SpaceY2025 AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with Marketing, StrangeApple from SpaceY2025 on 10th November 9:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene | Shin Chan: A very warm welcome to you

Before we start the AMA, can you please introduce yourselves and the team background to our community?

StrangeApple | SpaceY2025: sure

so you can call me Apple :) . im incharge of SpaceY’s community building. you guys can always find me in our channel :)

and our team are based in Silicon V. the boss Rubin is a very technical guy :) fancy about gaming and had over 12 years in game industry.

he used to be the top supplier for Tencent gaming.

he was a well-known hacker as a teenager — and always a visionary.

At 18, he dropped out of school to develop his first online game. After that, he worked as one of the youngest engineers at Microsoft.

our team had a group of great ppl, who used to work with top firms in the world like IBM, Sim3…

and recently we had a programmer joined, who used to with with Roblox :)

he basically already financially free, and “want to do something BIG” haha :)

Serene | Shin Chan: Any latest/ update news about SpaceY2025 you would like to share with our community?

StrangeApple | SpaceY2025: this month is super important for us.

as we will have TGE :) we had top platform gonna support us on that.

and will have some new feature of the Game launched.

Tmr, you’ll see the news of Gate investment. and also the closure of Pivate round soon.

detail of IDO will be release soon this week:)

Serene | Shin Chan: Perfect. Can’t wait for the great news.

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1. Spacey2025 is now working on NFTs. That is fantastic news. But where do we look for the NFTs? What must I do to obtain your NFTs? And, given the current state of the market, do you guys have any plans to develop your NFTs in the future?

StrangeApple | SpaceY2025: You can find them on our market place

or some description on our twitter

We have 5 kinds of weapons which contained in the Blind Boxes that you can purchase on our website. Each weapon has different features and functions to empower gamers.

so yeah, you’ll need to have SPAY to purchase.

or join in our airdrop event in the future or be early gamers to have rewards.

but be noted, you still can play without NFTs. YOU CAN PLAY FOR FREE.

but good ranking will need good weapons. and the reward for top player is HUGH. :)

Q2. since SpaceY2025 is created by Blockfish, what is the most advantage that Space Y 2025 Game have? what is the difference with many games pop up in time in blockchain that make SpaceY2025 lead among other games?

StrangeApple | SpaceY2025: We have very tremendous good experiences on gaming development, especially on Tower Defense game.

We have already proved the success of Tower Defense gaming on our last game “Defensing our village” which we received so many gamers and they are still gathering on Blog today.

That gives us the big confidence. And moreover, we have jumped into Blockchain gaming from traditional gaming since 2018, we understand crypto industry and how it works.

And we’ve been building SpaceY very early since last year, not because the hype of Gamefi brought us here but we were here already and then Gamefi got hot. So we were actually ready before the hype formed.

Q3. I understand SpaceY is an NFT related tower defense game that has a backstory based on Elon Musk’s Mars Mission. Why did you choose this project concept based on Elon Musk’s mission? What is your goal in choosing a concept like this?

StrangeApple | SpaceY2025: yes, we are inspired by Elon and his project Space X

yes, we are inspired by Elon and his project Space X

you can see that we are very determind

i have to use the quote from our team and founder.

Our current civilization is based on disposable fossil energy such as coal and petroleum. Although we have nuclear fission technology, heavy element fuels such as uranium and plutonium are also disposable energy sources with limited reserves. Water, solar, and wind energy alone are not enough to support our current level of civilized development. As a species and a civilization, if human beings want to survive and avoid a tragic end, they must put their sight and energy on the sea of stars above their heads.

In an alternate universe, Elan Musk is still obsessed with the goal of making humans a multiplanetary species. Because of the faster development of science and technology in this universe, he can start his Mars mission earlier.

While transforming the Martian environment to prepare for the future immigration goal, humans are also exploring the mysteries of the universe, the origin of mankind, and looking for evidence of the existence of higher civilizations and extraterrestrial lives. You will face various unknown challenges here, such as the harsh environment and the extraterrestrial lives which you find out may not be friendly…

Our Founder Robin always has an ambition and huge interest toward Metaverse.

i have to copy/paste his quote here:

“The metaverse cannot be established under the original Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol internet architecture but the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 protocols clarify ownership of the virtual world. We are restarting a new universe where each of us is in this parallel world and can be the creator. The oasis in Ready Player One and the cyberspace in Cyberpunk 2077 are becoming a reality. In this new world, anyone could become the Virgin Lilith of Creation and complete humanity upgrading from a carbon-based civilization to a silicon-based one.”

a bit talktive about this topic, we can go hours on this. but so far, should be well explained. we can talk more on this in the future with our game launched :)

please check our game you guys will understand :)

Q4. SpaceY2025 is a Blockfish founded in the silicon valley. Can you say something about your team, skills, our community needs to know how experienced the Spacey team is, maybe you have some examples of your work or interesting stories from the past?

