Megafans AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

13 min readFeb 19, 2022

We held a live AMA with CTO, Colin Bracey from Megafans on 18th February 10:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene | Shin Chan: Before we start our AMA, Can you give us a quick introduction about yourself and the core team ?

Colin Bracey: Hello, it’s great to be here today for the MegaFans AMA.

I’m the tech guy, so I rarely get to step out from behind the computer, so I’m excited to tell you about the MegaFans platform and the story behind it.

The company was founded by myself and Jefferey Donnelley who is the CEO. Alongside us, we have 8 incredible team members and are looking to bring on more very soon! Another very important part of our team is our extensive list of advisors. MegaFans has 13 industry advisors (7 women and 6 men) who are all experts from the fields of eGaming, iGaming, Fantasy and eSports, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs. They come from high pedigree companies such as Disney, Activision, Rock Star, Draft Kings, Launchpool Labs, and San Diego State University. We are working with several fantastic technology platforms through Launchpool Labs that are helping us continue to develop our advisory team as well as opportunities to partner with other blockchain and metaverse projects

Serene | Shin Chan: Can you briefly tell us what is Megafans ? Do you have any recent or updated Megafans news you’d like to share with our community? 😀

Colin Bracey: In “short”, MegaFans is building the world’s first mobile eSports community using blockchain, crypto, and NFTs in a play-to-earn environment for gamers, collectors, and developers.

At our core, we are built around our software development kit (SDK), which can integrate with any mobile game application, offering a competitive game environment where anyone, anywhere, anytime can play against other gamers across the world, simultaneously, for prize pools.

We have multiple paths to take this technology. Not only can we partner with game developers to offer an esports system in their game but we can also offer our own games and tournaments that are developed and built in-house.

Alongside this technology as a whole, we believe in the future of the Metaverse and advancing technology so not only are fully supporting and offering our games in App Stores around the world but in 2022, we will be developing a decentralized application (Dapp) and working on integrating our games into virtual arcades with our tokenomics and NFTs as the centerpiece around our arcade!

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1: Usually, the success of a game depends on the accuracy of the target market. With a concept like that, who is the target market for “MEGAFANS? Can you explain the market potential and continuity of the game? In the near future, what is the marketing plan for “MEGAFANS?

Colin Bracey: This may sound a little ridiculous but the target market for MegaFans is literally everyone with a mobile phone. Our games currently are designed in a way that anyone can understand and play them, hence our tag line being: “eSports for All”. We can admit that our games are simple and cute, but there are so many well-developed mobile games and we are actively on an “Acquisition Expedition” to acquire new developers or single games that can be brought into the MegaFans system. So feel free to join our Telegram channel and recommend developers or single games that you think we can bring into the MegaFans Family.

To answer your remaining question, this is why we truly believe the market potential of MegaFans is all 3 Billion mobile phone users and mobile games as a whole. We believe there is huge potential in the space of Play 2 Earn, not just with NFT and Crypto prizes but as another way for players to earn or enjoy their time playing games with a like-minded community and can chat with each other in our Discord

Q2: Due to the high initial cost for a new player to join the game, NFTs games currently have a limited player base? How does “MEGAFANS” manage to attract such a vast number of players? Can you describe some of the aspects that set it apart from others?

Colin Bracey: When we partner with a game that has an existing user base, our aim is to attract as many of those users to become MegaFans users. For example, If someone plays their favorite game, why not win prizes for playing that same game in a tournament? This is free user acquisition for us, but this also works in reverse, we send our user base to that game in return.
Player Acquisition, Player Retention and Player Monetization are the 3 biggest challenges in mobile gaming, MegaFans helps to fix these problems.

Q3: I’ve read that you are creating the world’s first mobile eSports community, powered by blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, and wrapped in a virtual play-to-earn environment for casual gamers, collectors, and developers. However, what’s the real usecase of your project?

Colin Bracey: This is our real use case! It may sound very “business” and “official” but this is truly what our goal is. We are among the many companies that see the potential of the blockchain space but we do not take it lightly, we are full steam ahead on building the MegaVerse with the integration of our Mbucks token (not out yet) and our future NFT project (top secret at this time). We are planning to develop a space that can connect with casual gamers for simple games and eventually bring in some engaging high-quality games for the “hardcore gamers”. This is naturally the goal of bringing in developers to create games that are interesting and exciting to play!

Q4: MegaFans developed an eSports charity event to support women in Gamfi, can you tell us what this event consists of and how the Crypto community can support it to offer donations for the benefit of women in Gamfi?

