feel like our competitive advantages are:

1. Our team’s experience with our primary presence in Dubai and South East Asia and China. We have significant KOLs and access developers and gamers in these regions. This will allow us to attract users quickly and easily.

2. Our fully immersive 3D rich gameplay experience. A lot of the early blockchain games are very slow and clunky. They’re just not engaging. Ours has a ton of strategy and many different variables so players won’t get bored easily.

3. Our tokenomics structure where we address the inflation issues plagued by many ICOs in 2017–18. Axie Infinity also has this problem with the ever increasing amount of Axies. DMS has a very strong Token Burn model which will cause massive token deflation which should be great for those that hold and stake the tokens.

Also, weak Dragons can be swallowed and eaten thus “survival of the fittest” where it’s more of a meritocracy. This will also keep the number of Dragons in check.

4. Timing, we have been building the game for a year and it’s ready for soft launch in October and full launch December 1. We are very early but there is a lot of competition coming in the next year or two. Launching early with significant experience and resources should be very helpful.

5. Our community is strong as well with 93k on Twitter and 92k on Telegram. We also have some strong partnerships in the works coming soon.

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6: ❇️ I understand that each dragon can breed with another dragon, but does it have to be with a dragon of the same species or can it be with a dragon of another species? Can my hatchling adopt abilities of both species? How long should the time be between one breeding and the other? How many times can my dragon reproduce?

Jason: Your dragons can crossbred with any other dragon of any race. There are both positive and negative mutations that can take place. If you inbreed your chance of a negative mutation rises significantly. Please see our White Paper for more info on this.

The answer to your question on what attribute scores you’ll get when you crossbreed, that will depend on the algorithm and genetic mutations that take place. This is what makes the game fun.

Also, the time between breedings has a preset minimum time interval for recovery. The more times your dragon has been bred the longer the recovery time. Again, for exact numbers on this please see our White Paper.

Q7: ❤️According to what I’ve read, each dragon is variability and moldability. That is, each dragon has acquired the ability to learn? Can our dragons gain these skills by ingesting them if we upgrade to allow them to absorb dragon bones or swallow other dragons?

❤️DragonMainland is a great way to earn NFT, but how can we, the users, be sure that these NFT will have considerable market value? How could you prove us that the effort, time, and money we put into your gaming platform will be rewarded?

Jason: What variability means is that when you breed any two dragons you can get a variety of outcomes and potential positive or negative mutations. Very similar to how it works in nature. With all the cross breeding of dragons the attributes it’s born with will vary with each birth.

In terms of acquired learning, again, it’s similar to how it is for humans and animals. As they grow they can get stronger. In Dragon Mainland dragons upgrades happen through devouring dragons but only of the same race. Or, through absorbing dragon skulls from Blind Boxes.

With each devouring or absorption a random attribute or skill can be upgraded. You can upgrade a maximum of 3 levels. These upgrades will increase the attribute or skill focus to make it easier for your dragon to win in combat.

In terms of NFT values we can’t guarantee anything because it’s free market. Anyone that tells you different RUN! What we can do is create a deflationary Dragon devouring/recycling system which decreases the number of Dragon NFTs. Theoretically, these should help the value of the NFTs.

There are very few projects that are working on deflationary token economics and deflationary NFT models at the same time in one GameFi platform.

We can build the environment for price appreciation and we are doing that but it’s up to the free market to decide prices.

Lastly, there are so many circular mechanisms that we’ve built in the game like Dragon staking that should increase demand for dragons. There are many indirect mechanisms that should help NFT prices to remain stable or rising over time.

Q8: I saw that Dragon Miracle Potion($DMP) can be earned only by dragon pledge mining. Could you elaborate more on this? So will users be able to buy $DMP? Is there a limit for users in owning and staking dragons? Can you also explain how stamina points are related to this?

Jason: Pledge mining is the only way to earn DMP “only until the full game launches”. After the full game launches DMP can be earned through gameplay. It can be earned by completing daily quests, passing levels on PvE, winning PvP and through Pledge Mining. Otherwise, you’ll be able to purchase DMP inside the DM platform once it launches. It can be earned or purchased.

