Sekuritance AMA Summary Recap With Shin Chan Community

We held a Live AMA with Head of Sales, Anna from Sekuritance on 24th September 9:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


JH | ShinChan: Before the ama start, can you please introduce yourself and the team background?

Anna | Sekuritance BD: Sure thing, I’m heading partnerships and sales at Sekuritance, have spent the last 7 years powering partnership expansion of some of the largest companies in the gaming sector as well as helping software startups, I have always been involved in the blockchain industry though, and am very happy now to contribute to the growth and, ultimately, to Sekuritance leading the way in the RegTech sector. Sekuritance team is composed of industry veterans and technical innovators along with fast growing tech, operations, compliance and business development teams.

Just to give you a quick overview: there is obviously our project visionary and Sekuritance CEO, Jonathan Camilleri Bowman, a software engineer by profession, built several companies in the past in various verticals including public sector, oil & gas, gaming, etc — but always on the software side of things, has been in the fintech space for 14 years now and blockchain for 5.

Jonathan’s right hand-man is Jan Gatt, our CTO, bringing 13 years of experience in app & platform development for the finance, banking and gaming sectors. There is also our CMBD, Antonio Bileci, who has a wealth of experience working around the software, online betting, retail gaming and blockchain industries. We have our own internal blockchain legal associate, MLRO for risk and compliance and a full development team amongst others.

The list goes on and on as the team expands rapidly each month to reflect and keep up with Sekuritance growth.

JH | ShinChan: Do you have any news from Sekuritance can share with us?

Anna | Sekuritance BD: There are many but I will try to keep it concise and focus on the main ones, since we spoke about the team, a quick update on recent resources:

Just recently we have added a Senior Sales Executive to reach out to new projects/exchanges/other real world entities to continue growing the audience ecosystem. We also took onboard a new highly skilled and experienced CFO (Chief Financial Officer) who has joined our flagship office in Dublin to manage all the corporate accounts.

As for our roadmap: Our UI is not only taking shape but exceeding our expectations. It will not only have new features that no other system has consolidated globally but as promised will give the users the functionality to take back control and visibility of their submitted data — knowing who checked what — what was the result of the checks — etc — it will also have a Web3 connection to connect to your various wallets — check balances — give you additional functionality and tab access based on loyalty tier and so much more.

We are also internally discussing an NFT play here which will be a remarkable first in the RegTech and RiskTech sector — but more on this in due course — we have weekly meetings on R&D and ideas to ensure we not only deliver what we promised but also have space for innovation and even if we cannot always be ahead of the curve — at least we make sure we keep up.

A lot is happening also in terms of Sekuritance strenghtening its presence and recognition by attending major expos and shows: not even six months have passed, and the team has flown this week to Amsterdam to discuss Sekuritance with the biggest pioneers across multiple industries at Money20/20 Europe where we met with a lot of government officials, interesting parties not just in crypto but outside of crypto and blockchain sphere — payment providers, core banking systems and other security providers to enhance our suite.

btw, we did a video interview with one of the biggest influencers in the fintech and finance world: Efi Pylarinou which is currently live on our LinkedIn and soon on YouTube and other channels too

Sekuritance team will also be participating, and having a booth at Crypto Expo Dubai 2021 from the 13–14 of October in 2021 as well as participating in World Blockchain Summit Dubai 2021 at the same time.
Obviously we invite anyone who will be there or around to come say hi and help us grow our network :)

We are going to be present in Crypto meetings in Monaco as well as SIGMA (in Malta in November )

AMA Twitter Section Begins:

Q1. What are your top priorities in 2021/Could you share some plans for the upcoming year? Which part of the project are you most focused on right now??

