OasysAMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

7 min readOct 13, 2022


We held a live AMA with Representative Director, Ryo Matsubara; Marketing lead, Kokushi and Head of Game Alliance, Dominic at Oasys on 13 October 9:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.

Serene | Shin Chan: Before the ama start, please Introduce yourself and your Oasys.

Ryo Matsubara | Oasys: Hi everyone , I’m Ryo. I’m representative director of OASYS

Kokushi | Oasys: I’m PM/Marketing lead of Oasys :)

Dominic | Oasys: I’m Head of Game Alliance at Oasys.

Ryo Matsubara | Oasys: Oasys is Layer 1 “blockchain for game” project

As a blockchain game developer , our team have published MyCryptoHeroes since 2018,
So Oasys is an environment that we wanted use as a developer as well.

Dominic | Oasys: Just adding on top of what Ryo described,

Oasys is a double-layered architecture with L1 (“Hub-Layer”) and many L2s (“Verse-Layers”). Oasys is a game-focused / UX-optimized (zero gas fee for players) blockchain designed as a home for next gen BCG contents.
With mass adoption at its heart (and mine too) and every decision-making focused on achieving the ultimate goal (collab-ing with ConsenSys to develop MetaMask for games, native to Oasys).
Our chain structure allows distribution of game transactions, often heavy in volume, and instant transaction speed.
We are Global gaming alliance ecosystem backed by strong game giants and Web3 institutions.

Ryo Matsubara | Oasys: Since 2018, we’ve been ranked as TOP blockchain game for 1.5 years till just before DeFi summer in 2020.
Suddenly, Ethereum gas fee became very high, we couldnt continue to use Ethereum for gaming NFT.

We explored new platform , then we ‘ve tested other solution like other EVM side chain,
Ethereum’s L2 environment, EVM private chain, non — evm chain .

But Each solution had pros and cons.
Then we started building new solution.

Serene | Shin Chan: Do you have any recent or updated Oasys news you’d like to share with our community?

Dominic | Oasys: I have few recent news regarding Oasys as below:

Announcement of SEGA’s First Blockchain Game in collaboration with double jump.tokyo on Oasys (HOME-Verse)


Announcement of 4 Game Titles (Granted Titles)
👉Trouble Punk: Cybergalz by Catze Labs
👉Sheep Farm by Nightingale Interactive
👉Reign of Terror by Red Door Digital
👉SkyArk Chronicles by SkyArk Chronicles Holdings & Umiverse.io


Announcement of HOME-Verse (DJT’s L2 on Oasys)


You can visit below links and follow our socials.

- Web site : https://www.oasys.games/
- Twitter : https://twitter.com/oasys_games
- Medium : https://medium.com/@oasys
- White Paper & Technical Material : https://docs.oasys.games/

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1. In the Oasys ecosystem, will Gamers and Developers be able to leverage blockchain to create multi-platform and cross-game portability of in-game purchases and skins? Also, is it possible for the gaming community to make seamless transactions within the ecosystem?

Ryo Matsubara | Oasys:

I believe that the use of NFTs beyond games and companies will be required in the future.
Since ERC721 is not sufficient, we believe that standardization of metadata would be required for mutual use of NFTs

And, although it is still in the idea stage, I believe that OASYS, which is supported by many game companies can authorize it.

Q2. I found out that Oasys is introducing “Oasys Architecture” which will be available to game developers.
Can you explain more about Oasys Architecture? And can you share any Architectural features that will make Game development easier for Developers?

Ryo Matsubara | Oasys:

It is the same as the existing environment in terms of having NFT and FT, but it removes barriers for users in terms of gas costs and speed. In addition, having your own Layer 2 allows you to have more control over your IP.

Q3. You announced that apart from Japanese game giants SEGA and Bandai Namco, Square Enix has also joined the node validator at Oasys.
What will working with important brands add to your brand value?

Ryo Matsubara | Oasys:

As a public blockchain, trust is the most important element. Existing blockchains cover such with large market caps (to prevent 51% attack). We are a later comer and we are utilizing the credibility of gaming partners who are validating our nodes. Of course they are also incentivized to build and deploy their own games as stakeholders of our ecosystem!

Q4. More people want games that are truly “fun to play” than just the hustle for tokens. Is Oasys more want to create the next future [game] not for revenue?

