GEOPOLY AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

8 min readDec 10, 2021


We held a live AMA with CEO & Founder, Martin Spinetto and Marketing Manager, Sabrina from GEOPOLY on 10th December 9:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


JH | Shin Chan: Before the ama start, could you please introduce yourselves and team background to our community?

Martin: I´m Martin Spinetto, the CEO and founder of Widow Games, the developers behind GEOPOLY
I have been in the gaming industry for 9 years now, and before that I worked 15 years in marketing and communications roles.
The last one was as Mktg director for Microsoft for the Latam region

Sabrina: My name is Sabrina, i am Marketing Manager for Geopoly, i been working in marketing for more than 10 years, and this is my 3rd project on this role among crypto space, a thriving nvoryment that i love

JH | Shin Chan: Thank you for your introduction 💯💯

Could you please introduce us GEOPOLY in short, and Is there anything from GEOPOLY would like to share with us?

Martin: Geopoly is an NFT based geolocation economic simulator that allows users to rent, buy, upgrade and sell real-life businesses all around the globe.

In GEOPOLY, every business or important location is represented by a 3D NFT, which gives players ownership of that location. Owned locations will generate passive income for players and will be used in the main on-chain gameplay.

JH | Shin Chan: Thank you for tell us about Geopoly 💯💯🚀🚀

📣📣📣 ( Geopoly Raises $3M in Presale 🎲🎲🎲

Geopoly Raises $3 Million in 48 Hours Ahead of the GEO$ Presale on 4 Launching Pads including Enjinstarter

📅 SushiSwap Listing: 15 December

▶️ More info:

and we can see a lot of exciting news from Geopoly🔥🔥🔥

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1: I understand that Geopoly is a game inspired by the well-known board game Monopoly, however how similar or different will the gameplay be? Will it be a turn-based game? Does each player always have to follow the same path?

Martin: The name is because Geopoly is a fusion of the Pokemon Go and the best selling board game in history, the Monopoly. GEO is because a big part of the game is based on Geolocation, and the real estate empire you can build all over the world! You can conquer your neighborhood or any city that you choose!
It is similar in the way that is about buying, improving and selling real state, but it is way better as all users can play at the very same time and roam freely in the entire world without any kind of restrictions, just walking around (physically) or by using Drones and Satellites.

Q2: I saw that you would reserve 10% of your tokens for “GEOPOLY,” but could you please inform us when and how these launches will take place? Will they only allow the first to take part in their games? or what are your participation requirements?

Sabrina: I guess you mean 10% of NFTs, they are reserved for Geopoly since we will have icon locations like statue of liberty, or Eiffel Tour, and it is not available to purchase directly, but it will be realeased once the on chain version is lauched and as an Auction, so everyone will have the oportunity to make a bid

iconic locations i meant

To participate in Geopoly on chain all you need is 1 NFT

Q3: GEOPOLY is an economic simulator based on NFTs. However, would users be able to swap their NFTs for the GEO token, or will there be a market place where these NFTs must be listed? And how does GEOPOLY intend to make METAVERSE available to everyone, as claimed?

Martin: NFTs holder will be able to upgrade and sell their NFTs inside the game and also in 3rd party markets as Opensea
We don´t plan to be a game for VIPs, so we will do our best to keep entry prices low so everyone can access and play to earn.

Sabrina: for instance, on Sunday 12 we will have our first public NFT drop, starting at 2 pm UTC and running for 24 hs, so everyone can join no matter location, nor whitelist required, with prices starting at 90 usdt

Q4: Geopoly is an another game with two pillars: mobile & off-chain (Android & iOS coming soon) and web & on-chain.
What are the characteristics of these two layers and two pillars? What is the mechanism? What are the advantages of both the two layer and two pillar games?

Martin: Geopoly is an unique game since it will be playable in 2 layers with 2 pillars:

The layers are going to be: 1- the mobile and off-chain (Android, and iOS coming soon) where players can rent real business and special locations all across the world, and 2- the web and on-chain where players will be able to Buy those properties and NFTs, upgrade them and earn tokens passively.📥

The beauty on this system is that if you own a Business and NFT, you will make GEO$ Tokens, but if someone on the off-chain layer is actually renting your location, you will be making more Tokens! So we have a game where the off-chain impact the on-chain economy.🤝

An the 2 pillars will be: the Economic Simulator/Farming, which is currently available on Mobile. And the Player VS Player system that will be available next year and it will allow players to attack each other Branches and steal their precious resources 😊

Q5: I know that in Geopoly there is a kind and benevolent way of doing business and a dark way as well, so could you explain in more detail what you mean by this, especially when you refer to doing dark business?

