Time Raiders AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with Studio Head, Simon Bailey & Lead Designer, Matt Nagy from Time Raiders on 7th March 08:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


JH | Shin Chan: Before the ama start, can you please introduce yourselves and the team background to our community?

Simon: I’m simon,, studio head. 20 years in mainstream games. pc console and mobile

family entertainment mostly

Matthew: I’m matthew nagy, economist and lead designer. I’ve been in video games for over 20 years. I was the designer of Alien Trilogy and Die Hard Trilogy back in playstation 1 days

Simon: Doctor Who, Scooby Doo, Star wars Clone Wars, Young indie

we have a team of 30 devs working to Time Raideres

we want to bring AAA to crypto

Matthew: Had my own companies (Coyote Developments, Attractive Games) for years, doing Nintendo games before joining Simon and working together on new game genres and platforms

Simon: Time Raiders is an NFT treasure hunt through time

think Diablo with guns!

love making unusual and rewarding gameplay

making money should be fun! 😊

JH | Shin Chan: Can you briefly introduce what Time Raiders is all about? And is there any news would like to share with us?

Matthew: Time Raiders is the greatest treasure hunt of all time and spacetravel across time periods and dimensions, through alternate timelines, searching for treasure!

Simon: dinosaurs, WWII, Greek mythology, Sci-Fi future. that’s the beauty of time travel

Matthew: and alternate histories. to ‘known’ historical events

Simon: loot and shoot but with stealth and compelling narrative raid history of it’s loot to use in the future alter the future or the past with your own efforts collect treasure and blow everything up along the way earn money doing it

Matthew: everything explodes. and everything is an NFT

Simon: NFTs have unique utility

Matthew: the beauty of the game is that you can find some really rare valuable NFT treasure to use in game, or even if you find a common item, you can upgrade it to make it unique and valuable

Simon: Use of weapons increases their reputation. You can train the weapons to become more valuable.

Matthew: so everyone wins

Simon: Use NFT hot air balloons and submarines in game to unlock hidden levels and treasure

Matthew: find and unlock more and more unique raiders and skins find and unlock more and more very cool weapons across all of time

Simon: stake your token against a weapons factory to produce your unique orders….

free hostages and complete missions. train your AI companion to aid you in the game! then sell them! 😊

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1: Many games today set high costs to start the game & therefore start with a small player base.
Does #TimeRaiders an entrance fee or starting conditions & if so, what are they?
Do I need to hold an NFT or hold a certain number of tokens in order to enjoy & play the #TimeRaiders?

Matthew: We are attempting to have our game be free to play from the onset.

We are finalising our current in-game token utility usage to try to ensure that we can do this.

Simon: everyone should be able to come in and have fun.

Matthew: If we find that we cannot do this, then we will let the first several thousand players into the game, and then create an Entry Key NFT of some sort, but again, we will attempt to keep the price very low as we do not want to have a barrier to entry.

We may also simply request that players buy and stake a certain amount of $XPND to enter the game.

This would be an investment from the players, but they would get to not only keep their investment, but also make a return on it, so that solution would also be win win.

We will be finalising this week which methodology we will be following.

Simon: Matt has worked on game economy and is trying to balance this. he has a lot of experience in FTP. We are bending this model for P2E

Matthew: we want everyone to be able to get in and earn

Simon: A large number of players will mean a bouyant and vibrant economy

Matthew: we want players to be able to trade with each other in the Black Market their utility NFTs

Simon: the game provides daily $XPND rewards as well as NFTs

Matthew: so it’s implrtant to us to do our best to open up to as many as we can

Simon: breaking down barriers is what we are about. have fun while earning

Matthew: and if you have a certain Raider in game, you can barge through barriers 😄

Simon: or just blow them up!

Matthew: i only told you to blow the bloody doors off

Q2: Can I rent an NFT with Xpendium? Will the NFTs in the game be a stakeable NFT? What role will these NFTs play in-game? Will we be able to generate income by staking them?

