OneRare AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with Co-Founder, Supreet Raju & Co-Founder, Gaurav Gupta from OneRare on 16 November 09:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


JH | ShinChan: Before the ama start, can you please introduce yourselves and the team background?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: I’m Supreet Raju, co-founder of OneRare. I’m a Gold Medallist in Design, and head the complete Creative strategy for our Foodverse.

Gaurav Gupta 🍎: I am Gaurav Gupta, Co-founder of OneRare. I am an engineer and have worked across the world for Technology startups at the intersection of product and technology. I was the head for the Developer Program at Dash before becoming an early investor in the Defi Space.

Always wanted to build something fun and interesting and here we are with onerare!

JH | ShinChan: Could you please tell us about OneRare in short, and Is there anything you can share us the update/news from OneRare?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: OneRare is the world’s first food metaverse, aka, Foodverse. We are celebrating Food from across the world in our gamified universe, where players can farm, trade and claim unique Dishes, as well as interact with some wonderful mini-games in our playground.

Our vision is to attract the next wave of blockchain adoption by weaving a simple narrative around Food, bringing the global food industry to Web3 and creating a synergy of NFTs traded for real life meals. All in all, our mission is to foodify the blockchain :)

Our latest update is that we have closed our private sale, and we have our Multi-IDO lined up from next week onwards ! We have our first IDO with Enjinstarter on 25 November, and our second IDO with Trustpad on 27 November.

We also have a pre-IDO with Genesis Shards on 24 November, so lots of things to look forward too !

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1: This is perfect for my mom, it will be a stress reliever for her, thank you so much for making such a great app! Can my mom open a restaurant on #Foodverse? How will your Food Metaverse offer us the best NFT dishes? It’s a first so I’m really excited.

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: Thank you for your question ! We are very happy to know that your mum would love this. Our main intention with OneRare is to create a universal and blockchain-friendly project for everyone to come and enjoy — old users & first timers !
Right now, version 1 will feature the ability to make Dishes as listed on OneRare. In our second version, we will be bringing about mini games like Food truck Wars, where you compete against other players using your dishes. And yes, in the future, we plan to create a foodverse where everyone can create their own restaurant, alongside celebrity chefs :)

Q2: Recently, Metaverse Projects (Web3) are receiving a lot of attention and companies like Facebook are not excluded. This nonetheless inspired the birth of your project? How did you come up with the idea of ‘FoodVerse’ for your project?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: Great question ! I think Facebook has come and laid down a very specific definition and visual of what a Metaverse is. But they are not the first-to-market. The blockchain industry has been working on the metaverse concept since longer, and it’s okay for different ideas to evolve for what a Metaverse should be.

We came up with the idea of a Foodverse in January 2021, to celebrate Food, as well as use the happy theme of Food to connect users from across the world. Our focus is on celebrating Food — whether it is global cuisines, festival delicacies, signature dishes from celebrity chefs, iconic restaurant meals and special diets like Vegan/Keto. We are excited to explore this space, come up with new Food ideas everyday and foodify the blockchain with our own definition of foodverse.

Q3: One Rare is creating the first tokenization layer in Web3 that honors food. Is one rare concentrated on one sort of food or can Food from all over the world or from special diets like keto, vegetarian, vegan be included and prepared?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: Food has no language and no boundary, and OneRare will be celebrating exactly that :) we plan to have dishes from all over the world — global cuisines, dishes from various communities, tribes and cultures, festive specials, diets like Vegan/Keto, and make everyone feel included !

We feel Food is a great way for our blockchain community to bond and there should be no barrier on that. It’s a celebration for everyone.

Q4: OneRare wants to work for the cause of eliminating hunger, so could you tell us, if you will establish a tax percentage for this purpose or inform us where these donations will come from and if you will implement a voting system to guarantee fair and honest donations?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: Thank you for your question. OneRare is focused on doing their part for the cause of world hunger. All revenue and proceeds from our collaborations with F&B industry will go towards this cause. We are in talks with Crypto charity funds to be able to do this with full transparency for our community. We also plans to engage our community in this. For example, a Food Fridge, where users can stake their NFT in a fridge, and it will allow us to create a Food Fridge in the real world where poor people can take out free meals.

We will ofcourse want our community to be active voice in this, and so we will be creating a voting mechanism for our community to suggest and help us implement these plans.

I think the blockchain industry can create efficient systems and transparency for such causes.

Q5: There have been a lot of cooking game shows in appstores worldwide. by launching One Rare, you are making competitors anong these applications. Can you share us the key features of the project that makes it ahead of others? What specifications dies your project is proud of?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: The key difference between Web2 games and Web3 games is the community. Web2 games on app stores can be very popular, but the community is never rewarded for propelling it to the top. The game publishers keep all the profits, and charge players for skins etc.

