Listen NFT AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with Head of Listen Token Community, Andy on 21st September 9:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene: Listen NFT: Social Impact #NFTs from the world’s top musicians, artists & creatives to help the world’s vulnerable & disadvantaged children. $LSTN

Before AMA start, can you introduce yourselves and the team background?

Andy: My name is Andrew Moore and I’m the Head of Listen Token Community, and as the cryptic job title suggests, I’m responsible for looking after the LSTN token community. I’m also the bridge between the Listen Token and Listen Campaign teams, and the community managers and the community at large. I’ve been in the crypto space since 2016 and have been building online communities around various interests since 2010.

As for the team, the founder and director of the Listen Campaign is Tony Hollingsworth, who has produced nine of the world’s largest global broadcast events and campaigns, with each reaching over 500m people. These included ‘Nelson Mandela’s 70th Birthday Tribute’ which called for Mandela’s release, ‘The Wall — Live in Berlin’ which celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of the two Germanies, and ‘Nelson Mandela: An International Tribute to a Free South Africa’ which celebrated Mandela’s release.

Marcelo Salup heads up the media section and he has run many ad agencies and led the media teams in 15 brand launches for Fortune 500 companies.

Chris Spurgeon is the CFO and he has run one of the UK’s largest film companies and has over 30 years of executive experience.

Preeta Singh is the commercial director in India, has over thirty years of experience working with regional, national and international brands.

Sivan Pillay is the Executive Producer in South Africa and has over 25 years of experience in the music and television industry, having Executive Produced over 125 major TV series.

Serene: Any latest/ update news about Listen NFT you would like to share with our community?😀

Andy: We are gearing up to launch the $LSTN token on Launchpool on September 27th.

In October the ‘Listen Collectibles Auction and Shop’ is launching, where we’ll be auctioning off NFTs made from Tony Hollingsworth’s media archive taken from his past nine global broadcast events. These include ‘Nelson Mandela’s 70th Birthday Tribute’ which called for Mandela’s release, ‘The Wall — Live in Berlin’ which celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of the two Germanies, and ‘Nelson Mandela: An International Tribute to a Free South Africa’ which celebrated Mandela’s release. These auctions will take place every few weeks until we get to the end of March when we announce the stars involved in The Listen Campaign, and then we will begin auctioning off NFTs from their contributions. These are top film stars, music stars, visual artists and novelists — 80 that are famous around the world and 20 that are big in India, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East — and we’ll be announcing who they are at the end of March 2022!

Then as the campaign rolls out, we will ask the community to also create for the campaign too and many of these pieces will also be made into NFTs and gain exposure to 100s of millions of people.

AMA Twitter Section Begins:

Q1. Tony Hollingsworth intends to let the Listen campaign reach an audience of 500 million people through digital broadcast and traditional media. Does Tony already have an experience in reaching audiences of this size on other platforms?

Andy: Yes, our founder Tony Hollingsworth produced nine of the largest broadcast events in history, a few of which I mentioned in the introduction. All of them reached 100s of millions across the world and with performances by the world’s greatest stars, including David Bowie, Stevie Winder, Sting, Bob Dylan, and Whitney Houston — the list goes on and on and on :)

Q2. ListenNFT supporting disadvantaged children for their education is worth commendable.

The greatest challenge how will the funds be channelised towards their education? Will your platform be supporting for their higher secondary education too? Tell us the routemap.

Andy: Funds are channeled to the best solutions via grants given by the Listen Charity to the best charity projects that are already solving children’s problems right now.

So Listen is addressing the larger macro problem, which can be broken down into multiple layers. The first is our lack of knowledge of the nature and extent of the problems vulnerable and disadvantaged children face, and the solutions that are already out there that need to be scaled up or replicated. There were 1 billion very vulnerable or disadvantaged children around the world before Covid and it looks like there are now 20% more. We don’t hear about the scale of the problem because each charity/NGO is just looking at a small part of the overall situation (e.g. malnutrition in Bangladesh or kids dropping out of school in Chicago). By working with children’s charities that are doing the best work on the ground, Listen will bring together a picture of the totality of the problem, and then celebrate and provide funding for the solutions provided by the children’s charity projects that are already proven to work and are ready to be scaled up or replicated.

