PolkaFantasy AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with CEO & Founder, Alex Hui from PolkaFantasy on 15th October 09:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.

Serene: Before we start the AMA, can you please introduce again yourselves and the team background to our community?

Alex Hui: I am Alex, the CEO & founder of PolkaFantasy, the first-ever Japanese-themed NFT cross-chain marketplace & multiverse game.

Our team is formed by members with strong blockchain, animation and game background. For instance, our strategic advisors is the ex COO of Square Enix US, the creator of the famous Final Fantasy series. And our Japan head is the former ex-CEO of SNK, the company behind The King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, and Metal Slug. We also have an Anime advisor who has produced the first Pokemon animation and Evagelion TV series. We are passionate about games, especially good games. And our game advisor is a 3 times champion of online Yu-Gi-Oh. He is an expert in game.

With this strong formation in both blockchain, publishing & game industries, our team really look forward to bringing a new experience to NFT lovers in near future.

Serene: Any latest/ update news about PolkaFantasy you would like to share with our community?😀

Alex Hui: Yes. As many of you may know, we have done a very successful IDO on Sep 10. Our native token is now listed on Uniswap, and it performed quite well so far (stable at 40+X)

And next week, we will have our first land sale coming. Many community are very excited about this land sale as this will open a whole new world for PolkaFantasy upcoming ecosystem. Many details will be announced today very soon.

AMA Twitter Section Begins:

Q1: im very excited to hear that @PolkaFantasy Land sale is around the corner.Could u please guide us on how to participate in the landsale?
Do we need to hold XP tokens to buy Land?And can these lands be sold as fractions,later on?How important is these Land slots in the platform?

Alex Hui: Great question.
Our land pre-sale will be carried end of next week. To participate into the pre-sale, you need to hold some $XP tokens. We have 3 ranks of access.
For instance, to join the lowest rank, you only need to hold 100 $XP. And then you are eliglble to access to many tiers of land!

Besides, we are going to work with different launchpads, so that more community members can join!

Q2: You announced earlier regarding your partnership with TrustPad for your Land Salemmay I know how did it went, so far, in terms of your sales? Did it boost the number of assets sold? Is it a success?

Alex Hui: Our launchpad sale is schedule in End Oct. So you still have a good chance to grab some lands.

We are going to work with at least 4 launchpads, so that it’s more flexible for community members to join.

We also want to take this oppotunity to mention that we decided this land system with versatility in mind. In other words, you are not buying land for only one game, but games! And we will build a whole ecosystem to serve this purposes. So it’s basically like ‘one land system to rule all’ in PolkaFantasy ecosystem.

Q3: How many more games do you plan to prepare that can utilize xp?

Is it possible to conduct land sales and other sales in the future using chains with low fees (such as Polygon)?

Alex Hui: We have plan to build multiple games. Just as gamers expect AAA game studio will develop many great games in long run.

We will have land sale on different chains in future possibly. And for now, I think we have to balance the ease of purchase and security of the land sale as well. We will release more information in due time.

Q4: I’ve read that you’ve launched XP Token utilities and land sales to push the Metaverse further. Can you tell us about your utility?

Alex Hui: We have a lot of idea about $XP utilities. And our team always believe that real utility is also a strong factor to make the token successful in long run.

For instance, here are some $XP utilities in mind:
- To get special pack
- To reward artists/users on NFT marketplace
- Obtain discount on some NFTs
- To power up the NFTs.

Of course, there are many other utilites we have in mind and will implement. For now, let’s keep some Aces up our sleeves so that community will have a nice surprises in future.

Q5: I’ve read that there will be different tiers for $XP holders to have priority access to purchase different tiers of land. How much $XP does each tier require to access?

Alex Hui: We will announce this in 1–2 hours. In fact, there are 3 ranks of access. In order to make the pre-sale more accessible, we have tried to make the required $XP low enough.

We believe community will see that the amounts are pretty fair and will be good for both the community and project. For instance, the middle rank is only a 3-digit requirement.

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6: $XP token stands for Experienced tokens.
So,does it mean that,the more i play,the more i gain $XP,and no skill is needed?
Also, what are the utilities of $XP token,both with in the game, and in real life?Does it have a governance function?

Alex Hui: $XP stands for ‘Experience Point’, just like what gamers need in RPG.

We try to make $XP a versatile token in PolkaFantasy ecosystem. In that sense, $XP will connect to many main features in the NFT marketplace and blockchain games. By doing this, we can create real utilities in long run. We will announce more utilities soon, especially we are going to launch our NFT marketplace in near future.

Q7: Can you give us a walk-through on how the LAND of the PolkaFantasy can be purchased? What tokens will be used to purchase the LAND? How can the LAND be utilized on the PolkaFantasy community? And is it possible that the LAND will be transferable in the metaverse just as it is in the real world? If it is transferable, what processes will be involved in transferring a LAND from one user to another?

Alex Hui: The main currency that we use in land pre-sale is USDT. And the fund will be primarily used in our games development because our vision is to build great games for our players.

The land will be transferable, and there are many features that we want to incorporate into the system so that owners really feel that their lands are very tangible.

For instance, if you own a land, you can build things on it, farm, and even use it to train your units. These are only a few examples. Please follow our social media so that you can read our land per-sale announcement which contains much more information!

Q8: You announced that you’re collaborating with Treasureland to launch our Fantasy Land Sale, which includes both private pre-sale and public sale. Can you talk about the benefits of this cooperation?

Alex Hui: Treasureland is one of the best NFT marketplaces on BSC. In PolkaFantasy, we always believe that working with great teams will teach our team to be better.

In this collaboration (also with other launchpads), we want more community to have opportunities to experience what PolkaFantasy has in store for them. To many community members, they often come to know some exciting events too late and regret not having the oppotunities. Therefore, by working with launchpads, we hope to bring the joy to our community and new friends. And we strongly believe our collaboration will bring this land sale a very successful result, and a victory to PolkaFantasy in long run.

Q9: I think $XP token is only on Uniswap right now but Uniswap transaction fees are very high. Will there be other alternatives for small traders like me where we can get $XP with less transaction fees?

Alex Hui: Yes, we are already in talk with some exchanges and hopfully we can announce some good news soon. Stay tuned!!

Q10: PolkaFantasy reminds me of Dragon Nest games. So, I was wondering if your game would be as popular as Dragon Nest? Where can we play/access PolkaFantasy, is it a browser or a game application?

Alex Hui: Dragon Nest is a great game. The gameplay and graphic is nice. In PolkaFantasy, we put much focus on play-ability and graphic. We want to build something as good as Final Fantasy in long run. This is a difficult task, but with the help of all our members who are from some AAA studios, we believe acheiving the dream is not too far from reality. As a gamer for more than 30 years, I respect and love games. Therefore, I really want to lead our team to make something revolutionary in blockchain games.

Q11: Will You support Ethereum and Polkadot and will you be adding more integrations to your cross-chain support soon? What is the advantage of PolkaFantasy in terms of compatibility of Polkadot infrastructure?

Alex Hui: We will start as multi-chain and gradually move to cross-chain. As cross-chain tech is not too mature yet, we need to take it step by step so that community can benefit most.

Polkadot is one of the most advanced blockchain thus far, and we believe Polkadot will deliver many essentail features/benefits to PolkaFantasy ecosystem. As I mentioned many times, our goal is to capitalize on the advantages of various so as to bring the best user experience to users. We hope community will sense it very soon.





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