Planet Mojo AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

14 min readMay 4, 2022

We held a live AMA with Founder, Michael Levine, Executive Director Ralph Gerth and Community Manager Kendrea Camacho from Planet Mojo on 5th May 01:00 AM(UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


JH | Shin Chan: let us welcome Planet Mojo Team 🥳

Before the ama start, can you please introduce yourselves and the team background to our community?

Mike| Planet Mojo: My name is Mike, founder and Chief Creative Officer of Planet Mojo. I will do my intro and pass it over to Ralph and Kendrea

My name is Mike Levine, I’m a 25+ year game industry veteran. I worked at LucasArts in the 90s, and since then have run my own companies doing a mix of our own projects, and service work.

We’ve done our own games over the years, and worked with companies like Hasbro, Spin Master, Pepsi, Niantic and more.

We spent the last year making a VR game called “Sam & Max: This Time Its’s Virtual!” based on an IP I worked on at Lucas back in the day. It was while we were making that game, I began to become obsessed with blockchain and web3

Ralph Gerth| Planet Mojo: Hello, I’m Ralph Gerth, Executive Director at Planet Mojo. I started working in game development with Mike at LucasArts back in the 90’s. My background is in art but over the years my roles have included game design, programming, producer and studio founder. When Mike showed me what he was building with Planet Mojo, I immediately dropped everything and joined the team.

Kendrea Camacho | Planet Mojo: My name is Kendrea and I’m the head of community for Planet Mojo. I’m not a traditional gamer BUT I LOVE community and growing communities. I’m a Blockchain native and am excited to see how gaming intersects with blockchain! Its an amazing time and I’m glad to be building with the EXCITING project! I came in 2017 for BTC but stayed for ETH and EVERYTHING else in this wonderful space! Again, thank you for having us!

JH | Shin Chan: Can you briefly introduce what Planet Mojo is all about? And is there any news would like to share with us?

Mike| Planet Mojo: Planet Mojo is a blockchain gaming metaverse being built on Polygon by veterans from LucasArts, EA, Activision and more, and backed by Animoca, Republic, Alameda, Spartan and more. Players will compete with their customized teams in a suite of E-Sports PvP and Play-And-Earn games set inside a rich new alien world. Mojo Melee, our first title, will be an auto chess game reinvented for blockchain, allowing players to own their game characters (as NFTs) and play-and-earn in ongoing tournaments. In addition we will launch our Biome (Land) gameplay at the same time.

We are in the middle of our first NFT sale/raffle right now! I am sure we will talk more about the details and the insane perks we are giving our early supporters. The link to sign up for our contest is here —

And we are doing a sale with Polkastarter, so two ways to sign up! —

we are honored to have a great list of partners

Sky Vision Capital
Spartan Capital
Merit Circle
Genblock Capital

and Guilds, DAOs and launchpads:

Twitter Section:

Q1. In Q3 2022 your RoadMap that “Auto Chess & Biome Early Access” will be released. So can you explain what Auto Chess and Biome are? What are the differences and how do they work? What benefits do these two features bring to gamers and how do you get access to Auto Chess & Biome?

Mike| Planet Mojo: This summer we will be releasing early access alpha versions of our first games. Overtime we will release more games to create a metaverse of interconnected games and experiences players can move their teams and NFTs between

We are starting with two games, first playable via WebGL in the browser. Mojo Melee is our AutoChess and main PVP game. But we also have Land play which we call Biomes. We will be releasing these also as a mobile app later in the year.

One of the big perks of owning and holding a Mojo is we will airdrop you 4 Champions NFTs! All you will need to form a team and play the Auto Chess game this summer! We will also release Land in a few months and all Mojo holders will be WLd for that as well

Biomes are sort of an “Animal Crossing-Lite” where you collect resources and craft items. We will add many more features to it over time.

We have a big focus on Tournaments for Mojo Melee and all early Mojo holders will have access to our first tournament with cash and token prizes!~

Q2. Collaborations and partnerships are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption. Can you tell us about your current partners, plans for partnerships and what everybody stands to gain from these partnerships?

Mike| Planet Mojo: We have made some great partnerships and more are on the way.

Most notable is the list above of Guilds. With their help and our early adopters will have a great pool of players to help us balance the game and ensure its fun! We believe in “Fun-First” and listening to our community.

Kendrea Camacho | Planet Mojo: You can see that we have some amazing partners. We all amplify each other and in doing so, we better the whole blockchain gaming space! Our deepest desire is that the whole gaming sector wins! We can get there together

Mike| Planet Mojo: We have also worked closely with partners like Animoca and Republic and others on our Tokenomics to ensure we are creating a lasting sustainable economy

Q3. The idea of joining the game and preserving the flora is just brilliant as a blockchain game concept. But where does all this in-game inspiration and animation come from? Will the theme be refined and modified as the project progresses?

