Nifty Football AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with CEO, Andrew Ivison from Nifty Football on 10th February 9:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene | Shin Chan: Before we start our AMA, Can you give us a quick introduction about yourself and the core team ?

Andrew: My name is Andrew Ivison and I’m the CEO of Nifty Football. I came to the Nifty project having been in the crypto space since 2016, first as a founder of the Alphabit Fund in 2017 and then also as a founder of Launchpool earlier this year. I hope to bring all of that experience of the sector, plus a love of football and gaming together to make something truly special, and ultimately a game that is fun to play.

At the moment our direct team is quite small and many things are being handled by team members from both Launchpool and Alphabit, each company bringing members with strong skill sets to the table.

Serene | Shin Chan: Can you briefly tell us what is Nifty Football ?

Andrew: Nifty Football started life in 2019 as an NFT card trading game built on the Ethereum Blockchain. There were some 2700 cards minted during that period, each created with a generative process, spawning cards with unique attributes. Although some tournament style gameplay was introduced back then, the game was never really carried forward due to limitation of transacting on Ethereum during periods of peak usage.

Fast forward to 2022 and we have decided to revamp the project to become a fully fledged Football management simulator. This is possible due to an huge uptick in interest in the NFT space and also because layer 2 scaling solutions now make the gameplay aspects we always dreamed of incorporating become much more feasible to execute.

Serene | Shin Chan: Do you have any recent or updated Nifty Football news you’d like to share with our community? 😀

Andrew: We are currently working on our beta release which should be ready by the end of March. We plan to have our TGE around this time also, so watch this space and stay tuned to for updates

Twitter Section Begins

Q1: Some play-to-earn games need players to spend fortunes in order to earn, and if they do not invest substantially, what they gain is insufficient to cover gas expenses utilized during games. How much does it cost to play this game, and how profitable can it be?

Andrew: Nifty Football has been designed to let people play with very little investment to get started. In fact the randomness factoring into player generation means users may end up with a potentially valuable player completely by chance.

To combat the gas fee issue the new game will use a combination of on chain and off chain data sources and also deployed using layer-2 scaling

Q2: Do elite packs have a chance to access more kits? How will we have elite packages?
Will all key attributes be stored on the chain? How do we control them?

Andrew: The elite packs relate to the original trading game from 2019. These original ETH based cards are no longer being minted, and can only be obtained on marketplaces like OpenSea. Although these cards are not directly used to play the game, they will offer special in-game benefits to OG holders. These cards are also now super rare collectibles.

Q3: I was reading that there are currently about 2700 cards in stock at Nifty Football. Could this number of cards continue to increase in the future? How many cards would be produced per year? do you expect to reach a maximum number?

Andrew: As I got into slightly above, that figure of 2700 will never increase. The new cards will only be created when a user signs up + an allocation for one levelled up player per sign up. This will control the influx of players coming into the game. If the community feels we need to do so we may release extra players into the game via auction.

Q4: Football games are very popular on PC and mobile devices nowadays, but most of the video game lovers play them on gaming devices. So, is NiftyFootball available for this device? If so, where can we play the Nifty game?

Andrew: Nifty Football is initially going to be web browser based. This is to facilitate easy onboarding to Web3 wallets and to be open to anyone with a browser. As the game develops we may look to release versions for other platforms.

Q5: NiftyFootball is an Ethereum-powered NFT-based collectible soccer game that allows players to create their own dream squads using unique digital trading cards. Real life players will be available in NiftyFootball? Will they be focused on some soccer league or confederation?

Andrew: For now the players in the NIftyverse are all randomly generated, meaning they have no “real world” version and so talent discovery is done completely from scratch. That’s not to say we won’t make partnerships with players on a one to one basis who want to release their card into our world.

Telegram Live AMA Begins

Q6: Can cards in the game be upgraded with bots, badges and kits based on various attributes? What criteria is the upgrade skill based on and what is the advantage of the badges?

I read that you applied for the POA game fund. Which funds do you plan to meet with to get fund partner support? Do you work for licensing deals and real football club partnerships?

Andrew: The player attributes such a shooting, passing etc are upgradable by training your players.By upgrading your players they will have more influence in the game, and hopefully increase their value on the transfer market

Q7: Does NIFTY Football platform plans to Bring any Top Footballer for the Advertisement , It would be a great Support for the Project growth,
Do You plan to do so?

Andrew: We have been in talks with some large agencies but there is nothing I can say just now. Rest assured the user acquisition plan for nifty is huge!

Q8: I want to know more about the STADIUM?
What is the unique feature of stadium and And at what rate will you sell it?

Andrew: Every user that signs up will be given a basic ground. In later releases we will allow for upgrading these. The upgrades will involve generative elements to create very unique looking stadiums, but also have practical XP multipliers

Q9: Can this Nifty soccer play with friends? I mean like multiplayer like games in general? Besides that, what we know is that most games can only be accessed via a PC, can your games only be accessed on a PC, not a cellphone?

Andrew: Nifty is closer to Football manager than FIFA in terms of multiplayer. What is planned is for users to be able to enter leagues to play in together later down the line

Q10: What do you need to get started with Nifty Football? Is it necessary to purchase all of the players in order to build a team? Alternatively, each participant might start with a team that could be improved? Is there a free-to-play mode in the game?

Andrew: 15 player cards will be provided for free

Q11: Marketing of project is one of the important things that every project should focus on,
How are you handling the marketing issue?

Andrew: We are targeting a large marketing campaign covering both crypto users and mainstream gaining

Q12: Can you explain to us why NiftyFootball chose Launchpool as your launch pad partner for AME?

Andrew: Partially because I am a founder of launchpool and partially because they are simply the best x

Q13: Does Nify Football have any plans to work with famous soccer players? or with some famous club.

Andrew: Stay tuned

Q14: I have read that the illustrations used for NiftyFootball’s NFT cards were created by renowned Manchester-based artist Stanley Chow. Stanley did a really good job.

How will you benefit from Stanley and other artists in the future?

Andrew: We love his work and hope he wants to be part of the fabric of nifty always.

Q15: I’ve seen Nifty Football have already completed a lot of live AMA? So what would you say to the community by today’s AMA? And which community do you prioritize the Nifty Football project over

Andrew: I have to say this community is really the best. The questions very relevant and cutting to the point. Love it 😍


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