Martin: yeah! that will be super fun as well!
The nice way of doing business is by sending good offers than the other players can accept or not, and post higher bids to win the auctions… but the dark side is attacking the Branches of the rest of the players and stealing their resources! 😱

Players will have the 2 possibilities, and it depends on their strategy what to do…

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6: Do you have AUDIT certificates?
if you have,
Are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure, trustworthy and reliable?

Martin: Of course of all deployed smart contracts are audited. We did it with Solidity Finance that is a well respected audit firm.

Q7: 1. Which Blockchain will the game be developed on?
2. How much % tokens will be allocated for Ingame Reward?
a. 20%
b. 30%
c. 40%

Martin: 1- Polygon

Q8: Can GEOPLOLY GAME be understood by beginners like me? Does GEOPLOLY GAME have a tutorial how to play / guidebook provided for beginners? If so can you tell me where can I see it? And does GEOPLOLY GAME have a social media platform that users can reach so that users can understand and know about GEOPLOLY GAME?

Sabrina: Hey! Nice question. So when you download the game, you can actually do it now on the offchain version, Biggy will introduce you to the game and ask you to do small business objetives, thats how we call our missions, so you can learn how to play. Trust me, im no gamer geek and i get it 😁. Also we have a how to start playing guide made buy one of our top player in our discord channel

About the platform, yes also discord has a gameplay chat

Q9: One of my favorite NFT Games youtubers is Kmanu88, and I could tell that he is one of his advisors, but I have not seen the video where he promotes them, they have already done it and fully show the characteristics of the Game and when it will be in the market?

Martin: Hey Yaritza!
Yes, Kmanu88 is a close friend and a key KOL for the project. He has been super busy closing other business and now he will be super focused on Geopoly, but you can as him directly when he is launching his first YT Geopoly review 😉

Q10: Can the FEATURES contained in “Geopoly’ make a difference and an advantage over your competitor’s platforms? if so, name some of the Geopoly of choosing “Geopoly’. have plans to develop a cross-chain to function in BSC?

Sabrina: Yes, for instance even it is Geolocation game, like Pokemon go, you can not only explore the areas where you are located but you can also explore around the world using a satellite, and make your real estate empires anywhere you like in the world! About BSC, for the moment we are happy with Polygon, but in the future we will integrate more currencys to buy NFT with

Q11: Is there any reason that make you name your project Geopoly?
What’s the story behind this name?

Martin: The name is because Geopoly is a fusion of the Pokemon Go and the best selling board game in history, the Monopoly. GEO is because a big part of the game is based on Geolocation, and the real estate empire you can build all over the world!

Q12: 💢How can we get more information about Geopoly?

💢Have you a whitepper or litepaper for get additional information ?

Martin: in you will find a lot of information from the game, Tokens, NFTs and so on


Q13: Years ago I played a lot of Monopoly, and I understand that Geopoly will be very similar, but will it really be played with a limited number of users in a game, where each one will move in turn? or is it really a metaverse where the user can move freely?

Sabrina: Geopoly can be played by everyone simultanioulsy, no need to move in turns. You can move freely! Its a metaverse! Later on we will have player vs player feature as well, so you can compite with other members

Q14: What are awards you got in past years can you share some with link if you have any

Martin: Yeah! during the soft launch of the mobile version we receive many awards, that you can check here:

For instance, Google selected Geopoly and Widow Games to participate in the Indie Games Accelerator 2019 edition from over 1700 applicants across 37 countries.
See the full article:

Q15: Can you tell about top unique features?
Especially I would like to know about features that investors friendly ??

Sabrina: One feature that I personally love is the Exploration modes, that allow you to fly a drone in your neighborhood exploring for new business opportunities. But we also built the Satellites modes, where you can hire a satellite and in seconds be in one of the more than 80 important cities in the wolrd, as you were physically there!

The other that I like a lot is the Auction section, where users can sell their properties for a 24hs period and the hightest bid wins!