StrangeApple | SpaceY2025: i think we have talked about at beginning right

you probally already know about our CEO Robin. so our COO Enka : she has over 20 years of experience in the tech industry, worked for Fortune 100 companies lie IBM, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Symantec, in the USA, Japan, and China. Expertise includes global business initiatives, operations, expansion, product management, strategic planning, negotiations, etc.

Kevin, Chief in Tech. Machine learning, big data expert.
Over 10+ years of engineering & game development experience. Extensive experience in game development, operations, and digital advertising. Worked at MZ, Yelp, NVidia, and Facebook.

Sue, Art director. Visual design, fine arts, game production expert. Over 10 years of visual arts, game production experience. Worked at Electronic Arts, Game Vision. In EA, as Art Director, designed the game Sims 3, the most popular PC game in America and Europe

Blockfish has create a successful tower defense game before, with good revenue. That was troditional one.

Q5. I read that one of the main objectives of SpaceY2025 is to attract people specifically from China, so I wonder, what kind of strategies are they using to make themselves known in that country? Does any of your team speak Mandarin?

StrangeApple | SpaceY2025: This is a very interesting question. I am very surprised and honored to see that you are closely followed us. Thank you very much.

Yes, we actually start to build community from China back in April. As, firstly we had our most Seed investors from top Chinese VCs, and secondly we had very good connections with Chinese communities there, so it’s easy for us to start from there. And we had 100–200K supporters.

However, you guys must know then there was a “China Ban” in May, so we moved out of China and start to expand out side of China. And we did it very well, had a lot of communities joined and supported. We can’t officially launched in china due to the regulation, but fans are there, they still want to support, and we can’t stop ppl from playing our games right. So let’s see.

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6. As the economy is built into the game, would it be great if you could explain to us what kind of incentives will be gained in SpaceY to encourage players to actively participate?

StrangeApple | SpaceY2025: firstly it’s free to play. you don’t need NFTs/SPAY to start playing and gain another ingame token as rewards.

Secondly, we have monthly tournaments for players to fight. the top 20% players in the higher ranking can get 80% of the rewarding pool, which can be huge.

as 80% of all Income: NFT selling and NFT market transaction fees 1%- 5% (all in SPAY) will go to that pool. 🤪

Q7. I’m a crypto newbie so is the Spacey2025 project suitable for a beginner like me? or Spacey2025 is only limited to professional users?

StrangeApple | SpaceY2025: i have to say, beginners can earn samll money, professionals can earn big money. but we are not like the other games that can be controlled by bots. Founder told me even the best AI can’t do that. so it’s more manually and you have to play yourself. so anyone can be professional to earn big big reward. :) it could go up to 80K USD for top player.

Q8. Is it your discord link? And how can I g t letest update? where?

StrangeApple | SpaceY2025: go to our twitter and TG announcement Channel. then you won;t miss our updates

Q9. How will SpaceY 2025 prevent players from cheating in the game? Is your platform suitable for new players?

StrangeApple | SpaceY2025: again, even Top AI can’t manipulate. our model works a bit different from the other “play-to-earn”. we are more like”play-to-win-earn”.

Q10. If I understand correctly, will you release the full version of your game and release the Blind box this November?
Can Blind Box give players a chance to get the NFT equipment they need in the game, such as buildings, towers and ores?
Similar to NBA Top Shot Can players have fun with the mechanics of collecting Blind Box?

StrangeApple | SpaceY2025: we will have a “play-to-earn” version, and the ranking version will be a bit later. each blind box has 5 weapons in. each has different features and funtions. you can check our twitter to learn more on the weapons.

Q11. You said your goal was to create a metaverse. Is the SpaceY 2025 project the first step in metaverse? According to what or when will you start the change?

StrangeApple | SpaceY2025: yes exactly. we have big goal and vision toward metaverse. later on we will have a platform allow anyone(gamers) to build their own game and interact. stay tuned. can’t say too much yet.

Q12. Recently there was a big scam in a contemporary fashion project of “Squid Game”, in which many investors lost their capital in seconds, therefore, what guarantees do we have that this will not happen with SPACEY2025, although it is receiving a great boom?

StrangeApple | SpaceY2025: firstly, we have real product. please kindly check our Beta version, isn’t it amazing

this needs a lot of effort, i don’t think ppl want to put too much effort like almost a year to scam.

secondly, we have big backers like: Huobi ventures, OKEX verntures, Draper…etc.

and check our team, their profile are all on Linkedin.

if ppl really take some time to do research, then wouldn’t be cheated. do you agree?





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