Kingdom Karnage AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with Community Events Manager, Sam Grilli from Kingdom Karnage on 12th January 09:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Mika | Shin Chan: Before AMA start, can you introduce yourselves and the team background?

Sam : Of course, as i mentioned there I’m the events manager so my job is to ensure that everyone always has something fun to do at Kingdom Karnage — We have a policy of back to back events as normal.

Visit us on the weekend, we have weekend mini events

Join us midweek — we have “bounties” where you get extra rewards for being the first person to loot certain items

and thats just normal weeks!! we love seasonal holidays at Kingdom Karnage and have just finished a very successful Christmas campaign. We have a December exclusive character, Skellimas, this guy wont drop again ingame untill December 1st 2022…..

In addition to myself theres:

Nick, the founder and main dev for Kingdom Karnage, he joins us with a wealth of crypto experience including his last role at the well known cryptocurrency exchange, Kriptomat

and also our main artist, Kandi — she has artwork in several video game projects including her time EA games where she worked on Simpsons Tapped out

Mika | Shin Chan: can u tell the community in short what is Kingdom Karnage?

Sam : Kingdom Karnage is an Animated Combat NFT Trading Card Game currently playable cross platform from Browser, Google Play & Steam.

Simple to play, hard to master. Kingdom Karnage equips you with an army of up to 30 cards, and challenges you to deplete the health of the enemy hero before his army is able to defeat yours!

Characters and Equipment are not just virtual assets, they are also NFT’s, powered and infused with Enjin Coin. Players can trade the NFTs on the Enjin Jumpnet Blockchain and in future Enjin’s Efinity.

Mika | Shin Chan: Do u have any upcoming news or events that the community need to keep an eye on?

Sam : Well we’re in the middle of launching our own token $KKT.

Have just held the first two IGO rounds at EnjinStarter and Red Kite….. The EnjinStarter round sold out in 3mins 23 seconds!!!!

We have our final IGO round tomorrow at GameFi and tomorrow evening should be launching on PancakeSwap.

Soon as $KKT is launched we’ll be going into a period where we launch lots of functionality, all round $KKT of course…. including an ingame auction house, item rentals and scholarships!

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1: Kingdom Karnage reminds me of the famous strategy game Clash of Clans and is mostly fun. Do novice gamers like me need special skills to play in Kingdom? How do you attract more traditional players and educate about the benefits of blockchain-based gaming?

Sam : As we touched on early its simple to learn, hard to master.

Anyone can pick up and enjoy Kingdom Karnage very quickly, but we’re bringing out additional races with new characters and abilities (Expect Elves in 2022 😍)

To truly excel at the game you will have to keep up with all the new characters/abilities and best combos.

We only allow decks of 30 cards, so its starting to get hard to choose as we have so many cool characters and abilities 😅

we will attract traditional players by hiding the cryptocurrency side of things until players are ready…

You can play Kingdom Karnage without a wallet at all!! Then players can later add this functionality when they’re ready and trust us.

Q2: Can you elaborate on the “ $KKT’ Token’s” use cases within the “ $KKT’ Technology ecosystem? How crucial will it be? If you could also describe how the supply distribution has been designed, that would be great.

Sam : KKT will replace the red gems we currently use as our premium currency.

It will be used for all player 2 player fiscal interactions like rentals, auction house sales, dungeon group payments

It will be pretty crucial to the ecosystem but there will also be chances to get it for free. Expect ingame drops and lots of competitions….

Enter our gleem today:

For more details on $KKT please see our lite page:

Q3: I understand that their theme is battles between users, but will they really have the ability to play in teams and guilds? Or do you really have a more individual approach to the game?

Sam : Currently its a very individual approach, however:

Coming very soon we will be adding 3 player dungeons…. and with it the new dungeons that require you to team up with friends to defeat them.

We’ll also be adding IOS functionality. Expect to log on with your android, have a friend on IOS, and another on PC, all running the same dungeon :)

There will also be guilds being added to Kingdom Karnage. We’re still working out a lot of the details here, but currently thinking around the idea of having a special guild dungeon that the guild can work to upgrade 👀

Of course if guilds are added, guild leagues/competitions are a natural step 😉

Q4: What is your main focus for the year 2022? Can you and your colleagues talk about the approach that Kingdom Karnage would apply in the coming years? What gives the squad the confidence to succeed in the longterm?

Sam : The approach we tend to apply is player first.

Already we have firm rules in place like we will never sell Epic or Legendary characters in our store. If you want to buy an Epic or Legendary you must buy these from another player.

Kingdom Karnage is extremely well known in the Enjin community, and we have a track record of always being at the front of the pack when incorporating new technologies and ideas ….. basically if we can find a way to add something new for our players and it makes sense, we will!