Players can pledge their dragons to earn DMP mining rewards. If a player selects one or more dragons for pledge mining, a certain amount of DMP will be awarded per dragon per hour. The user can cancel the pledge at any time, but the settlement blocks are in 3-hour increments. If a 3-hour settlement block is not completed there will be no payout for that time block.

Please note, Stamina is required for dragon pledge mining. 1 stamina point will be consumed per 1 dragon per 3-hour settlement time block. Dragon pledge mining is not possible unless a user has the required stamina needed.

One dragon can produce 9 DMP per 3-hour block with a cost of 1 stamina. In other words, a single dragon can produce 3 DMP for 1 hour of pledge mining. If a player pledges 3 dragons and has 24 stamina points, then they can earn 216 DMP in one full day of pledge mining. This would be completing 8 full 3-hour settlement blocks with 3 dragons.

In terms of Stamina, it is replenished every day depending on the number of Dragons you own. I’ll post a graphic below:

Q9: Dragon Mainland Supports Two Types of Tokens
✨ DMS (Dragon Mainland
✨DMP (Dragon Miracle Potion
Will you tell me The primary Utilities of these Two Token and What different Roles these Tokens play in the platform.?

Jason: DMS use cases:

1. Marketplace Payments. All NFT transactions require DMS as the payment medium or currency

2. Gameplay. Breeding, training, and raising your dragons requires a certain amount of DMS as a service fee

3. Governance. DMS holders will be allowed to participate in platform governance voting by staking their DMS

4. Staking. Users will be able to stake DMS to earn weekly DMS rewards

5. Liquidity mining. Users can provide DMS liquidity to the revenue aggregator in order to receive DMS token rewards from liquidity pools

6. Platform DMS freezes and burns. Token deflation. 50% of marketplace earnings are used to repurchase DMS in the open market and permanently freeze them and 100% of Blind Box DMS revenue is burned

DMP Use Cases, it is consumed for the following gameplay activities:

Q10: Profit is important for projects to survive. What is Dragon Mainland’s revenue model?
How will you ensure that they provide a lucrative return for investors?

Jason: Dragon Mainland itself earns revenue from its Marketplace fees. All NFT transactions are charged a fee which goes to the project.

There are several ways to earn:

1. Complete daily tasks — login, play 5 PvE and 10 PvP games and earn Tokens

2. Stake/Pledge DMS to earn more DMS

3. Liquidity Mine by adding liquidity to our revenue aggregator for our DEX for DMS/BNB, DMS/DMP, BNB/DMP pairs

4. Win Ladder Tournaments

5. Win PvP games

6. Breed Dragons and sell them in the marketplace

7. Trade NFTs for a potential profit

8. Stake your Dragons to earn DMP

There’s more but that’s a strong list.

Q11: It caught my attention that you have 100k Twitter followers and 100k telegram community.
What could be the reason for such great interest?
Have you created local communities in countries with high investor potential outside of your main community?

Jason: To really expand our market we are partnering and focusing on our regional communities. Without a strong communities nothing good can happen.

We plan to focus heavily on Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East where the play to earn gaming markets are strong. We hope to partner with the likes of YGG and other similar Guilds or groups that will help accelerate user growth.

There will be a huge focus on working with different community leaders to build telegram groups and the like in different languages so there support and a communal network. We are already working with KOLs and groups to make sure we provide all the resources necessary to support the communities in every region.

We are also focusing on a lot of non-English speaking regions. We are also working with our developers to potentially allow users to choose their language when they sign up and sign in.

The global community is going to be what makes Dragon Mainland successful and we plan to support them as much as possible!

