Kine Protocol AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

10 min readDec 18, 2021

We held a live AMA with CEO & Co-founder, Lei from Kine Protocol on 18th December 8:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Mika | Shin Chan: Good evening everyone, we are pleased to have CEO & Co-founder, Lei from Kine Protocol.

Before AMA start, can you introduce yourselves and the team background?

Lei | Kine Protocol: Hi everyone, so nice be here and e-meet you.

I am Lei, co-founder and CEO of KINE, graduated from Imperial College of Science and Technology with a master degree in Computer Science. I have over 15 years of experience in traditional investment banking and is also a CFA holder. I was the head of the institutional division of Huobi and led the institutional division of Huobi to launch a series of innovative products including quantitative treasury and has ample experience and unique insights into the crypto market.

KINE’s core team consists of development engineers from traditional financial market such as Merrill Lynch, HSBC, Standard Chartered and Citi. Team members all equipped with solid R&D experience and crypto trading experience. Other than that,the core team has been collaborating for more than 5 years.

Mika | Shin Chan: can u also explain in short what is KINE ?

Lei | Kine Protocol: KINE Protocol is an Ethereum-based decentralized derivatives protocol designed to build an infinitely liquid derivatives marketplace and help users trade derivatives fast, transparently, and conveniently. All transactions are supported by the industry’s innovative [Peer-to-Pool] engine, which maximizes capital efficiency based on optimal leverage through state-of- the-art cross-margin function.

Mika | Shin Chan: Do u have any upcoming news or events that the community need to keep an eye on?

Lei | Kine Protocol: yes, we do have quite a lot ongoing events

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1. What safety rights will be introduced for KineProtocol in order to avoid hacking caused by smart contract bugs? Is it true that the KineProtocol project tests for issues on a regular basis? Is there a reward scheme in place for identifying system flaws in the KineProtocol scheme?

Lei | Kine Protocol: Kine protocol is audited by pecksheild, we take security as our top priority at all time, each time we see an attack in defi world, we analyse it carefully and even try attack kine with the method to find vonerability, if we find a risk we quickly make improvement to prevent it from happening. Kine has been running safely for about 9 months, and all the attack mechanism that we know doesn’t work on kine, so it is very safe.

Q2. Kine Protocol has been running for 9 months, would you like to share the progress that Kine has made? Apart from this impressive achievement in derivatives trading market KINE was also one of the winners of the Binance Smart Chain #MVBIII Monthly Star in September can you tell me?

Lei | Kine Protocol: Our Project Progress are:
•2020.12 Started full-time development
•2021.03 Closed round one fundraising — 7M
•2021.03 Public Test & IDO — 10M
•2021.03 Official Mainnet launched on Ethereum
•2021.06 Launched on Binance Smart Chain
•2021.08 Major enhancement on UX
•2021.09 Launched on Polygon
•2021.10 BSC MVBIII Sept Monthly Star Recognition
•2021.11 Launched on Avalanche

We accumulated $44B in trading volume and our 30-day active users has reached a new high close to 7000.

Q3. What sets Kine Protocol apart from other projects like dYdX and injective protocols? They’re also doing a good job of addressing issues like high gas prices, so what are some of the inefficiencies you’ve noticed that prompted you to create Kine?

Lei | Kine Protocol: Kine is built with peer-to-pool mechanism which allows us to provide unlimited liquidity, 0 slippage and immediate execution and support over 100x leverage for traders without the restriction of market maker or order book.

I believe Kine is the first protocol provides 100x leverage on DeFi.

Kine uses a hybrid approach which allows gas to be only consumed for staking and margin transfers but not for trading activities.

Dydx adapts the similar hybrid infrastructure, except the liquidity is still based on orderbook and needs active market maker support, it solves the gas fee problem but liquidity and slippage is still a big issue for them. I believe that with our success, many more solutions are going to follow our footsteps soon.

Q4. I saw your latest news, that Kine will have a Christmas event which is “Trading Fun”, can you tell us about what this event means? How can we participate? When will this event start and what are the benefits of us participating in it?

