Summeris AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with Co-Founder, Bayu Rheza from Summeris on 26th October 9:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene | Shin Chan: Before we start the AMA, can you please introduce yourselves and the team background to our community?

SH’ Summeris: Hey everyone, pleasure to meet yall 👋🏻

My name is Bayu Rheza and im Co- Summeris app. i’ve some experience on crypto space so thats why i built Summeris. Also, im owner of Shine Premium Signal. maybe some of you have heard of it 🙂

We have 5 members on our team and each of them having expert skill also big experience on crypto since 2018. Summeris was launched with a mature and proper idea

Serene | Shin Chan: Any latest/ update news about Pontoon you would like to share with our community?

SH’ Summeris: Everyone if you need full information about Summeris, you can read more on our whitepaper here:

AMA Twitter Section Begins:

Q1: What are your plans to grow the ecosystem and bring Summeris to the masses? Will you be partnering with more NFT projects? Will you make partnerships?

SH’ Summeris: I’ve some plans to grow up Summeris ecosystem. At first, our team still focussing on building, so all newcomers on Crypto & NFT space can be accesible. About partnership, we dont have at the moment but Summeris powered by Moralis (Web3 Apps).

Why we choose Moralis as our application, because they’ve good ecosystem and better operation system than others on Web3 Apps

Q2: I was very interested in the functionality of Summeris to bet our NFTs. What rewards can we get from doing so? How long will our NFTs be locked for? Will we be able to bet only NFTs or will it be possible to bet our SUM tokens in the future?

SH’ Summeris: Good question,

The rewards is SUM tokens. You can stake NFT to get SUM tokens with minimum period a week. Also you can stake SUM to get xSUM, the utility will update later on our medium article.

A little leak, Summeris NFT is not for sell.

How to get Summeris NFT so i can stake it to get SUM tokens? Simple, you just join our 3D NFT limited edition giveaway here:

Q3: Summeris is cool, but how cool is it? please tell us, what are the advantages of summeris compared to other nft marketplaces and what makes summeris more interesting and what makes it different?

SH’ Summeris: Very cool,

We build some features to compete other NFT Marketplace, what we offer for you?

- Minting fee is 0%. We dont charge any fees, because our target is newcomers on Crypto Space. So this will make easier for them to work on Digital Art

- Friendly UI. We use friendly UI/UX on our application, with speed and smooth acces. this will make users comfortable using Summeris

  • Staking NFT to get rewards, thats feature will coming on Q4 2021. But i have little leak for yall, We will support NFT staking on our application.

Q4: Summeris will develop the “NFT Bridge” system which is part of the SUM Ecosystem. Can you explain more about this NFT Bridge? How does it work and what benefits users get? Also How will your Bridge System be fully responsible for the withdrawal rate mechanism?

SH’ Summeris: Hear the transaction fees of each network are different, we have a solution for you.

For example: you want buy NFT on Ethereum Network but you wont pay the fees. you can asking sellers to bridge their NFT to Polygon.

Here is the technical design of Summeris NFT Bridge

Summeris will use the cross-chain bridge feature to support cross- chain digital transactions of assets. This feature requires an open channel between two chains for message communication. In the sender, the message will be sent to the smart contract bridge to be burned and identifiable. The recipient will take this message and ask the network for a new message. If validation is successful it will place a new token and replace it to a new chain, so that the message between the chains can be resolved.

Q5: There are currently an increasing number of NFTs being created across a broad range of platforms like music, art, gaming collectibles etc. So how does Summeris Differrents from the other multi-chain NFT marketplace? And how do you educate non-crypto users about NFT?

SH’ Summeris: Ya, currently we have not informed and educated about NFT to newcomers. But, we make it easy for them to dive right into the NFT world and be a part of us!

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6: Are you Planning to Launch the Governance System , So that User Can Also Play crucial Role in the Development of Platform ?

SH’ Summeris: Of course yes, The design and growth of the ecosystem will be determined by: token holders. Such as pool staking fees, burning transaction costs, liquidity mining ratios are initially set by the network itself; Token holders can update and vote to drive the Summeris ecosystem, there may be some established advantages to reward users.

Q7: I would Like to Know about the Secuirty Measures You have Taken to Make your Platform Secure ? Have you completed the Auditing Process by Authorised Company ?

SH’ Summeris: Thanks for asking, currently we haven’t complete the auditing process. Because we’re still beta and building with some new feature everyday. But we will complete the auditing after all functionally working well.

Q8: I read that Summeris will include a verification feature for users to know the real owner of an NFT, I haven’t seen this before, how will it work? Will it be enough to put the address of an NFT to know immediately the owner? Will it help us to detect plagiarized NFTs?

SH’ Summeris: Yes, thats the new feature on us. We will use txhash of the NFT creation for verify, but its not enough. In the future, we need some files on EPS or AI so we can check fully for original picture.

Q9: One of Your Features is Royalities, Can You tell more about this?

SH’ Summeris: This is what we have been waiting for, we will share 10% fees of NFT launchpad to our community (Reminder: its Launchpad fees). Royalty is very important for our community, also we will drop some tokens to people who trade NFT on our platform like Uniswap did before!

Q10: I am Interested in the SUMMERISE , Platform , Can you please tell me How Can I get Started with Creating and Selling NFTs , What Process I need to Follow ?

SH’ Summeris: You should connect your wallet on which chain you want > Go to profile and click create > Upload your NFT Image, Description and Collection > Submit and click create > and last sign your transaction on extension.

Q11: On your website I can’t find anything about your roadmap? where can i see it? what exactly is the theme of your project? I call your project a platform for people who have skills but are confused about selling them, right?

SH’ Summeris: Read on our whitepaper for fully information:

Q12: How does $SUM token work on the Platform?
On what chain, it is present?

SH’ Summeris: Summeris will issue native tokens on the network to facilitate decentralization government and support the summeris ecosystem. Tokens are designed so that users can actively participate in launchpad, providing liquidity as well as various advantages in the growth of ecosystem value.

SUM tokens will present on Binance Smart Chain

Q13: I loved the Summeris Tshirt in that Black Colour,
Is it available to buy?
Other than this, from where can I get this?

SH’ Summeris: All merchantdise from Summeris is NOT for sell, you just participate on our events then try with your luck ❤️

Q14: Is there any mobile app will be launching for investor to be more convenient trading? Will there be more new venture capital being bring in for this quarter?

SH’ Summeris: Summeris mobile app still on the progress, our mobile apps will launch on Q2 2022. About venture capital so far not yet.

Q15: What are the two main roles and functions of the Summeries token $SUM token in the platform? Is NFT used for buying and selling?

SH’ Summeris: The roles of SUM tokens is Governance and as Launchpad fees. Also for whitelisting for launchpad system, you just hold some SUM to get whitelisted





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