For OneRare, community is paramount to our success and an equal part of it. Farmers can farm for ingredients and sell it at their desired price on the Farmer’s Market. Users can use their Ingredient and Dish NFTs to play mini games and earn ORARE tokens and NFT rewards

On a side note, I would also like to add that OneRare is not a cooking game, but more of a Foodie’s game. The cooking aspect of OneRare is restricted to a simple cook button — so we welcome everyone who loves food, even if they cant cook !

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6: According to what I’ve learned, the initial currency of the OneRare foodverse is $ORARE. Could you explain what this token’s main utility is, how it’s used in the ecosystem, and how it will benefit its holders?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: OneRare will run on the $ORARE token. Our token is a high-utility token that can be used across our foodverse. You can speed up your farming, trade at the farmer’s market, play mini games at the playground, as well as, be a part of the governance. Our token is community-focused, so you can own it as well as earn it in our Play-to-earn farm and playground.
We have also been careful with our fundraise and saved maximum for our community. Our aim is to build the best Food project on Web3, and our tokenomics support that.

Q7: You mentioned that Users will be able to mix and prepare food in your metaverse called FoodVerse. What is the process of mixing and preparing food in your metaverse like? Will it be possible for a players to have Physical taste of some of the dishes they prepare on FoodVerse in physical restaurants?

Gaurav Gupta 🍎: Combining ingredients to make recipes is at the heart of the OneRare Metaverse.

Basically you need to either farm or buy ingredients from the farmer’s market.

Then you can go to the ‘kitchen’ and combine your ingredient nfts to make recipes.

Thats it, then feel free to take your recipes to the playground and play exciting games!

We are also working with partners across the world so that you will be able to swap these NFTs for real world meals!

Q8: I know OneRare is supposed to be a digital platform, but are there any future plans on having real-life food involved in any way? Especially since you will be partnering with real-life chefs ?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: Yes absolutely ! In the long-term vision, we feel NFTs will need to develop some utility — and we plan to bring that organically to our Foodverse by allowing users to swap their Ingredient and Dish NFTs for real life meals & deals.

Q9: You build the OneRare platform on Polygon. You have also partnered with Enjin. Do you have any plans to become a multi-chain project in the near future?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: We strongly believe that the future of blockchain is multi-chain.So we are working with quality partners who can help us build faster and stronger. We started our journey with the support of Polygon, who helped us build our first Testnet. We have now also partnered with Enjin, to help us build our next layer. We have a Mini-Game, Hippo Full, which is the world’s first NFT Slot machine. Our plan is to have OneRare Friendship Hippos, where our friendly Hippos will be deployed on different chains across the ecosystem. We want to spread Food and smiles everywhere !

Q10: The OneRare foodverse includes four areas: the farm, The Farmer’s Market, the kitchen, and the Playground. What is the utility and use of each of these four areas of the OneRare FoodVerse?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: Our Foodverse has four areas — The Farm, which is play-to-earn and you can grow Ingredients. The Farmer’s Market, where Farmers can sell their harvested crops, as well as, exotic ingredients. The Kitchen, which is the soul of OneRare, and you can read recipes and claim Dish NFTs. And lastly, our Playground where you can play mini games using ORARE tokens and your NFts
To claim a dish, your wallet needs to have all the ingredients needed to make a dish. The dishes will be listed in the OneRare Kitchen with pre-set recipes. Each Recipe is a list of ingredients you need to make the dish. Once you have all the ingredients, you can go to the kitchen and combine them — watch the magic as your ingredient NFTs disappear and the Dish NFT is delivered to your wallet

Q11: To make NFTs more useful in real life, in OneRare we can replace NFTs with meals at certain restaurants, but is it advantageous to use your NFTs for this, or is it more profitable to sell them in the market?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: Great question ! NFTs are a comparatively new concept for the Blockchain, and the use-cases will continue to evolve for the next decade. It is hard to compare the advantages of using your NFT in real life, vs trading them, at this point of time. But that’s what makes the Foodverse so interesting & exciting for us ! The possibilities are endless with Food, and users will have power to do many things with their NFT, not just hold them for value.

Q12: As you said, OneRare will offer two types namely Rare and Rare of All Dishes. So, For a proper understanding of this dish, may we know what foods OneRare serves? What features would classify a dish as rare in your Foodverse?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: Rare dishes will have multiple copies but will get harder to mint with every unlock. That gives early players a very, very big advantage because they can unlock the first dish with just 1 of each ingredient. For the first French Fries NFT, the player needs 1 potato, 1 cooking oil, and 1 salt. But the 2nd French Fries NFT needs 4 potatoes, 4 cooking oil, and 4 salt. So the first player’s NFT has already become more valuable because now players will spend more time & money to claim an NFT. Rarest of All dishes will be one-of-a-kind, unique NFTs of which only 1 copy will ever exist. These dishes will be our special Chef and celebrity collaborations, as well as, some very very unique dishes from different cultures across the world — they could be a festive recipe made only by a small region of the world, an exotic ingredients dish, or something completely whimsical like our Web3 project recipes.

Q13: OneRare aims to celebrate dishes and recipes from all over the world, but in which countries is OneRare more active right now? Which regions or countries of the World does OneRare have a special interest in?

