Pandora Protocol AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with CEO & Founder, Pushkar Vohra and BDM, Sayuj Kumar from Pandora Protocol on 25th August 09:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene: Before AMA start, can you introduce yourselves and the team background?

Sayuj: Hello guys! Pleasure meeting you all, i am Sayuj Kumar Business Dev Manager at Pandora Protocol.

Pandora is founded by Pushkar Vohra (CEO), who was previously part of EthLend(now AAVE) and many other DeFi projects.

Escanor: Sure. I am Vibhav , Operations Manager @PandoraProtocol. I started out in technical space and then draw myself into analysis seeing the Operations became my specialty and then I joined Pandora as an Operations Manager and started my journey for the project that is surely to the moon!

Twitter Section:

Q1: What is your plan for global expansion? At present, which market does focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners ?

Sayuj: We are global from day 1, and we want to expand throughout the world so in order to fulfill that we will be ocming up with our Ambassador program, we would love to have a global presence and people from all over the world! So do not miss out and stay tuned for updates regarding the Ambassador program.

Q2: Do you have “AUDIT” certificates or are you working to AUDIT” your project, to make it more secure and reliable?

Sayuj: We are living in a decentralised world. Vulnerability is something which one can’t skip but can minimise it by taking the various measure. This is what all the best DeFi projects do — we at Pandora do not push any code on the main-net without getting an audit from a reliable and good security auditing firm. Everything needs to be audited from token contract to SDK; then only it will be pushed to main-net. Hence we have partnered with one of the best security auditing firm which is Zokyo and have succesfully passed the Audit 🎉🎉

Q3: I saw that Pandora has a really interesting type of NFT called (DYNAMIC NFT).
My first question: What’s the difference between your regular NFT and your (DYNAMIC NFT)?

Sayuj: Thats a great question and a lot of people are intrigued by dynamic NFTs, So basically Dynamic NFT’s are those NFTs whose value are changing with respect to outside events. Events like performance of any players. Player performance are dynamic and we need oracle for that. Thus outside events can make price positive or negative and can impact it.

Dynamic NFTs are essentially permanent smart contracts that use oracles to interact with external data and systems. In other words, dynamic NFTs are tokens that react and respond to external conditions, either on-chain or off-chain. more can be read here:

Q4: Partnerships are very important for any platform to build up from zero level to success. So does Pandora have strong partners to support for withstanding against huge competition in crypto market?

Sayuj: Our partnership is an ongoing activity. As of now we have did partnership with OroPocket and Unmarshal.

With Unmarshal we have partnered for data indexing API for the NFT ecosystem Whereas, with OROpocket we have partnered to provide liquidity to the tokenized asset on their platform and cross-chain transactions. Both the partnerships are a strategic partnerships. The user of both the ecosystem will be benefited.

We have also recently partenered with PARSIQ team to provide triggering events for NFT data point. We many more partnerships to be announced down the line so stay tuned!

More about that can be read in the medium article:

Q5: I could see that many of your products are not yet developed, such as Box, Kylyx and Kalel. Can you tell us more about these products? What utilities will they have within Pandora and how will they make your ecosystem more attractive? When will we be able to enjoy these products?

Sayuj: Good question. All these dapps are using Pandora SDK as the middleware solution.

KylyX: KylyX is the marketplace for digital and real-world asset NFT with cross-chain functionality

BoX: Box is the surprise box where lots of innovative features like
liquidity induction n NFT via PiNFT’s are there.

Kalel: Kalel is the social token dapp built on Pandora SDK

Telegram Live AMA Begin:

Q6: Pandora Protocol is going to be a leader on the B2B for NFT’s so what are your next plans?

Escanor: Good question . In a way you answered it yourself only.

In today’s world there are more than 300 trillion dollars worth of Assets that are being wasted.

Both traditional finance and Decentralised Finance have failed to Liquidate those assets.

Imagine Pandora Protocol providing that service to all . And everyone can finally achieve a value they didn’t think of achieving in thier own life span.

That is how Pandora is gonna change the way you look at assets and revolutionize the future!

Q7: Are you planning to promote your Project in a country/region where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better Understand your Project?

Escanor: Being a global project our aim is to provide service and support to each and every users.
Keeping the users satisfied is our main goal. For that various steps are taken into account so that there is a flow of communities of different region.

Soon we will be releasing Ambassador programme also for our Global community supporters!

Q8: I saw on your website that Pandora Protocol will have three (3) upcoming products and DApps, namely, Box, Kylyx and Kalel. Can you tell us more details about these products and what should we expect?

Sayuj: Yeah, there is exciting development going on in this vertical. 3 products are getting built on the Pandora stack.

KylyX : A marketplace for digital and real-world assets.

BOX: A innovation zone built on top of Pandora SDK where cross-chain transaction and few other exciting features coming up.

Kalel: A social token NFT dapp getting built on Pandora.

All three projects are getting built on Pandora and boosting up the NFT ecosystem. More details around that are coming soon.

Q9: I see that the Pre sale is over and whitelisting on PAID ignition is now closed. Can you please tell us how we can get the tokens and when can we start getting these tokens since we already missed out on presale and ignition whitelisting?

Sayuj: You can tune into our TG chat:

Where on monday we will be announcing right after the IDO we will be going live on pancakeswap. You can then put the pandora address there and buy PNDR

Q10: Where is the news about rewards for testers? Why can’t they even write to me with all the news by email. You can explain when, how much and what they will give out

Sayuj: Beta testing was great and we appreciate everyones feedback. Our team has compiled all the suggestions and are working on them currently. 9 lucky users that will be involved in testing will receive remarkable NFTs from the Exclusive Pandora Box collection.
ONE of the luckiest winners will receive a unique NFT and $PNDR Airdrop

Q11: In terms of security, have you been audited? Why should users trust your platform to keep their funds safe from any malicious attacks?

