Pledge Finance AMA Summary Recap With Shin Chan Community

We held a Live AMA with CTO, Michael from Pledge Finance on 27th September 11:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene | Shin Chan: Before AMA start, can you introduce yourselves and the team background?

MR 💎💎: A bit about me. I myself worked for more than 15 years in Fintech and have a PhD in AI from a high profile university in US. Before creating Pledge, I was the Chief Scientist for a HK based lending company with global assets of 100B. In Pledge, I am leading the product and engineering to enable massive innovation in ecosystem for financial NFT and open finance.

Pledge is, unlike other defi such as MakerDAO/Compound/AAVE etc, designed as an interest yield marketplace. It is a cross chain, cross border, cross industry ecosystem that enables developers and traders to create a new Wall Street.

Pledge team is led by the serial entrepreneur Tony Y. Chan, and Stanford Blockchain Professor Dr. David Tse. Pledge is is designed to become a leading Financial NFT ecosystem for the mass market.

Serene | Shin Chan: Any latest/ update news about Orion Money you would like to share with our community?😀

MR 💎💎: The PLGR KYC Sale Registration will be closing on September, 27th at 11:45 PM EST, which is just in 9 hours. We are overbooked in this process so please be quick and finish the KYC.

Please check out The official website for most recent pub sale updates: for more information

Social Media💎💎

Official videos:

Right now I am leading the team for product launching. Pledge leverages the latest blockchain technology, especially with ERC 1155 to enable the creation of NFT to represent each loan, bond, insurance as well as other assets. Pledge’s Financial NFT supports configurable asset token type, which can have its own terms, metadata, supply and other derivative attributes. A single deployed contract includes a combination of many fungible tokens, non-fungible tokens or other configurations. Financial NFT protocols support game and finance developers with interoperability such as transfer, swap and trade, and hence are expected to remove the barriers to entry for almost all traditional financial market participants.

AMA Twitter Section Begins:

  1. Question

On Pledge Finance, how can you make sure the loan is safe? What types of information do you need from borrowers? Is there a standardized criteria of assets or specific collateral they must have in order to borrow? What are the particular specifications?

MR 💎💎: Pledge Protocol (“Pledge”) is an algorithm-driven, financial NFT based, cross-chain ecosystem covering lending and derivatives across many major public chains. At the current stage, Pledge first builds on the Binance Smart Chain. In the future, Pledge aims to become the infrastructure for the next phase of global financial market evolution.
Pledge is a decentralized protocol which establishes money markets with algorithmically optimized fixed interest rates. When a user holds pTokens, Pledge’s LP tokens, they receive a fixed interest rate called annual percentage yield (APY) with earnings accumulated per block, while borrowers pay fixed and predictable interest. Unlike other DeFi lending protocols, Pledge creates various liquidity pools with different maturities for a given crypto asset featuring fixed lending terms. This allows users to frictionlessly exchange the time value of money derived from collateralized digital assets and stablecoins.

And also we are working with 3–5 teams for code security and auditing

including CertiK, SlowMist, and Packshield tier 1 teams. Certik has released their report for our token contract.

Right now stable coins are supported, with BTCB and other tokens on the road.

2. Question

Pledge platform has dual token in your governance: PLGR and Master-PLGR(MPLGR). Can you explain why did you implement dual token in your governance? Does this two token has similar function when voting in your governance? Does the two token is similar in total token supply?

MR 💎💎: nice question! It is all about the great vision for the ecosystem. Let me elaborate

Pledge is now built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and utilizes a dual governance token mechanism called PLGR & Master-PLGR(MPLGR) tokens. PLGR tokens are the utility and junior governance vehicle on the Pledge protocol, whereas MPLGR is designed to help handle a set of advanced governance decisions for the platform, which mah influence the economic policies and incentives structure parameters across the whole ecosystem. PLGR is also a utility token, but it helps balance the ecosystem by being available to more users, thus encouraging users to staking.
The lenders earn PLGR tokens and interest by depositing crypto-currencies into the liquidity pool. The borrowers deposit their collateralized crypto assets into the liquidity pool in order to hedge against the crypto market risks and borrow out money to carry out their day to day activities.
With an innovative bridged dual token structure in Pledge, one crypto asset can function as a yield farming vehicle while the other can function as a governance vehicle.

The PLGR sale will start on Sep 30 11:00AM PST:

Please register now since the KYC is ending in 9 hours. And Go to on Sep 30 to purchase.

3. Question

It’s fantastic to have a beginner’s mind, I saw in your account. So, does Pledge Finance help newcomers to the cryptocurrency world? Do you have any intentions to recruit non-crypto consumers and fresh investors to your project? How would you go about achieving this?