Anna | Sekuritance BD: Well, let’s start from the last question, something we’re focused on right now is our UI (that I just mentiomned in the updates) , and building worldwide partnerships, not just in the crypto and blockchain sphere, but beyond that — hence the conferences and the continuous BD efforts. At the end of the day our platform is not just built for crypto, but to bridge the gap between crypto and the traditional world. And that’s where the top priorities of 2021 and beyond are. 2021 has been a good year for Sekuritance, we started this year, did our IDO back in may, and were oversubscribed by around 7x via TrustSwap. Lots of people in the crypto world believe and anticipate that RegTech will be the next big thing, especially with all the news right now of regulators cracking down on ecosystems and exchanges left, right and centre.

Well, as a project, although we’re mostly seen as an organisation, given that we have actual working products being utilised in the sphere, and are actually revenue generating products for the company, so scratch that, I wouldn’t just call ourselves a project. We are continuously looking at new and innovative uses of the utility token and they are definitely not only limited to what we are building right now.

Going forward once the UI is in place — everything will be automated and transparently visible on the UI platform — we do not expect to have 100% of the UI functionality fully developed in weeks as this is an ongoing project but rest assured that it is where it is headed and if for the time being we need to rely on some more manual work — then so be it

Something else which is very, very important is that we’re ramping up for a few more partnerships and exchange listings, so keep your eyes peeled during 2021, and also expect to start seeing more and more traditional-type businesses using Sekuritance in the very early future

Q2. What features are available in KYC tools in Sekur.Transact? . How will institutions that want to transact with your product package offer benefit from your KYC tools?

Anna | Sekuritance BD: Sekur.Transact is basically part of our Sekur.Suite, and currently within our product suite, this can be considered the Cash Cow of Sekuritance when describing it with regard to the BCG Matrix, meaning most of our revenue is generated via this product, this is basically our KYC/KYC/KYT/AML/Transaction Monitoring and Sanction screening module, utilising an advanced automated AND manual processing of Proof of Identity and Proof of Utility, along with multiple meta data check you don’t really get anywhere else in the sphere

Q3. Can you share with us what the journey of venturing into the cryptocurrency industry is like and why you started Sekuritance? and briefly explain how the application functions, and the economic model of the Sekuritance?

Anna | Sekuritance BD: So, just to get things straight, I’m not Jonathan Camilleri Bowman :) I’m Anna Berlinska, the Head of Sales at Sekuritance, although I’ve been part of the organisation for quite some time so I know what the journey into Sekuritance was like. As mentioned in team intro, Jonathan’s a software engineer by profession and built several companies. His other enterprises all focus around banking facilities, credit card acquiring solutions, credit card issuing solutions, etc. always on the fintech side of things — to keep those companies always above board and in compliance, loads and loads of internal checks and balances have to be done consistently and in real time — that is where the idea of Sekuritance came along — and the team working with us on Sekuritance are seasoned professionals with varying skill sets.

In our other solutions, Jonathan needed to build and use so many different solutions each time to fight fraud, check for money laundering concerns, checks whitelists, blacklists, pep, sanctions, screening, 3D secure, check ETH address for mixing and privacy, etc. and so many rules on the transaction itself — it was crazy.
Crazy but super important to keep a business afloat, regulation and compliance with the guidelines issued by the various authorities. So Sekuritance was born out of a need to streamline these solutions and help businesses and projects around the world who will face these issues now and in the near future for sure — especially with the way things are going in this space.

Q4. A strong community not only brings interesting ideas to the project but also attracts larger partners. So how #Sekuritance planning to build its community? And is there a plan to recruit people with Blockchain experience to the #Sekuritance team?

Anna | Sekuritance BD: Totally! So, I wish Antonio was here to answer this. He would have loved it, but I chose this one because he would have wanted me to answer as best I can! So, yes Sekuritance has a multitude of different marketing efforts to build its community in multiple regions around the world… Outside of just having global channels like: Twitter/Telegram/Facebook/LinkedIn/Discord/Medium etc. the team also has localised channels for Turkey and the Middle East (Localised Social Media Channels and Telegram), channels in Mainland Asia (WeChat and Weibo) and Southeast Asia as well!

