MonkeyBall AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with Head of Marketing, Oren Langberg from MonkeyBall on 22 November 9:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene | Shin Chan: Before AMA starts, can you give us some background on the MonkeyBall team?

MonkeyBall Oren: Yes for sure! I’d love to share some graphics along the way. I think that helps!

So it all starts with our foundation our incubators. Raz is considered one of the greatest game minds in the world, having created games that have generated 100s of millions of dollars in revenue. Shahaf is a blockchain expert — currently the CEO of Coti. Together we brought the best of both worlds — blockchain & gaming.

Aside from them…

We have Noa who has nearly a decade of experience in gaming, with deep expertise in game design, game economy, and live operations
Nadav who not only has a purple belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu but he’s also been in the gaming industry for nearly 15 years, specializing in Unity development. We have Yozhik who has directed art for game companies for a decade.

And these are just several — we are a total of 15 people with plans to be at 50 within the next 30–60 days

Serene | Shin Chan: Can you give us a breakdown of the game and gameplay?

MonkeyBall Oren: Sure

So, MonkeyBall is the next-gen esports metaverse. Its fast paced, turned based. It’s an arcade football game that’s easy to learn and hard to master. It’s like if FIFA Street and Final Fantasy had a baby 😉

Players build their ultimate team of 4 Monkeys that fill positions of Goalie, Striker, Defender and Midfielder. Each Monkey has natural abilities that make them better at each of the positions

Matches run for 12 rounds — 6 per half. A round ends when each team has completed their turns. In each turn a player can 1. Move a player to a different quadrant 2. Dribble the ball 3. Pass the ball 4. Shoot the ball 5. Special Move

It get’s interesting when 2 opposing players come into a Conflict

So let’s say for example when you direct a Monkey to shoot the ball at the goal, that Monkey player’s accuracy is challenged by the opposing Goalie’s agility and defensive abilities. And then there is a randomizer aspect to choose which player wins the conflict. So there are a lot of factors that determine who wins the conflict — skill and luck. It also means that people can’t just buy their way to the top of MonkeyBall by buying and feeding items to their Monkeys

And when you’re not in a match then you’re back at Base Camp

This is where you take care of your Monkey by feeding it, training it, buying consumable items from the store. Getting your Monkeys ready for the next match!

Serene | Shin Chan: What will be the available game modes?

MonkeyBall Oren: Right — good question

There will be a total of 3 Game Modes:
- Player vs Environment
- Player vs Player
- Team vs Team

The first mode Player vs Environment is the first mode to be launched at the end of Q1 2022. This is where early Monkey Pioneers will be able to use their jacked Monkeys to start playing against the computer environment.

Serene | Shin Chan: What types of NFTs will be available in the game?

MonkeyBall Oren:

There will be a few types of NFTs in the game. 2 main ones are the Monkeys and Stadiums. They are not just beautiful and unique collectibles but they serve as in-game assets that affect your in game performance

Monkeys, which are generted with their own unique DNA based on 25+ traits from 5 billion potential permutations — based on Appearance, Abilities, Elements

The rarity of both Stadium and Monkey NFTs will determined extra abilities and features.

We are dropping our first and only drop next month of 5,000 Monkeys — with the rarity of each set randomly for each receiver

Serene | Shin Chan: The game consists of 2 tokens correct? Can you tell us more about the tokenomics and game economy?

MonkeyBall Oren: Yes sure!

I have a couple graphics i think too

MonkeyBall Oren: We will have a dual token system — its essential for a sustainable economy.

The main coin will be $MBS — this is the ingame token.

As you can see in the above illustration — you will be able to buy $MBS from the DEX, purchase Monkeys, collect items and $MBS from Loot Boxes. You can spend $MBS on consumable items in the store to bolster your team.
Revenue of the store goes directly into the game treasury which then also distributes winnings to teams, stadiums & spectators. When the treasury is big enough, we will implement a DAO token $SCORE to govern the economy more effectively.

Serene | Shin Chan: Great! What makes MonkeyBall different from other play-to-earn games out there?

MonkeyBall Oren: This is a very important question as there is a lot of hype and noise in Play-to-earn gaming

  • First I would say our team not only comes from both blockchain & gaming (which is rare) but top down we have unmatched experience in both areas
  • Next, we are talking about a high-production-value gaming experience for a football game that has super wide appeal. Its not a niche game
  • We are also building the game on Unity which will allow us to deploy also to mobile
  • Most games out there are either not engaging or require a ton of time and effort to learn how to play or make money playing. MonkeyBall is super easy to learn adn there will be multiple ways for players to earn. Actively — by winning matches. Passively by either being a Spectator and rooting for the winning team or owning Stadiums and hosting matches
  • Also we have incomparable support and backing from crypto and gaming’s biggest — backers that not only share the vision but are in it for the long term, not a quick win
  • Lastly — i am proud to say that we are currently the most anticipated P2E game and fastest growing crypto community in the world. 75k in under a month

Serene | Shin Chan: Last question. Can you give us details on the roadmap?

MonkeyBall Oren: Yes sure! I have a visual too!

We have our IDO coming next week! Registration begins the 27th 8AM PST.

Monkey NFT drop some time next month

Early Monkey NFT holders will then have early access to Pioneers Gear Up Camp, the in-game store, breeding capsules and the breeding season — so make sure you get your Monkeys

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1. What can I do in MonkeyBall to improve the skills of the monkeys and have the best and most valuable monkey? Can I develop more monkeys than I need for the game and sell them to other players at a price I set myself?