Mike| Planet Mojo: Our goal was to make a sustainable long term project. A new fantasy world people can escape to with characters and storylines. But ALSO tie it to the real world through initiatives like the pic above. We have a partnership with ONETREEPLANTED and for every Mojo we will sell, we will pay for a tree to be planted on the Continent of the owners choosing! We hope this will inspire other projects in the space to do similar things and together we can make an impact!

Read more about our partnership here:

Q4. Your Mojo Adoption MintList Contest is progressing. Could you tell us more about this contest? What are the criteria for joining in the Mintlist contest? Will some type of KYC be needed & how many contestants are necessary to participate? When will it begin and when will it end?

Mike| Planet Mojo: Great question. We are right in the middle of our Mintlist Contest that has NO KYC and its ending on May 17th 11:59 UTC . Entering the contest puts you in a lottery and winners will be selected on a RANDOM basis with no pre-requirements. The winner’s are ASSURED a spot on the mintlist to be able to purchase a MOJO. With the purchase of a Mojo and you holding it; you would receive the 4 champions airdropped to your wallet with Mojo in it as a reward.

We’ve also got something special for this community so stay tuned…

we should also mention the rewards!

first off who are the Mojos?

Mojos are individually unique magical, organic plant-based creatures, born from Planet Mojo to face a deadly threat. The first Mojos dropped will be from the Plant Class and feature four different Subclasses of Mojos — Leaves, Vines, Flower and Moss. No two are the same. The Mojos are 3D playable game characters that will be necessary for Planet Mojo’s forthcoming Biome (Land) and Auto Chess (Mojo Melee) gameplay, where they cast magical abilities on the battlefield as part of your Team.

5 NFTs for the Price of One!
Mojo Wallet holders who have sprouted their Moj-Seed will be automatically airdropped 4 of our initial 6 Champions, randomly selected. Coming out before our game this summer! To be clear, for Minting ONE MOJO, you will be airdropped 4 FREE NFTS! 5 NFTs for the price of One!

Early Game & Tournament Access
Access to the private Early Access games launched this summer and our first ever tournament with a large rewards pool (details coming). With the Early Access version of our first game release coming this summer, our primary goal is to get our NFTs into the hands of real players as soon as we can. Those who purchase our initial NFTs will be able to help Planet Mojo balance and test. This will be an opportunity to provide the development team feedback that will be key to guiding the evolution and refinement of Planet Mojo.

Allowlisted for Biomes
Mojo Wallet holders who have sprouted their Moj-Seed will be automatically be given access to our upcoming Biome sales.

Community AllowList IDO Spots
An opportunity to be whitelisted with one of our launchpad partners for our IDO Token Sale.

Q5. Most of us don’t have high specs smartphone devices, therefore based on your trailer I will need high specs gadgets to play Planet Mojo. Can you tell us what our minimum device requirements are to play and enjoy games on Planet Mojo?

Mike| Planet Mojo: Actually we are making a big effort to make sure you do NOT need a high end PC or smartphone to play our games!

We are starting in the web browser with WebGL and coming to mobile and other platforms our community would like added. We are experts in optimization and we wanted to make sure this game was playable by a global audience and they would not need high end devices. This is very important to us.

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6: Mystic Moose raised $5 million from Animoca Brands to create Planet Mojo, according to the article. Would you be upfront about your spending to the stakeholders and also how you intend to use the funds raised for the advancement of Planet Mojo?

Mike| Planet Mojo:
Thanks! We are very transparent and we are using the funds to build out the team, the games, the platform, the art and more.

Q7: Hii, PlanetMojo. I was able to see that in approximately 6 days their NFTs, consisting of 9999 unique 3D playable Mojos, will be released..

So, can you tell me what is the use of the mojos or NFTs in your platform? How can I acquire one of these mojos, am I still on time ??

Ralph Gerth| Planet Mojo:
Yes there is time. The Mojos are required to play the games… you also need 4 Champions which we will be Airdropping Free to all early adopters.

Q8: With so many communities with different languages in the world. What plans do you have to add more languages to the world of the metaverse?

Ralph Gerth| Planet Mojo:

Q9: What guarantee do you offer us so that we can invest in this game in your NFTs?

Mike| Planet Mojo:
We are long time gaming veterans. Our entire goal is to move the needle for web3 games and usher in a new generation of games. We are in it for the long haul

Q10: How does #planetmojo work can you give more information?

Kendrea Camacho | Planet Mojo:
Best source would be to go to our website for our whitepaper at from there join our Discord at!

Q11: The most important purpose of the creation of projects is to make money for their founders. But Planet Mojo has a universal purpose and makes you different. How do you expect us to help “Green” or make the world green as a community? What should we do?

