Numbers Protocol AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

12 min readNov 4, 2021


We held a live AMA with Numbers Protocol, Co-founder & CGO, Sofia from Numbers Protocol on 4th November 9:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene | Shin Chan: Before we start the AMA, can you please introduce yourselves and the team background to our community?

Sofia |Numbers: I’m Sofia, the Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer of Numbers Protocol.

I have 8+ experience in business development and marketing. Before joining Numbers, I worked for an AI startup and an intellectual property valuation firm as a sales and the head of business development.

I love new challenges and embrace new technologies, highly believe that technology should be used to bring good to society.

Tammy is our founder and Chief Product Officer, she a data scientist and a particle physics Ph.D. graduate from Manchester University.

Her thesis was about looking for the Higgs Boson from massive data generated from hadron collider.

Before founding Numbers, she worked for Canonical, Viscovery, and DT42 as a software engineer, tech lead, AI developer, CEO, and founder.

She is an animal lover and has strong faith in data freedom. She has a great curiosity about the world and loves to analyze everything in life to discover the rules behind it.

The third core member is Bofu, our founder and Chief Technology Officer, is a software engineer and architect who has 15+ years of experience in data engineering, embedded systems, AI, and IoT.

Bofu is an Arm innovator, the top-five open-source developer of Taiwan 2017, and the consultant and opinion leader of blockchain and data policy in Taiwan.

He is also the architect and developer of BerryNet and Mediant open-source projects. He has strong faith in FLOSS, internet freedom and is very active in the open-source community. Although he spent most of his lifetime in the software industry, his love for fried chicken is more than software!

And another core member Ethan, our global developer community manager, does many things for us here at Numbers.

Having received his Masters in Computer Science from Georgia Tech University, he is a member of our development team and has a good understanding of our technology and products.

He also has extensive experience growing communities having served as a social media for Jeremey Lin’s inaugural Dota2 esports team in 2016. He looks forward to interacting with our community and our project.

In addition to the core team, we have pretty strong hands split between excellent backend, front-end engineers, and a bit of marketing. :)

Serene | Shin Chan: Any latest/ update news about Numbers Protocol you would like to share with our community?😀

Sofia |Numbers: Yes, plenty :)
We are going to launch SEED SHO on Daomaker, the date is set on Nov. 10

And there’s actually a NFT Gleam campaign runing now, we will release 888 CAPTHA-A robi avatars NFT in the campaign, winner can have a chance to get 30% refund in SHO, check out the announcement channel, welcome to join! The campaign will open till Nov. 7!

AMA Twitter Section Begins:

Q1: Capture App, is the first product Numbers Protocol launched, which is a Camera app. That being said, can you tell us more about Capture App? How does it work? What is it really different in this App from the regular camera in our phones? Why should we use Capture App instead?

Sofia |Numbers: that’s a good question!

Capture App is the world’s first blockchain camera built for Web3.0, the first NFT camera, and also the first wallet for photo assets.

Before Capture App, photos and videos were strictly about snapping raw images or videos, editing them with filters and providing a gateway to sharing on social media channels.

Capture App extends its features past the creation stage and focuses on how to make digital assets secure and traceable.

With Capture App, users can establish ownership and context at the moment of creation. The information is sealed on the blockchain and users can access ecosystem applications from the App without the reliance of third-party platforms.

Taking a photo with Capture App feels the same as taking a traditional photo, however, a lot is happening behind the scenes to secure the asset. When an image is captured, Capture App utilizes the device’s hardware to collect metadata, such as signatures and identifies, to establish creator and context.

It is not designed for just professional photographers, but EVERYONE.
Our team members are using the Capture App to keep memories of their everyday life.

App is available on both Google Play and App Store. Try and feel it! Happy Capturing :)

Q2: With Numbers Protocol, user only One click to turn Capture assets to NFT. At this time a lot of NFT is coming in the market. After some time the hype of that NFT goes very little then What are your plans for long term sustainability in NFT space?

Sofia |Numbers: In early 2021, NFTs rose out of the blockchain world and positioned themselves as a potential solution to the current digital media problems.

NFTs document the token history and record ownership, however, it’s become obvious that ownership by itself is not enough to resolve the issues of the current internet world

Who created, what’s the context, what’s the history, how to trace and verfy? are ALL questions that our digital media need answers for as well

Numbers Protocol is THE comprehensive solution that addresses the 4 pillars of the digital media problems: ownership, copyright, provenance, and ecosystem. In doing so we are establishing an authentic, secure, and decentralized photo network in the Web3.0 space.

