H3RO3S AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with CEO, Gregory Crous from H3RO3S on 12th December 10:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene | Shin Chan: Before AMA starts, can you give us some background on the H3RO3S team?

Gregory Crous: Hi everyone
My name is Gregory Crous.
I am the CEO of H3RO3S AG.
I’m half Swiss half South African — my family is from all over the world we are part Russian, Dutch, Spanish and Scottish.

From an early age I was surrounded by people from different countries and cultures.

Therefore, I quickly understood how to feel at home wherever I am.

Having studied International Relations in university I was educated in the theory of concepts, and how the ideas of individuals affect our society today.

I am completely shocked as I didn’t understand how in the 21st century we still have people who don’t have food or water or a roof over their heads.

This is was we want to change.
We want to provide a platform that allows individuals to understand that they are the key to creating positive change around them -
By helping people become the best possible version of themselves with the talents they already have.

Our motto is help yourself by helping others

We have a super diversified team who I have connected with throughout the years covering Ukraine, Italy, South Africa and India.

Serene | Shin Chan: Any latest/ update news about H3RO3S you would like to share with our community?😀

Gregory Crous: We have just confirmed our partnership with KUCOIN which is very exciting.

Listing will be beginning of this week:)

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1: Can you talk about the usage area of H3RO3S tokens and the advantages it will provide to the users included in the platform? What is the reason why no tokens will be created in the future?

Gregory Crous: The H3RO3S Tokens allows users to customize their experience on the H3RO3S App.
We are bringing crypto to the masses.
This is done using KYC and having their own H3RO3S Wallet.
Users will be able to customize their h3ro character by purchasing NFT items that increase the attributes of their character in game.
At the end of the game each user has their own NFT which they can utilize on our NFT Marketplace.
The reason why no tokens will be created in the future is due to our perfectly sustainable token ecosystem we provide our users with.

Q2: From which investors did H3RO3S receive support for the development of the application and to raise funds? How will the investors you empower to support H3RO3S accompany you on this path?

Gregory Crous: We are proud to be supported by the OG’s of Crypto including
Mandy from ICO Research
Bitcoin Guru
Moon Carl
Evan Luthra
DCI Capital
Gains Capital
Maximus Capital
and many many more.
It is absolutely heartwarming to see the support to what was an idea three years ago and now its becoming a reality:)

Q3: H3RO3S is a play-to-earn gaming platform. Should users play the game alone or can they collaborate with other players to fulfill tasks and get mutual rewards? What is the distribution of the prizes? Is it possible for them to take it back at any point?

Gregory Crous: We connect people based on their mutual talents, hobbies and skills.
We provide a total of 45 talents and over 100 tasks.
Users earn points for requesting and completing tasks based on their talent and radius.

Users complete tasks people do in their everyday life.

If you need to review and assignment before submitting to professor

Walk your dog

Take someone as +1 to a party

Missing 2 people in football game.

H3RO3S does it all!

An entire experience that gamifies your daily life and allowing you to earn money for it


The cool thing is that the users themselves complete the tasks in real life to gain experience which simultaneously levels up their h3ro character in the app.

Users are able to redeem rewards from local businesses, redeem merchandise from our fully environmentally friendly store, and exchange tokens into money.

Q4: Could you discuss why you launched H3RO3S for UK universities? That one was focussed mainly on the UK. Is your metaverse and gaming accessible in languages other than english, and would your initiative being implemented into certain universities in the long term?

Gregory Crous: Our strategy is quite simple we are planning to launch our services in the UK.
The reason is that it has the highest density of University campuses.
There is a total of 254 universities — that’s 4.5m students.
I was educated in QMUL which is a Russel Group University.

Each UK university has a sister school.

QMUL for example has a campus in America, Hong Kong and Malta.

This means we are able to go global within 1.5 years.

At the same time if there are bystanders observing how users are requesting 2 people to join them to play football and earning money for it.
We understand we will expand into the larger market of Young Professionals and even families.

Imagine being able to reward your kids with tokens for putting their dishes in the dishwasher.

Not only are we a game we also collaborate with universities and local businesses to attract users into their stores to see smell touch and hear all the shop has to offer.

The coins that users generate can be used to redeem rewards.
The game works on a subscription model users can earn $20+ per day and have multiple ways to redeem the points.

Everyone benefits and no one loses.
That’s why our system is called the Why Not System.

H3RO3S will be available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

With further updates we will also include more languages.

Q5: I want to ask, Is #H3RO3S specifically just for gamers??
And What about non-gamer users, will they still be able to benefit from your platform without playing your game? If so, can you tell us another way they might benefit??

Gregory Crous: H3RO3S is designed for everyone to use.
Not just for gamers.
H3RO3S is not an app, it is an experience.
Users are able to earn money by utilizing their talents and hobbies.
An example I like to give is people who are scared to make their hobby their profession.
For an artist it is difficult to break into the industry.
With H3RO3S the user can create paintings, music, videos, and movies and upload them onto our marketplace.
By turning their art into NFT’s and completing tasks based on their talent — users are able to break into any industry to providing evidence of how involved they are in their local communities as well as showing real life experience, ratings and income

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6: As this Game has been planned after the Covid situation, Do you think this will work smooth after covid situation as well?