Matthew: good questions. yes to all but more details

Simon: there are many way to play and earn in the game

Matthew:We will be making ‘Renting’ available in our in-game Black Market as soon as feasible.

hoping to offer both revenue stream share and straight ‘rental’ for a period

It will allow people to invest in an NFT, upgrade it, make it powerful, and then be able to create an income stream for themselves,

and offer new players a means to get in with an NFT item that is more powerful, which can give them somewhat of an advantage when playing.

The renter will be able to generate income by staking his NFT in this way to rent it to other players.

There will be other ways to stake an NFT as well. for possible upgrades or treasure

Simon: factory staking for example allows a player to generate unique utility NFTs (e.g. smart bomb) and then sell them on the open market.

Matthew: you’ll be able to stake $XPND and stake NFTs

Simon: there is also a timed rewards pool for staking

Matthew: for profit and gain. and staking for governance

Q3: There have been many NFT games that do not last over time because their devs have not been able to adequately maintain the economy of their games. So what are your plans to make sure this doesn’t happen with Time Raiders?

Matthew: Economics is everything in these games. We’ve been planning the in-game economics and utility for months. We believe we have a good starting point for Time Raiders. But we’re not just going to wind it up and watch it go either.

Simon: we have a continuous stream of new content and we can adapt the game as we go.

Matthew: The beauty of the community gaming is we can start with the main idea and test that it works

and make changes if we have to

Simon: we will also test and balance the game during closed and open beta.

Matthew: We’ll be watching and testing to make sure that the game is sticky, fun, and pays the players nicely for their gameplay, yet doesn’t bankrupt the game early in the cycle.

we want the game to be around for years

If all goes to plan, users should be able to make $5-$10 per day and the game grow to 100s of thousands of user over time,

Simon: we want to break through into mainstream gaming

Matthew: up to millions of users, and yet still be able to maintain the growth and the payouts.

We have various payment options (of XPND) within game, $XPND staking and burning mechanics built into the game to assist this success criteria.

we have planned to reward the players for performing the mission objectives

Simon: in addition to daily rewards their is also rare NFT utility secondary market

Matthew: and for the really good players who can do the achievements, they’ll earn a bit more too

Simon: and secondary market in training up weapons for sale

Matthew: yes so you could treasure hunt and find something amazing with value already built in but you can also take a common item and invest in it. upgrade it to give it more utility and rarity make it your own to create something new to make it valuable

Simon: NFT meta data will change over time increasing the item’s utility and value

Matthew: i love the Reputation Part… you can take just a normal pistol

and do something FUN and unique with it

Simon: i.e. a gravestone NFT grows into a graveyard over time!

Matthew: to give it Reputation

Simon: then the grave-yard comes to life!

Matthew: so suddently, it’s not just a pistol you get to name it and it becomse a one of a kind item Pop Gun, The Tank Slayer

Simon: Boom Boom the smart bomb

Q4: On your road map I see “Beta test and public release of Early Multiplayer features (Co-op and PvE).” In the game I understand about PvE mode, and I just heard about Co-op mode, so can you explain what Co-op is? And can we benefit from this mode?

Matthew: We’re starting dev with PvE. but we have 2 fabulous AI systems

one is for the enemies to make it challenging the other is for your raid party

you control one at a time, and the other 3 have wonderful AI to play along side you

although you can also switch between them in game This all gets us going

As we introduce Multiplayer, Co-Op play will be first. This is a match-making with your mates, and instead of you having up to 4 raiders, each of you and your friends is one raider

Simon: only some tasks and rewards are do able if you work with others to collaborate in game. i.e. if I cover you while you set a trap

Matthew: or if you all had to stand on pressure plates to open something (picture an egyptian pyramid level)

Simon: both of you then share in a unique NFT reward or $XPND reward.

Matthew: in order to reward all of the co-op players equally for their work on the level, we’ll have a slightly different treasure calculator.

so, yeah, like simon says all players will share from their work

Simon: it also helps to relieve grind.

