Solidus AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

14 min readDec 17, 2021


We held a live AMA with CEO: Paul Farhi, Co-Founder & Head of international operation: Adrian, Head of Business Development: Will Dyer, Eco system adviser: Anurag Yadav and Strategic Advisor: Liam on 17th December 9:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene | Shin Chan: Before AMA starts, can you give us some background on the Solidus team to our shin chan members? 😃

Solidus Guru: Yes sure

Im Will Dyer and have worked with Solidus from 2018 to now and am now heavily involved with Solidus Ai Tech mainly on the marketing side.

My core skills are business development, marketing and client retention.

Paul: Hi I’m Paul Farhi & one of the founders of Solidus AI-Tech. I have very high standards in everything I do. My main focus was property and fine art untill I was introduced to Bitcoin in 2015. Since then I have build a strong network in the cryptocurrency sphere and secured the partnership between Solidus Technologies and Soft Galaxy International. I am a forward thinker and identified very early on that Ethereum would be moving from proof of work to proof of stake meaning that Ethereum mining for Solidus Technologies would no longer be possible in the near future. I then studied Artificial Intelligence at the London business school & identified key areas that would be significant for the Solidus AI Tech project.

Liam: Hey I’m Liam I was the business and strategy advisor for the parent company Solidus Technologies during the inception stages and also advised on Solidus AI Tech. I helped raise the initial capital to get Solidus Technologies started.

Im from London, England and My back ground is finance and structuring financial instruments to raise capital for marketing and business growth.

I have been involved in the crypto scene for many years after my good friend Paul introduced me to the market, I became hooked on the possibilities of blockchain

Liam: We also have a number of team members who sit on the Board or advise for Nato, The EU and The Romanian Space Agency

Serene | Shin Chan: Thanks. Any latest/ update news about Solidus you would like to share with our community?😀

Liam: I think it would be great to watch our video

“Solidus Ai Tech Secures €3.5M EU Grant to Complete HPC Data Centre”
Read our BeInCrypto article here (

“Solidus AI Tech launches eco-friendly cryptocurrency”
Read our CoinTelegraph article here (

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1: I believe security is one of the most important to consider before investing in a Project. So, can you tell us what are the security measures does Solidus have done so far? Have you done your audit? Would you mind to share it with us?

Paul: Yes agreed security is very important. We have our smart contract being built and it will be completed on the 28th of December. We will then be getting it Audited be a reputable company. We think that we should have the smart contract in place and audited by the end of January

Q2: Can you provide us with an overview of your in-house STAKING Program, which is expected in Q1 of your roadmap? What distinguishes it from other staking programs we are acquainted with? Is it currently ready,and what incentives will be provided to program participants?

Liam: We’re building a Deflationary Token Economy, one of our main objectives is to limit and reduce the Token Supply long-term. Towards that, we’ve planned to take several steps. Key being using 25% of our Quarterly Profits to Buy-back and then burn tokens. This process will go on until the Total Circulating Supply comes down to 5 billion Tokens. We’re also, of course, going to offer Staking right after we finish our Token Sale Campaign, once again limiting the supply and supporting the price.

The token is Deflationary in nature and therefore the Price increase benefits, among others will accrue to the holders.

We have a total token supply of 10 billion, out of which we are selling 4 billion in our crowdfunding campaign. The remaining tokens are dedicated to the project with the majority being development, marketing, community building. Tokenomics incorporates a deflationary mechanism and includes buyback and burning to support the overall token growth with time.

So, there is a multitude of benefits for the token holders.

Our mission is build solid community who will support us throughout our journey to success. Our community will be rewarded with the following:

Following our successful launch we will offer a staking pool which will pay token holders and estimated 7.5% per annum in our AITECH utility token which can be used to purchase AI services when our Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform launches or alternatively the tokens can be held or sold on an exchange for liquidity.

Lottery Air Drop
Stakers will be entered into a lottery each quarter and the winners will be airdropped AITECH tokens until our platform launches

Burn program
Tokens from our launch that have not have been purchased will be burned. We will then burn additional tokens from the circulation supply every quarter untill our platform launches. In addition to this we will burn a percentage of the AITECH tokens that are used to purchase services on our platform to further decrease the circulation supply.

Lock up
The team & developers token allocation will be locked in a smart contract for 4 years with a small proportion being released each year on the anniversary of the launch date.