Gaurav Gupta 🍎: At OneRare, we beleive food transcends every artificial barrier we have created between ourselves like nationality, language, age, gender & religion. Onerare sees all its gamers as just foodies coming together to celebrate food. We aren’t focused or specifically active in any particular region and it is our intention to equally cover every recipe in the world!

Q14: During the first quarter of next year, I noted you had plans to collaborate with TV shows and worldwide culinary influencers. However, until you become a globally popular project, this is a difficult goal to achieve. How will you prepare yourself to reach this goal?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: Great question ! Surprisingly, we have gotten an amazing response from Chefs & Restaurants who are becoming increasingly aware of the mainstream news coverage of NFTs and Crypto. So they are very excited to join a Food-inspired project. Since the F&B industry is so broad and globally spread, we are making our first steps into the market, and have already brought 5 chefs onboard that we will be revealing soon. We are confident that the growth of OneRare and these chef collaborations will help us spread the word faster :)

Q15: Each country has its own special food. Does Onerare support food from every country?? So that each country will have its own NFT through this Onerare project?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: Food has no language and no barrier — so we are very focused on covering foods from every country across the world. We will be diving deep into various cuisines, and taking help from our community to identify local favorites & traditional foods

Q16: Lastly we have seen squid game project on bsc have done a rug pull on investors so how can we be sure OneRare won’t do this do us?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: Its very sad to see such scams in the industry, and I completely understand your point about the morale after a rugpull. I feel users must start to gauge the authenticity of projects based on their partners and build, rather than marketing. We are builders at heart, and our Testnet version 0.1 is already live on where you can make recipes. Our Mainnet will be coming in Dec. Secondly, we have partnered with notable angels and large investor funds that do complete due diligence before investing. We are very very passionate about our long term vision of the Foodverse, and also a publicly announced team. We are not going to hide behind anon, and we are always here to answer to our community.

Here are some of our Angels

And some of our Partners & Investors

Q17: Can you list 1–3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: To founders, everything seems killer ;) but we feel very confident about building our Foodverse :

1. First Project to bring Food to Web3 : We are the first Food Metaverse on the blockchain, working on one of the most popular topics around the world. Food has no language, and OneRare

2. Engaging Gameplay for All : Current market offerings are very male-oriented, or technical. With OneRare, we are building a product that attracts male & female audiences, old gamers and first timers.

3.Use-Case for NFTs : With the growing popularity of NFTs, people are also beginning to see utility in them. OneRare offers a natural use-case for Food NFTs, where users can swap them for real meals and deals worldwide.

Q18: Can’t those who don’t know how to cook like me play OneRare games? So my Mother, Cooks, Chefs will be more advantageous than me?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: Not at all ! OneRare is a Foodies game, not a cooking game. So if you love Food & gaming, you will fit right in :)
The Recipe for each dish will be listed on OneRare itself — it will be a list of ingredients you need to collect to claim a Dish What we call a Recipe is simply, a list of Ingredients that go into making a Dish So players must traverse the Foodverse and collect all the Ingredients, and once they have the right quantity, they can head to the kitchen and combine them with a simple button ! No cooking skills needed.

Q19: Since they put 4 types of lands where they set up different ways to play to win in a more fun way. I would like to know if I can have access to these four lands once the game is started? Or are they released as the player advances in level and has acquired certain amounts of ORARE?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: Great question ! You will have access to all four parts of the Foodverse, as they all have different activities. In Version 1, we will be bringing the Farm, Farmer’s Market & the Kitchen. Once enough Dishes have been minted, we will launch the fourth part, our Playground, for mini games !

Q20: Question: How can I stay updated about your project???
Provide all possible links…??

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: Please join our Announcement Channel for Project updates !

Our Official Channels are :

🍰 Announcement channel :
🍉 Community channel :
🍔 Twitter :
🌽 Discord :
🍄 Instagram :
🍛 Facebook :

Q21: Where can I see your whitepaper and your token-release schedules from?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: Please check out — it has the whitepaper link as well :)

Q22: Where did you get the inspiration of creating OneRare project? How did you decide on this name? Can you please tell the story behind?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: We got the inspiration for OneRare from wanting to create something everyone could have fun with, and travel and Food are our most favorite activites !
When we were brainstorming for our name, we came up with many. We chose OneRare for imbibing the simplicity that our game adopts. “One Rare” will be used before every part of our project. The Dishes will be OneRare Burger, or OneRare Hanoi Pho. And our community is the OneRare Community. Everything about us is One (unique) and Rare !

Q23: It caught my attention in order to cook meals, users will need both materials that they will get from farming or buying them, and a recipe. So, I was wondering, how can users get recipes to prepare their favorite dishes? Do they need to purchase them too? Can you tell us more?

Supreet | OneRare | Admin will never PM first: All recipes will be listed for free, you dont need to purchase any of them :) You will need to follow the recipe and collect the list of Ingredients it needs for the dish to be minted.





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