Colin Bracey: We have actually done several events to support women worldwide in-game. Whether it is our events in games that players can play in to donate their winnings to an organization known as Kiva that allows us to help fundraise for women’s small businesses worldwide.

This is in conjunction with our development partner that we are helping to fundraise named Code to Inspire, which is an all-women coding school in Afghanistan that operates under the rule of the Taliban. They are working on a game for us at this time!

We truly believe in supporting the growth of women in Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) space, hence the litany of brilliant women on our advisor’s list and within our company.

Q5: Among your games I saw Tunnel Tournament, Crash n Win, Candy Boo and others, but these games are 100% original or created by Megafans? In the future is it possible that you will add other more popular phone games?

Colin Bracey: I’m glad you asked this question. The games you see in the stores at the moment are very much ‘demo games’, they are there to show what MegaFans is capable of, while still offering prizes to our players. Although MegaFans are not currently a game development studio, we do have our own game developers in-house. We have however built the SDK which plugs into mobile games, allowing for multi-player, multi-platform tournament play. Our roadmap includes partnerships with game studios which will mean much higher quality games than we currently have. We are currently working in-house on more hyper-casual games which will be available in the coming weeks.

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6: What are the advantages of long-term $MBUCKS Staking?

Col B: Great question. Our long term stakers will be rewarded lots of ways. They will earn tokens as rewards paid in interest, but more exciting will be that our stakers will get access to exclusive very high earning tournaments. We also have airdrops from our partners which will only be available if you stake. We also have many other perks that we are planning ;)

Q7: Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts address and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

Col B: Hi, We will be having our IDO soon, stay tuned and watch our announcement channel

Q8: MegaFans runs a “High roller competition” for its users, according to what I discovered. So, could you tell us more about this competition? What are the requirements for entering your competition, and what are the advantages of doing so?

Matteo Martinez: NFT’s are going to be a huge part of the MegaFans ecosystem. These “high roller” Tournaments are going to be a part of the MegaFans platform for rare NFT holders. Players can win these in game or get them on the blockchain!

Q9: I read that you target to attract all mobile phone users to use MegaFans. My question is, how can a player participate in MegaFan? How can they win Cryptocurrency, NFT and prizes as stipulated in the website? Can you please tell us the requisites in order to join these programs, and show us the roadmap of the project?

Zha Ke: Any person can jump in and play our games on any device. There is no limitation based on what Crypto Wallet you have have or anything of that sort. It is as simple as downloading a MegaFans game (or multiple) and setting up a free account with an email! That way your token balance and winnings is transferred across your account on ALL MegaFans games. We have a revolving system of tournaments that are active every day and week such as our Mega Monthly Tournament that has a $1000 Crypto Prize Pool, once per week NFT tournaments and many more to come with USD prizes and community popular NFTs that can be won via our games!

Q10: I read that every game on your platform is independent and downloaded from Playstore, So how to connect game with #MegaFans platform? And what will happen if I connect the game to your platform to play?? also can you explain a little about the security on your platform is your platform 100% safe for use?

Col B: Our games are available in the Google Playstore and Apple Appstore to download and play right now. Each player has 1 login which is shared across all the games, so you can collect game tokens across different games to add to your total.
As the tech guy security is obviously very important to us. I could go into a big techy nerdy chat lol but we use the latest oAuth and refreshable JWT tokens to keep things secure on our server. We are also working with whitehat hackers to ensure we are as secure as we can be

Q11: I must say that Megafans has tremendous growth potential, and I am confident that it will rank among the best this year. Could you please tell me if you intend to promote this project so that anyone from anywhere in the world can use it in any language?

Zha Ke: This is truly a fantastic idea. We are working with various communities worldwide to encourage and grow the MegaFans communities. Crypto Turkey is one we have been working very closely with to grow and encourage the Turkish audience in the Play 2 Earn space with MegaFans. We have several more in discussions but we cannot disclose those at this time unfortunately!

Q12: Crypto gaming is still very new to the most of the public, how is MegaFans trying to include more number of Non-blockchain Gamers and how are you doing that?

Col B: Bridging the gap between gamers and blockchain guys is always the tricky part. You don’t have to be into crypto to play our games. You can play to earn without staking and win cash and prizes — or crypto of course, but if you do stake there will be a whole new world of possibilities for you

Q13: I use Android, and there is a PlayStore symbol in your tech area. Is there a way for us to get to it? What does your game’s name stand for? I’m new to blockchain games, so do you have a video tutorial or a free practice mode?

Zha Ke: In our LinkTree you can find quick access to the games we have available on the Google Play Store

Q14: One of the attractions of blockchain games is that it creates rewards for players, but when MEGAFANS will focus on entertaining users, does that mean you will also offer attractive rewards? Or will they just be for fun? How will rewards and entertainment be balanced?