Q3. I could see that One of the ways the Listen campaign is raising funds is by auctioning premium NFTs for Listening Token holders. Does it mean that I can buy these NFTs with your token? Can you tell me about the premium NFT use cases? Are there also common or particular NFTs?

Andy: Listen’s NFTs will be from contributions from the world’s most recognised stars in film, music, art and literature, and a steady stream of them will begin being auctioned off on the Listen Collectibles Auction & Shop in October. Since we will be reaching audiences of 500 million people each year, we need to make the NFT purchasing process as ‘mainstream friendly’ as possible, and so users will purchase Listen’s NFTs using their regular bank cards. LSTN stakers, however, will be the ones to get the most exclusive access, and the biggest discounts on those NFTs.

Q4. Why was Listen built on the Flow blockchain? What are the advantages of the Flow blockchain in the development of the auction and store platform?

Andy: Well, we chose Flow because we believe Flow is the future of NFTs. Visa (of all companies) recently endorsed NFTs in a paper they put out and they specifically mentioned Flow, comparing it favourably to Ethereum. Also some major brands have already decided that Flow is the blockchain on which they are going to build out their entire NFT ecosystem, including the NBA, the UFC, Samsung, Ubisoft and Warner Music Group. So Listen is joining a huge entourage of existing IP.

Flow is faster, more scalable, and far more energy efficient (“greener”) than Ethereum and users who buy, sell, and trade Listen NFTs on Flow will not have to pay high transaction fees like on Ethereum.

Another contributing factor is the ability to natively-integrate fiat payments, as the Campaign is appealing to a global audience, so we did not want to restrict our user experience to existing crypto enthusiasts who own ETH and already have an Ethereum wallet. We will be onboarding the mainstream, and Flow is going to help us do that.

Q5. Listen auction begins in October. Can you tell us more about the auction for Listen collectibles? And I noticed that you have a famous stars in your campaign, can you tell a few stars in your campaign?

Andy: Sure! Well we already have 80 major film stars, musicians, visual artists and novelists interested in getting involved, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy 🤐 until we officially announce who they are at the end of March 2022. Global names like Samuel L Jackson, Natalie Portman and Kurt Russell helped develop the campaign, so I you can rest assured that when March 2022 comes along no-one is going to be ⭐️disappointed⭐️ 🤩

So I can’t share the names of the stars we are talking with at the moment, but — since you want more names, I CAN give you a list of the stars whose performances at Tony Hollingsworth previous nine broadcast events are being captured in the FIRST rare NFTs to be auctioning off on the Listen Collectibles Auction & Shop in October :)

Here they are in alphabetic order (excuse the copy/paste block of text!):


