UpOnly AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

10 min readApr 7, 2022


We held a live AMA on Thursday 09:00 PM (UTC+8), 7th April with CEO, TOP. Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


JH | ShinChan: Before the ama start, can you please introduce yourself and the team background to our community?

TOP: Absolutely. I’m Top, the CEO of UpOnly. It’s a pleasure to be here today to share insights about UpOnly and what we’ve been building. For some background, I’ve been involved with blockchain since the early Enterprise Ethereum days, helping local enterprises adopt blockchain solutions for their businesses.

Interestingly, the UpOnly team is an amazing group of developers and builders with diverse experience in marketing, data analytics, gaming, and blockchain. A combination of all this expertise is necessary to what we’re building at UpOnly and we’re continuing to scale the team as we integrate more functionalities into the platform. As data is our primary focus, we invest on gathering top analysts, researchers and blockchain specialists.

JH | ShinChan: great to know that, and thank you for the introduction 💯

Can you briefly introduce what UpOnly is all about? And is there any news would like to share with us?

TOP: Certainly. UpOnly ($UPO) is listing on KuCoin today, April 7, marking another critical step in our progress. https://www.kucoin.com/trade/UPO-USDT

Our mainnet release is also scheduled for later this month and will give our awesome community a glimpse of the amazing product we have been building. We’re extremely excited for the next few weeks and invite members of Shin Chan community to check us out!

The UpOnly platform is a one-stop data directory for gamers and investors seeking insightful data about play-to-earn blockchain games, as well as Metaverse projects.

For instance, it is currently impossible to keep track of new projects entering this space and find out information about how much it costs to start playing a blockchain game or how profitable their venture will be. Same challenge with investors seeking to purchase land in the Metaverse and wondering about the best places to begin. UpOnly addresses these problems and much more by delivering concise data about this emerging space.

We also go beyond being data directory for P2E and metaverse projects. We offer voting and predictions features for gamers and investors to engage, contribute and earn on our platform.

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1: As we know we have many #play2earn #metaverse projects launching on different platforms. How are you going to integrate with all of them and filter the data? I mean is it correct to say #UpOnly is a oracle of play2earn #metaverse ?

TOP: You can definitely describe UpOnly as a Play-to-Earn and Metaverse oracle because of our focus on curating and streaming real-time on-chain data from projects. Our integration and data filtering process is relatively simple. Our solution includes an API integration for projects to stream in-game data on our platform. We also harness publicly available data on the blockchain about these games and present them in a way that users can look at and use them as a basis to choose the best games to play or the best Metaverse lands to acquire. Think of us as Coinmarketcap for metaverse and P2E. We are your #gameficompass!

Q2: How does UpOnly manage to be a fast-growing data and analytics platform?
How much revenue has UpOnly spent on addressing the critical gap in the market and infrastructure that will enable its growing audience to bet on it?

TOP: UpOnly is continuing to grow its data and analytics platform through strategic partnerships with existing and upcoming play-to-earn and metaverse projects across different platforms. UpOnly provides significant advantages to projects, including exposure to our large audience and helping projects promote transparency. Hence, projects have additional incentives to want to get listed on UpOnly, further expanding our data coverage and user base.

Regarding the second part of the question, our community can rest assured that we’ve invested significant resources (including funds) into researching existing data platforms and their offerings. We identified key market gaps such as poor data representation, incomplete data coverage, and poor user experience. Our platform will direct these gaps and deliver immense value to our users.

We also focus on developing features that will offer users ways to participate and earn $UPO.

For example, users can vote on different aspects of a project such as roadmap, tokenomics so project owners can improve such angle. Fellow uses will also gain benefit from seeing insights. Top contributors have a chance to win $UPO.

It’s a data-driven, user-fueled platform.

Q3: Handling a directory with all of the blockchain’s P2E games necessitates a huge servers! Could you explain us if this data will be managed and protected by an oracle? What kind of technologies are you going to utilize to keep it secure?

TOP: UpOnly utilizes a reliable cloud deployment process for its data systems. This fulfills all our current server demands and ensures that data is served to users in a timely manner. We also use chainlink and our experienced devops team ensure highest level security and integration.

Q4: According to what I’ve noticed, UpOnly’s goal is to not only promote your program, but also to inform the community about P2E initiatives & intriguing metaverses. So, can you discuss why they’re working on this objective? Is it their goal to teach the crypto/non crypto societies?

TOP: Agree! Also, a significant portion of data streamed on UpOnly will already be publicly available on the blockchain and does not require sophisticated security systems. We ensure data on UpOnly is accurate, fast and secure!

At UpOnly we believe that play-to-earn blockchain gaming and metaverse environments represent the next generation of online gaming and social engagement. Hence, one of our missions is to spread wholesome knowledge about the industry and help educate both crypto and non-crypto native societies.

At the same time, we recognize that doing so will attract significant investment and mainstream involvement into the space. We are only excited about what the future holds and look forward to being here for a very very long time.

Crypto newcomers often feel overwhelmed with information. It’s challenging to find unbiased, verified information. UpOnly addresses this pain point.

We are the first gateway to all things metaverse and P2E!

Q5: The results of inaccurate data being shown on the system also have an impact on the game’s overall score. Coinmarketcap’s pricing data is now incorrect, leading crypto investors to assume that their token is increasing in value. So, what are the thoughts of UpOnly on the subject?

TOP: We understand from project owner point of view that it can be time consuming to update data. We then offer a solution for projects to update their infformation so users and investors receive updates instantly. Timing is key in the crypto space! UpOnly will strive to set and maintain the highest standards for serving accurate data on its platform. Users can absolutely count on every piece of data on UpOnly and use it as a basis to make profitable investment choices.