Ryo Matsubara | Oasys:

Of course we are releasing fun games! We view that the existing P2E games depend its raison d’etre too much on price of tokens. Obviously token price depends heavily on demand and supply and demand and demand factor depends too much on “hype”.
Game should be fun and should create proper demands like appealing characters and items. It’s highly important for everyone in our ecosystem to create an environment to be able to create genuinely fun games.

Q5. I was able to find that Oasys has recently partnered with TofuNFT, an interesting multi-chain NFT marketplace. What exactly was the objective of this partnership? What do you hope to achieve in terms of NFT with this other project?

Ryo Matsubara | Oasys:

As Oasys has multi L2 on Oasys L1, It’s better to have multi-chain NFT marketplace rather than putting NFT market place on specific L2 or L1.

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6. A Really Different and Interesting Name , May I know the Meaning of “OASYS” , I Hope There Must be Some Interesting Meaning of this Name

Can You Please Share Your View about this Name ?

Ryo Matsubara | Oasys:

Name of OASYS comes from Oasis of Ready player one . but this is “sys”tem support that metaverse . then it is OASYS

Q7. You Have Said that The core team of the Oasys project has been working on blockchain games and NFTs since 2018

Would You Please tell us More about the CORE TEAM of OASYS Project and What are the Main Achievements of yours

Ans In this Long 4 Years , What are your Major Achievements ?

Ryo Matsubara | Oasys:

World №1 DAU, Sales , number of users for 1.5 years till before Defi summer
Sold 27,000ETH gaming NFTs

Q8. Multiple chains, including Polygon, BSC, and Solana, have a wide variety of games. What distinguishes Oasys from these other block chains in terms of the gaming experience?

Kokushi | Oasys:

Oasys has optimized everything for gaming including doubled layer architecture, backers. Obiously it would be different from other chain such as BSC :)

Q9. The initial offline seminar was effectively brought out by Oasys in Koreans. Which was the primary goal of holding this conference? How might securing a dominant position in Asian markets benefit you? Are you going to keep hosting these events?

Ryo Matsubara | Oasys:

Actually we also did an online seminar targeting Japanese game developers a day before the event in Seoul, as you mentioned. The objective of our seminars is to introduce about Oasys to game devs in those markets and attract to our ecosystem. We are obviously holding more events to attract and meet more game developers from all around the world. We also host game pitch events where we could also meet and connect with talented game devs.
Japan is obviously our home market and a strong game market. Korea is a market you can never ignore when it comes to gaming. We have partners of great reputation in both markets and those markets require localized communication. We are also expanding our efforts to other regions in both Asia and non-Asian regions!

Q10. Where can i get project’s INFORMATIONS the earliest?

Ryo Matsubara | Oasys:

Dicord , Twitter and our website!

Q11. There exist gamer enthusiasts in all parts of the world, so does Oasys considered expand its frontiers to other countries apart of Japan? Would you like to create any ambassador or multi-language channels to interact with more game developers?

Dominic | Oasys:

Of course we do not stick to Japanese market. From day1 we have always been a global project.
There are strategically important markets which requires multi-language channels and we are expanding our global foot prints where relevant!
Take a closer look on where we are going next time! 🚀

Q12. I read that Your Core Team Members are in this Space from 2018,
It Means, they are so Experienced,
Other than Oasys,
On What Projects, they have Worked?
Can You Tell?

Kokushi | Oasys:

I was a one of initial member of doublejump.tokyo, which developed My Crypto Heroes on 2018. Back then we had been runnning top in terms of DAU and trading volume until 2020. This is just an exmaple but yeah we are very experienced in gaming, traditional finance, blockchain.

Q13. Since Oasys team from Japan and Gaming industry in Japan is mature, do you have any planning to collaborate with some famous Game Developer or Animation in future?

Kokushi | Oasys:

Of course. Japan is rich in culture that has a good fit for gaming contents. We are talking to so many partners who will help us deliver exciting contents to the global community.

Q14. If Anyone wants to Become Validator on OASYS Platform then How mlMuch token they have to Hold for it?

Dominic | Oasys :10 million $OAS tokens!

Q15. Give me your top 3 features why investors should invest in your project and play your game?

Ryo Matsubara | Oasys:

1.Clear track record 2.Sophisticated solution 3. Giant onbording capabilites

  • End