Q3: In the future, this photo network could expand into areas such as news, social media, and gaming, with contributions from the developer community leveraging tools and applications. Can you expand on this point? How to use the network to verify who is the real author of news?

Sofia |Numbers: In order to achieve the goal of “establishing an authentic, secure, and decentralized photo network in the Web3.0 space”, we need to redefine digital media as assets for Web3.0.

Today photos are just raw images or videos. Empty with no information. Images and videos created with Numbers Protocol, which we coin as ‘Captures’, are multi-layer containers with embedded ownership, context, photo provenance, creator signature, and on-chain records to keep images and videos traceable, verifiable and unique.

When Captures are shared and downloaded over the web, the information remains with the asset. Additionally, as a native content protocol, Numbers makes it possible for the digital creations themselves, not tokens, to truly be owned.

our solution does not just stay on a protocol level. We have also created a suite of tools and services to allow users to register and retrieve assets in the network. These include Capture App, Seal API, and Trace Site. From protocol to application, if every photo is a “Capture” then “verify the real author” will no longer a issue.

Q4: Do you agree with me,Web 2.0 social media,like facebook,instagram may be the biggest compeitors to Numbers Protocol? because people are already very used to the current social media’s user experience & the ecosystems are strong as well. How will you compete with your competitors?

Sofia |Numbers: Web 2.0 social media, like facebook, instagram may be the biggest competitors to us, because people are already very used to the current social media’s user experience and the ecosystems are strong as well.

The way we believe Numbers Protocol can stand are community and trust.

Only when we all have the awareness of misinformation, with community and trust, the technology has the chance to bring us the postive impact.

Q5: Could you tell us a little more about robi CAPTCH-A? really what will be its usefulness in all its ecosystem? Will this be necessary to participate in your metaverse? if so, then why create only 888 instead of being unlimited?

Sofia |Numbers: CAPTCH-A are a collection of robots that serve as a gateway to stories and expression.

Dynamic in nature, CAPTCH-A changes according to the Captures photos they display. We are excited to introduce a series of NFTs that will serve as gateways to new stories and experiences in the Numbers Metaverse. The CAPTCH-A robots will be mediums that display authentic images captured by you.

They will protect the integrity and authenticity of your creations in the digital world.This means a single avatar can produce a multitude of exciting unique one-of-kind forms of expression.

Each robi in the CAPTCH-A collection articulates unique expressions based on the Captures that they display, leading you to new discoveries in their behaviors every day.

Aside from being dynamic avatars in the Numbers metaverse, the robis also provide proof of image ownership by activating one of three modes

- Blue eye mode: Normal and calm

- Red eye mode: Copyright infringement or image theft is detected

  • Display mode: Showcase a Capture image or video on its face

We have a series of plans to use CAPTCH-A to bring everyone to Numbers Metaverse, a metaverse with authenticity. Stay tuned for the latest news to discover the usage of CAPTCH-A :D!

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6: Do all photos taken by Capture App have metadata certified and sealed in blockchain??
And can users adjust privacy settings if they, for example, don’t want to share their exact location?

Sofia |Numbers: Yes, all photo taken by CApture App will auto collect the metadata, but as a member of MyData Global, we care about our users’ data privacy, so yes, you can adjust the privacy setting in the app.

Q7: Is it a ‘Trace site’? Can you explain? Is this also a developer tool?

Sofia |Numbers: No, it’s not a dev tool.
Trace is a website for reading photo injection and onchain history.

It provides a basic chronicle view of photos so that readers can easily access the birth information of photos such as who and when it was created.

For images and videos with proper creator signatures, Trace Site also helps users claim copyright of photos they create.

Q8: Staking program is very important for any project, Can i stake AnRKeyX ? Do you have any plan of starting staking program?

Sofia |Numbers: Yes, definitely, and I can reveal a bit more only for Shih Chan community, the staking progrom will have CAPTCH-A’s help :), stay tuned in our news channel!

Q9: I read that Numbers Protocol also launches your native CaptureClub app (as a marketplace for CaptureNFT). Can you explain more about it? How does this work implemented on your platform, and what benefits will users get from use CaptureClub app?

Sofia |Numbers: CaptureClub is a native application of Numbers Protocol. Easy to use and it is the first NFT marketplace to feature end-to-end authenticity preservation.

Users can take photos from the Capture App and list the photos to the CaptureClub marketplace with a simple click.

By generating immutable records on the blockchain using Numbers Protocol, CaptureClub helps users verify the NFT content history and respects the copyrights of creators.