🌐 Dragon Mainland Regional Communities. 🔅
1.Vietnamese : https://t.me/dragonmainlandvietnamese
2.Spanish : https://t.me/dragonmainlandspanish
3.Japanese : https://t.me/dragonmainlandjapanese
4.Russian : https://t.me/dragonmainlandrussian
5.Korean : https://t.me/dragonmainlandkorean
6.Turkish : https://t.me/dragonmainlandturkish
7.Arabic : https://t.me/dragonmainlandarabic
8.Filipino : https://t.me/dragonmainlandfilipino
9.Indonesian : https://t.me/dragonmainlandindonesia
10.India : https://t.me/dragonmainland_india
11.Brazil : https://t.me/dragonmainland_brazil
12.French : https://t.me/DMfrench
13.German : https://t.me/DMGerman

Q12: When participating in PvP or PvE battles, the player starts with small capital will face many disadvantages. So what is a reasonable strategy for players with small capital that can still make money without getting discouraged when playing Dragon Mainland?

Jason: First of all I’d suggest players with smaller amounts of money go slowly and build up their Dragon’s skills, attributes, and talent levels over time.

This can be done by earning tokens by completing daily tasks, finishing levels and through staking your dragons.

In DragonMainland, all dragons can be pledged for mining. The most robust way to make money in the early stages is to pledge dragons for mining. The PvP battle threshold is 3 dragons and the PvE battle threshold is 1 dragon. So players with small capital can also earn rewards through the PvE battle mode. The players with small capital can get a good income by pledging dragon mining + PvE combat as well.

Also, please note that once you have earned enough DMP you can breed your dragon to get more dragons and so on and build your team up to several dragons.

My advice is to go slow and build up your Dragons and your resources. Over the long run this is a winning strategy.

Lastly, there will be guilds like Leviathan Knight Guild and more that will provide scholarships. We will make sure they are plentifully available.

Q13: 🔷 A lot NFTs games have been destroyed or hacked, so can you tell us how Dragon Mainland protects its economy and Smart Contracts?

Jason: Platform security is super important. We just announced a few days ago on Twitter that Certik is almost done with our Smart Contract audit. Once it’s completed you we will post the Certificate publicly.

We fully expect all the hackers and scammers and fraudsters to come. They are already here and already trying to disrupt our ecosystem. At this point happening so early we’ll take it as a compliment.

Hacking is always a concern and we take cyber security very seriously. To protect the project we are tons of penetration testing, audit all the smart contracts, hiring hacking groups to try to break in, and using FileCoin and IPFS a to protect the NFTs.

All smart contracts are in the process of being audited by CertiK, a very well known smart contract auditing firm. We will publish the audit certificates publicly when the audits are complete.

To protect the NFT’s using FileCoin and IPFS provides a massive advantage because of the way they use content addressing. This ensures that if a breach did happen all the NFTs should be protected. This creates a truly decentralized solution to manage this problem.

This is an ongoing issue that will never go away and we will stay vigilant to protect our platform and our community!

Q14: abaout devour system, after a dragon devour others dragon, are that dragon gone? or they have left over item?

Jason: When a dragon is devoured the devouring dragon gets a random upgraded skill and the devoured dragon get destroyed/burned.

To be clear the devoured dragon gets destroyed.

Q15: Hi Mr.Jason Dekker
In early staking to earn $DMP, a lot of dragon holders are having issues with staking/restaking. Constant restaking (3–24hr duration) create extra traffic on the BSC network and unnecessary gas fee for users. Is it possible to move this staking feature off-chain??

Jason: For our initial launch of our Dragon Mining/Pledge Mining function there is a 24 hour maximum pledge limit, per Dragon. It will then need to re-pledged to keep earning DMP rewards.

For version 2 there will be an upgrade where you can automatically set it to continuously pledge as long as you have the required stamina.

Please remember, it takes a long time to write code for these processes. Upgrades will be needed, not only for this function but others as well. We will work tirelessly to make sure this is the best GameFi platform on the market today!

Q16: In your website you talk about that it is necessary a certain amount of $DMS for breeding and growing dragons in the game, this amount of tokens is already determined? Or does it depend on the type of dragon we want to breed or farm? Do you have any standard for this?

Jason: It’s the same for every dragon. It’s a set number based on the breeding occurrence as seen in the graphic below:

- End-