Matthew: co-op should be a lot of fun . there will be PVP of course, as well

Simon: makes progressing in the game more interesting and fun!

Q5: The majority of contemporary NFT games aren’t designed with the player in mind. How has Time Raiders been developed to provide a great UX/UI experience? How user-friendly is your system, so that the game can focus on the gameplay rather than the monetization mechanics?

Matthew: we are completely doing this other way around. we’re thinking about the gamer we want this to be a realy fun game that people love

that they happen to get paid for

i don’t mean we’re shoving nft utility into a game. it’s all being carefully planned together. but the GAME is important . are are game developers

our goal is to make something that is appealling to gamers as well as crypto games

we’re even coining the phrase Play And Earn

Simon: coming from a mainstream games background makes it natural for us to think about the player experience and UI.

Matthew: Our game is designed to bridge the gap between normal gamers and crypto games. We are gamers ourselves, so we’ve been designing the game first, to be fun, sticky, moreish, and satisfying. The entire UI is designed specifically to be easy to understand and use.

We are basing it on other games of a similar genre and so are looking at the UI and Upgrade systems in those games to borrow ideas for our game, using tried and tested UI and upgrade systems. but changing them to be Play and Earn specific NFT utility specific

Simon: Players will only stay and play if it is fun. We can only grow the community if the game continues to expand

we need to have the right balance between ease of access, playability, growth and reward

Matthew: we believe that we are making this

Simon: this is the daily challenge we are working on.

Matthew: and, compared to a lot that’s out there at the moment, we believe that are making something of a console quality

Simon: we have great experience in Live OPs and community management so we can tweak as we go too

imagine a future where you are having fun, completely lost in the game experience, then you come out and you have earned enoughb money for the day as well! 😊

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6: What platforms are TimeRaiders available on now? Will TimeRaiders be compatible and work with Steam? Does TimeRaiders have a multiplayer game mode?

Simon: open beta in April, no to Steam but you can download the DAPP, Multiplayer in May

Q7: So many games don’t support mobiles, and that reduces the attraction of many players around the world. Can I play “TimeRaiders” on mobile and on pc? If not, when will the full game release, or when will the ios, android versions be released?

Matthew: Game will start on PC, but we’re in Unity, so we hope that we’ll be able to bring out Mobile/tablet versions as alternatve means of playing your arccount in the not too distant future

Q8: My Question :✨
Currently most investors only care about profits at the moment but ignore the Long-Term benefits. So can you give them some advice why they should buy and hold this token in the long term?✨

Simon: we intend to grow one of the best and most fun games in the industry. We are 100% committed that all gamers should be able to make a living playing games!

Q9: Many Gamers likes to have a proper story game so that they don’t get bored,
Have You thought about this?

Matthew: There is a huge back story being written into the narrative that will be slowly revealed over time (no pun intendned)

Q10: According to what I’ve seen, most first-person shooter games have a minimum of three and a maximum of six players per squad.
In #TimeRaiders mode, what is the minimum and maximum team size?
Are there any consequences if a player leaves the game before it’s finished?

Matthew: This is a 3rd person shooter, and we have squads up to 4 for our game

Q11: Do you have any special features or advantages to differentiate yourself from your competitors? What are the killer features that set you apart from your competitors?

Simon: full 3D AAA experience — just like you get in COD, GTA or WOW

Q12: Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and investors to your projects and keep them long term?

Matthew: we have a dedicated marketing and social media team to help use with User Aq

Q13: Every Users love STAKING ,So Ia Your Platforms support STAKING Program, If Yes
Please guide me About the STAKING and What are the benifits ?

Matthew: We will have staking via an external webpage for GOvernance (Q2) and to receive rewards from a community pool. In game we have staking to engage mechanics that make NFTs for the player or to receive additional income streams or other NFTs or Upgrades

Q14: Time Riders will become a big platform. And many will invest here. But will the Time Riders ever deceive them?