Q1 2022

- AITECH token distribution to all ICO investors
- Staking platform live
- Lottery Airdrop for everybody who decides to stake their AITECH tokens
- First order placed to purchase AI GPUs and materials
- Power grid upgraded to support HPC
- Ventilation upgraded to support HPC
- Software development commenced for customer Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) portal
- Software development commenced for Enterprise Blockchain
- Token listing on Exchanges

At the end of Q1:
- Lottery Airdrop for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens
- First quarterly payment for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens
- First AITECH token quarterly burn

Q2 2022

- Second order placed to purchase AI GPUs and materials
- All hardware and GPU clusters set up
- Software optimisation for hardware set up
- Hardware monitoring tools set up
- Cybersecurity policies implemented
- Tier 4 Data Centre requirements implement
- Additional AITECH token listings on Exchanges

At the end of Q2:
- Lottery Airdrop for everybody who staked their AITECH Tokens
- Quarterly payment for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens
- AITECH token quarterly burn

Q3 2022

- Third order placed to purchase AI GPUs and materials
- Customer IaaS portal finalised
- Enterprise Blockchain for Governmental Authorities finalised
- AI infrastructure services marketing campaign commenced
- Additional AITECH token listings on Exchanges

At the end of Q3:
- Lottery Airdrop for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens
- Quarterly payment for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens
- AITECH token quarterly burn

Q4 2022

- Forth order placed to purchase AI GPUs and materials
- Additional AITECH token listings on Exchanges

At the end of Q4:
- Lottery Airdrop for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens
- Quarterly payment for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens
- AITECH token quarterly burn

Q3: I’m wondering if AITECH is now conducting a Private Round. Is it possible for me to participate in the Private round if not? Or is it only for institutional or major investors? Please elaborate.

Solidus Guru: Yes our private sale round is live and you are welcome to participate

The price is programmed with a 100% uplift from current private sale price to listing price

Its available to everyone (except US citizens)

Register your account here:

Liam: Minimum investment is $1000 and maximum $250,000 we accept USDT, ETH and BTC

Q4: According to what I’ve read, you’re nearing completion on the construction of your ecofriendly HPC Data Center and IaaS? I’m curious as to how eco friendly your HPC facility and IaaS are. Are you a supporter of the cryptocurrency green movement?

Liam: Solidus is also a strong supporter of the ‘Crypto Climate Accord’ which is focused on decarbonising the cryptocurrency industry by 2040. Our data center will also run 40% more efficient compared to industry standards due to our IP & evaporating cooling methods, evaporating cooling is 80% cleaner then traditional air conditioning methods. The electricity costs in Bucharest are also cheaper & internet speeds are faster than most countries in the EU meaning we can operate at lower costs and also in a more Eco friendly way then our competitors.

We are the worlds first AI utilities token to be used to purchase AI services via HPC centres like we have built. Our IP allows our hardware to operate not only faster but also more efficiently by using less electricity — this is patent pending

We use evaporating cooling systems which are around 80% cleaner then traditional Air conditioning

Crypto Climate Accords main objective is to decarbonise the global crypto industry by prioritising climate stewardship and supporting the entire crypto industries transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040

This will be highly beneficial for the entire crypto industry

Q5: Any project’s development is 90% dependent on how strong its team is; I’ve seen many projects fail due to a lack of team skills, experience, and knowledge; so, with AITECHio, is the team qualified to achieve all of your objectives?

Liam: 14 core members although there are others who have helped to get were we are today

== —

Adrian Stoica
Founder & Head of International Operations

Adrian is our tech genius who is CEO of Soft Galaxy international, he coordinates the entire tech side of our AI data center he already works with governments and militaries all around the world

== —

Alexandra Galusca
Chief Strategy Officer

Retired Brigadier General with extensive military background, respresentive of NATO and EU and heads up Security side of the business.


Marius Opran
Tech Advisor
Board of Directors for NATO, Chief Scientist Defence for the Romanian Space Agency, Security + much more

Please see our website

Solidus Guru: To give you more information:

Marius Opran

Marius is a member of the Board of Directors, Chief Scientist Defence, Security, SSA-Romanian Space Agency / Member, EU Economic and Social Committee, Expert NATO-SPS, EDA-EOST His mission is to promote worldwide state-of-the-art projects and new frontier technologies developed by Romanian scientists using his experience and knowledge.

