MoonStarter Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

7 min readJun 4, 2021


We held a live AMA with Mo & Soubri of MoonStarter Team on 4th June 11:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Jack | ShinChan: Before the ama start, can you introduce yourselves and the team background?

Soubri : We are 4 crypto addicts who met around Ethereum investments in 2017.

The four of us have a different background:

Mo: Management (in large banking & insurance groups) and managed implementations of blockchain applications within these groups (not technically). Now working with a consultancy company between Europe & Dubai and fuel insurtech ideas, again using blockchain technology.

Bobby: has more than 4 years of IT experience, working for a well known international ERP Editor and for a banking group.
He has participated in open source projects in the blockchain space and has also created an open source dApp boilerplate for the Ethereum blockchain using React, Typescript & Ether.js, available on his github.

Sly: blockchain developer since 2017, smart contracts, decentralized app, solidity, react, react-native, JS
He ran his own informatic company during 20 years with more than 15 employees and now is fully focused on blockchain projects since 2020 as freelancer.
He also passed a blockchain formation for being blockchain dev lead in 2019.

Me: Master degree in Management, specialized towards marketing and its reaching power within IT for more than 10 years and now within crypto.

Additionally to this, we have hired Front-end developers and UX designer and actively looking for other developers on the blockchains we will support.

Jack | ShinChan: Do you have any news/update about MoonStarter would like to share with us?

Mo : First we are having our IDO on the 8th which is a big step.
Secondly we have announced today our advisors!
Have a look here:
Finally we cannot yet disclose anything but we might have really nice surprises soon after launch

AMA Twitter Section Begin:

Q1 : What are the main reasons why you at MOONSTARTER have selected Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for the launch of your token? What advantages does this network offer compared to others currently available on the market?

Soubri : MOONSTARTER has selected Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to launch its token since Binance Smart Chain has demonstrated that it is arguably one of the most efficient blockchains for decentralized finance, from a performance and fees point of view.
In a nutshell, the selection has been made on 3 points:
• Transaction prices
• Transaction speed
• Interoperability

Mo : I would also add that bsc has now a well developed ecosystem which also help us to take a decision

Q2 : How can MoonStarter perform IDOs across all blockchains, how is managed the bridge of scalability and fee that exist among them?

Mo : There will not be any bridge, any swap or anything.
MOONSTARTER platform will allow the user to invest in a project without needing to hold any other token than the MNST token on BSC
To do, we developed different business processes to allow and support this. We won’t disclose our secret but we will not be impacted by crosschain scalability and limitatively impacted by fees.
Again here the importance of selection of bsc!

Q3 : The space is filled with launchpad platforms. How will #moonstarter attract not just investors but also projects to choose moonstarter as their launchpad. What will moonstarter bring to the table that other launchpads don’t?

Soubri : MOONSTARTER Mission is to be the single-stop multi-chain launchpad for selected projects without distinction of the blockchain used. While the current project landscape is scattered and dependent on the blockchain used, MOONSTARTER will offer the possibility to launch on one or multiple selected blockchains. But if we want to sum-up how different we will be from what is already existing, here are 5 points you should consider:

  1. You only need to stake our Bep20 MNST token to access the projects launched on the platform, whatever the blockchain is. This means that by staking our MNST on binance smart chain, you will be able to access BSC, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, etc… based project, you will not need to swap, bridge, etc…
    2. Due diligence transparency. We are doing our own due diligence on the projects, but we are not the final judges. People will need to take their own decisions. However, we will provide them with a summary of the research made.
    3. Handling of the liquidity lock by our smart contract, and that will be a sine qua non condition.
    4. Our smart contract will also be able to handle the token vesting, in case a project do not comply with this aspect, we will not close the door but raise it as a point for the participants.
    5. Short roadmap for the integration of the other blockchains.

Q4 : I read that Moonstarter’s IDO will take place on June 8th. Can you tell us more about it and also your expectations for this event? The market is facing a high volatility phase right now, aren’t there any risks on having an IDO at this moment?

Mo : We agree that the market was better a month ago, but delayed launch is not the best thing to do. We will do whatever we can to ensure a perfect launch with some annoucement soon after
However, something important to keep in mind is that we are not here for few months we are here for the long term and we strongly believe that crypto and defi can only expand.

Q5 : You have 15 key backers, including partners like AU21 Capital, Blocksync Ventures, and Signal Ventures. How do they contribute to the development of MoonStart in your roadmap and how do you see the importance of collaborations?

Mo : Most important as we always said is that these people did not bring us only money but connexions.
Connexions to devs, connexions to projects etc.
So building such ecosystem with them is key for the perenity of the project

Telegram Live AMA Begin:

Q6 : I’ve been trying to start a project on #MOONSTARTER by clicking a button on the web and connecting to an email. How long is the feedback time from your project team? And what documents are needed to start a project on MoonStarter?

Mo : No documents are needed. Just reaching out. You can contact us on telegram too as we have really a lot of requests every day

Q7 : Recently, several projects have been under attack. For the sake of security and transparency, could you please disclose MOONSTARTER’s information such as audits, or any bug bounties?

Mo : Audit will soon be published. We have done several ones as working in an agile way of working since beginning.

Q8 : Is there a new project in the BSC and ETH network that has already made an agreement with MoonStarter to carry out its pre-sale on your platform?

Mo : Yes. However nothing is official yet so can’t comment on any number or any project

Q9 : I want to have a LONG TERM INVESTMENT with this PROJECT, but I’m in doubts right now, how can you convince and assure me this project is SAFE and PROFITABLE?

Mo : Regarding the safe part, we aim to give as much transparency as we can. We are also investigating ways to get people involved on multiple decisions.
For the profitability we can’t and will never promise any profitability but look at business model and you will get some answers

Q10 : A common problem with all IDO platforms is the quality of the tokens listed on them. There are many projects started with the sole purpose of deceiving people in the Crypto wild world.
How does Moonstarter prevent this problem & How does Moonstarter develop project screening and compliance procedures to ensure that the projects listed on every IDO of the Moonstarter platform are truly legitimate, Trusted and have a high probability of generating profits for investors?

Mo : All is about the project selection process. We mentionned part of it on our litepaper but for example we are also building partnerships to get projects with a working product and generating already revenues

Q11 : From what I have learned, some IDOs are unfortunately covert scams. Does moonstarter have a mechanism to prevent misconduct and increase the quality of projects?

Soubri : Indded, we plan to implement a contract for the liquidity lock and also to manage the token vesting of the project. Also there will be a due diligence process of course

Q12 : ❣️In what ways is your platform open to community participation? Are you open to feedback and suggestions from the community?

Mo : Always. Community is key. We are also working on different ways to have the community involved in a more extended way

Q13 : Dont you have plans adding deflationary mechanism in your platform? What is the total?

Mo : No and never. Our supply is fixed. They will never be more MNST

Q14 : One of the utilities of the MNST token will be to be used within MoonStarter governance. My question is: are absolutely all aspects of your platform prone to be modified by your governance system, or are there aspects that will always depend on the technical team?

Mo : Regarding what we will put for voting, initially it will be the blockchain to integrate.
We are also investigating a way to get people involved on with the project selection

Q15 : Regarding your Moon-level system, how is the process of calculating the users so that they can have the possibility to participate in the next projects of the MoonStarter ecosystem?

Mo : No limit in numbers. Rules are defined on the litepaper. Only the numbers are missing. The only requirement is to stake.

- End -