Telegram Live AMA:

Q6: You stated that “UpOnly will provide comprehensive data on the rapidly growing MetaVerse space”, so what type of data does #UpOnly plan to provide in this MetaVerse space? and I want to know Has UPONLY implemented Stake? How does it work and share with us your staking pool list? How many tokens should we have to stake on your platform? thanks

TOP: Details here!

UpOnly Introduces Native Staking

UpOnly, the fastest-growing play-to-earn data directory and predictions platform, is thrilled to announce the launch of its native staking platform.

$UPO token holders can now reap high-yielding passive income and grow their digital assets by locking $UPO over a period of 30–90 days. Stake now!

Q7: As mentioned “Data-Driven prediction for smarter investment”. Can you elaborate how can a prediction be smarter investment? What basis are you saying this?

TOP: So we’ll have information such as project details, gameplay, land prices, including the comments and votes from real users. Investors can make well-informed investment decisions. Prediction is another feature that users can make predictions on outcome of games. So this is another way to enjoy a game (and earn!) without playing!

Q8: Mentioned that you onboarded already more than 50 project which join the initial launch of the platform. Can you elaborate more about this?

TOP: We’ll have their static and price related data on our platform!

Q9: UpOnly will also feature a prediction platform built on the Polygon blockchain , May I know Why You Build on this Chain (POLYGON) , Tell me Some Advantages of it ?

TOP: Gas fee, security and low barriers to entry for investors

Q10: Did you identified the lack of quality data about most games in the industry? What problem solving you have found? what do you think as generally?.

TOP: I agree. We have reviews from KOLs but not unbiased information from neutral platform. We also act as a bridge between users and projects as we have direct contact with them. Users are encouraged to submit request about a project to us and we’ll seek that information for you.

Q11: I saw that UpOnly has taken Funding with some top Backers like ZBS Capital, Signal Ventures, Nakamoto Games, Moonstarter,

Do You think these fund will be useful for the further development?
How will these Backers help in Upcoming times?

TOP: Absolutely. They help in terms of establishing relationships with quality projects and share their input about technologies and features.

Q12: I see you recently announced a partnership with Outlanders one of the first open world #MMORPG platforms to leverage blockchain technology. Can you tell us about this partnership? How will this partnership benefit UpOnly and Outlanders users?

TOP: We are super excited to onboard them. This is another reason why community should follow UpOnly! We are the first to know about new projects. We’ll stream their data and gaming stats on our site.

Q13: I was told that UpOnly will be a one-stop data directory for millions of users who are part of the play-to-earn and blockchain gaming ecosystem. Is the information I got valid? Will $UPO support all offers?

TOP: It’s a part of our fundamentals to provide information and users will follow! We also educate users about interesting projects and important IDO.

Q14: 🟢🟢 I understand that the bets are made directly with your UPO token, however, the winnings generated from each game or bet will always be created with UPO? How many UPOs can a user receive if they make a bet from your platform? Tell us a little about the advantages you offer

TOP: Yes $UPO tokens will be the heart of the project. The UPO received depends on the prize pool. We offer another way to earn besides playing games. You can use $UPO to stake, earn, vote and receive $UPO from winning predictions, voting and commenting.

Q15: What kinds of things or events will the UpOnly prediction platform be able to predict? Which ones make the top ten in terms of capitalization in a given time period? Price forecasts? Could you also elaborate on how profits and rewards will be distributed?

TOP: It’s more like an outcome of gaming events. $UPO will be the currency for the planned prediction platform. Users will need $UPO to wager on the outcome of gaming events, and will also receive payouts in $UPO. Additionally, third-party gaming and Metaverse projects that wish to stream on-chain data on the UpOnly directory in the future will be required to stake $UPO to get access to do so. $UPO holders can also stake the token to receive attractive yield or participate in governance decisions that shape the future of the UpOnly platform. For investors seeking exposure in the play-to-earn space, $UPO offers a unique proposition and has the potential to be a key market leader as the industry grows.

Q16: Currently the game world is booming so that a lot of games are being launched. So How do you compete with other platforms what are the advantages and disadvantages of your features that make a huge difference? And how do you build a very solid community and dive deeper into the community?

TOP: we build community through collaborations, partnerships and through educating users with project insights. Campaigns, activities will take place to increase user base as well.

Q17: You stated that “We are the first gateway to all things metaverse and P2E” can you give an example, I mean provide some of your works?

TOP: We’ll consider fiat money. https://twitter.com/UpOnlyOfficial/status/1471127997931565064 See here for example!

Q18: I Attended the UpOnly Ama Last December Month,
Could You provide a detailed Explanation of what has been done in the last 3 months?

TOP: Voting, staking! Native staking is live now! And predictions feature will follow!

Q19: About improving data research for P2E and Metaverse. How excited are you about it and how much effort has been made in that direction?

TOP: We are super excited as we are the first mover in this sector and our platform offers solutions that any user faces — finding comprehensive information, space to share comments and interact with others, another way to enjoy a game without playing!

Q20: What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

TOP: Unique positioning in metaverse and p2e, strong partnership with projects and features to support all parties such as gamers, users, investors, spectators.

Q21: Related the surge of public interest in play-to-earn and blockchain games since a year ago, how does Uponly take this opportunity?

TOP: Market is ripe so that it needs UpOnly project! There are enough users and there are overflowing projects that it’s hard to keep track of.