Let me paste the roadmap so you can see some of the things we’ll be adding after the launch of $KKT…

also a little preview of one of our elves that’ll be coming later in the year there 👀

Q5: According to your game mechanics you can sacrifice two equal cards of a lower level to create a new higher level card, what other requirements are necessary to obtain a higher level card? Do I need to have a certain amount of gems or tokens in my account for this?

Sam : No other requirements. You submit two cards of identical type and level and receive 1 copy of the same card, at the next level up.

As Epic and Legendary Characters are so rare, we have a special enchanted coin item that can also be used to help level this characters instead of using multiple characters.

Character leveling is capped at level 10

Telegram Live Ama Begins:

Q6: You mention that each character comes with a maximum of 3 special abilities, can you explain the different types of abilities we can find in each character?

Sam : So many different abilities, some are more defensive like armour that block some damage the character would otherwise receive…. some aggressive like extra damage vs certain characters…. some mobility, like the ability to move an extra space…

Check our guide here for a full list:

Q7: What are the benefits of holding your tokens?.. And how can we get them

Sam : Lock your tokens in our ingame Midas vault. Will be able to participate in governance votes, that will decide things about the game like “which race will be added to the game?”. Everyone that votes will receive a $KKT payment proportionate to the amount of currency they voted with.

We will also have an exclusive character Midas that can only be leveled up by holding $KKT in the Midas Vault 👀🔥

Q8: Can you tell us what a Dynamic Card is? I learnt that the number of these cards won’t increase, as the number of players increases, is this actually true? Lastly, Will it be possible to have more than 1 dynamic card in a deck?

Sam : Dynamic cards are made with a limited supply, the rarity and level of the characters change each month based on the active number of Kingdom Karnage players from the previous month versus the number of cards in circulation.

Essentially, because the number of these cards won’t increase, as the number of players increases, these cards become rarer. So Kingdom Karnage will reflect this true rarity by continually improving the character levels/rarity/stats/abilities.

We sold Mistress of Nightmares at $20 each, they now trade for over $500 each.

Velkan our latest dynamic is currently for sale on our website shop 👀

Check out more about our dynamics here:

Q9: NFT games are often designed to be very profitable for early investors or players. With an early advantage, these players create a large gap in NFT gear with the latter. So what will the project build to bridge the gap between these two groups of players?

Sam : As i mentioned earlier, we are still adding races to the game. We added Lycans in 2021, and Elves will be in 2022

Each time a new race comes out we’re adding new legendary characters, new epic characters, new dynamic characters. Please also remember that Legendary characters drop in all dungeons, even the bigger ones, understandably at a lower drop rate.

As new abilities are added to the game, no doubt the sought after cards will change, new combinations of characters and strategies will develop…. this game isnt going to get stale 🚀

Q10: is possible to add the graph of “dormient” keys? i mean the keys that are not listed for rent and not used?
so with rented you means that key are listed? also if them not get used go in this line?

Sam : Yes we have this information already on a graph, but currently for team use only.

We’re looking at releasing this info and currently exploring how and who its released to….. expect the release of this information to be one of the first governance votes we put to our users — Perhaps they will decide you need to lock a small amount of $KKT to see this info?

Q11: Kingdom Karnage has “Multiver Founders Token” (MFT) is an epic character in the game. however, How can we get one of these unique characters? Is it available in the market or can only be accessed through rewards and prizes ?or prizes at certain events?

Sam : “Pioneer” is our MFT — As you say hes an epic character in the game which is awesome in its own right. He also unlocks monthly quests that you can see here:

Afraid he was distributed to our community completely free earlier on in the project, the only way to get one now is to buy it from the jumpnet marketplace:

Q12: Kingdom will have a scholarship program, which will be beneficial to the community, but I’d like to learn more about it and what parameters must be met to be eligible for a scholarship. How equitable will the profit share be for both the player and the investor?

Sam : We havent fully outlined the entrance requirements for scholarship yet, but expect you will need to have at least completed our campaign.

We’re looking to make the lootsharing as close to a 50:50 split as we can. We will literally alternate dungeon loots, and with monthly prizes will do things like the apprentice receives the cards, and the master receives gems.

Ultimately as a Scholarship master, you will need to interact and teach your apprentice if you want to make this relationship particularly lucrative for both parties

Q13: Many gaming platforms today require a hefty entry fee to start the game. So is there an entry fee or initial requirement to play in Kingdom Karage? If yes, do I have to have NFT or $KKT to start enjoying and playing?

Sam : Unlike other games where there is a hefty entrance free, Kingdom Karnage is truly free from start to finish. No hidden costs that appear later. Whether you have nothing available to spend, or a person with a little cash to invest or a big roller with more spare money than most — there is a way for you to earn and enjoy earning at the same time. Spending should be a choice not a requirement.