Lei | Kine Protocol: yes, we are so exciting to introduce it to everyone

I think a lot of you are familiar with ‘trade mining’. now Kine comes our innovation event ‘Trading Fun’ which you can achieve ‘trade to earn’ on Kine Protocol.

After users trade on Kine, they will be rewarded a Blind Box which contains 1 NFT token card. The combination of trading and NFTs allows all “enthusiasts” sharing ownership. While accelerating the circulation of NFTs, allowing NFTs to generate different premiums, and ultimately forming a large economic ecosystem.

For Kine users, redeem the blind box allows for the extraction of NFT Token cards. Users can be directly burned NFT Token Cards into corresponding cryptocurrency Tokens for direct gain. Users can also collect NFT cards forge to get collection NFT card to gain additional Kine Token rewards. Swapping NFT Token Cards in Kine NFT Playground will allow you to accelerate the collection NFT card forging.

As how to participate, starting from ❤️Dec 23rd to Jan 23rd ❤️, Kine will open Kine NFT market. Users can acquire blind boxes containing NFT token cards through trading.

The objective of this event is to have more people participate in trading through Kine Protocol.

The users who complete a min $10 deal will gain a blind box which can draw for NFT token cards. Furthermore, users can get up to 1 ETH after joining the Kine NFT platform and acquiring extra Kine tokens by forging non-fungible token cards now or at a future date.

Achieving a higher trading volume will yield a higher level of the blind box for the user. Higher-level boxes will have 😍better chances😍 of delivering a high-value NFT token card.

Also another fast pass to get our brand new Blind Box is to join our community activity. we will giveaway 1000 Blind Boxes to all of our friends. who will also be the 1st batch user to collect our Blind Box on D1.

More details can find on our medium:

Q5. According with your ecosystem you’ll launch NFTs, so can you please tell us which roles this NFTs will play on it? Also this NFTs have special rarity levels or unique features?

Lei | Kine Protocol: The traditional old-school trading mining in Defi industry has been running out of potential, as Kine we still want to reward our loyal communities, so we are exploring for a more playful and innovative experience along the way. here comes our blind box NFTs. Kine users will be able to get blind box and NFT token cards as trading rewards.

One of our visions for the KINE Blind Box NFT‘s future is to partner/Interact with all kinds of projects- all of the project tokens can be included into our NFT scheme. Those who trade on KINE EXCHANGE will therefore be introduced to those projects as well.

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6. Can you explain about the tokenomic of $KINE, Hardcap & Softcap tokens? What is the function & use of the $KINE token? And what role will the $KINE token play in the ecosystem and its use cases?

Lei | Kine Protocol: The KINE token is a utility token designed to facilitate community governance and incentivize the virtuous circle of Kine Ecosystem.
Once mature, Kine will gradually transition to community governance, allowing the community to decide the future of the protocol. KINE token holders may stake their KINE to vote on or propose new ideas to improve Kine Protocol. Some of such decisions could be:
• Addition/removal of staking assets on Kine.Finance
• Addition/removal of trading assets on Kine.Exchange
• Protocol parameters such as collateral factor, supply cap, risk limits.
• KINE is accepted as a staking asset of liquidity pool.
• KINE stakers to receive a dedicated share of fee pool, allowing higher return than other collaterals.
• Trading fee revenue from Kine.Exchange will be converted to KINE before being distributed as rewards.
• Long-term KINE stakers will accumulate more voting power for governance.

Q7. Since December 6th, you have been operating on Avalanche. So, can you tell me about how the Avalanche community has reacted to your platform? Why did they choose to use this network in the first place? Will you be able to provide all of your services in this environment?

Lei | Kine Protocol: Kine’s impressive performance as a derivatives trading platform built on ethereum has also attracted the attention of Avalanche as an opportunity to collaborate with them. kine is also looking to implement its multi-chain support feature by deploying it on different chains.
We have provided all of our services on Avalanche which include staking, LP farming, and trading, we will keep building together with the projects on Avalanche to enhance the ecosystem like gather decetrlized projects to build new financial products and provide scable solutions for all users in Defi world. which in a simple word is making Defi a more user friendly way for everyone to live with.