MonkeyBall Oren: So match play performance has an impact on your Monkeys morale and stamina. But back at your Base Camp you make sure they are fed and you can buy consumable items to train their abilities in speed, accuracy, shooting and so on.

We will launch Breeding Capsules before Breeding Season — this is a super exciting time because you will be able to match 2 Monkeys to breed future generations. There’s a lot of potential — from playing them, renting them or selling

Remember — they are NFTs

Q2. What is the MonkeyBall team’s plan of marketing after the IDO to help stabilize the price and keep holders rewarded?
We all know that keeping the HYPE is usually harder than building it, so I would love to hear the Team’s opinion

MonkeyBall Oren: Awesome question — i love how deep the questions. Also another important question.

First — we strongly believe that bear or bull market, gaming serves as a resilient backbone to certain market volatility — we all love gaming! Second, we will have a solid rewards pool for MBS holders — to be announced.
We also have a solid pipeline of partnerships that we will announce — partnerships with massive brands, clubs etc.
We are also a community-first project — so we will have many campaigns and challenges for our community as we go.
From top-down we have a robust plan in place to keep the MonkeyTrain going!

Q3. Is the Monkeyball project a global or a local one? Which market are you currently focusing on, or are you building and expanding to gain customers, users, and partners?

MonkeyBall Oren: MonkeyBall is a global project for sure. The way we see it is there are no boundaries in crypto and no boundaries in gaming. MonkeyBall is a play to earn game that has super wide appeal and the potential to bring in a lot of unexposed people into crypto and into MonkeyBall — which only works for everyone in the monkeyball ecosystem

We will constantly build solid partnerships as we go

Q4. How does a monkey’s DNA and rarity affect a player’s ability to win matches? How do we get Monkey NFTs with high rarity to gain an edge in the game?

MonkeyBall Oren: Its important to note that ALL Monkey NFTs are unique — remember we are only dropping 5,000 out of 5 billion potential permutations.

But our Monkeys will have a rarity score to them. When getting your Monkey it will be random. Rarer Monkeys and rarer Stadiums will have extra abilities and features that will give you an edge in the game — for sure!

Q5. Reading I see that MonkeyBall combines multiplayer games, NFT and decentralized finance, with the intention of providing the user with a great experience, but what benefit does developing your project on Solana provide, how does it influence these services you offer?

MonkeyBall Oren: Solana represents the future of blockchain. It’s super fast, has super low fees, and has the flexibility our developers need to build the game that we all want. It’s ideal for game projects, DeFi or NFT projects. Building there will ensure MonkeyBall grows with our community

Beware of scammers!! Look to our official twitter @monkeyballgame or for official news about IDO, trading or the game

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6. I realized that in order to play an user must have a team, so can you tell us how many players a Monkey ball team have? Also there is possible do NFT renting?

MonkeyBall Oren: Great question that I should have covered — so thanks for asking!

You will need atleast 1 Monkey to have access to Gear Up, Breeding & Player v Environment.

If you have only 1 or 2 or 3 Monkeys — you will be able to either borrow MonkeyGhosts (computer) or rent MonkeyMercenaries until you save up enough MonkeyBucks

Q7. Is the monkeyball project currently running a $MBS #AIRDROP campaign. Can you give us more information about whether there is still a chance to participate? What are the requirements to win and what are the prizes?

MonkeyBall Oren: Yes we are currently running a campaign and there is still time to enter and complete the missions. Check it here:

Q8. Is the Mongkeyball specifically for gamers? What non-gamer users? Can they still generate income even without playing your game? Does holding your tokens provide long-term returns for investors? how do you plan to improve the interaction with new users outside the crypto space?

MonkeyBall Oren: We are trying to bring in hardcore gamers, casual gamers, and on the fence gamers. With multiple ways to earn in MonkeyBall you can be a player playing many hours a day and earning for the time or you can be casual and be a Spectator or own Stadiums and host matches. Winnings are proportionate obviously

Q9. Could you specify what are the minimum requirements to start playing Monkey Ball? Do I need to buy a whole team to start? Or can we all start with “One Base Team”? Do I need to have a minimum amount of $MBS token?

MonkeyBall Oren: Great question that I should have covered — so thanks for asking!

You will need atleast 1 Monkey to have access to Gear Up, Breeding & Player v Environment.

If you have only 1 or 2 or 3 Monkeys — you will be able to either borrow MonkeyGhosts (computer) or rent MonkeyMercenaries until you save up enough MonkeyBucks

Q10. Could you please explain us the token release plans after your IDO is completed?

MonkeyBall Oren: We will announce a rewards pool for MBS holders soon and listings as well.

Q11. Monkey Ball is a soccer game where you may earn by playing it. So I’m interested in learning more about it; how can players get started? How many monkeys will it take to form a team? How much $MBS do we need? Can it also be played on a PC or a mobile device?

MonkeyBall Oren: Answered above — you can start with 1 and farm out Ghosts or rent Mercenaries. Building on Unity so will allow us to deploy on Mobile. First on desktop

Q12. Monkey Ball claims to be a game where you can also “Create”, so what does this imply? That we could design our own NFT monkeys and transfer them to the game? Please explain this a little bit.

MonkeyBall Oren: Essentially the MonkeyBall metaverse starts from scratch. The players receiving the 5,000 Monkeys are the MonkeyBall Pioneers that start populating the metaverse. Afterwards it land or Stadiums. A whole world created and owned by the players