Matthew: We are game developers. We love making video games. That is our main intention. To make a work of art that people love.

Q15: What do I need to play Time Raiders?

There are many gaming projects in the market but most of them requires high investment to start to play. Can you please tell us how much Should We Invest to start playing Time Raiders? Can small investors afford your game?

Matthew: We are trying to make a game wtihout a barrier to entry, so that people can afford to come into the game. So long as the planned economics pan out, we hope to keep it this way. If we have to make changes we will continue to be considerate so that the ‘little guy’ can still get in

Q16: I read that you financed your project with your own money until launch. Did you have more strategic partners after launch? Or do you have meetings?How will the funds from the AME be used?

Simon: we have a full list of professional supporting partners and investors

Q17: 💋Will there be crazy events to grow the community? A growing community helps you get more adoption. How will you use the power of the community?

Matthew: Of course! We are a very creative team, and we are CONSTANTLY thinking up fun ways to engage our audience!

Q18: How do you plan to go far with your community? We know that no matter how much marketing is, the community always shows its face in terms of its safety through references from them and also maintains an activity on social networks. How important is the community for you?

Simon: we have a full list of strategic marketing partners and a serious marketing plan. Some of our partners have have communities of millions of players. Announcements will come shortly

Q19: Most of the time, small and medium-sized investors usually withdraw from the project when the token price experiences a strong increase in the short term, please explain the advantages when investors hold your tokens in the short and long term, as well as when using your product?

Matthew: We have a very fair tokenomics planned over a nice long period of time (5 years) to avoid whales disrupting the XPND price at market

We are starting in English but hope to be able to localise the game across many different languages as we progress.

Q20: Is your project a community only for English speaking an countries or for users not of other languages?

Matthew: using tried and tested UI and upgrade systems.

Q21: Smart contracts are prone to failure, and many projects fall victim to it, costing user funds and discrediting projects. How reliable and secure are your smart contracts? Did you test it with either party?

Simon: we have a full block chain programming team led by a leading security architect

Q22: sir, there are so many boring games and this makes people who are not interested and end up leaving a lot of these games, can you tell me what makes your game not as boring as other games?

Matthew: We are determined to make a game that is first of all fun…

Q23: Ok sir, I seem interested in your project, but I have one question which is do you have an AUDIT certificate?? continue or do you work to AUDIT your project and how to make it more secure and reliable??
please explain to us sir🙏🏿🙏🏿 thank you

Matthew: We are very security aware, and so we are having proper audits done of all our security and smart contracts for comliance and safety

Q24: Have you Received any kind of Feedback from Gamers about your gaming platform so that it helps you you to make changes in your platform?

Simon: yes we have an inhouse and out of house testing team as well as beta community planned for april

Q25: Various projects are built Multi-chain,
I am eager to know that on which blockchain your token is built?
and what is its utility?
please explain it?

Simon: all built on Polygon

Q26: Hi, I’m new here. The game looks interesting. I went through WP and faqs, and I have some questions.
Is the game f2p or do I need to get some NFT or xpnd to be able to play? Any news about possible launch dates?

Simon: pls see answers above

Q27: what is the utility of the #XPND token in game time raiders?

Matthew: Matthew Charles, [7 Mar 2022 at 12:58:07]:
The XPND token will be the main currency for the whole game. You will use it to upgrade items and raiders, to buy extra energy packs, and for many other in game things

but you will also earn it for playing levels, performing mission objectives and also achievements

Q28: I see that 19% of the tokens have been kept for Utopian Game Labs,
What is the purpose of this Lab?
how will it help in development of platform?

Simon: Utopian game labs is the game studio

Q29: 🐔Game development on blockchain is a fantastic idea, but any game will require constant bug fixes, updated versions, and new levels. So, how far do you think we can go with blockchain in terms of game development? Could you please explain?

Simon: we have a live OPs team continuosly making new content and adding ideas. we are going all the way!





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