Project Seed Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

13 min readJun 8, 2021


We held a live AMA with CEO, Liko Subakti and CMO, Trang Trang from Project Seed on 7th June 10:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


JH | ShinChan: Before the ama start, can you introduce yourselves and the team background?

Liko Subakti : Let me briefly introduce myself, I am Liko Subakti, CEO, with over a decade of experience as a traditional entrepreneur and business development, turning a small company into a company worth millions in net income. Worked at Binance as Community Manager and SEA Angel Manager before moving to as Country Manager for Indonesia. Angel Investor who invests in more than a dozen crypto gems.

Trang Trang : I’m Trang, CMO, before Project SEED I worked in Binane as SEA PR Manager and PR Head for Binance Charity Foundation. I started my career as a financial journalist and soon realize my dream to bring blockchain to mass adoption.

Our COO, CTO and CSO are strong guys as well. Let me introduce them

Alex Setiawan CTO is a seasoned technologist and leader with experience in multiple industries with over 2 decades of experience building softwares at Boeing, TripAdvisor, and Lexus.

Mohammed Elelu-Bashir COO is a creative director of APCL’s projects team that built Concost, Upuzzle and other noteworthy software. He also served as advisor to Abitnetwork with direct growth impact on user base by 800k and sourcing of $1.2m capital investment. Notable experience at Binance and a community manager at

Baskoro Hadi is our Chief Studio Officer. He worked at Savage Entertainment in Los Angeles for 6 years as a 3D and SFX artist for games such as Transformers®, Scooby Doo® and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2®. Then continue working at Vriday Studio in Indonesia as the Creative Director and 3D artist and manage a team of programmers and artists to develop applications and games.

JH | ShinChan: Do you have some News/update about Project Seed would like to share with our community?

Trang Trang : So we are in private round of fundraising. Althought we started in few weeks ago. Till now we have received a lot support from VCs and communities around the world including, Gains Associates, Moonwhale, Black Mamba Ventures, Black Dragon Capital and many more

We are also concluding our first minigame: CHOOSE YOUR SIDE which receive support from >2000 people around the world. We are cooking more cool things and will launch soon.

Liko Subakti :

And we’ve created all these local communities and many more to come

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AMA Twitter Section Begin:

Q1 : There are currently a lot of blockchain-based game projects One of them is #SEED. but in fact, there are still many gamers who don’t understand the world of blockchain and crypto. How do you introduce SEED game to non-crypto gamers? do you have the education for this??

Trang Trang : Thanks for your question. We take this matter close to heart, and why we are making application based blockchain game

The current blockchain game platform doesn’t offer good graphic quality, geo flexibility, not muggles friendly

For @ProjectSeed, we have 3 best F-words for developing the game
1. Fun
2. Free
3. Friendly

Our game must be fun and has good graphics, free of charge (#PlayToEarn) and user and muggles friendly to onboard the muggles into our world of blockchain.

Q2 : Project SEED is a very interesting game. Do you think your model is the best way to break the entry barriers for users who do not yet have a broad knowledge of the crypto world? How do you plan to expand and entice more people to join Project SEED?

Liko Subakti : Yes, we believe and of course we’re designing our game to be as muggle friendly as possible to make sure that the non-blockchainers can use the app with ease and can start exploring NFT, DeFi and Blockchain tech from our game

And we believe that Blockchain game will be the key to mass adoption

Also we’ve initiated conversation with several esport team (traditional space) for esport competition and partnerships, and as of today, the discussion has been quite fruitful.

Q3 : You mention that this project seeks that users propose improvements and changes that bring benefits to the game, but will it really be through a conventional community governance? or will it really be much broader?

Trang Trang : We are designing the game with decentralization in mind, with total decentralization on the world progression

The first step towards this is the DAO, governance of the project.

We want our players who stake our tokens to propose good game updates and next progression. Normal users can vote on that.

The stake won’t be too much and just to avoid spams and irresponsible proposers and voters. There won’t be any preferential treatments for the whales for this governance.

Proposal Flow:
1. User stake x amount of token (to avoid spams and leave out non players)
2. Users who staked are eligible for proposing world updates and product development
3. Projects vet the idea and proposal whether it is good for the game and ecosystem or not, if yes, it will be approved and opened for voting
4. Players vote

Users who successfully receive a big amount of vote (over 50%) will have their product suggestions made by the team, and REWARDED

Players who voted and have their votes won, will be REWARDED

Eventually we will have our users govern and we are here only to develop

Q4 : Talking about avatars in your game, you say “Players Could Modify The Avatar by Crafting and Wearing Armors From Defeated Beasts.” Then what is the role of the $SHILL token in your ecosystem, will the player get a Reward $SHILL token if Defeated Beasts?