Matteo Martinez: Absolutely! The purpose of our games is to bring esports to all people. We are always looking for new rewards to give out to our players and we are always looking for new games to help build up the MegaFans ecosystem. We want to offer the best user experience when it comes to all aspects of blockchain gaming. Quality when it comes to our games and rewards are always top of mind.

Q15: How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?

Zha Ke: We always recommend that you are following us on Twitter ( and our Telegram Channel ( for all updates related to partnership announcements, IDO updates, and so much more!

Q16: What are your top priorities for 2022? Can you and your team members share a bit about the strategies to be implemented in the near future? What makes the team feel confident about winning in the long run?

Col B: Hey Adam, I can tell you a little something about our NFTs. One unique offering is that if you win an NFT in a tournament or game play, you can take that NFT and create your own personal tournament to give it away as a prize. In return you will get a percentage of the entry fees! This could be extremely lucrative :)

Q17: Please describe the level of creativity that this initiative brings to the table. Will the effort continue to seek out new ways to attract participants and investors in general?

Matteo Martinez: The MegaFans Software Development Kit (SDK) allows room for a lot of creativity. We aren’t limited to just one game or prize. We can partner with any game developer. We can give away any NFT’s or cryptocurrency and really have no limitations.

Q18: What do you think about Asia’s market? Is your team planning to reach other countries with potential crypto markets, and big teams and investors want to work and cash in on crypto??

Zha Ke: We are interacting with a community based in this region now behind the scenes to work on Community building but we also have another AMA scheduled for next Friday with Satoshi Club! Join our Telegram channel to learn more about this AMA and future partnerships announcements with partners in Asia’s market

Q19: I can see that MegaFans will be holding a lot of tournaments and competition among its players and users. With this, is it possible that the rewards for these tournaments could be in a form of NFT itself?

Col B: Hi Lunar, You can win NFTs right now! We are running NFT tournaments in CandyBoo, so download the game, sign up and try to get the NFTs now while you can

Q20: What are the requirements that a user needs to be able to access the entire repertoire of games found in MegaFans? Is there only a general requirement to access the ecosystem or each game will have its own requirements? What is needed to access the games available now?

Matteo Martinez: All MegaFans games are on the mobile app stores right now! You can find the download link right in our linktree!

Q21: Can you tell us how many games have been created so far? MegaFans is looking to create a Play2Earn eSports ecosystem specifically for mobile applications. Can you tell us how many games have been created so far? Which ones are available to play right now? Can you give us some sneak peeks at the games that will be released in Q1?

Zha Ke: We currently have 3 games that are live on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store (Candy Boo, Crash n Win, Tunnel Tournament). Our newest game (Koin Kong) launch is live on Apple right now and we are putting the final touches on the Google Version and it will be coming soon! All of these games are accessible via our Linktree (

Q22: MEGAFANS, according to what I’ve read, is a place where individuals go to have fun and win prizes. How appealing are the prizes it offers to be able to compete with other platforms with promising features?

Col B: Hi Akash, With MegaFans you can win cash, crytpo, prizes and NFTs. We have a cashout portal (like a casino cage) where you can exchange your game tokens for cash or crypto

Q23: The crypto world will see tremendous growth over time thanks to NFT, DeFi, Web 3.0 and the Metaverse quadrangle. So, what functions will MegaFans perform when that period comes?

Zha Ke: We are actively looking for the best ways integrate into this new and evolving space. We are planning on having our Dapp games come later in the life cycle of 2022 and a future arcade in the Metaverse for all of our games to be accessible with room to grow!

Q24: As a player I want to practice playing Candy Boo games without making an investment or purchasing any NFT, do you have a practice mode or demo on your platform? Does MegaFANS give players a free experience?

Col B: Hi, Yes each game has a free tournament where you can play for fun and practice. Once you get confident you can then join in to win NFTs, cash, crypto and prizes

Q25: Many mobile games are very fun, but when playing it, it always cuts down on the fun due to the number of ads. So how would you avoid these annoying ads for players?

Col B: Good question. We do use ads to bring in some revenue to the platform, this enables us to give away larger prizes in return. But yes, we are working on removing ads for stakers in the future

Q26: I use Android, and there is a PlayStore symbol in your tech area. Is there a way for us to get to it? What does your game’s name stand for? I’m new to blockchain games, so do you have a video tutorial or a free practice mode?

Jdca8: Hi Our games can be downloaded here:
There is also more information about MegaFans for all of you! Follow us on Telegram for new updates.