Ralph Gerth| Planet Mojo:
We can’t speak for everyone but our contribution is 1 Mojo 1 Tree planted. We like this because it’s a tangible contribution that is easy to understand.

Q12: If Planet Mojo are looking for experienced staff to continue developing the project, what requirement is needed to have an option to be part of your prestigious project?

Mike| Planet Mojo:
We are always looking for exceptional and talented staff. We have a Interest Form on our website and I would direct you there to get in touch!

Q13: There are many projects being promoted that started before Planet Mojo. what do you prioritize on creating good quality content from an art and narrative perspective that will stand the test of time on Planet Mojo?

Mike| Planet Mojo:
If you look at our art, story and content … we think it stands our from many in the space. We are taking great pride and care to create a truly lifelike fantasy world. Here is a sneakpeak from our upcoming cinematic being made by friends of ours who used to work at Pixar and ILM:

Q14: I read that Mojos features four different Subclasses of Mojos “Leaves,Vines,Flower& Moss”. Can you please explain what is the difference between each Subclasses? is the difference only from the physical form of the character?or each Subclasses have different uniqueness or rarity?

Mike| Planet Mojo:
Initially the differences will be mostly visual. Later as we add more features to game, Mojo subclasses and other attributes will offer some gameplay variations.

Q15: Will You please Share Some Information about the VISION of this Platform , What Long Term Plan Have You Made With this Platform and Most Importantly What Plans Have You Made to Bring Many Players, Users to the Platform ?

Mike| Planet Mojo:
Planet Mojo seeks to redefine the next generation of web3 games. Set in a mysterious alien world with an evolving story and plotlines, players will be able to use their game assets in a suite of interconnected games and experiences, as well as play a role in the future development of the project through Governance and voting. Planet Mojo is an inclusive project directed by our commitment to community, sharing, helping our planet and each other, and most of all, building fun, great games that can stand the test of time.

To add, we have been proponents of “Play-AND-Earn” in this space since we launched. Now we are seeing Axie and many others get behind this important change to how we see this space evolving. We are all about “fun first” and we want to give everyone a chance to play our games and create an original, sustainable project that makes great games, but also has an impact on society and helps protect our environment in our small way. We hope by doing the latter other projects will follow our lead and we all together can make a massive impact!

Q16: Smart contracts tend to fail and many projects fall victim to it, costing users money and disrespecting the project. How reliable and secure is your smart deal? Which team did you audit for?

Kendrea Camacho | Planet Mojo:
Security is paramount to us and we are following all due diligence to keep us all safe. We are using Certik who are auditing our contracts. They are among the best in this field.

Q17: How many characters & Element are there in “Planet Mojo” and how the game is designed ? could you tell us about the main features and give us some details of each of them, from the ways in which we can generate profits and the Marketplace that you have designed for the game?

Mike| Planet Mojo:
We will be releasing more characters and land over time. Our story begins with a group of Mojos and 6 Champions. By the fall there will be 20. All characters will be upgradable as well. In our Biome-Land play you can craft NFT Battlestones which you get you into our paid tournaments and more rewards!

Q18: I Read that When a MOJO NFT will be minted, There will be a tree that will be planted ,This is a great initiative, Why did you thought to plant a tree for every Minted NFT?

Ralph Gerth| Planet Mojo:
It felt more real than just offsetting carbon credits… we wanted to do something.

Q19: Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community? Are we allowed in decision making, do you put community into Consideration?

Mike| Planet Mojo:
Absolutely! Please join our Discord. We very much listen to the community and plan to add eventual governance voting as well on key decisions!

Q20: Do you have a whitepaper? If yes, please share it with us. Secondly, Do you have plans for pre-sale?

Ralph Gerth| Planet Mojo:

Q21: Low income people have been benefited from Play to earn games like Axie infinity, What role Planet Mojo can play in this sector?

Kendrea Camacho | Planet Mojo:
We have adopted and operate under Play AND Earn which means, we are bringing back the element of fun with the potential to earn. We see the growing pains that Axie has had to bear when their economy is not balanced with the daily emissions for play to earn.

Q22: What types of gameplay modes do you provide to your users? Is it possible for me to earn awards in all of them? What are the various methods to earn money using PlanetMojo? Do you have any prospective plans to incorporate games or events?

Ralph Gerth| Planet Mojo:
We’ll be releasing a Land play game along with the Auto Chess. Planet Mojo is made up of different ecosystems representing Earth-like Biomes. The forest Biome will be available in the initial release with new Biome types to be added in the future.

Players can purchase land Biome NFTs which are homes to their Mojos and a place where valuable resources can be collected and crafted. The Biomes have daily quests and the ability to craft items to use for upgrades or trade in the Mojo Marketplace. Biomes are where players will craft Battle Stones to gain tournament entry. Biomes will evolve over time with new features, serving as a “homebase” and launching point to new games and adventures

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