Alanis Morissette, Alannah Myles, Albert Collins, Albert Finney, Alexander O’Neal, Ali McGraw, Alison Moyet, Anita Baker, Ashford and Simpson, Aswad, B.B. King, Backstreet Boys, Bee Gees, Ben Elton, Beverley Craven, Billy Connolly, Bo Diddley, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Boyzone, Brian May, Bryan Adams, Caiphus Semenya, Chaka Khan, Chris de Burgh, Chrissie Hynde, Chubby Checker, Corbin Bernsen, Courtney Pine, Curtis Stigers, Cyndi Lauper, D:Ream, Daniel Lanois, Daryl Hannah, Dave Edmunds, David Bowie, David Sanborn, Denzel Washington, Des’ree, Deuce, Diana King, Diana Ross, Dire Straits, Dudu Pukwana, East 17, Echobelly, Emily Lloyd, Eric Clapton, Eternal, Eurythmics, Evgeny Kissin, Fat Boys, Fish, Freddie Jackson, Gary Cherone, Geoffrey Oreyama, George Benson, George Duke, George Michael, Gloria Estefan, Gregory Hines, Gypsy Kings, Hall & Oates, Harry Belafonte, Harry Enfield, Hasedera Ji Shomyo, Hiroshi Hori, Hugh Masakela, INXS, J Pac, Jack Bruce, Jackson Browne, James Galway, Jennifer Beals, Jerry Dammers, Jerry Hall, Jessye Norman, Joan Armatrading, Joe Cocker, Joe Satriani, Joe Walsh, John McLaughlin, Johnny Clegg, Johnny Marr, Jon Bon Jovi, Jonas Gwangwa, Jonathan Butler, Joni Mitchell, Jungle Brothers, k.d. lang, Keith Richards, Koji Tamaki, Larry Coryell, Lavine Hudson, Lenny Henry, Leonard Eto and His Drummers, Les Paul, Letta Mbulla, Lightning Seeds, Lisa Stansfield, Little Steven, Lou Reed, Louise, Makvala Kasrashvili, Manhattan Brothers, Marianne Faithfull, Mary J Blige, MC Hammer, Meatloaf, Mica Paris, Michelle Gayle, Midge Ure, Miguel Bose, Miriam Makeba, MN8, Natalie Cole, Neil Young, Nelson Mandela, Neneh Cherry, Neville Brothers, New Kids on the Block, Nuno Bettencourt, Paco De Lucia, Paddy Moloney, Patti Labelle, Paul Carrack, Paul Rodgers, Paul Simon, Paul Young, Pelageya Khanina, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Phil Manzanera, Ray Cooper, Richard Gere, Richard Thompson, Richie Sambora, Rickie Lee Jones, Robbie Robertson, Robert Cray, Robert Palmer, Rod Stewart, Roger McGuinn, Roger Taylor, Roger Waters, Ry Cooder, Ryu Hongjun and Tempyo Gafu, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Salif Keita, Salt ’n’ Pepa, Seal, Shaggy, Shikisha, Shiven Perwer, Shoukichi Kina, Simple Minds, Sinead O’Connor, Sly & Robbie, Snap!, Soul II Soul, Stanislav Varki, Stanley Clarke, Stetsasonic, Steve Cropper, Steve Vai, Steve Winwood, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Terence Trent D’arby, The Band, The Chieftains, The Hooters, The Scorpions, Thomas Dolby, Todai Ji Shomyo, Tom Jones, Tomoyasu Hotei, Toni Braxton, Tony Hadley, Toshinori Kondo, Tracy Chapman, UB40, Ultimate Kaos, Ute Lemper, Valery Gergiev, Van Morrison, Vicente Amigo, Wayne Shorter, Wet Wet Wet, Whitney Houston, Who, Whoopi Goldberg, X Japan, Yazawa, Yoshiki, Youssou N’Dour, Yuri Bashmet

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6. How much LSTN token one can stake? How much to stake for “Listen live plus” event? Amount please.🥺
Just want to get them ASA

Andy: There are a lot of staking rewards that we in development right now, but what we can say is that LSTN holders who stake 250,000 LSTN for 30 days are granted ‘Silver Badge’ status and will get 5% discounts on all Listen NFTs, and staking 500,000 LSTN for 30 days grants ‘Gold Badge’ status, and 10% discounts on Listen NFTs.

LSTN holders who stake 10,000 LSTN for 30 days (preceding June 15th 2022) will get a free ticket for the global streaming of ‘Listen Live Plus’ on June 22nd 2022.

Q7. Can we still participate in the AME “Allocation Mining Event” , how do we participate? Are there certain conditions to participate? Is it only for artists/musicians/content creators?

Andy: The Launchpool AME isn’t just for artists/musicians/content creators — anyone can partipate.

For those who don’t know, AME stands for ‘Allocation Mining Event’, and is where 10% of $LSTN’s total supply is being allocated to Launchpool where retail investors are given the opportunity to purchase $LSTN at a private sale price before it is sold to the public.

We will announce the launch beforehand on our AME guestlist newsletter (which you can sign up for on, in our Telegram community (@ListenNFT) and on our Twitter (

Launchpool AMEs typically start on Monday, and finish on Sunday or the following Monday.

Here’s how the AME works:

1. You stake $LPOOL (even 1 token can participate!) to get the ability to buy $LSTN in proportion to how much $LPOOL you stake and for how long — the more and the longer you stake, the more $LSTN you will be able to buy at early-round prices.

2. Once allocated, stakers can choose to buy $LSTN with USDC.

3. When the AME ends your LPOOL will be returned to your address automatically.

4. Your purchased $LSTN will then be released to you according to a 25% a month vesting schedule.

Q8. Please share the motivation of creating Listen Token project. What inspired you? What is the story behind?

