Starly AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

8 min readMay 27, 2022

We held a live AMA with Global Community, Katrina Aboltina from Starly on 27th March 8:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene | Shin Chan: Welcome to Shin Chan Channel

Before we start our AMA, Can you give us a quick introduction about yourself and the core team for the new joiners?

Katy | Starly: Sure, with pleasure 🙂 We are a small team, core of us working together for a decade now, previously handled social media networks. I am all things content and community — but you know startups, everyone does everything — except code, I dont code 😄

Serene | Shin Chan: Thanks for the brief introduction

Can you briefly tell us what is Starly ?

Katy | Starly: We call it a launchpad and marketplace for gamified NFT collectibles. We hand pick the most talented visionary artists, enable them easy create their collections — we handle all tech side. Now we implement more and more gamification layers to turn Starly into an Ultimate Collect-to-Earn platform.

Serene | Shin Chan: Do you have any recent or updated Starly news you’d like to share with our community? 😀

Katy | Starly: OMG, you KNOW I have 🙂 We today posted a detailed summer plan — it’s gonna be hot hot hot!!! Starting with NFT Staking going live June 1st and so much more! You have to read it!

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1. I understand that the current Starly team is not haphazard in choosing NFT artists to join them. But as an NFT artist living in Southeast Asia and having a good record with several well-known NFT platforms, I am also willing to join Starly to add more to the platform with my experience. So, how can I join and form a partnership with Starly at this time? What qualifications do I need to become a Starly creator?

Katy | Starly: We actually started off with the vision to open our platform to all Creators, and it might happen at some point, though our featured collections will be always very carefully picked.

We look for very talented artists, with a clear vision and story to tell.

And we have set the bar for ourselves very high, having so beautiful collections with such talented artists. But we aim to keep up.

If you or any artist you know, feels like they would fit right in — write us at, we review all requests. However, please check our previous collections first — we do have a standard to fill 🙂

Q2. STARLY is an utilities token that is used to provide the best user services on the Starly network to producers,collectors,&the local area.What are the benefits of keeping STARLY for an extended period of time? Is a staking service offered? What exactly is the mechanism behind it?

Katy | Starly: Atm we use Starly to reward our top collectors. BUT from June 1st, Starly will be used to pay NFT staking rewards, and give HUGE cash prizes in the Pack Battle — the pack from sales with the highest card score will get whopping 10,000 tokens. We also plan to fully switch to Starly payments towards the autumn. At the moment you can use it a as a form of payment for primary sales. You can also stake Starly — with 15% APY for now!!!!

Q3. Many creative content creators are hesitant to start selling their work through NFT because of the large commissions costs charged by some systems. What was Starly’s solution to this issue? Do you have any intentions to teach non-crypto individuals about NFT?

Katy | Starly: Starly offers creators:

1. full technical help, they just need to provide visuals and descriptions (sometimes we even help with descriptions).

2. our comission is taken only for the actual sales, Creators don’t have to pay anything in advance.

3. Creators get lifetime Royalty from all the sales on Starly Secondary market.

We do aim to help non-crypto artists, as well as the plan to reach out to non-crypto communities is on our minds, just seems a tiny bit too early — but it’s any moment now, I believe.

Q4. I read that they are working on a series of functions that we call “collect to win mechanics”, so I ask you, is it already available in this Beta version of Starly? or will it be available only when starly is fully released?

Katy | Starly: So, we already offer a bunch of rewarding mechanisms:

1. Minting royalty fee — every person who mints a card (happens at the moment of the pack opening) will receive 1% royalty for all the further sales of this card on our platform.

2. We monthly reward our top collectors according to their collector score, so far 70,000 Starly have been given out.

3. Everyone completing full sets of Common, Rare or Legendary cards 30 days since the drop, get extra special and valuable Common Plus, Rare Plus or Legendary Plus cards — they are minted only in the amount of sets completed.

4. From June 1st we introduce NFT staking — amazing mechanics

5. Pack Battle feature with as mentioned garnd prize on 10,000 Starly to the highest pack score in each drop comes for the first time on June 8th

There will be much much more, we love our community and collectors, we want Starly to be the most exciting and benefitial experience.

Q5. What are your long-term plans, and what do you aim to accomplish in the long run?