Sayuj: We have been audited by one of the best firms Zokyo after a rigorous and comprehensive assessment.

Q12: Ethereum is your main objective. After Ethereum blockchain support which blockchain are you thinking to integrate into project?

Sayuj: We are going to be launching on BSC as of now due to low gas fees and later on will plan to work on polkadot which will help in cross chain transactions

Q13: What is the reason you decided to come with an anonymous team? How can we trust you as we saw most of the project with anonymous team members do scam? Will you reveal your identity in future?

Sayuj: We do not have an annonymous team. We are a team of individual experts in the technology and business vertical. Pandora founder Pushkar Vohra has worked with Ethlend ( now AAVE ), founded Blockslab and worked with few other DeFi projects before starting Pandora. He has also been the TedX speaker.

Other teammates Ankit and Sachin, have also worked with various crypto and non-crypto companies like Ocean Protocol, BigChainDB, Red Hat, Blockslabs and few others.
One common thing about most team members is that they have worked with the best DeFi and crypto projects before. We are very much confident about the success of Pandora in the NFT ecosystem.

Q14: HOw to find out IDO
so that i can grab this opportunity


Telegram (
Pandora Protocol Official Announcements in Pandora Protocol
#IDO #Announcement #PandoraProtocol #PNDR

Q15: Users from USA can participate in the IDO? Or there is restrictions for those countries where Crypto is not legal?

Sayuj: Restricted Countries

Albania, Barbados, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Ghana, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Jamaica, Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of), Mauritius, Morocco, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Senegal, Syrian Arab Republic, Uganda, United States of America, Yemen, Zimbabwe

Q16: Why didn’t you create any whitepaper as I don’t see whitepaper on your website?


Q17: Any current #Pandora airdrop programs? Can you explain the related information?

Sayuj: Yes we are having an awesome Airdrop with coinmarketcap with 75,000 PNDR tokens for giveaway Read the deatils here:

Q18: tell me what kind of project is this? How we can participate? Any whitelist?

Sayuj: Whitelisting is over for Ignition IDO, you can buy directly from a dex on Monday

Q19: Partnerships are really required for fast adoption for new coins. Can you tell us what partners Pandora Protocol has currently?

Sayuj: We have also recently partenered with PARSIQ team to provide triggering events for NFT data point. We many more partnerships to be announced down the line so stay tuned!

More about that can be read in the medium article:

Q20: I see Pandora has an unique innovative mechanism to bring Liquidity via PiNFT,
Ait is very new for me,
Can You provide more knowledge on this approach?

Escanor: PiNFT is a novel approach to get liquidity in any NFT and make it tradable to a cross-chain platform.For those NFT generated on other platforms, we are bringing innovative mechanism to bring liquidity via PiNFT.

Q21: Can you explain to us how to buy your tokens? Are you currently planning to hold a private sale event and a public sale? if so, when? can you share the link here? and what is the current price?

Escanor: To participate in our IDO you have visit :

And participate in our IDO with Ignition.

Apart from that we launched our whitelisting form that was already oversubscribed.

Apart from that we will be getting listed on a Decentralized exchange where you can buy $PNDR easily!

Q22: 📌I read on your twitter that the Pandora Protocol Community Airdrop with CoinMarketCap. How to participate in that airdrop? Is there a requirement?

📌What types of collaborations with various projects, platforms, protocols can we expect from Pandora Protocol in the future?
Could you provide us with some examples of how other projects can benefit from your expertise?


Q23: Do the token holders have right to participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Sayuj: Yes, they will be able to participate. Details we will be releasing soon

Q24: Your IDO will be available in PaidNetwork on August 30th. Could you please inform us how we can take part in this event?

How will IDO funds be distributed for prospective project development, and what are the long-term goals after IDO is operational?

Sayuj: Details about the IDO will be well written in a medium article so that our community is not confused and has full information. Roadmap will be released on the website soon where you could see what we will be up to next

Q25: PANDORA is promoting the idea of digitizing real-world assets in order to make trading them easier.Can you share us more on this? How are you going to authenticate these digital assets?

Escanor: Our Pandora stack is entirely modular and easy to use features. We have
categorised different users based on their rights to get the best return from the
platform. We have categorised other users based on their rights to get the best
return from the platform. Some of our participants are:

-Asset Owner
-Asset validator
-Assets (Real-world assets/Digital assets)
-Reputation provider

For more details on how we are doing it you have to go through our Lite Paper

Q26: What protocols has Pandora developed to bridge the gap between off-chain assets and the on-chain ecosystem? What are the off-chain assets that are compatible with Pandora’s protocols? How do you avoid the security risk of such centralized assets?

Escanor: Pandora stack consists of 3 different layers.
Pandora chain: A self-sovereign interoperable chain where any assets can be tokenised and traded. It can be of Web2 ecosystem or Web3 like ethereum,
Polkadot, Cosmos or any other chain.

Pandora SDK/Protocol: SDK would be a complete suite of all features that
can be plugged and played to any existing application and spins the functionality. Developers can also create an application from scratch by integrating this SDK in their dapp.

Pandora Dapps: A dapp built for users. It will be used by those who want to
tokenised their real-world assets and wish to participate in the trade of those tokenised assets

- End -