SkyLaunch AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

8 min readNov 23, 2021


We held a live AMA with Coo, Justin Chevalier and Content Manager, Ollie from SkyLaunch on 23 November 9:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Mika | Shin Chan: Good evening everyone, we are pleased to have Coo, Justin Chevalier and Content Manager, Ollie from SkyLaunch

Before AMA start, can you introduce yourselves and the team background?

Justin | SkyLaunch: My name is Justin and I am the COO of SkyLaunch!
I have been in the crypto space for 5 years and have been working on several DEFI projects in the past year.
Other than that, I used to be a Sale & Marketing Manager for top IT companies such as Oracle, Runecast or Criteo.
I decided to join the cryptoworld on a full time basis with SkyLaunch and I am very excited to present you this project today!
As for the team, we have an great medium article so you can get to know who is behind the project:

Oliver | SkyLaunch: So I’m Oliver, the Content Manager here at SkyLaunch. I’m a writer, content creator and SEO specialist with 8 years experience, including 5 years in the crypto space from multiple standpoints. I’ve created content for, initiated, and assisted with marketing strategies in several crypto startups across multiple platforms.

Justin | SkyLaunch: So let’s go straight to the point:
We are creating the new version of Launchpad.
SkyLaunch is the first Launchpad 2.0!
I know a lot of people are tired of seeing many launchpad being created with poor value but we are here to change!
SkyLaunch is a true multi-chain IDO platform that goes beyond the initial capital raise by connecting passionate early stage projects with the tools, finance and support network for long term success. Allowing investors early access, transparency and equality through expertise and technology.

Mika | Shin Chan: Do u have any upcoming news or events that the community need to keep an eye on?

Justin | SkyLaunch: Well, we have an amazing giveaway going on!

You can win a Samsung Galaxy S21 to have the best phone to follow your skylaunch investment!

Oliver | SkyLaunch: Well, we are just heading towards our IDO right now, date to be confirmed as yet. And yes the giveaway, plus another competition tat will be starting soon wit some BIG prizes. Keep an eye on our channels!

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1. The majority of these ventures fail, resulting in a loss for investors. How do you make sure that SkyLaunch only launches worthy project?

Oliver | SkyLaunch: This is where our dual-layer due diligence really comes to the fore. Every SkyLaunch project will be examined by both an internal team, and an independent external council of industry experts before being passed for IDO, enduring that only quality projects go through SkyLaunch!

Q2. There are many launch pads, not many of them are concerned with assisting the project before and after launch while at the same time capturing the safety interests of investors in the project. So, what support does SkyLaunch provide for pre-IDO and postIDO projects?

Justin | SkyLaunch: Well, that’s an excellent question!
Our pre-IDO incubator coupled with our post-IDO Alliance programme will ensure projects have the support and tools they need not only for a successful launch, but to go on to grow and thrive in the crypto space.
Our pre-IDO programme can help build projects infrastructure, assist with marketing, funding access and essentially get the project IDO ready.
After launch, we have a stellar network of partners ready and waiting to assist wit growth and expansion across the defi space.
SkyLaunch will make it easier to great projects to reach their goals!
Not everything is related to raising money, providing a strong services on the side is at least as important, or even more important!

Q3. Can you explain us what is the Transparent On-Chain Score Mining that SkyLaunch plans to incorporate to define the possibilities of an investor? Do you think it will be a really “Efficient and Fair” mechanism for all the community and investors?

Oliver | SkyLaunch: Indeed we can, it’s a lot more simple than it sounds!

The on-chain score mining system is a revolutionary new feature where holding and staking for longer rewards you in terms of IDO allocation! `Metrics taken into account will centre around staking our native token, SKYFI, and the amount staked, length of staking period and number of days since your last withdrawal will all be taken into account when calculating your allocation score. This system will create a fairer marketplace for investors of all levels.

Q4. Does SkyLaunch have cross-chain compatibility? Which chain infrastructures do you support? Will your network add more chain support in the future?

Justin | SkyLaunch: Indeed we do! We’re preparing for launch on both BSC and Polygon, wile actively pursuing a post of other chains, and hope to announce these in the not too distant future.
You can also have a look at our lightpaper where we talk more in depth about our cross chain compatibility:

Q5. Could you tell us about the problems SkyLaunch sees in the market and how it handles these problems and the solutions it offers? Where do you see SkyLaunch in the future and what are your favorite features in SkyLaunch?

Oliver | SkyLaunch: Ye absolutely! There’s a number of issues we plan to address

There are a number of problems in the launchpad space today, and our plan is to tackle and solve them all! Problems like gas fees, chain restrictions, IDO allocation requirements, marketplace confusion, shilling tactics and a lack of timeline support for promising projects. We have plans in place to solve each of these problems, and make the entire launchpad space a fairer, more simple investment environment for projects and investors alike. Check out a touch on all our solutions here:

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6. 90% of projects in DEFI and Crypto use agencies to develop their platforms, which can lead to delays and unexpected finished products. How about Skylaunch? Who are your Investors and supporters? Can you share the achievements the team has achieved so far?

