Kommunitas AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

  1. When users unstake their KOM token before the maturity date, their KOM will be deducted a 20% penalty fee, and this 20% will be burnt forever.

    2. When a user joins our Private Partners Group and sends any amount of KOM token, this will also be burnt later on. Once we get more revenue, we will be using some percentage of the revenue to buy back the token and maybe burn them too.

    3. Social Engagement Burning, The First in Crypto Space, read more here : https://medium.com/@kommunitas/the-1st-social-engagement-burning-in-crypto-7773f26d88e8

    4. Price Level Burning. Kommunitas is dedicated to burning a certain amount of KOM token if the KOM price hits a certain price level. We will do the burning together with our social engagement burning which will be done the latest by 5th every month.

    5. $KOM from 40B to 2B tokens a reduction of 95%. Many $KOM investors have highlighted the issue of the total maximum supply of 40B $KOM. We have taken your feedback very seriously and have been racking our brains to find the best solution to address this issue. Read more here : https://medium.com/@kommunitas/reduction-of-total-supply-from-40b-to-2b-kom-ffab81522493



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