Retreeb AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with Jérémi Lepetit on 7th September 9:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Mika | Shin Chan: Welcome Jérémi Lepetit to be here with our community. Before the ama start, can you please introduce yourself and the team background?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: Yes ofc, I’m a co-founder and the CEO of retreeb and we are actually 18 full time on the project. @jodsav is the wizzard of social media marketing.

I lead the company, the sherpa and the ethical awareness of the project.

And of course i build the best team around me with people much more intelligent and talented than me 😉

For the detail you can see each of us here :

Team is full public.

Mika | Shin Chan: such an awesome team there =)

Could you please tell us about Retreeb in short, and Is there anything else you can share us the update/news from Retreeb?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: Did you know that there will be 1093 bn digital transactions in 2023?

All the players want a piece of the pie to make more money but nobody wants to change the recipe to put this flow at the service of the major issues of our time.

That is the promise of retreeb.

Retreeb is the bridge between the crypto and the mass market.

It is the mass market solution for responsible finance that all citizens are waiting for.

With retreeb we are building the missing link in a chain of consumption that wants to be more and more responsible.

Mika | Shin Chan: yes i totally agree bringing mass market here to crypto will be massive

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: indeed. I want the crypto to become invisible to my parents. I want it to be integrated, adapted to the uses of the greatest number. Retreeb is a bridge between the crypto world and mainstream payment.

Everybody wants internet on their phone and 4G or 5G, nobody wants to understand how it works. We are developing a mass market solution.

Mika | Shin Chan: yes yes, this is so true. im so happy to hear there will be a project thats bringing the mass market over here =)

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: Retreeb is think, design and build for that.

AMA Twitter Section Begins:

Q1. You always say “Retreeb is not just a new payment system, it’s a new model of value redistribution. A new paradigm” What exactly does Retreeb want to change in the current payment system? and what are the advantages of Retreeb’s payment system?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: Indeed, Retreeb is not just a payment system, it’s a new model of value redistribution.

With Retreeb we reinvent the payment to build a more sustainable world. It is the first financial institution that decides to link its business performance with its social contribution.

We redistribute 33% of our revenues to fund social and environmental projects.

Mika | Shin Chan: wow that much? interesting

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: You know, with what is happening to us, if we do not redistribute the social chaos combined with the climate crisis, there will be no more market. Build a new paradigme is an emergency. And the Financial industry must contributed not just destroy every things.

blockchain is the perfect tool for this 😏

Q2. Is Retreeb a provider of “ethical payment solutions”? Are there any other payment systems that are unethical? What distinguishes Retreeb from other platforms, and what are its most distinctive features?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: you know, this is a very good question.

Why? Well, because the vast majority of people don’t know how a digital payment works.

On the blockchain it’s simple, it’s the issuer who pays the transaction fees. OK

But with our payment cards it’s more complex.

These fees are called interbank fees and are shared between the networks (visa, mastercard) and the banks of the merchant and the consumer.

And this for each digital transaction by credit card all over the world. And I said 1093 bn digital transactions in 2023 😏

So, we systematically enrich the same financial institutions that are at the top of the asymmetry between negative impact and social responsibility.

I don’t think I need to argument about how harmful financial institutions are these time 😏

Mika | Shin Chan: will the payment card be coming out soon?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: The biometric payment card from retreeb will arrive in a second time. Our solution is mobile first.

But we are working on it to get it out as soon as possible.

Q3. Is Retreeb a company that provides “social payment systems”? Are there any other payment methods that are unacceptable? What distinguishes Retreeb from the other platforms? what are its most distinguishing features? what makes you different from other payment like Visa or Paypal?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: Unlike Stripe and Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and Amex do not charge the merchant directly, the banks do.

With retreeb, we are promoting a new model that disintermediates the banks by tokenising the transaction from the consumer to the merchant.

You know, I’ve been watching Defi emerge for 3 years and the payment industry for as many years and there is nothing like retreeb.

Our business model and governance rules are unique.

