Froyo Games AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with Wizard of Froyo Games on 6th January 2022, 9:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene | Shin Chan: Welcome to Shin Chan Channel

Can you give us some background on the Froyo Games team before the AMA begins?

Wizard | Froyo Games: sure thing!

I’m Pochi, the resident llama here at Froyo Games. So, our team may be anonymous but we have serious backing from serious investors like Bigcoin Capital, GameFi, Newman Capital and our main investor, Animoca Brands. The team here at Froyo Games is made up of people from many walks of life who have one thing in common — we’re passionate about games. We’re experienced game makers and developers and we’re here to build our new home in the metaverse.

Serene | Shin Chan: Do you have any recent/updated news about Froyo Games that you’d like to share with our community? 😀

Wizard | Froyo Games: Ooh, there’s a lot to talk about. We’re securing partnerships with guilds and investors all ahead of our TGE that’s coming really soon! In the last couple of weeks we have partnered with Mao Dao and we have more coming up that we can’t wait to share with you once we sign the papers!

And yes we have a TGE really really soon. I’m not allowed to say exactly when…but it’s going to be later this month!

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1. We all know, NFT and GameFi are becoming super trendy, so does have some barriers to entry into Froyo NFT marketplace? What strategies will be implementing to boost user engagements, revenue sharing channels, brand image and awareness?

Wizard | Froyo Games: NFTs are now being trendy for too many reasons, among them are the hate and misinformation from the gaming community. There are many barriers to entry that are not our fault but through education and onboarding we can slowly push back against the negative bias and misconceptions about NFTs in games. Our strategy is to build the community.

Like I mentioned earlier, we partnered with guilds like Mao Dao for this reason, to help nurture and grow the community. The community is our lifeline. They will live and breathe our brand image. Therefore with a robust platform that cares for the community, the community will be our biggest strength, reflected in our brand image.

Q2. From what I have read Froyo Games wants to work with three main elements: Casual Games, Esports and Blockchain. Can you explain why you have decided to work with these industries? What potential do they have working together? What do you want to achieve in the end?

Wizard | Froyo Games: We didn’t ask why. We asked why not!

Why aren’t e-sports and casual games being combined? We can do much more amazing things together — and the blockchain will be what connects us.

NFTs and blockchain tokens give us the technology to connect these industries like never before with an internet of economies, marketplace trading and with e-sports, branded NFTs and special NFT game trophies. Together these industries can connect gamers like never before, where casual gamers, fans, creators, e-sports athletes and brands come together under one platform — minus the weaknesses of centralised technology.

Q3. Froyo offers service to all kinds of users, traditional gamers or the modern ones. How will you connect these users to clients to create a wide and broader interaction between them in making the NFTs more valuable as digital assets in the industry?

Wizard | Froyo Games: The value of NFTs in the Froyo ecosystem is created through the games that they are from and their utility. NFTs must have utility going forward into the future.

They cannot just be JPEGs and membership cards to some monkey boat club lol

Our focus on utility is not just in the world of the games they are from but also metaverse utility across multiple games and experiences are what will give our NFTs value not just in the industry but also to our community.

Q4. I noticed that you’re having a Meme Design Contest when looking through your Twitter account. Can you give us some tips on how to boost our chances of winning? What criteria will you use to select the top ten best meme designs? Is anyone able to participate in this contest?

Wizard | Froyo Games: We absolutely love the memes that are coming in. Some have made us laugh really hard here at the Froyo Games HQ! We’re going by the best and funniest memes that our team are looking through.

if you want to participate the contest is still running right now

everything you need to know is at

Q5. You say that “you will play an active role in preserving the content of the platform”, does that mean that you will not only focus on the launch, but will also follow up and support it post IGO? or is it something else totally different?

Wizard | Froyo Games: yes a good question, I see you are thinking ahead, that’s exactly the people we are looking for in the Froyo community

Our TGE is only the beginning of our journey. And as a platform there will be more IGOs to come! We’re more than just game makers, we’re helping others bring their games to the blockchain. We supply the SDKs and tools to developers of all skill levels to be able to integrate blockchain features without having to relearn how to code.

We also will help promising projects reach even greater heights though our Froyo NFT Launchpad. We’re committed to a platform, not just one token or one game — and we’re only just getting started.

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6. Transferring value among multiple game’s is main problem for developers, Do you have any solution for this?

Wizard | Froyo Games: Yes this is a great question. We also saw this as a problem, different games mean different economies. That’s why even though the $FROYO token will be our main token, other games on our platform may have their own tokens too. One of the most exciting things we have lined up is the ability to stake your $FROYO to earn tokens from upcoming games. It’s how we keep the economies in our platform thriving and active with people constantly using it.

Q7. Similar initiatives may offer the same benefits as Froyo Games. So, what distinguishes you from other similar projects in terms of special features and benefits?

Wizard | Froyo Games: Many platforms see this strictly from the viewpoint of crypto value, how much they can flip a token, an NFT, a currency etc. We are real game makers, our team is made up of people who have worked on games. We know what it’s like to hold onto digital assets — some of these assets have value that no money or crypto can buy. Why? Because they’re fun to play with. That’s value too. Our players deserve to choose how they want this. They can choose whether to keep — or to trade or sell. We’re all about the games because a great community and great experience is what will give rise to great value.

