Unreal Finance Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

6 min readMay 21, 2021

We held a live AMA with Ishan Garg , Founder & CEO of Unreal Finance on 21st May 10:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene: Before AMA start, can you introduce yourselves and the team background?

Ishan Garg : I am Ishan Garg, founder and CEO of Unreal Finance. Unreal Finance is a future yield tokenization platform that allows anyone to lock-in the interest rate.

I personally have been in this space since 2017, worked previously as the head of BD for OKEx India. and that’s when the idea of Unreal came :)

Serene: Any latest/ update news about Unreal Finance you would like to share with our community?😀

Ishan Garg : We recently finished our Pre-IDO on Gensis shards which was a huge success (NFTs backed by our token are almost trading at 5x 🤯)

APart from that we have a few major partnerships ann lined up for the coming weeks. so do stay tuned.

AMA Twitter Section Begin:

Q1 : You said Unreal Finance has a fixed interest rate. Many projects whose interest rate and APY change from time to time depend on the liquidity in the pool. Do you have a solution to provide fixed interest rates and can you share the minimum APY expected for your pool?

Ishan Garg : Unreal Finance doesn’t depend solely on pools to provide a fixed APY. How Unreal Finance works is that it tokenizes the future yield of a protocol and creates new syntehtics whose value is directly derived from the current APY. these synthteics can be sold on the open market — effectively getting the interest rate upfront (and locking in the interest rate in the process). this unique approach is really common in the traditional finance sector through interest rate swaps and we are brining them to defi.

Q2: Some DeFi projects offering yield farming are driven by hype and scarcity, so project automation is also reduced. What is the key to maintaining the results of your Project?

Ishan Garg : We ourselves are not offering any yield farming — but rather we are a layer on top of the current farms and lending protocol.

so for us the key factor is as many partnerships and intergrations as possible.

Q3 : I read in your medium article, you announced partnership with Lunar Digital Asset (LDA). What forms of cooperation are you doing with Lunar Digital Asset? do you think this is a potential partnership?
So do you have any other amazing partnerships?

Ishan Garg : Yes we have done some amazing partnerships and we will be announcing them shortly :)

LDA is one of the premier marketing partners in this industry and are crucial partner in terms of our marketing efforts.

Q4 :As we know Unreal Finance is a yield futures platform that allows users to tokenize their future yields via smart contract. With this in mind, is Unreal’s platform a new users friendly space? Can anyone regardless of their knowledge on this matter be able to use Unreal?

Ishan Garg : We have designed Unreal Finance to be really user friendly. If a person has any expereince in yield farming/staking they can use Unreal Finance immediately. that being said, Unreal Finance is modeled after the interest rate swap markets which are traditionally used by the big players in the centralized market — such as hedge funds, shadow banks etc.

Q5 : What criteria will you take into account when integrating a new lending protocol to the Unreal repertoire? Will you have some specific requirements or will the choice of them be by simple vote of the governance?

Ishan Garg : There are two stages — first is initial review by our team and secondly the governance. in the initial review — we would look at the amount of time the protcol is up, TVL, size of the accounts, audits. team etc and do our initial filtering.

After that the protcol will be voted by the community. this ensures high quality projects are integrated with Unreal Finance and scams are away.

Telegram Live AMA Begin:

Q6 :Is there any deposit limit to generate UOS and UToken? Is any amount acceptable?

Ishan Garg : Although there is no pre-defined deposit limit, each tranche might impose some limits depending on the availablity.

Q7: Knowing that the world of NFTs is currently booming, do you have plans to include NFT’s in your project to attract even more users?

Ishan Garg : Not really — NFT is market is completely different from what we are currently doing.

Q8: Those synthetics generated on Unreal finance platform. Where can we sell them? Can we sell them on open market?

Ishan Garg : Yes they can be sold on open markets such as Uniswap or Balancer. In the future we hope to establish CEX partnerships as well.

Q9 : what value of the UOS token did the user get? can you give an example of UOS token calculation? And is the acquisition of these tokens equivalent to the principal assets stored?

Ishan Garg : UOS is the ownership token of Unreal Finance — that is it is used for claiming the principle amount. If you deposit say 100 USDT on Unreal you will get 100 UOS-USDT which can be used for exchanging the 100 usdt back.

Q10 : Mentioned that #Unreal Finance is unlocking new possibilities in decentralized lending.Could you please tell us what the new possibilities are.

Ishan Garg : through unreal finance you can now specualte on the interest rate whether the interest rate will go up or go down. A new asset class is created. Secondly, through unreal finance you can lock-in the interest rate.

Q11 : 🔵 What is the advantage of using uTokens for unsecured loans and fixed interest rates on return?
Can synthetic protocol tokens and UOS tokens be used together?

🔵 What is the advantage of arbitrage between different protocols at Unreal Finance and can we unlock additional funds when we deposit collateral?

Ishan Garg : 1) We are not on the borrowing side of things but rather on the lending side. That means you won’t be able to use unreal to get unsecured loans.

2) So through unreal finance you get your future yield upfront. You have the interest upfront. This interest can be used to pay for loans, or redeposit to make more interest.

Q12 :Are there any step by step guide about how to apply for IDO sales for Unreal Finance?

Ishan Garg : That we will announce soon.

Q13 : From Where does the project name came? What is the meaning of it and what is the reason for choosing this name for your project?

Ishan Garg : Unreal is short form of Unrealised yields — so it’s a play on words.

Q14 : ✅ I’m Curious… Will the Unreal protocol affect the Lending Protocols in any way? As investors will be able to log directly into Unreal and buy yield from someone else without locking their tokens beforehand.

Ishan Garg : exactly.

Q15 : 🟢 I read that Unreal Finance is built on layer 1, but that you have been experimenting with Optimism. What results have you had so far? Are you convinced to completely migrate to Optimism? Have you considered other alternatives?

Ishan Garg : We havent decided on the l2 — we are just looking and testing the l2 markets and are open for any solution that is widely accepted.

Q16 : One of Unreal Finance’s most important promises is that it offers fixed interest rates to its users. In other similar projects, interest rates change over time depending on the liquidity in the pools. So why did you choose to provide a fixed interest rate?

Ishan Garg : Fixed interest rate is needed for various financials tools to work and it also gives a sense of certainity to the lender.

Q17 : Do you plan to add another blockchain support different than BSC and ERC-20?

Ishan Garg : We are open ti them but nothing so far.

Q18 : Is the protocol fully decentralized and anyone can use it from anywhere in the world? I mean is there any restrictions of using your service?

Ishan Garg : it’s fully decentralized.

Q19 : Why did unreal finance choose etheruem products for performance trading? will your protocol or platform adapt to other chains?

Ishan Garg : Ethereum currently has the most established defi lending protocols and farms.

- End -