The main difference between retreeb and all its competitors is our business model.

As i said, we redistribute 33% of the transaction fees we take from merchants. Sharing profit, never seen before in finance isn’t it 😌

If I must resume the project in few words :

🔹 Retreeb is a mobile payment system easy to use, witch desintermediates the middle-man in the currently payment (the bank)

🔹Retreeb is a consumer-to-business payment method with no gas fee for the consumer.

🔹We build it on fantom blockchain (amazing day for fantom 🚀), this allows Retreeb to revolutionize this sector by bringing the promise of 0% fees for consumers (& NGO & associations)… but not for the merchants!

🔹Unlike the main competitors (PayPal, stripe, Visa & co) who apply variable fixed fees to merchants, with retreeb merchants will never have fixed fees and the variable fees will be lower

🔹On each transaction we will finance social and environmental projects and … and the consumer (user) chooses which project directly on his wallet among a selection.

I can disclose for you the new design of the wallet consumer 😜

Mika | Shin Chan: this will bring in more merchant as more users as its a variable fees for merchant, and users dont have to pay anything

Q4. Can you tell us the details of your monetization program for those who will stake the TREEB token? How will we generate income by staking TREEB?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: This is a very good question because it directly concerns $Treeb token holders our utility governance token.

but i must to explain why we built it.

When retreeb becomes a mainstream alternative to the conventional payment system, the funding we provide to CSR projects will become more and more important.

We plan to fund multiple projects in the next 5 years to the total amount of 70M€.

This is a lot of cash and subject to the risk of corruption in a centralized institution.

And to say that I will still be the head of retreeb in 5 years to guarantee our course of action at 100% is to play the medium.

This is why we have decided to decentralize this process as soon as possible and give token holders a right of governance in the selection process of projects to be financed upstream of the choice of final users.

For this we will develop a CSR Launchpad, where token holders will be invited to participate regularly in the voting process by delegating their tokens in a smartcontract and voting for the projects of their choice themselves submitted by NGOs, associations or local authorities.

In return for this delegation the token holders will receive $Treeb rewards for their participations. It is exactly like participating in a decentralized board of administrators.

The projects selected in this way will then be proposed for financing on the wallet of the final users. Holder or not of the $Treeb (utility) btw.

By reading the white paper, you can discover more about the subject: 😉

Q5. Do you have a stakeholder program in place for your project? Can you tell me how #retreeb stake system works and what the requirements are for users who wish to invest in your platform?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: Indeed, Actually we are developping our own staking plateform for the community.

There will be several staking pool with differents APR and vesting.

In accordance with our roadmap, the staking program should be launch in fews weeks. 😉

The smart contracts are auditing at this time by hacken.

But right now, we have a partnertship with Spooky swap, the first DEX on Fantom ecosystem and you could already stake your Treeb in the farming pool dedicated with the $Treeb / $ FTM paire.

You will earn xBOO that you can stake it to earn $BOO. Actually the APR is 123% 🚀

juicy apy going to try it out myself =)

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6. Retreeb will use a third of the revenue generated by its network fees to fund social projects. Can you explain in which areas the Retreeb team will support social projects? Also, is it possible for this amount of assistance to increase or decrease in some circumstances, such as community request or team decision?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: Hi the % of funding taken from our commissions will always be 30%. However, it is possible that retreeb decides to highlight projects that we like. In the future there will be projects of all kinds, local, international, charitable, or ecological.

Q7. Although your project developers are from PARIS, the project has been registered in SWITZERLAND. Is there a special reason for it?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: We created the company in Geneva for 3 reasons (and not fiscal):
#1 the regulator is favorable and open to the token economy

#2 with retreeb we want to inoculate the virus of sharing in a greedy industry. We need to do it in one of the world’s financial hubs and Geneva is one of them.