Andy: I’ll tell you the Listen ‘origin story’ that Tony told us. He’d definitely tell it better, but I’ll do my best to recount it:

After his success producing those nine huge broadcast events I mentioned Tony semi-retired to look after his children. During this time he looked at many causes that might need an annual and global media campaign. The one that had universal appeal was helping vulnerable and disadvantaged children (people are far kinder humanitarians when they look at kids). It was on the top of his list and then one night he said it all became obvious. He was walking one of his sons around as he was ill and needed the motion to sleep. He was also listening to BBC World Service Radio and heard a young African mother being interviewed about her baby having just died of diarrhoea. Tony said it would have cost 10 cents for the rehydration sachet, but she had no money and no clean water. Her baby had died for lack of 10cents. Tony said that If his son just coughed strangely he could called a doctor. The unfairness of the situation made him commit to developing an annual & global media campaign to help vulnerable a disadvantaged children — and the rest is history

Q9. Is Listen NFT successful in attracting celebrities from the art and music world and getting them to create NFT content? Did you have participation from well-known celebrities?

Andy: Our founder Tony Hollingsworth is very well connected, which you can imagine given his background producing nine of the world’s largest and most star-studded global broadcast events. In the past, stars like Samuel L Jackson, Natalie Portman and Kurt Russell, helped develop the Listen Campaign, and in the future we will be working with over 100 of the world’s greatest stars each year. We are already in talks with over 80 of the most globally recognised stars who are already interested in being involved, and we will be announcing who those stars are at the end of March 2022. They will be filmed on location, or rehearse and perform or create for the campaign, and we will then be making NFTs from their contributions. The stars do not gain anything from the creation of the NFTs — they are giving these rights (along with other rights) to support the campaign for vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

Q10. A peek at your social media says that the Listen Campaign will involve 80 internationally acclaimed stars and artists, and 20 each from India, Africa and Latin America, and is expected to reach over 500 million people worldwide.
Is the Listen Campaign — really engaging the world’s biggest stars & artists from film, music and the arts? How do we know they were directly involved with this?
Will the Listen Campaign program last and will go on forever??

Andy: You can already see Samuel L Jackson introducing the Listen Campaign in the video on our website (, along with Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd. The stars who will be working with us going forward will be producing exclusive content for the campaign and that is what we will be turning into NFTs. The goal is for the Listen Campaign to continue indefinitely — or until there no longer vulnerable and disadvantaged children in need of help.

Q11. I have seen many famous names in NFT collections on your platform, how did you manage to include the stars in the Listen NFT project? How did you get these stars to trust your project, how do you protect the works of artists, copying etc. Can you talk about your security and privacy technology?

Andy: Simple; the stars trust Tony Hollingsworth, who has worked with over 200 of the world’s biggest stars in his career, and he has the connections to be able to organise those partnerships :)

Q12. What is the tokenomics of your project ? & How can I buy your token?

Andy: $LSTN has a fixed supply of 1 billion.

The token allocation is as follows:

- 9% are for Community Rewards
- 13% for the team
- 37% for the Listen Campaign
- 29% was for private sales
- 10% is for the Launchpool AME at the end of September
- 2% is for the Public IDO in October

And all allocations tokens (except any future public sales, like IDOs) are subject to vesting schedules which can be found on

The first opportunity to buy LSTN (at a private sale price) will be in our Launchpool AME which is happening September 27th, and after that it will be in our public IDO in October.

Q13. Are you aiming for only the most famous and respected artists to create and auction their NFTs in a listening campaign? Will you provide opportunities for yet-to-be-recognized but truly talented artists?

Andy: Although we will be regularly auctioning off NFTs from our Star Creative Artists, the annual global campaign will be asking the world’s public to contribute their creations on specified themes.

Members of the public (who are registered with the Listen Campaign) will then be invited to vote for their favourites in each category. After the initial public vote the $LSTN holders are invited to cast their votes to shortlist entries before the Star Creative Artists choose the winners.

There are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cash prizes for each category. The winners are presented with their prize at Listen Live LA and shown in the global streaming on June 22nd and on Global TV on June 25th — to a world audience of 100s of millions. The top 500 entries from each category will then go into the Listen Collectibles NFT shop to go on auction.

Q14. I see, There is big list of Artists that are Collaborated, How role $LSTN token plays in the whole ecosystem? What are the rights token holders have?

Andy: Sure, let’s get into the utility of the $LSTN token :) Among many other benefits, $LSTN will grant exclusive access to the rare NFTs we will be auctioning off on the ‘Listen Collectibles Auction and Shop’. These NFTs will feature over 100 of the world’s most famous stars taking part in our campaign each and every year — and to be able to participate in the auctions you will have to hold Listen Tokens ($LSTN).