Liko Subakti : $SHILL token Use cases
by staking you’ll be entitled for GOVERNANCE, APR, and DUNGEON CREATION

Being a dungeon creator benefit you because the larger your dungeon (require larger stake), you’ll be entitled for a portion of other player’s loots if they play in your dungeon

Users who stake are eligible for Governance proposal and if the proposal is successfully voted by other players, you’ll be rewarded

Every settlement in the game and ecosystem will use $SHILL for its settlement, this includes, marketplace, advertisement, rentals, etc

NFTs use cases
1. In game asset
2. Tradable for profit or rental-able assets

To learn more join one of our communities
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Q5 : ProjectSeedGame is a multiplayer NFT Rpg game and I would like you to explain the concept you designed? For example, how many warriors can we have on the platform and will each warrior we have have different characteristics?

Trang Trang : Good question. I guess you’re a RPG lover. I really want to answer your question, but unfortunately those information is still under wrap and will be unleashed in the near future. I would suggest you stay tuned in our communities to receive the latest update for the project and development

But for certain
Each warrior can wear multiple NFTs as their equipment and Zeds as their battle companion

Stay tuned in our channels:

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Telegram Live AMA Begin:

Q6 : does Project Seed will held other events such as an NFT design competition which can later be used as assets for the NFT Project Seed?

Liko Subakti : We are considering this, but there will definitely an event similar to this in the near future, join us for the upcoming events!

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Q7 : I read on your website that players can interact with others through the avatar they create, but I wondered what those interactions might be. Will it be possible for players to form alliances and engage in mass battles with other players?

Trang Trang : So there are 2 options for players. They can explore the land alone with their beast (called Zed) or they play together with 3 other players. There will be special quests where players have to play together with their friends only to fight the bigger and harder mythical Zeds.

Players can also form guild and do tournaments to battle with other guilds for rewards. It could be solo or team battles, where players have to be in the same guild to build a team. There will also be special co-op events to defeat Zeds that are unbeatable if playing solo.

Q8 : Im just really curious about the Project Seed token name,, $SHILL…Where does it came from? Why you name your token $SHILL and why Project Seed?

The two most unique products of Project Seed are Dungeon Creator and Rental Marketplace ,, How users will benefit from your 2 unique products ,, And how has it made you more unique than other projects

Liko Subakti : This is the questions that are asked a lot and i never get tired of answering this

Why we pick $SHILL as our token name:

1. We want our holders, investors, players to become our influencers, on their own platform, P2P, community, sphere of influence, twitter, telegram, youtube, tiktok, instagram, and you name the platforms available

2. Our self made influencers (holders) will become our $SHILLERS

3. There is nothing more powerful than people’s power and grassroots movement, the liberty to share and express your opinions, especially if they bring good for everybody involved, especially more this is #PlayToEarn in the purest sense, NOBODY are forced to purchase anything in the game, and unlike other game, our users can grind from the stock/basic equipment provided (free) — of course if you want to invest in your grinding, that’s up to you

What makes us unique?
Users who stake our tokens will be able to create dungeons and becoming a dungeon master

by being a dungeon master, players will be entitled for an incentives if other players play in his/her dungeon, so the larger your dungeon, the better incentives you’ll get

this incentives will eventually allows you to create NFT, and this translate into $$$

NFT is very illiquid asset, and you cannot earn if you’re not selling it

here, we make Rental Marketplace, just like AirBnb for NFT

this will allow you to retain ownership of the NFT (especially if it’s rare), and still earning from it

we hope to bring dynamic in the NFT space

🟢 OnePager:

🟢 Whitepaper:

🟢 Pitch Deck:

Q9 : Since I’m a Gamer, why should a gamer jump into #ProjectSEED? Why do you think Blockchain Games are better than Non-blockchain Games?

Trang Trang : So here the reasons:
1. There is no traditional games allowing players to earn money in-game, unless they are top players. Project SEED is here to bring monetize op to every players.

2. Blockchain game is definitely more secure than traditional game. We don’t store players credit card. In MMORPG gaming developers have to play cat and mouse games with hackers to patch any security holes that are exploited. Duping is a term that the gaming community knows very well. Hackers can take rare OP items and duplicate it via those security holes. Project SEED game security makes it impossible to hack.

Q10 : How your games will be? Is it like website based or application based? Can we play the games on both iOS and Android?

Liko Subakti : We are solving the problem with current blockchain gaming issue: blockchain games are not designed for muggles, and based on Web3 application, these poses some problems:
1. it turns off the non-blockchainers
2. Not easy to access
3. Not user friendly
4. Laggy and slow

We are building straight off the batt iOS and Android application to ensure

Q11 : Is there a price discussion channel in seed project or announcement channel? Can you share the link to us to stay updated?

Trang Trang : For now our SHILL toke isnt available yet. Be aware of scammers. But related information will be discussed by community in our telegram channel.
Join us:

Q12 : The description of the ZEDS is striking and very impressive, especially when we talk about the abilities they possess, from a spiritual point of view, what are the characters inspired by, what mystical or religious beliefs or inclinations inspire the creation of each ZEDS?

Liko Subakti : This is super good!