And you can refer to the newtwork map, that’s an overview of Decentralized Photo Network”, then you will more understand the products’ role in the whole plan

Q10: What is the meaning of the project name, does it go beyond just meaning a simple composite number or is there indeed history behind this project name?

Sofia |Numbers: Interesting question. I think the name came from “data”, all things in digital world originally from data, and data came with “numbers”.

We started the project in 2019. That’s when misinformation and Deepgfake brought a huge impact to society. Those misinformation is also composed of data, and of course, numbers.

Then we think, the problem actually is brought by technology (the images are so easy to be modified, share and manipulated), maybe technology can do more to restore people’s trust in digital media, that’s where we are from.

Numbers will do Numbers ;)

Q11: Numbers Protocol aims to build a decentralized photo network that fosters community, value, and trust in the digital world. Great concept, but how do you stay ahead of copyright protection by inventing new ways to circumvent copyright protection by making little changes to graphics and other elements to make it “unique”?

Sofia |Numbers: These are great points. The interesting thing about users of the internet is that they can be very creative in bypassing systems. As much as we would like to create a full-proof system there is always room for improvement.
To answer your question, we view slight tweets to images as unique as in our network all assets are identified by the assets content via Content Identifier (CID). So in that way, modifications to existing images are not technically in violation but more creative license.

Despite this, I understand your point and the Numbers Protocol does a few things to make slight modifications more difficult to achieve. Firstly, assets cannot simply be downloaded and reimported into the network because in order for the asset to be accepted it needs to have C2PA injection and be digitally signed (created via Numbers Native Application or Capture App). We have this strict policy because tracking the asset through its entire lifecycle is extremely important in the traceability and verifiability of an asset. Content Provenance is what Numbers Protocol leans on to ensure assets have good integrity. So if any tweeks or manipulations do happen, it is recorded and able to be looked up.

Q12: NUM is the Native Token of Numbers Protocol. Could you please give us more details about it? Why is it so important in a platform that is aiming to change for the better the Digital Media World? How will NUM help you reach your goals? How could NUM benefit users?

Digital Media platforms are friendly spaces where people can share their content with others. So, will this be case on Numbers too? Will Numbers be a user friendly space, specially for non-crypto users? Will you have any kind of guides for them to fully enjoy your services?

Sofia |Numbers: NUM is the native protocol token of NUMbers Protocol.

It is primarily a utility token designed to incentivize users to create, archive, and verify content with good integrity. The vision of Numbers Protocol is to create an ecosystem where photos (encompassing both images and videos) matter by leveraging proofs, integrity records, and data provenance to increase the credibility and legitimacy of registered photos in the network.

Participants, such as verifiers and other network operators can get rewards by providing services to increase the credibility and legitimacy of registered photos.
$NUM tokens can also be used to pay for services running in the decentralized photo network.

Q13: Since the project is Decentralized Photo Network for Web 3.0, how did you come-up with the name “number protocols”? What significance for web3 does the project offer? And how is $NUM obtainable?

Sofia |Numbers: The basic form of data in software is a number, 0 or 1.
We believe in the power of community, so we call the project Numbers.
In Numbers, everyone is just like a single number. A single number may mean nothing yet, but together, we are numbers, powerful and can make changes.

Q14: $NUM is the native protocol token of the NUMBER Protocol.
What use cases did you provide within your ecosystem when designing your $NUM token? Will there be benefits for your investors who own your token?

Sofia |Numbers: Kindly refer to our litepaper:

As mentioned, we believe the keys lead to the success of the decentralized photo network are community and trust.

So, the token holders will have the right to participate in the governance. The key decision I can think of now will be the rule of censorship. What are the rules needed in this network that can help users find a good balance between free speech and not being attacked by violent content? That’s something that we believe should be discussed and governed by the community together.

Q15: “Capture, Sealing, Tracking are the three pillars that make Numbers stronger.” Could you please tell us more about the importance of these three pillars?

Sofia |Numbers: With Capture, birth information of media content is recorded at the point of creation. This means that contextual information such as creator, time and location is recorded and digitally signed. In doing so, uniqueness is captured as no two pieces of digital content can replicate the exact circumstances of their creation.

With Seal, the records are made immutable and traceable by creating an integrity record on the blockchain.

With Trace, a certificate of authenticity is generated and the media assets themselves are made into traceable multilayered information containers containing embedded context. The identifying quality of these assets is that they can speak for themselves.

From valueless, trustless, and oversaturated to unique, valuable, accessible, and having a voice, Numbers Protocol decentralized photo network ushers digital media into the Web3.0 space and changes the way digital content is viewed.