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Polkafantasy AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with CEO & Founder, Alex Hui from Polkafantasy on 22 June 9:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene | Shin Chan:
Good Evening everyone, Let’s Welcome CEO & Founder, Alex from PolkaFantasy for joining the ama today🥳🥳🥳

Before we start, Can you please briefly introduce yourself and an overview of PolkaFantasy to our community.

Alex | Polkafantasy:

I am Alex, the CEO and Founder of PolkaFantasy. I have been in blockchain and game industry for years.

PolkaFantasy is a GameFi infrastructure that brings Japanese top-tier titles to Web3 (at least 2 titles will be released in 2023)

This ecosystem include more than one play-to-earn games, NFT marketplace, NFT wallet, and even more game related services that we will announce. We have a huge vision: to build the best Web2->Web3 GameFi ecosystem in blockchain space.

Our team is very connected to Japanese top-tier listed enterprises and IP holders, and we have one of the strongest and most supportive community in Japan.

PolkaFantasy is run by an incredible team with former COO and CTO of Square Enix, former CEO of SNK, executive producer at TV Tokyo etc, we are super excited to build this GameFi ecosystem with all the immense support from our community.

Here is a short demo of our game, hope you love it!

Serene | Shin Chan: What makes PolkaFantasy different from the other gamefi projects?

Alex | Polkafantasy: PolkaFantasy is not just a game, it’s a eco-platform that will contain many titles onwards.

PolkaFantasy prioritizes long-term user engagement as a foundation for sustainable growth. To achieve this, we have designed our NFTs and tokens to offer lasting utilities, setting us apart from competitors who often focus solely on a single game within their NFT and token economy. We have a robust pipeline of games, with two slated for release in 2023, all of which can leverage PolkaFantasy NFTs and tokens. This strategic advantage ensures the sustained value of our NFTs and tokens over time.

Moreover, we have successfully established a loyal community in Japan, a market known for its difficulty to penetrate. Our initial success has solidified our reputation as a trusted project, enabling us to initiate discussions with renowned Web2 enterprises for create HUGE VALUE for our token in short and long term.

Notably, we are trusted in traditional game and animation industry by being the first blockchain game project to collaborate with top Japanese voice actors/actresses, from Attack on Titan and Dragon Ball etc. This achievement sets us apart as the sole blockchain game project capable of attracting such talent, and we are confident that this success will continue to attract more traditional gamers to our platform.

Furthermore, our ambitions extend beyond games. We are actively developing a comprehensive GameFi eco-platform to support both Web2 and Web3 game studios and enterprises in Japan. This expansion will bolster the strength of the PolkaFantasy ecosystem, offering a wider range of opportunities and resulting in more valuable NFTs and token prices.

Serene | Shin Chan: Thank you for the explanation. Can you please share some features of your upcoming game?

Alex | Polkafantasy: Sure. Here are a few features that may be attractive to players.

- Our game is a classic 3v3 card battle which emphasize on gameplay. This means it’s a game for gamers.
- More than 50 playable characters when we launch
- AAA voice actors from Japan are included in the game
- Music are recorded with Orchestra
- Lead develop by one of the top former Square Enix development head
- One of the longest story mode in blockchain games. And it’s written by a very famous game scripters.

And all characters are art directed by top Japanese illustrator which work as art director in a billions-yen revenue card game

Serene | Shin Chan: wow. interesting features 🔥🔥

And I see you are launching a new token $ZENNY Soon. Could you please tell us the differences in the usage of the new token $ZENNY and $XP which you launched in 2021? And why?

Alex | Polkafantasy: That’s a very good question.

$XP is the utility token for PolkaFantasy eco-system. It can be used in PolkaFantasy NFT marketplace, launchpad, and Game Marketplace and games etc. User can also use $XP to upgrade NFT characters, and buy special Lootbox (during a previous sale, a staggering 8100 NFTs sold out in just an hour). $XP will gradually take on a governance role in the future as well. We have even secured a partnership where $XP will serve as the governance token for an exciting project. Additionally, we’re collaborating with top Web2 enterprises, where $XP will play a pivotal role in our joint endeavour (upcoming collaboration with one of the world’s top three auction houses, where $XP will likely play an integral part in auctioning art from renowned Japanese IPs.).

$ZENNY is PolkaFantasy game token. It takes center stage in multiple games, including at least two titles set to be launched in 2023. $ZENNY is the main currency for our games, and its main utilities are to enhance gameplay experience for users. For instance, users can use $ZENNY to upgrade weapons/items, to breed new characters, to buy special in-game items, to buy limited ver NFT etc. Our ultimate objective is to establish a sustainable economic cycle for $ZENNY, capitalizing on our multi-game, multi-platform approach.

By implementing this dual-token system, PolkaFantasy aims to provide tailored value propositions to both enterprise and non-game partners, as well as the vibrant gaming community. This segregation allows us to evolve each token uniquely while maintaining long-term demand for both. Excitingly, we have upcoming game releases that will cater to the immediate demand for $ZENNY. And the demand will be further boosted when we release our console title later this year.

Serene | Shin Chan: Thanks for the detailed answer.

What are the killer utilities for $ZENNY?

Alex | Polkafantasy: It can be used to buy special lootbox in the game. And it can be used to breed stronger characters in the future as well.

One interesting about our upcoming token launch is that, we will release the token on 27th and then the offical game on 29th. So that means there will be super strong demand for ZENNY on day 1 of launch. We foresee that’s a good opportunity for gamers and investors.

In fact, we are having a lot of inquiries even today from launchpad to launch our tokens. So you can expect a lot of traction to it and we will add more utilities as we release more titles with top game studio in Japan.

Serene | Shin Chan: Since we are anticipating it, when is the $ZENNY IDO? And where can we buy the tokens?

Alex | Polkafantasy: The IDO will be 27th June, at about 10:00 UTC, on QuickSwap (Polygon)

Serene | Shin Chan: Great. What is the long-term vision for PolkaFantasy and how do you plan to achieve it?

Alex | Polkafantasy: We aim to be the bridge of Web2 and Web3 gaming, by providing a holistic ecosystem for web2 enterprises to come aboard.

Our team has been in close relationship with many top-tier enterprises to envision this goal. One of the ways is to co-work with game studio, especially Japanese game studios, to bring their IPs to web3. We are approaching this goal as we have confirmed to develop games and launch in PolkaFantasy ecosystem.

Besides, we are in current talks to some listed mega-huge enterpises to expand the reach of PolkaFantasy. We are not just a blockchain game, we want to leverage on our know-how to make more higher quality title. You can imagine how serious at game making by looking at the quality of our first game. I can assure you that our coming titles will be even greater and create a lot of value to our $XP, $ZENNY and NFTs. We can do it because we are really working hard to make vision come true. We have build almost 10 products in the last 18 months, and we will deliver more in future!

Quiz Section

Q1. Name 3 utilities for $ZENNY

Answer: The utilities for $ZENNY is for weapon/item upgrade, Farming and exclusive NFT purchase

Q2. When is the $ZENNY launch and when is the official game launch?

Answer: The token launch: 27th June
Game launch: 29th June

Q3. Hiroshi Kamiya, voice actor for famous anime “Attack on Titans” is going to CV as which game character in PolkaFantasy?

Answer: Sirius

Q4. Who is the main character in the PolkaFantasy Game

Answer: Azela

Q5. Name one of the guilds partner that PolkaFantasy has.

Answer: There are 2 correct answers
- Sakura
- Samurai