Oliver | SkyLaunch: Well on the investors front, we have a stellar investor selection backing us, and a number of other strategic partners in the pipeline to protect both SkyLaunch and it’s investors. You can read more about our investor grup here:

Q7. What features do you trust the most to position SkyLaunch as the most preferred launchpad for new projects? Why should a new project choose you?

Justin | SkyLaunch: Our Alliance programme is the best way for a new project to perform and get access to numerous help from our network! It will be way easier for a project to launch through Skylaunch because we will help them almost everywhere!

For an retail investor, you will never miss an IDO again with our Auto Pilot feature!!

Those are the 2 best features amongst many other good ones :)

Q8. I find these functions interesting that you have:


Could you explain to us what is the utility and benefits that each one has for SkyLaunch investor users?

Justin | SkyLaunch: Very simple:

Auto-Pilot: so you never miss an IDO never again!
OTC-Swaps: For project to be able to have new investor and do the transaction smoothly with full security
Utility NFT: We will create NFT that users will be able to hold in order to benefit of great bonuses!

Q9. I can see that SkyLaunch mitigate the risks for investors by applying institutional levels of due diligence and an independent Governance Council. So please tell us more about this independent Governance Council? Also, can users participate in governance and vote on projects?

Oliver | SkyLaunch: Great question!

SO all projects will go through two layers of stringent research and assessment, including a final vote to pass, reject, or move to our pre-IDO support programme.

The governance council is not open to te public I’m afraid, it’s composed of a selection of industry experts from every corner of Defi and crypto, to ensure only quality projects make te grade. Read more about it here:

Q10. One of the things that strikes me the most about SkyLaunch is the “UTILITY NFT”. So could you tell us what special functions these NFTs will have for SkyLaunch? How could investors take profit from these NFTs? When would they be available?

Could you tell us about the IDO of $SKYFI? When will this token sale be available and in which cex or dex would you consider listing it? How can we be part of this?

Justin | SkyLaunch: So basically we will have our own IDO this year and we will announce more details soon!
for NFT Utility, as mentioned, we will give you the opportunity to gain some NFT that will have a very big utility for our platform (free allocation, guaranteed allocation, etc….) so stay tune, it’s gonna be AWESOME! :)

Q11. SkyLaunch, are you planning to launch $SKYFI token only on your own platform? Do you have a WHITE LIST we can join?

Justin | SkyLaunch: Stay tune in our telegram we will give you more details pretty soon!!!

Q12. Is there a guarantee that if we stake SkyLaunch tokens on your platform, we would be able to participate in any IDO or presale of projects that will be launched on your platform, or will we still have to go through the whitelisting procedures?

Justin | SkyLaunch: Yes, stay tuned as we will explain the whole process :)

Q13. SkyLaunch is a first on the IDO market; the only platform in this area that offers full project schedule support, plus a number of innovative proprietary tools. What are the innovative and patented tools that SkyLaunch offers? benefits?

Oliver | SkyLaunch: I like this question because the tools I’m gonna mention are fantastic!

Auto-Pilot — Using the auto-pilot feature, you ave essentially automated IDO investment. You can pre-fund your account with stablecoins, probably USDC, and pre-select te IDOs you want to invest in.

On-chain score mining — This has been described above, but just to summarise, this is an allocation scoring method in which the power over the allocation available is GIVEN BACK to the investor! Your actions, loyalty and commitment are wat decide your allocation.

Q14. Do you have AUDIT credentials or are you working to AUDIT your project,” to make it more secure and reliable???

Justin | SkyLaunch: We are currently running an audit for our smart contract, everything will be audited before launch ;)

Q15. SkyLaunch is perfect for new projects in the blockchain world, to attract new project founders, what does SkyLaunch have to offer? and how is the security implemented in SkyLaunch, does it meet the safe security criteria?

Oliver | SkyLaunch: The answer to this is very simple — Total Timeline Support.

You see, we are not just a launchpad, we are a project lifetime partner. from early stage development, through launch, moving onto post-IDO services to assist in the stabilisation, growth and success of all our projects. There will be an article detailing this on Monday so keep an eye out!

Q16. If a project is working with SkyLaunch, you can be sure that it has passed incredibly strict levels of quality control. What are the quality controls that a project must pass to be launched in SkyLaunch?

Oliver | SkyLaunch: Well again this is where our dual-layer due diligence comes into play.

The teams involved will take deep dives into projects, around te team, road map, tokenomics, infrastructure and muc, much more.

Our investors are the cornerstone of SkyLaunch, which is why we will leave no stone unturned to ensure our investors are only receiving quality opportunities to best protect their holdings.

- End-