Our team are very strong and well connected

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6: Is there a video or a guide from AITECH on how to stake $AITEC? and what would people get or gain by investing in $AITEC? Please share with us, thank you.

Paul: Our staking pool is not ready yet but we will make a step by step guide of how to stake

Q7: Solidus has already started working with Bucharest? So is Solidus planning to use special software algorithm architecture? Can you tell me how many degrees the air temperature can be reduced to a maximum and what are the benefits of evaporative cooling ?

Liam: We have an IP that allows the hardware to run faster and consume less electricity this is pending a patent, evaporating cooling is 80% cleaner and greener

Q8: I noticed that the Solidus project is operating in Bucharest, can you tell us why you chose Bucharest? Will we be able to see Solidus in different regions?

Solidus Guru: Our Data Center is located here as very fast Internet speeds and low cost electricity

Our tech experts live there and have extensive expertise

Our parent company Solidus Technologies has a joint venture partnership with Soft Galaxy International who are based there

Q9: How can you entice a diverse group of individuals to join the Solidus AI Tech in search of currency benefits while also giving ownership and stake to the most active members? Can you think of a few distinguishing features of this project that make it stand out from the rest? What is your project’s most certain competitive advantage? Thank you very much!

Liam: We are the first utilities token for AI services from our HpC centre. We plan to achieve more partnerships with other IaaS platforms for payment methods.

We have a number of governmental letters of intent

Q10: I’ve found out that Solidus AITech is operating in Europe, specifically in Budapest. Was there a reason for picking this country for your company to operate? Is Budeparst suitable for running your company and providing your services more efficiently?

Paul: Hi it’s actually Bucharest. The reason we are based there is because this is where our join venture partners are from. We also have the benefits of low electricity costs & the 4th fastest internet speed in the world

Q11: Does solidus get audited or working for it? If you have smart contract,Have you an idea for second audit ?

Paul: Our audited smart contract address will be available to share in January

Q12: How old is your project? Or is it your long term project? If yes, what is your reaction to the past? Why would you choose project name? And what does project mean? How can i prescarch your project? Where can get updates ???

Liam: Solidus started in 2017 the name comes from one of the eldest and strongest currencies a gold Roman coin

Q13: Can anyone get AI services on Solidus? What solutions does Solidus offer for European HPC installation problems that are in the top 10 in the World? Can you give an example of using Solidus AITECH, for which sector or area Solidus AITECH can provide advantages and solutions?

Liam: We hold letters of intent from various governmental authorities, they will use our service for things like voice recognition, face recognition, smart cities, border controlled suspicious packaging alerts and many more as explained on the videos.

Romanian Space Agency
We will be downloading satellite imagery to conduct geothermal earth imagery along with helping to predict adverse weather

Sanofi — top 10 Pharmaceutical giant
They will use use our AI infrastructure to analyse medical data to find anomalies to help find new cures and vaccines

We will also attract SME’s and professionals, all of which can use fiat or use the AI token for a discounted rate

Q14: One thing I am keen of in Solidus is that you have a high coin resource. You mint so many tokens for circulation. Will there be token burning and staking programs in Solidus? How then will you avoid $AITECH to become a deflationary asset?

Liam: As stated in the first 5 question.

50% of supply will be burnt over time

Q15: I noticed that the $AITECH token sale took place in three stages namely “Private Sale”, “Presale” and “Public Sale”. Can you elaborate on this in more detail? Interested users need to pass any level of KYC verification to be eligible for this token sale stage?

Solidus Guru: The main difference in the stages are the price increases

The Private Sale is on now and is the first stage where the price is $0.006369

Q16: most investors only focus on the token price in the short term rather than understanding the real value of the project, so can you tell us what are the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in the long term?? And what benefits will the holder get? also can you tell us where the tokens can be bought at the moment???

Paul: We want long term investors who will be rewarded with Staking, burning and regular airdrops

Q17: Which country are your AI COMES

Paul: Romaina — Bucharest

Q18: I noticed that the $AITECH token sale took place in three stages namely “Private Sale”, “Presale” and “Public Sale”. Can you elaborate on this in more detail? Interested users need to pass any level of KYC verification to be eligible for this token sale stage?