The team works with multiple PR and marketing specialists from different regions across the world to target content and localise it for all that want to learn about Sekuritance to do it at their absolute most comfortable. We’ve also started to garner major appreciation from big news agencies, not just in crypto (CoinTelegraph,, Coindesk) but also in mainstream media too (Yahoo Finance etc.)

Outside of this, to boost our community we’ve also added extra benefits to everyone #HODLing $SKRT:
If anyone is interested in becoming SKRT Evangelist, read the above to learn more! Now, I can go on and on but I don’t think there’s enough time for all that right now!

Q5. What is the tokenomics of your project ? & How can I buy your token?

Anna | Sekuritance BD: A very good and timely subject actually as we literally just launched our SKRT Loyalty Levels a few weeks ago — and lots happening on that front — but first things first

Our total supply is a fixed 818,202,997. The token enables the Sekuritance identity management solution, the speedy token launch onboarding and the individual KYC/KYB personalised certificates amongst a plethora of other RegTech and RiskTech related activities. But even for non-service holders of the token itself, the benefits (which are about to be disclosed shortly) incentivise our users to hold onto SKRT itself for now or future use — they can avail of the Sekuritance platform functionality at any time and also be rewarded for it — so we grow they grow with us always.

Over and above it is the only way to earn introductory and referral fees on our affiliate and partner network. We have several new fields where the token would be used and also how it is recycled into the liquidity pools and also burnt under certain circumstances — it is an evolving process.

Also — partners and merchants, because token governors based on the individuals they accept as verified, etc — always bumping up the reputational scoring of the individuals or businesses or transactions being screened.
Important to note that there is only a limited supply in circulation right now — through our partners and initial participants, and moreover all participants were asked to vest their part for at least 6 months whilst the team for much longer.

Currently you may buy $SKRT via and Uniswap given it’s an ERC-20 token, with a few more options to come, very shortly!

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6: Can you Highlight the Crucial role which $SKRT Token Plays in the Sekuritance Ecosystem ? What are the Benifits user Can get by buying and Holding the $SKRT Token ?

Anna | Sekuritance BD: The $SKRT token is a utility token that gives token holders, a right to use the network, the whole suite of products including the beta releases of new advanced features as well as query the various artificial and business intelligence datasets that are being offered to the fiat & blockchain community to better protect their individual and corporate interests.The $SKRT token when exchanged for services, gives access to otherwise limited functionality and can also be used by individuals and corporates to perform AML, KYC, KYB, 3DSecure, Fraud Monitoring, Wallet Verification, Blockchain explorers, secure data tokenization storage, and other features.It is never too late to get involved in SKRT and Sekuritance, that is for sure — and the only place to buy is on the open market. Holding SKRT is the only way to be eligible to utilize the product, services, and opportunities that Sekuritance is bringing to the table. Most importantly, it is the only way to be eligible for the partner program, affiliate network, and introductory bonuses. These are just to mention a few. We also have a few new updates you may see here on holding SKRT benefits: Oh, $SKRT token holders will also be eligible for more queries per unit allocated with each wallet top-up into the platform. Businesses and corporate entities integrating with the Sekuritance RegTech suite automatically become token holders and eligible for the various Sekuritance Compliance, Security, and Verification Seals which they can distribute on their website and various presentations, enabling them to promote and be proud of their seal of good governance to their audiences.

Q7: Recently, Sekuritance attended #money2020 in Amsterdam,
What was the main Motive of this Session?
Can You share overall Experience?

Anna | Sekuritance BD: The main motive was to reach out with our product suite to fintech and payments companies, as well as government entities and the response ans interest was overwhelming! We’ll be coming back to you with the new partnerships announcements soon!

Q8: Promotion & Marketing of Project is very Important, Many Project don’t do it in good way despite having good Platform & Products?
How are You planning to do it?