Gregory Crous: 100%
This is the perfect moment to launch the experience as people are looking for something that brings them back into normality after Covid Restrictions.

Especially with Covid people were stuck at home for over a year.
Socializing was done over zoom. And everyone was bored.
You could not meet new people or make new friends.

That’s what H3RO3S solves.

Q7: I Found One very Intersting Function in your Website, Which is the PROFILE FUNCTION which is a Feature that consist of thr personalized portfolio of individual Users, Will you please tell me More about this Function and For What Various Purpose I Can Use this?

Gregory Crous: GAL is the H3RO3S equivalent of a CV.
Our profile function provides users with a personalised portfolio that shows how well individuals have completed the tasks which what rating and feedback.
This provides evidence how H3RO3S users are involved in their local community and therefore also shows potential employers how well they match the job the H3RO3S user has applied for.

Q8: Since #H3RO3S is a game to earn, can you tell us the different ways the game offers to make a profit? Do users get rewarded just for winning? Can I play Games in My phone for now?

Gregory Crous: Users earn by requesting tasks and completing tasks.
We are releasing updates every 2 weeks from TGE.
The app will be fully functioning in Q1 of 2022

Q9: I notice that they want to create a metaversal concept in reality similar to Pokemon Go. This allows users to play their character (HERO) in real life. So, can we users get to interact with our characters just like we interact with Pokémon? and How is the gameplay mechanics?

Gregory Crous: Interesting Question.
Users create their character and can use tokens to upgrade their characters using NFT items they unlock.
By the way to earn points is by completing tasks for other users in the real world:)

Q10: The platform has four Functions for its users,
How these Functions are useful ?
Can You tell about it more?

Gregory Crous: The functions we are releasing include
Map functions which is where users are able to generate tokens
Profile function becomes a personalised portfolio where all the reviews and ratings of users who completed tasks are situated.
This is very beneficial especially after the 3 years of education users can provide evidence of their involvement in their local community based on the industry they have completed the tasks in and are mostly likely applying for.
The Job function is a way to matchmake employer and employee by directly connection their Professional CV’s and their H3RO3S GAL to smoothen the hiring process making the life of every HR easier.
Finally the SOS function protects us and the users by providing the ability to call emergency contacts with a push of a button.

Our philosophy is that if we take care of the community the community will take care of us.

Q11: Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable??

Gregory Crous: Security is the key priority and task of our R&D team.

Our approach includes a combination of Audits as well as finding any potential vulnerabilities.

We also plan to include community activity programmes such as bug bounty, to engage and relate to our users.

Q12: While browsing your website, I read the H3RO3S Slogan “Everyone is Excited for Opportunity” it caught my attention. So, please tell us how this slogan was created? What inspired you to create it and how does the H3RO3S live up to its slogan?

Gregory Crous: We made a case study based on students in UK as we are intending to launch our services there.
The average student has $80 per week to spend on food & beverages , clothes, activities, rent, and study equipment.
Thats crazy especially when considering the high prices in London.
Our motto is “Everyone deserves the Joy of Opportunities”
Even though we have a subscription fee users are able to earn up to $20 per day.
We really prioritise our community and make sure that our service is able fun and entertaining to use whilst keeping our ears open to the community feedback.

Q13: Where can I buy your tokens now. What are your current contracts, and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

Gregory Crous: Thanks for this question.
It is important to clarify that there are people that do not have good intentions.
Therefore please only that credible information from our admins on our telegram channel: https://t.me/coinh3ro3s

We partnered with Firestarter for IDO and KuCoin for IEO.
Stay tuned next week will be exciting times.

Q14: If anyone starts this game,
What are the requirements to start with the game?

Gregory Crous: No requirements
Users sign up
complete KYC
Create their NFT character
and start earning money by completing tasks for their friends, family, and soon to be firends

Q15: 🌻🌻I read H3RO3S is a long term project? So, what are your plans for investors? Is it open to everyone? I am a student. What is the difference between me and my father? What’s different ??????

🌻🌻H3RO3S Planning to launch H3RO3S tokens on its own platform? So what network or chain are you planning to launch H3RO3S on?

Gregory Crous: I wrote a 52 thousand word — 30 year business plan.

I’m not saying it will take 30 years to implement.

What I’m saying is that for the next 30 years we have all updates, functions, and innovations written down and planned to implement according to the demand of the market.

The end goal is to set an example.
We want to show how it’s possible to live fully environmentally sustainable whilst at the same time covering all basic human needs.

We are currently working on providing a function where creative individuals can monetise their art in form of NFTs.
Stay tuned.

We are launching on Polygon but will also use BSC in the near future





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