Unique Network AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

We held a live AMA with CMO, Charu Sethi from Unique Network on 17th March 10:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene | Shin Chan: Before we start our AMA, Please Introduce yourself and your Unique network.

Charu | Will never DM you: My name is Charu Sethi, I’m the Chief Marketing Officer at Unique Network. I have over 13 years of experience in tech marketing, with 4 years’ of experience in the blockchain industry. I have worked for companies like IBM, helping build out their blockchain adoption marketing for the Asia Pacific. I joined Unique Network in May 2021.

Unique Network is the first NFT chain for Polkadot and Kusama. Our canary network Quartz had already won the parachain slot on Kusama last year. We are one of the most advanced and powerful NFT chains. Not only is it climate-friendly, because it’s proof of stake, it is also designed to create future use cases.

We are powering these use cases with key advanced features:

Flexible Economic Models
Sustainable NFTs
Completely Customizable
Advanced Ownership and Management
NFT to NFT Interactivity

On 14th March we kicked off the crowdloan campaign to secure a parachain slot on the Polkadot Network

Serene | Shin Chan: You have recently announced Unique Network crowdloan for Polkadot opens on 14th March, while we’re familiar with Polkadot & crowdloan. Many members of our community might not be familiar with crowdloan.

Can you please explain more about that?

Charu | Will never DM you: sure! thats one of the most important milesones for us!

Polkadot is a layer-0 blockchain that allows us to build a layer-1 blockchain on top of that. Those layer-1 blockchains are called parachains. Parachains receive features like interoperability & security of Polkadot.

Parachains are leased to networks like Unique Network for fixed periods, and crowdloans are a means to crowdsource the capital required for the lease. Unique Network is launching a crowdloan to rally support from our community and raise the capital (DOT) required to lease a parachain for the full lease period (LP).

Supporters who pledge DOT to the crowdloan will receive UNQ as rewards. The DOT are bonded or locked into a Polkadot sponsored account for the period of the lease, afterwhich the DOT will be returned to contributors. Contributed DOT are never directly accessible by Unique Network at any point of the crowdloan or lease period.

Being a Polkadot parachain allows Unique Network to tap into the interoperability, scalability, and security of the Polkadot Network, so that we can focus on what we do best — enabling composable and advanced features for NFTs.

Our crowdloan is live on our website.

For more information please check out our website: https://unique.network/token/crowdloan/

Serene | Shin Chan: We’ve heard alot about MintFest, what is MintFest?

Charu | Will never DM you: oh thats one of my favorite campaigns!

Mintfest is a series of events that we plan to do.

To participate you’ll need to mint your NFTs on UniqueMinter.

By doing so you’ll receive 5% more rewards in crowdloan. In addition to the 5% bonus rewards, we have a special judges panel as well which will decide the best NFTs minted in the MIntFest. The winning NFTs will be listed on Unique Network marketplace and the creators will have an option to sell it. Please note that to be eligible to for this you need to contribute to the Unique Network crowdloan.


It’s very easy to mint NFT on UniqueMinter. But if you need help our CTO Greg had a workshop at Ethdenver that will help you.

Here are all the details of the MIntFest you need to know:

Serene | Shin Chan: Last question. Unique Network has an ambassador program, can you please share more information about your ambassador program?

Charu | Will never DM you: Yes, we have recently started our ambassador program. So many enthusiastic community members are participating & contributing to our ambassador program.

We’re very proud of their contributions. Our ambassadors are very engaged and help us across community growth, content creation, testing of tools and a lot more!

so if you would like to leverage your skills to support the long term growth of Unique network, pls do apply!

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1: Unique Network has a tracking module for NFT, the fifth and final receipt of a Polkadot Experience Web3 grant. What is the NFT tracking module? How does this tracking module work? What advantages does the NFT tracking module offer?

Charu | Will never DM you: Tracking module is the foundation of collection management of NFTs. On the Ethereum chain ERC721 is used to represent ownership of assets. NFT Tracking module does that with more capabilities of managing multiple tokens in one collection. This is important because in large NFT based applications such as games on the Polkadot ecosystem NFT tracking module will enable capabilities of managing in-game assets. Also it helps enhance our EVM compatibility and gives a structure to manage ethereum based assets as well. This helps projects create advanced ownership structures with NFTs such as leasing renting, access levels etc

Q2: You offer some services such as NFT market creation, avoiding network congestion and high transaction fees, giving full governance to users, is it essential to develop with Polkadot to achieve all this ? why not use BSC, ETH or SOLANA ?

Charu | Will never DM you: Polkadot and substrate allow us to be very flexible in terms of bringing new technology to life. Of course, we all love Polkadot because of its scalability & interoperability. Polkadot is a POS mechanism that makes all the transactions faster and cheap. As a parachain we can use the consensus mechanism of the relay chain and parachains do not need to have their own nodes to operate. Also using XCM chains can interact with each other which no other blockchain provides.