So holding $LSTN grant lots of benefits:

- The right to bid for the Star Creative Artist’s NFTs in the monthly auctions (which are only open to $LSTN holders), and the more tokens you hold, the better access you get.

- ‘Silver Badge’ status for every 250,000 to 499,999 $LSTN staked for 30 days, entitles the user to a five percent discount on their purchases in the Listen Collectibles Auction and Shop.

- ‘Gold Badge’ status for every 500,000 + $LSTN staked for 30 days, entitles the user to a ten percent discount on their purchases in the Listen Collectibles Auction and Shop.

- The right to vote for the winners of The Listen Creative Arts Awards.

- The accrual of Listen Points (Listen Points are the loyalty reward system of the Listen Campaign and provide each holder with exclusive benefits and prize entries, including discounts on tickets, merchandise and Pay Per View streaming):

- — Users who “stake” 5,000 $LSTN on the official Auction and Shop site will earn 100 Listen points per month (per 5,000 $LSTN staked).

- — Users who purchase Collectibles in the Auction Site and Shop will be rewarded with Listen Points.

- Automatic entry into a lottery to win two ‘Private View’ tickets to watch the whole of “Listen Live LA” involving at least 28 star musician, 12 film stars and world leaders on Monday, June 20th, 2022 at the LA Coliseum, whilst dancing and having a banquet on the field, with the stars, their friends and families. 100 tickets will also be allocated for $LSTN holders.

- A free ticket for the global streaming of ‘Listen Live Plus’ on June 22nd 2022 if the token holder has staked over 10,000 $LSTN for the 30 days preceding June 15th 2022.

- And some really exciting staking uses we are currently developing that we will be announcing soon :)

Q15. Really LISTEN is very Unique among all the Projects in Market

Your Mission is to Solve the problems faced by its 1 billion vulnerable and disadvantaged children,

Can you tell us How We as community Can helps to fulfils your Mission , What Plan have you made to Raise the funds for this Social Cause ?

Andy: The Listen fundraising campaign is global media campaign made of many different parts — over 62 social media initiatives, an influencer campaign, two TV/Streaming series, two major promotions, a feature documentary, live events, a global streaming event and a global broadcast event (from Listen Live @ the LA Coliseum). As part of this we have the “Listen Collectibles Auction and Shop” where people can buy our NFTs, and the income from this will support the global media campaign that, through our partnerships with some of the world’s biggest broadcasters, the media campaign will reach a global audience of 500 million people who we will be asking to give donations, and which we anticipate will result in an average of $100m per year. The surplus goes to the Listen Charity which will then give grants to the best children’s charities around the world who already have solutions that are helping vulnerable and disadvantaged children and are ready to be scaled or replicated.

Q16. There are Various NFT Marketplace in the Crypto space , Will you tell us How the Listen Collectibles Auction and Shop will be superior and different from them ?

Andy: The Listen Collectibles Auction & Shop will be the only way to get first access to our steady stream of rare NFTs from some of the world’s biggest stars supporting the Listen Campaign, and those NFTs will be promoted to hundreds of millions of people every single year. No other NFT projects have such a long term and continuous pipeline, the relationships with the world’s biggest stars, and a mission to help disadvantaged and vulnerable children — a cause that millions around the world will want to support.

Q17. From Which countries mainly, You are trying to attract “Media partners” & “Artists”?

Andy: The Listen Campaign is a truly global campaign, and we have partnered with some of the world’s biggest broadcasters: in the US our largest media partner is ABC/Disney, in India it is Zee TV, in sub-saharan Africa it is Viacom, and in the MENA it is DMI. We are partnered with Kiswe who will stream the event on June 22nd globally on a pay per view basis, and then we are also partnered with ‘Free to Air’ who will broadcast the event on June 25th.

Andy: Thank you for having me, and thanks for all of the questions. If any of you have more questions, me and the Listen community team are happy to continue the conversation over in our Telegram: @ListenNFT

Remember to register for our Launchpool AME guestlist over at, you can follow us on, and you can read much more about the Listen token, Listen NFTs and the Listen Campaign over at

Thanks again for having me, and I look forward to sharing this exciting journey with those of who you are coming along with us :)

- End-




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