Katy | Starly: In the Long run we aim to be the best place to be on Web3, of course 😉 Seriously — in the long run we want to build our platform as an exciting, self-sustainable, and rewarding ecosystem for NFT collectors, creators, token holders and the surrounding community.

So far we have enabled our users to immerse themselves into true and non-custodial ownership of unique NFT collectibles made by incredible digital creators. To really excel the experience and value of Starly we’ve put our efforts into creating a breathtaking NFT unboxing experience; developing an advanced and easy to use Secondary Marketplace for users to buy/sell the NFTs peer-to-peer; building gratifying and motivating rewarding mechanics and much more… All of it wrapped in a game-like layer with various challenges, competitions, and milestones designed to enhance the utility of Starly NFTs and $STARLY token. And it’s all already there, ready and live Today. The next steps are more utility, Starly payments, and REWARDS REWARDS REWARDS. And much more amazing artists, of course

Additionaly to summer plans I shared earlier, here is previously published 12 month roadmap

Live Question Begins:

Q1. I read that Starly is built on top of the Flow blockchain. Can you give us a reason why building on the blockchain and what are the benefits of building the Flow blockchain for Starly? Is that why Starly was chosen to host the Secret Pack Festival?

Katy | Starly: We did our research and building on Flow blockchain was an obvious choice — it is highly scalable and delivers performance and attributes for mainstream adoption. Even more so, it’s also environmentally sustainable, as associated energy consumption is considerably lower than alternatives.

Deloitte research even shows that minting an NFT on FLOW takes less energy than Twitter post.

We believe there is a lot of future potential and feel very good about Flow’s vision in attracting new users to the ecosystem. Not to mention Dapperlabs has been an excellent partner and their advice and support have been invaluable. And sure, hosting Flow Fest was super valuable and inetresting experience

Q2. Why Should any Artists Contact Starly For launching their NFT collection?

Katy | Starly: 🙂 Why should any artists do anything? Well, I already previosly explained all the perks for being a Starly Creator. And if we can share a vision, it’s amazing and all over beneficial experience.

Q3. I need to know your plan on how you intend attracting users to your platform from all over the world, be it crypto and non crypto enthusiasts? Currently are there any regional and legal limitations to using your project?

Katy | Starly: We do believe in global reach with local approach — creating specific language communities is a good way to start, we are building in that direction. While our central community langiuage is English, of course, we have Vietnamese, Korean, Russian etc communities. We treat every collector the best way possible — join our socials and you will see 🙂

Q4. Can you explain what COLLECT-TO-EARN MECHANICS is?

Katy | Starly: It is mostly the mechanics, that your collectibles have a real value in card score form that you can cash out during a year — but it’s definitely not limited, as the perks for collecting come in a lot of different forms and this is just the beginning, we will add more and more. And the best part is — you actually get beautiful collectibles and support your fav creators participating.

Q5. You said that the STARLY token provides a 15% APY stake reward. What is the STARLY amount for APY staking reward min and max to be staked and how will I benefit from membership tiers?

Katy | Starly: Token Staking at the moment indeed has 15% APY. When you stake NFTs, you can daily claim staking rewards in 1/10th of tokens you have staked — of course you can add them all the time to raise that limit. You can stake any amount of Starly, as well as any card (for each card 1/365 of score becomes available to claim daily)

Q6. ⭕️ Do the token holders have right to participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project??❣️

Katy | Starly: This is an aspect we will implement with detailed staking tiers coming starting August, I believe. At the moment the tiers have just a defined amount of tokens you have to stake, but no perks are available yet. When we start to implement them, voting rights for features as well as creator promotion is in the works. BUT I have to tell you that even for now we sincerely value our community feedback, opinions and suggestions.

Q7. Is there any step-by-step direction for generating collections on #StarlyNFT?Do creator’s have complete creative control of their #NFTs, the respective descriptions . Are they allowed to set initial prices of their NFTs?

Katy | Starly: Ofc, we provide creators with a step by step guidance and even much more, all the help they need — apart from creating art that is 😉

Q8. What are the prices for Rare and Legendary cards? How much will we have to pay to get special and valuable Common Plus or Legendary Plus cards?

Katy | Starly: This is a bit complicated questiojn — we have pricing models, but the saying is up to artist. You can find the primary sale pack price history in our Discrod featured drop channel, our secondary marketplace also will give you some ideas as what is more valuable, and what is less coveted.

- End -