Anna | Sekuritance BD: at this stage, we equally prioritize marketing and product development efforts — we have been seen in every major online News agency in the world and we have more to come — we have used influencers and continue to do so — we are ramping up more and more of our social channels — including youtube, linkedin, twitter, discord, telegram.We have created marketing brochures, giveaways and other sales materials. We have contracted with new marketing agencies to help us keep the various multilingual communities alive and kicking whilst focussing on the jurisdictions we want to grow in.
We are redesigning our whitepaper and updating it to the new current visions, updated roadmap, timelines, features, etc. and we are happy to announce 1 MAIN sponsorship which will get us viewed by millions worldwide outside of the crypto world.
I am also happy to announce that we will be sponsoring a racing sailboat during the prestigious Rolex Middle Sea Race — a race in which I have sailed for many years and on a sea which I am very passionate about — so I am happy that millions will get to see our company name plastered all over.

Q9: As quoted from the project page “RegTech is the new FinTech”.
Why do you propose this?
What made you believe that RegTech is the New FinTech?
In what all ways will this be an improvement?Can you share your thoughts with us?

Anna | Sekuritance BD: FinTech is an amalgamation of the words “financial” and “technology”. It refers to the use of new technologies in the financial services industry to improve operational and customer engagement capabilities by leveraging analytics and data management. The key difference between traditional solutions versus the RegTech era solutions is simple — agility. Whilst traditional solutions are robust and designed to deliver on your specified and “locked down” requirements, they can be inflexible when it comes to addressing frequent changes nowadays common in the financial regulatory space. RegTech includes tools such as reconciliation software for the funds industry, online fraud prevention by scanning transactions in real-time, or a software provider that enables the supervision of companies by a supervisory authority, such as a central bank. Finally, fintech may be dominated by twenty-something-year-old ‘punks’ looking to break big banks. On the other hand, more seasoned financial services professionals who are embracing this new era of technology disruption are the ones driving the RegTech agenda. In fintech, you may be able to get along well with your hoodie but in RegTech bankers expect some grey hair from the people challenging their existing business processes. I hope that’s a good enough explanation :)

Q10: How can I buy this token? Is it available on any exchange?

Anna | Sekuritance BD: yes, currently you can buy $SKRT token via and Uniswap. We are also in contractual talks (as in — past the sales — past the commercials — past the details and finalising the legal stuff) with 4 exchanges at the moment — 2 Tier 1, 1 Tier 2 and 1 Tier 3 exchanges whilst also looking at 2 more DEX ones. So more exchanges to come!

Q11: Can you Please tell Us About the “Sekur.Certify” , Which Section Of People Can Take benifits from the Sekur.Certify ?

Anna | Sekuritance BD: Our Sekur.Certify product provides a blockchain wallet verification service allowing users to claim controlling power certification on a particular wallet once a number of actions have been performed, KYC & AML checks confirmed and crypto investigations on the wallet completed. As the whole Sekuritance suite, many businesses and entities can benefit from it , including: ypayment gateway, credit card companies, lawyers, notaries, landlords, banks, mortgage companies, insurance just to name a few

Q12: $SKRT will be an ERC-20 token to be issued based on the Ethereum protocol. Do you have problems with scalability for the usability of your platform? Are you exploring alternative ecosystem integration or layer-2 blockchain solutions?

Anna | Sekuritance BD: We are a part of ETH network BUT we are actively considering going multi-chain WITHOUT impacting the current tokenomics and existing on other popular chains too — this has not been decided yet and we are looking at all the mechanics and logistics surrounding this by making just that whilst we are actively seeking ways to get more audience — we do not want to deplete current token holder value or opportunity and also — we would like to exist on a chain where gas fees are either inexistent or negligible unlike current ETH ones

Q13: For any crypto project, 1% of its success comes from the idea itself. 99% comes from execution. I have seen many projects fail due to lack of expertise & understanding of how the cryptosphere works. Does have the qualified team needed to fulfill all your goals?

Anna | Sekuritance BD: Our core team have worked on and created a few successful projects already. Kindly refer to the team intro I’ve made at the beginning of the session to see all the talent behind Sekuritance :)





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