That makes it very easy and powerful to collaborate across various parachains.

Q3: You say that Unique Network will have some “freemium games”, but could you really tell us a little about the characteristics of these games? Will they be, as their name say, free access and completely zero fees?

Charu | Will never DM you: Over the decades, the gaming industry has proven that for the attention economy to be successful, you need to offer free to play games in return for the attention you receive from your end users and gamers. At a point where gamers are ready to invest in in-game assets, as a developer, you can start to monetize your app.

This has been a proven framework that works for developers and gamers. We want the game devs to continue to build within that proven economic framework.

To make sure end users are not paying for every transaction, just because a game is on a blockchain, we bring in sponsorship of fees. The sponsorship pallet allows devs to sponsor the fees of the end users and also allows us to sponsor the fee for the devs.
We can do this for an initial time period till the devs start to monetize their apps.

Q4: As a newbie artist & not so popular will I be able to featured my work on #UniqueNetwork’s platform? If so, how will I be able to do that? Where can I apply to be one of the platform’s featured creators? What kind of requirements do I need to meet to do so?

Charu | Will never DM you: Our goal is to empower artists to be able to mint their own NFT and create their own marketplace.

We are building these tools for anyone who wants to create their NFTs or marketplace without technical knowledge. You can mint your NFT collection in just a few minutes, add traits and attributes, and you can create your marketplace in an hour.

As I mentioned earlier artists can participate in MintFest to put their NFTs on our marketplace.


More information here,

Q5: I read that If investors buy with DOT tokens, will get a “Referral Code”, in which investors will receive a unique 5% Crowdloan Bonus. So, Can you tell me about it?
How do users get this code and When does this Program run?

Charu | Will never DM you: When users contribute through our website they’ll receive a referral code that can be used to refer other people.

Every time someone contributes to DOT using your referral link both referrer and referee receive 5% extra rewards.

For example, if your friend contributes 10 DOT tokens using your referral link you and your friend receive 5% extra rewards on that contribution. The more people you refer, the more rewards you can receive.

We have other bonus rewards as well,

Contribute here,

and one more thing i’d like to highlight !

we have a give away campaign! you just need to follow some steps :)

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6: It was mentioned that quartz is the untamed cousin of “Unique Network” as is kusama to polkadot. please can you outline the difference between quartz and “unique network” and some of their distinguishing features?
Can you elaborate on their their interoperability and protocols?

Charu | Will never DM you: Good question: Quartz is a chain for the Kusama community . we won the 14th Parachain slot of the Kusama auctions. Quartz has been live on Kusama since december and earlier this week our main marketplace unqnft.io was fully migrated to Quartz
Unique Network will be a parachain for the Polkadot network. Our current crowdloan campaign will help us secure that slot.
While Kusama is a great place to experiment and yet deliver real value, Polkadot Network offers enterprise level security and scalability

Q7: When exploring NFTs, some important factors to consider include resources, originality, and governance. So, how about some #Unique NFTs?
In this scenario, what is the platform? Are they going to be offered on additional NFT exchanges like OpenSea?

Charu | Will never DM you: For now we have our own marketplace that has the Chelobricks and Substrapunks collections. Thore are Unique NFTs :) They have shown impressive trading volumes and the owners of those NFTs get recurring rewards. . With time we intend to decentralise that marketplace .
We are not a competitor of Open Sea , infact we offer tools and capabilities that can enrich any NFT marketplace

Q8: Given that ERC-721 allows users to earn NFT on the main Ethereum network, what is Unique’s competitive edge over ERC-721 (or any other competitor)? Do you believe there is still a constraint for NFT followers to adopt Unique because they are now bound to ERC-721?

Charu | Will never DM you: Ethereum was where NFTs were born. What they have done for the art industry is commendable . However most of the use cases are about digital collectibles. for NFTs to move beyond that into applications in the real estate industry NFTs need to do much more! And thats what we are building — Advanced features . ERC 721 is great — but elements like Refungibility, advanced ownershio, Nested NFTs etc cant be done by just ERC 721

Q9: We are going to what is the development that has started as a DigitalArt4Climate use case. How is the development of this market that is totally yours and I think that the first one, it is true that it is totally sustainable?

Charu | Will never DM you: Polkadot Network is the most energy efficient blockchain . This was determined by a CCRI report which was recently shared by Bloomberg News. Low carbon impact NFT transactions combined with the flexibility of substrate makes Unique Network platform very powerful.


Q10 : Unique Network partnered with Remark (RMRK) to create a set of NFT legos that provide NFTs with endless extension. Can you tell me more about this collaboration? What are the advantages and benefits of this relationship for Unique Network and its users?

Charu | Will never DM you: Our partnership with RMRK is a great example of two projects working together within the Polkadot ecosystem. RMRK will be using Unique Network tech to create advanced composable NFTs . where two NFTs can interact with each other. we will soon share more updates on that ;)





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