Q8. I have never heard of Froyo. Where are you going to get your games? and Is Froyo a platform or a studio?

Wizard | Froyo Games: Now you have! Froyo is a platform. We work with established game developers to help them integrate blockchain magic into their games and we will soon be releasing our Froyo SDK and NFT Dashboard to help game developers from all skill levels to be able to integrate Froyo’s blockchain magic into their games and experiences without having to learn how to code again. We are working with game developers and we are also welcoming game developers. Our platform is being nurtured with the help of guilds like Mao Dao to create a welcoming community who can’t wait to try out new games.

Q9. There are ManyNFT games are present but there are Major Flaws and drawbacks which are :
Is FROYO have Successfuly Planned to Remove all the Flaws ?

Wizard | Froyo Games: Being blockchain veterans, many of us here at Froyo have suffered from this too. We have been scammed, rugged and abandoned by games we’ve played in the past — even before the blockchain era! This is why now, with all that we have learned we have set out to build the Froyo Launchpad. This is where we get to decide together on what games have the best potential to succeed — and then we help them get there.

As for the players, we also are super duper serious about Play-to-earn — because we want everyone to have fun and enjoy the games on Froyo. not just crypto whales and tycoons. Even someone who doesn’t care about the blockchain can have fun on Froyo Games because they’re earning assets that they can now truly own. They can start with an empty wallet and still have fun.

Q10. So many projects just want to talk about “long term vision and mission” but not me,, I want to know what is your short term goal?? and What are you focusing on right now? How will you achieve the success you desire this year???

Wizard | Froyo Games: That’s one question I haven’t had before. Yes we want to build a healthy thriving community and all that. It’s a long term goal. Our short term goal this year is to start correctly, to take our first steps the right way. We have to make sure we our launch goes smoothly and we have everything ready for the future. That is a big task. that is our focus right now.

Q11. Are there P2E games on BSC or ETH other than your platform supported by Froyo tokens? Why should I dive into Froyo? What difference can Froyo offer me?

Wizard | Froyo Games: Let me ask you when was the last time you had fun with a blockchain game? Even current gamers say NFTs don’t make games fun. We disagree! We come from different backgrounds but games brought us together. We believe games should always be fun. The difference we can offer to you is that — come and enjoy having fun on the blockchain with a choice of games that keeps growing.

Q12. how can they earn passive income without having to play games?especially for users who are not gamers, but want to be a part of the project

Wizard | Froyo Games: Great question, we get this from our friends who want to support us but don’t have time to play games (which should not be the case, everyone should have time for games!)

The $FROYO token will have multiple staking options so you can find the one that best suits your needs. We will have ve-mechanism staking and staking to earn tokens that will be featured in upcoming games on the Froyo platform. We will even have staking that will let you earn your rewards in more $FROYO tokens!
Our tokenomics will be published soon. Stay tuned for that!

Q13. Are Froyo mini-games free to play and experience, or do you have an entry fee and barrier to entry? What game types does Froyo specifically include on its platform, will we be able to generate income from mini-games?

Wizard | Froyo Games: Ah you must have come across the Froyo GameBox. This is a sister offering we have where people can play simple mini games to win tickets and participate in raffles to win prizes, ranging from branded items to exclusive NFTs.

This isn’t where we plan to have any income generation, just so we’re clear BUT — because there is an element of luck in a raffle, that means anyone can be a winner!

Q14. What is the minimum fee to play in FROYO GAMES? and does every player have to have nft FROYO GAMES stuff? and how does Froyo games keep the price of nft goods?

Wizard | Froyo Games: The $FROYO token is the main currency of the platform and we will have games that give you the chance to play-to-earn this token. Not all games will exclusively use the $FROYO token, we will have games with their own tokens too. The main currency of the NFT marketplace will be the $FROYO token — and that’s left up to market forces. This is already happening in the world of gaming. We’re here to revolutionise it with NFTs!

Q15. In developing this project, of course it requires a lot of funds, do you have investors in its development? and Can you explain more about Froyo Software (SDK)?

Wizard | Froyo Games: Sure! Froyo’s SDK or Software Development Kit is going to be the tool we will equip our developers with to help them bring blockchain magic not just to their upcoming games but to current and old games as well, to give them a new lease of life on the blockchain.

As for our investors, we have backing from Animoca Brands, Spartan, GBV, Mirana, and the Avocado Guild just to name a few!

Q16. If any non-crypto friendly user want’s to buy something from Froyo marketplace, How will thay do that, have you made any plan for this?

Wizard | Froyo Games: For now we’re keeping it to crypto — but that doesn’t mean we’re locking everyone else out. You don’t need to always use a credit card to buy stuff. Our play-to-earn mechanisms make it possible for you to earn your way to buy what you want from the Froyo Marketplace too!

Q17. How would FROYO GAMES assist to change this narrative? Most games launched on the blockchain are primarily interested on investment rather than user experience and gameplay.

Wizard | Froyo Games: Once again, the focus is community. That’s why partnership guilds is so super important. They will build the community and form the lifeblood of the Froyo platform. Yes, there will be opportunities to invest for financial returns, for profit and more — but we also care about those who invest not so much for profit but to have fun, and we’re all about making games enjoyable . Let’s revolutionise gaming. For the gamers. Together as a community, WAGMI!

- End -




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