#3 in a geopolitically complex world, the Swiss passport is the guarantee to access any international market. 😌

Q8. Can you talk about the reasons for choosing the Retreeb platform’s Fantom and its Lachesis aBFT consensus mechanism for infrastructure? Can you talk about the pros and cons of the Lachesis aBFT consensus mechanism?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: My CTO will be better than me for this question. We have choose Fantom for several reasons and after a serious benchmark (Elrond, solana, Algorand, Tezos, etc.).

Fantom is actually the best infrastructure for a project like retreeb. Velocity, Robustness, Security, sacalabilty and ofc Low fees.

But also, sustainability. Fantom is a DAGchain (Directed acyclic graph). No mining and the calcul is distributed. Each transaction become a bloc. That change everything.

by the way I will present retreeb at the end of october in abu dabhi at the fantom DC 😉

Q9. I read that Retreeb Network intends to develop white label wallet partnerships. What kind of partnership will this be and what benefits will it have on Retreeb?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: White labeling means that it will also be possible for brands/companies to customize a Retreeb consumer wallet for their customer/community in the aim to accelerate development in multiple countries.

Q10. You recently announced your partnership with Spooky Swap. Can you explain describely what is the reason behind this partnership? How this can be beneficial for this partnership?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: indeed, as explained, we have a partnership with spooky around a farming pool program. Spooky is actually the first DEX on fantom ecosystem and the 9th DEX worldwide. Probably more wery soon.

Actually there are $1.16M liquidity on Spooky.

Q11. What requirements do you want us to meet to create an account in KYC’s Retreeb wallet and what documents will we need to provide? How can we convert our $Treeb tokens in the Retreeb wallet to fiat? Will you provide services for this through third parties?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: It will be a very classical KYC like for an exchange and we already have our partner. The exchange of fiat € into Stable Treeb will be done by bank transfer (without fees) or by CB. It’s likely that in the future we will also accept cryptos to buy the s(Treeb) too. 😉

Q12. What is the Best way to follow All your Upcoming news and updates? Will you please provide the links of your project. What are your plans in coming Future?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: Basic question but essential. You can follow us on twitter : and
TG channel : https://

Q13. Is the target audience of the Retreeb project global crypto users or will you be limited to certain areas first? If your goal is to create a global brand, how will you achieve it?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: Retreeb is the bridge between the crypto world and the mainstream market.So we will gradually roll out market by market. Online shops will help us to deploy faster thanks to prestashop, shopify etc. plug & play.

Q14. What do you look for in a community? how can they help develop your project?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: We are looking for investors who want to participate in building the new world. Investors who can see far ahead. You know the ones with short views make small profits. And this is an early stage investor from AAVE (ex lend, one of the founder is a friend he come from the same school than me) and Elrond telling you this. 😉 We will leverage on the community to test our products and grow our network.

Q15. Do you have any catalysts in the comming days weeks in terms of development or marketing to keep the momentum?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: Several. But i can’t disclose every things you know 😏. But we are in dilligence with a worldwide NGO to a partnership, somes articles are scheduled on Coin Telegraph and maybe a new CEX after Probit Global the last month. But you know nothing official 😌

Q16. Do you have an APP, if yes where can it be downloaded will it be available for every one

And is it available for IOS AND ANDROID USERS. ?

tell me more about your token, where can I buy it. ?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: Be patient 😉 The apps will be available on Android and IOS store when we will launch. Actually you can buy the token on Spooky (DEX) or Probit (CEX).

Q17. Does RETREEB provide Installment program for each transaction? And will each of our transactions be subject to interest like most existing payment platforms?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: No mate. Retreeb will be free for all the user (consumer). No fees, no gaz. Retreeb support the fantom gaz transaction, the merchand support the retreeb fees and retreeb share its fees 66% revenues and 33% for the CSR project select by the consumer 😉

Q18. How can I get started with Retreeb, is it possible to import my wallet and assets from Trust Wallet or MetaMask without any problem, do I need to use Treeb to access?

Jérémi Lepetit | Retreeb: Hi, yes you can get started with retreeb and buy $Treeb with your metamask. That is the tutorial to add fantom network on your wallet and add the token :