Instaraise AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with CEO & CoFounder, Dibyo Majumder and CTO & CoFounder, Aditya Gautam from Instaraise on 30th August 09:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


JH | ShinChan: Before the ama start, Can you please introduce yourselves to our community?

Aditya: Hello everyone, I am Aditya Gautam
CTO @ instaraise (
Previously, I have been the part of the tezos foundation
and have been working for Hewlett Packard Enterprise in their R&D team (

Dibyo: This is Dibyo, I am the CEO and the Co-Founder of Instaraise. Into the crypto ecosystem from early 2017 and building Products in Tezos, Ethereum and Hyperledger.

JH | ShinChan: Can you introduce us about Instaraise in short, and do you have any news about Instaraise would like to share to our community?

Dibyo: Instaraise is a FullStack Fundraising and IDO Platform on Tezos and is totally dedicated to the ecosystem to empower more and more projects in the ecosystem.

We are bringing Innovation to the IDO ecospace with NFTs and DeFi integrations all around

Currently we have completed our raise of > $!Mn and we are getting a great response from the community. Hence BUILDing more and more.

Twitter Section:

Q1: The Instaraise protocol is a significant step towards the creation of a truly interoperable decentralized financial ecosystem. In this same context, what would be the main competitors of Instaraise currently present in the market?

Dibyo: We are the first in the Tezos Space but there is a scope for other cross-chain IDO platforms to jump in here also.

But we make sure that all the community we gather in is the best set of investors and we always have an edge of any of our competitions in terms of Community and in Tems of Tech

Q2: Can you give information about the conditions that users must meet in order to participate in the IDOs you will organize? Will you demand KYC and participation fee from the participants?

Dibyo: Yes, we respect the regulations that are there country wise and there is a KYC requirement needed for taking part in the SAles we conduct.

All the unauthorised countries will not be able to take part in the private allocation and sales … But everyone can take leverage bu tranding and consuming INSTA tokens.

Q3: There are so many pervasive problems with projects and IDOs platforms today, What problems does INSTARISE are trying to solve,,in the crypto space..Are exit scams and rug pulls one of the problems you plan to solve? This is one of the biggest problems right now

Dibyo: We solve the problem of Exit Scams and rug-pull with our Automated Liquidity Locking and Transparent Presales Facilitation bringing an Utmost trust within the investors.
The LP Tokens are locked in our contract safely so that investors make sure that their Tokens remains liquid for a predefined amount of time ( as promised by project owner ) we ensure that happens in a trustless manner

Q4: The HOLDers of INSTA Tokens are the ones who have tha guranteed allocation in the presales as per the Pool Weighted Scores.
How can one increase his weighted score?
Does the token have other utilities like
Staking &LP Farming ?

Dibyo: Not the HOLDers of INSTA but the STakers of INSTA have the leverage to get an allocation in the private sale

One way to get higher Pool Weight score is to stake a higher amount of INSTA or The ppl who are staking INSTA for more time also get’s a leverage with the time.
The time weight is explained here :

Q5: Generally, instaraise-style platforms focus on large investors. What kind of value does instaraise provide to small investors, unlike other platforms? What ways do you follow to announce your project to small investors and involve them in your project?

Dibyo: That’s really something that we have focused on while creating our weighted sceme of Pool weight score. Investors with as low as $200 worth INSTA Staked will get a guranteed allocation in the private sale making sure there are always into the Game !

This is how we give the leverage to the retail investors to be a part of the SALE 🙂

Telegram Live AMA Begin:

Q6: Unfortunately the crypto space faces the terrible problem of SCAM projects. How do you make sure that you are not going to allow any of them to participate? How do you protect the users in this point?

Aditya: We have a dedicated team to check the project, founders history and the roadmap and make sure the project is legit.
And our automated liquidity addition provision makes sure there is no rug pulls

Q7: How you assures your users that Instaraise’s Platform is completely Decentralised in terms of handling end-to-end processing of the presale. From the Sale creation to the Funds withdraw by the owner ?

Dibyo: In terms of e2e processing. The things are completely carried out by the Smart Contracts and with completely trustless manner. And all the sale params are also transparent to the users bringing up trust in the investors about the projects 🙂

Q8: Evaluating projects before launching them is important to ensure that investors are not defrauded before launching a token or conducting pre-sales. Does instararise evaluate projects and assign the evaluation task?

Dibyo: We have our Due-Delegence in place for evaluating the Projects that we onboard and bring trust for the investors that only legit projects are onboarded and featured in the platform.

Q9: Can you explain what is your listing process and on which criteria you approved the project to launch on Instaraise ?

What are the listing requirement the project should have to get listed on Instaraise ?

Dibyo: We have it all explained here :

Q10: Could you tell us about when you will launch the Staking and perform IDO for $INSTA? How can we participate and what will your requirements be to buy in invest $INSTA? What will be the percentage % APY generated for the income in Staking?

Dibyo: We have plans to give more than 200% — 300% APR for our initial LP Farms

Q11: What is the function of “FIXED SWAP POOLS” in the Instaraise ecosystem?

Dibyo: We have drafted here beautifully :

Q12: Since security and data are major concerns in crypto today, what security measures has Instaraise taken? How can we trust your project completely? What was the biggest challenge you faced during your Instaraise journey?

Dibyo: Biggest trouble we have faced is to being the community towards the same cause and we have a plan to bring more crowd to Tezos ecosystem and being in more volume to it.
That’s where the paradign shift will happen

Q13: How can I obtain Instaraise tokens? Can I exchange it from BSC tokens to Instaraise, and vice versa?

Dibyo: You can obviously buy our Token in our Public Sale for prior access at low price, That will be in the very next week of September.

And it will be tradable in the DEX called Quipuswap

- End -