Q14: Users often care less about technology, but rather the value of the token. How does #KingdomKarnage manage to strike a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of the token?

Sam : Users often care less about technology, but rather the value of the token. How does #KingdomKarnage manage to strike a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of the token?

Q15: 🔴 Why are Blue Gems awarded when defeated in Endurance Mode? How do those who play this mod earn gems and what is the advantage of gems in the game?

🔴 I read that the base hero will come with 10 HP. Can 10 HP be increased in game?
How do we choose the best equipment to add equipment to our hero?

Sam : Blue gems convert to characters in game (5 blue gems = 1 character). Its just our way to give a guaranteed loot, and means all players are always progressing

You can increase your heros HP either buy replacing the hero themselves (for example our Wyden hero has a base of 15hp) …. or equiping armour including things like helmets, chest plates, and weapons. Currently the hero equipables are mostly just HP bonuses but this is something we will be revisiting at a later date.

You can currently get a ring that you can equip to your hero simply by completing level 30 of the undead campaign. This ring enhances your special hero bonus in our catacombs dungeon. Read more about that here:

Q16: How many Kingdom Karnage heroes are totally available in your game? Where can I purchase them? And, does each Kingdom Karnage hero possess their own skill?

Sam : You can view all characters and equipment on our card library, which also has direct links to where you can buy them on the official Enjin Jumpnet Marketplace

You can also click on a character to see its stats at all levels, 1–10.

Each character has different stats and abilities, the abilities are show on the card library,

Should you not know what they mean you can look them up on the game guide.

Q17: Does Kingdom Karnage have any plans to have a “Beta or Testnet Version” of the game that will be publicly accessible? If so, when and how do you participate in your Testnet? Is it available on the Website, Google Play or iOS?

Sam : Kingdom Karnage is open beta right now, you can go play today on steam, browers or google play, we will get iOS out early this year.


Q18: What are multiverse items and how can they be used in kingdom karnage. And as the name multiverse applies, can they be used for other game aside kingdom carnage?

Sam : Multiverse items are items added by Enjin themselves that we support. These can also be looted in our Catacombs dungeon.

Multiverse items are supported by many other Enjin games, expecially those on the early adopter program.

For a full list of assets we support that arent our own including the Multiverse ones, check here:

Q19: Question:What’s your outlook on the future of Cryptocurrencies? What can we do to keep increasing adoption?

Sam : Personaly I believe at some point all games will have NFT integration. Once the wider gaming market gets a taste its something they will start to demand as standard….. why game and earn virtual assets, when you could be gaming and earning NFTs that have value.

The best way to encourage adoption is to play crypto games, talk about them and refer the them to friends/family etc….. the more they become “normal” the closer to adoption we get….

Refer friends to Kingdom Karnage and receieve 10% of any purchases they make as store credit (referral link generated for everyone that signs up).

Q20: Contract security is extremely important, has your project conducted an audit?

Sam : Security is something we take very seriously, we are in talks with Certik and Solid to have our smart contracts audited by the best and to have anti-bot measures in place at listing. We’re not just launching a utility token but also a bridge between Binance Smart Chain and Enjin’s Jumpnet, everything will be audited.

Q21: 🌻What is the difference between unvarnished 1v1- and 3v1?
What is the difference between 1v1’s hero and 3v1’s hero?

🌻There are 10 levels for the Kingdom karnage???
Can you tell us more about this?

Sam : 1v1 is essentially singleplayer
3v1 is multiplayer, right now dungeons are solo, but in the near future you will be playing with your friends in dungeons.

The 10 levels for each character don’t just provide progression they also boost the game economy.
You need 2 of the same level 1 characters to forge one level 2.
Then 2 of the same level 2 character to forge one level 3.
This starts of quite quick but then slows down as you need more
and more to get to the higher levels

This keeps the demand for those characters high, boosting the game economy

Q22: If I invite relatives to play the game Kingdom Karnage will I get a prize?

Sam : We do have a referral program but we are going improve this soon to make it even more lucrative for you.

So make sure you join our socials to be informed immediately.

TG Announcements:

Q23: We learned on Platform about kingdom karnage will launch one’s online release on three international public networks around january 2022; which networks are these? Karnage presently supports how many blockchains?

Sam : We are launching KKT on BSC and will soon deploy on Enjins Jumpent as well. To facilitate that further we will even have our own bridge between BSC and Jumpnet.

Once Enjin’s Efinity is available we will deploy there as well.

All the chains we use will low or no gas at all, we know this is important for our users.

We may even adopt more chains in the future.





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