Solidus Guru: Yes KYC verification needs to be completed where you can upload your docs to our ICO platform via the ‘My Profile’ tab

Q19: It is Very Great To see that SOLIDUS AITECH are a supporter of “Crypto Climate Accord” Will You please tell Us
More about Crypto Climate Accord , What are its Objectives and What Various Social Cause You have Done ?

Solidus Guru: Yes, we are a supporter of Crypto Climate Accord.

The Crypto Climate Accord’s overall objective is to decarbonize the global crypto industry by prioritizing climate stewardship and supporting the entire crypto industry’s transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

The Accord has two specific interim objectives:

Achieve net-zero emissions from electricity consumption for CCA Signatories by 2030.

Develop standards, tools, and technologies with CCA Supporters to accelerate the adoption of and verify progress toward 100% renewably-powered blockchains by the 2025 UNFCCC COP30 conference.

Q20: Solidus AITECH is solving the problem of the lack of HPC (High Performance Computing) facilities in Europe. So what is the purpose of Solidus AITECH made? What is the importance of HCP, that AITECH wants to fix this problem? What is the target market of AITECH?

Liam: With our HPC theirs no advancements in medical findings, driverless cars, voice or face recognition, no deep machine learning, adverse weather prediction, geothermal earth imagery from fatalities everything is run through HPC eve the metaverse

Q21: When investing a minimum $1,000 we can receive a referral code that if used can give us multiple bonuses can you tell us what this bonus is ?

Paul: Yes great question. You will receive a 5% bonus of what the investor purchases and the purchaser will receive a 1% bonus paid in AITECH tokens

Q22: the Solidus Platform will offer Staking Rewards. How does Staking Rewards work? What are their characteristics? Requirements to access Solidus Staking Rewards?

Paul: The rewards will be around 7.5% APY

Q23: Why did you choose Bucharest for the installation of your IT center? What is the difference between your IT center in Bucharest and the one in the USA, and how do you provide lower costs?

Does your IT center operating in Bucharest have the capacity to expand all your operations? How will you ensure to be the best HPC center in the EU and the top 10 global HPC centers?

Liam: Burcharest has one of the fastest Internet speeds in the world and the electricity is cheap we also get extra incentives for our centre being in laser vally. Yes on site we have room for another 2 8,000sq ft centres

We have the team and the co tracts in place to be a top 10 and we can do it faster and cheaper

Q24: Are you planning to Launch any BOUNTY PROGRAMS In your Platform to
provide The users an Extra Edge of Secuirty and have you Verified Your Smart Contracts AUDIT ?

Paul: Yes we will currently have a live bounty. Smart contact audit will take pace in January

Q25: I noticed that the $AITECH token sale took place in three stages namely “Private Sale”, “Presale” and “Public Sale”. Can you elaborate on this in more detail? Interested users need to pass any level of KYC verification to be eligible for this token sale stage?

Liam: Yes their are 3 stages each at an increase in price

Q26: Will you please provide more Information about your AITECH TOKEN ? and please guide me that from where I can purchase your Token?

Solidus Guru: AITECH — The Worlds first AI utility token

We are building an AI infrastructure and will launch an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform where Governmental Authorities, Megacorps, SMEs and Professionals will be able to purchase AI services

We are live in private sale stage

Checkout our website:

Q27: Can you explain about global expansion of solidus?

How do you attract community around project ?

Paul: Once we have the first data centre up & running we will then look at expansion. We have a marketing budget in place for building to community

Q28: My question is about the lottery airdrop, does the amount of tokens staked affect the chances of winning in the lottery like fewer tokens fewer chances and vice-versa ??

Paul: This has not been decided yet.

Q29: What are the uses of $AITECH? Will you have various discounts and payment plans that will be activated exclusively for coin holders?

Paul: Correct users that pay for services in AITECH tokens will receive a discount

Q30: I noticed that the $AITECH token sale took place in three stages namely “Private Sale”, “Presale” and “Public Sale”. Can you elaborate on this in more detail? Interested users need to pass any level of KYC verification to be eligible for this token sale stage?

Paul: You will need to pass KYC to participate

Q31: I am still very new to the crypto world. Is SolidusAiTech suitable for beginners like me and easy to use, or is SolidusAiTech only for professional users?

Paul: Solidus AI Tech is suitable for anyone

Q32: Will you please provide more Information about your AITECH TOKEN ? and please guide me that from where I can purchase your Token?

Paul: Please visit