Q8. As Christmas is getting closer do you have any events or giveaways for the community who use your platform? Anything you are about to start or have please share.

Lei | Kine Protocol: Kine is holding a special Christmas event called “Trading Fun”.The event provides an innovative combination with derivatives trading and NFTs. The objective of this event is to have more people participate in trading through Kine Protocol. While trading, Kine will provide users blind boxes as trading rewards. The blind box can be drawn for NFT token cards. The more you trade, the better the chance you will get a more valuable NFT token card.
Burning, swapping or forging NFT token cards to get cryptocurrency tokens. Extra KINE rewards will be distributed to Collection Card NFT(Acquired through forging).
The event will start from Dec 23rd to Jan 23rd,users connect with Kine Exchange to complete trading task and get Blind Box which contains various NFT token cards . Up to 1 ETH NFT Token Card will be available in the Blind box. Good luck to all of you and see you in Kine Exchange.

Q9. In your next Christmas I have understood that you’ll do an special event where user can win blind boxes with different levels of rarity, so can you tell us which kind of prizes these boxes will have?

Lei | Kine Protocol: Our blind boxes contain NFT token cards. Every NFT token card represents a cryptocurrency token. We have put together a collection of 19 different tokens to be included in this special Christmas event.
Each Blind Box contains one of the following NFT token card: ETH, BCH, BNB, COMP, LTC, AXS, AVAX, FIL, ETC, DOT, LINK, UNI, EOS, ADA, MATIC, XRP, DOGE, TRX,SHIB
Burning, swapping or forging NFT token cards to get corresponding cryptocurrency tokens. Extra KINE rewards will be distributed to Collection Card NFT.

Q10. The $KINE token is a utility token designed to facilitate community governance and incentivize the virtuous circle of the Kine Ecosystem. Will $KINE switch to community governance? If so, what can the decision be?

Lei | Kine Protocol: Kine is gradually improving its ecosystem and building a Kine Metaverse which includes a DAO for community autonomy, and is going to support NFT trading markets in addition to derivatives trading, and will also be launching a more investment-focused platform.

Q11. Which do you think is more important:

A. Community
B. Investors
C. Token Price

If all of the above is important to you, whiich should come first?

Lei | Kine Protocol: All of the above are very important to us.
community will be our primary focus as it will be the foundation on which we build Kine.
Community engagement has a strong rationale and accumulating evidence of efficacy, and the potential to be a key strategy for improving outcomes for Kine and the users

Q12. COVID 19 has slowed down many economies around the world but as a crypto business, does it affect you negatively or positively? Are you still on track to achieve your goals or are you planning a new development?

Lei | Kine Protocol: COVID19 has had a slight impact on the way we work, as we have moved from centralised to remote offices.

However, with the support of advanced technology, remote working has not affected our productivity.

- Product wise we are going to launch our new version to provide Kine.NFT for all users to enjoy trading fun with Kine Protocol.
- Market wise: our South Asia and middle east market expansion has started by working with local institutions and KOLs.
- Kine Ecosystem building: as one of our important and significant ecosystem expanding roadmap, we have launched Avalanche this month. Now Kine Protocol supports major chain networks including Ethererum\BSC\Polygon and Avalache. All of the Kine users can use Kine to trade and transfer your assets across chains.

Q13. I Read that KINE PROROCOL Is Live on ETH and BSC , Will You tell me Why You Select ETH and
BSC and Do You Plan to Support More Chains like POLYGON etc ?

Lei | Kine Protocol: We have not stopped with our multi-chain expansion strategy.

Kine has Launched on Polygon on June 10th as well as Launched on Avalanche by this month

and all the users can login with all of the above mainnets and transfer their assets across by using Kine smart Deposit&Withdraw which provides the unique multi-chain trading experience.

- End-