Yes we want our game to be creative, fun and ethnical

We take some local elements, like Indonesian (and other) animals or mythical beings and incorporate them into the game

The ZEDS will be based on the real animal with our own twist to make it fun but close to heart

We’re also asking the teams to prepare sets of equipment NFT or armor based on the national dress, like Kimono, Kebaya, and other countries’ local goodies

Q13 : I will support a project whose basis is from Indonesia, because it brings a big opportunity for us also in the world of the Crypto industry‼️
Can you explain more about Project Seed’s in-game reward system? How are these prizes distributed to players and players?
What is the maximum reward given to a specific player or players on your platform?

Liko Subakti : We hope and aim to be one of the first good project that is originated from Indonesia

Our mission (the indo team) is to make our Indonesian crypto and blockchain scene becomes well known abroad, we work for this goal and 80% team is Indonesian, even though we have teams from Vietnam, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, India, and America

Q14 : ✅ In one of the sections of your website I read that users who stake their $SHILL Token will be rewarded with various in-game benefits. Could you explain us in detail and explain these benefits? Will these benefits be unlocked with a minimum amount of tokens staked or will the benefits be proportional to them?

Liko Subakti : More details will be share pre game launch! Stay tuned and join us

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Q15 : Saya membaca bahwa Anda akan menggunakan Unity game Engine untuk mengembangkan game Anda. Bisakah Anda memberi tahu kami dengan jelas mengapa Anda memutuskan untuk menggunakan Engine ini untuk game Anda dan apa keuntungannya?

Liko Subakti : Only 2 good and well known game engine
1. Unity (community focused)
2. Unreal

We obviously choose the one who sided with the community

Q16 : Why did you choose to create a project with cartoons? can I say that because I see the profile photo of the CEO and CMO of the SEED project is a cartoon? why is that? how can other people see your real face? or is it a distinctive feature of your project?

Liko Subakti : This is a fun project (not scam) — you should be aware of rigid people are making your game, chances are, they’re boring ;)

We want to bring

Element into the game, from the team outward

Q17 : Apakah game sepenuhnya terdesentralisasi atau akan dikendalikan oleh beberapa entitas terpusat seperti tim Anda?

Liko Subakti : To ensure quality, the product will be made by our team, but we always put the DAO and governance into consideration

If your proposal is not harmful, we’ll accept them and let the community vote on it, if passed, we’ll create them for you

Q18 : How do SEED players buy to increase demand?
And how does the $SHILL and AVATAR (play) partnership work? Then, is the supply of $SHILL limited? Do you have a mechanism to ensure inflation doesn’t occur?

Trang Trang :SHILL token is limited in amount which is burned occassionally to preclude inflation. NFTs are in mint& burn mechanism also to ensure its rare. For example, when players evolve their beast (Zed). Every evolution will BURN the current Tier and Transfer new NFT for the new breed of Zeds. This mechanism could create scarcity for even lower-tiered Zeds.


I think this is the original concept, nothing like this yet. Very interesting and
There are no details about the mechanism of how this NFT rental can occur. What about the terms of the rental price and time period, who arranges it and so on. Including how NFT standards can be submitted for rental. Etc etc.

Thanks for the explanation.

Liko Subakti : If we put everything out in public, more experienced devs could snatch this original idea, that’s why we plan our marketing, AMAs, and whitepaper reveal comes in a close timeline, this is intentional, and we’ve almost received 10k members total within 2 weeks of marketing ;)

Q20: Bagaimana permainan Anda nantinya? Apakah seperti berbasis website atau berbasis aplikasi? Bisakah kita memainkan game di iOS dan Android?

Liko Subakti : Application based, ios and Android, the traditional games that comes close to us
1. Diablo III
2. Hades
3. Genshin Impact
4. Path if Exile

Q21 : Pada platform apa kami dapat menjual NFT? Apakah mungkin untuk menjualnya di pasar pihak ke-3 seperti Rarible, Opensea? Atau Anda akan memiliki pasar sendiri?

Liko Subakti : We’ll have our own marketplace
1. P2P marketplace (Buy/Sell)
2. Rental marketplace

And third party marketplace is in the pipeline

Q22 : In case to gains more users which going to play, does Project Seed considering to launch full version game and a comic too for future development?

Liko Subakti : You can anticipate more stuffs in the coming future! Stay tuned and Join us

Q23 : In your website i notice that uniqeness is 1st priority of your my question is what’s the uniqueness of your project that can not be found in other project that’s been released so far? And how the demand of the token will increase in the future? or what steps would you take to
increase the demand?

Trang Trang : Rental NFT marketplace and Dungeon creator are our unique features that help players monetize their time in game and never seen in other blockchain game.

As our userbase increases, SHILL token demand definitely increases as well. SHILL is the only currency in-game for transaction, staking and governance vote and dungeon creator.

Q24 : Apakah ini wajib untuk membeli token $SHILL untuk memainkan game? Bisakah pengguna memainkan game Anda tanpa memiliki atau membeli token SHILL?

Liko Subakti : No need. You can use free stock item and start earning

- End -