MR 💎💎: Good I like this question. Pledge’s vision is global financial inclusion, which means:

Our goal is to build foundational technology and create building blocks for the next generation of decentralized and open finance for EVERYONE. Unlike other DeFi projects, Pledge is designed to allow the creation of innovative structured and collateralized lending products. These include fixed interest rate swaps, refinancing, and financial derivatives around credit markets in order to allow investors to build diversified portfolios tailored to whatever level of risk exposure they are comfortable with. These kinds of markets do around $500 trillion in trade volume every year. Innovations in fixed yield vaults, variable yield vaults, tokenization of yields, and seniority of bonds — represented in Pledge using financial NFTs — gives Pledge a unique position as a “Lego building blocks” maker, improvising capital efficiency and reducing liquidity friction.

So 1 fixed rate lending for 10X ppl to join. 2 Rebuild Wall Street in Defi.

4. Question

You said presale registration ended on 27/9 but in a previous AMA in the Satoshi_club group, one of your team members said that it has been EXTENDED to 30 September as a result of slow TokenSoft servers caused by high influx of participants. So, which one is correct?

MR 💎💎: It is extended. Out traffic made Tokensoft servers down. Sorry for the inconvenience if anyone here was affected. There is just too many ppl in line to register for KYC. hundreds of thousands of them.

Pls mark your calendar: The PLGR sale will start on Sep 30 11:00AM PST: definitely pls do not miss this day!

5. Question

I read on the website, The $PLGR token sale will run from october 5 — october 18. Can you elaborate one by one the requirement that needed for participate in the token sale? Also tell us about the minimum and maximum buy and the currency that accepted for purchase $PLGR token?

MR 💎💎: In order to avoid the traffic flux to Tokensoft servers, we decided to start earlier, at 30 Sep, 11:00AM EST. And here is the detailed info

So in summary: 1 Please go to to finish KYC registration. It will end in 8 hours.

2 Starting Sep 30, 1100AM EST, lease come to to purchase. It will be sold out quick since we are overbooked, so please act early

3 Please share this info with your community and friends to let them know the date: Sep 30 11:00AM EST

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

6. Question

Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts address and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

MR 💎💎: The token sale has been OVERSUBSCRIBED, however, our team will still giving you up till 11:45 pm EST (Sep. 27th)to register.
Following is the token sale schedule:
Closure of Registration & KYC: 27th Sep @11:45 pm EST
Start of Sale Process: 30th Sep @ 11:00 am EST
Closure of Sale Round: 14th Oct @ 11:45 pm EST for accurate info.

7. Question

What milestone pledge expect in future?

MR 💎💎: Q2 Pledge is designed to function as a multi-chain money market and liquidity aggregation protocol, offering unique functionalities such as fixed rate lending and other innovative financial instruments. Pledge’s vision is to enable the creation of the very foundational technology for the next generation of open finance. The initial Pledge protocol will launch with yield farming/mining, dual token governance and flexible maturities dates and rates. Going forward, we expect community members to build innovative new financial products on the blockchain, such as innovations in fixed yield vaults, variable yield vaults, tokenization of yields, and seniority of bonds represented by NFTs. Here is a tentative roadmap proposed by the community co-builders:

8. Question

You have invited “Brian Brooks”, the ex CEO of Binance USA in the Event, What is it all about?

MR 💎💎: Brian is closely advising us for important actions, such as fund raising and product design. He is the ex CEO of binance USA.

9. Question

where do we find out if I am eligible to participate in the public offering?
what about transaction payments?

MR 💎💎: Pls go to to check your status. And join our community to ask for mod for any help

Please check out The official website for most recent pub sale updates: for more information

Social Media💎💎

Official videos:

10. Question

How does $PLGR & $MPLGR work in the Pledge Ecosystem Respectively?
Currently On what chain these tokens are?

MR 💎💎: PLGR(pledger token) is the yield farming and utility token for DeFi applications, first deployed in BSC environment, with Polkadot, Heco, Polygon, Ethereum versions potentially being created down the road. Each environment is expected to have its own token standards, and each version of PLGR token is swappable across different blockchains.
MPLGR (master pledger token) is the master governance token, that is initially based on ERC20 token standard, with future BSC standards to launch. MPLGR is used to make governance decisions for the entire Pledge ecosystem, and update any key parameters and token economics as needed.
The swap ratio between PLGR and MPLGR is fixed on-chain at a ratio of 3:1, with the total supply of PLGR + 3*MPLGR = 3,000,000,000 (3 billion tokens). The PLGR and MPLGR swap bridge is decentralized and based on smart contracts.

It is an innovative design from our team. And I am developing it. Thanks

Again, Please check out The official website for most recent pub sale updates:

Pub sale page: for more information

Social Media💎💎

Official videos:





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