Vision Game AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

10 min readFeb 17, 2022


We held a live AMA with CEO, Cristian Esposito from Vision Engine on 17th February 10:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene | Shin Chan: Before we start, can you introduce yourself to the community? What is your background? How did the team build your project?

Cristian Esposito: Sure! My name’s Cristian Esposito, and I’m a veteran game programmer, designer, director, having shipper 100s of games for the desktop and mobile market in the past 11 years. My first approach with the blockchain came in 2017, as I was hired by a former blockchain gaming company and got a glimpse of this amazing market and technology. I also, at the time, got a good grasp of the difficulties and hurdles that developers were facing in the field, and that’s where the idea of VisionGame came to be.

As for our core members, we come from different backgrounds and cultures, but we all share a deep passion for gaming.
Serhii Yolkin, our CTO, is the mind behind several tools for developers within the Unity Asset Store, used by companies worldwide in award winning games such as “Ori and the Blind Forest”. He knows what developers want, and how it should be delivered to them.

Youngsung Chong, our CMO, has been a consultant and advisor for over 10 projects, helping them expand their international outreach, refine their business model and increase their brand exposure.

It’s a team I’m fairly proud of, as we’re really able to put each other expertise through the grind with everything that VisionGame entails. Of course our team keeps expanding rapidly, but our DNA starts from there.

Serene | Shin Chan: Can you briefly describe what your project is?

Cristian Esposito: You can think of VisionGame as a traditional gaming publisher powered by the blockchain market and technology possibilities.
It’s a one stop solution for traditional and blockchain game development teams to go through all the hurdles that the market entails, from conception, to development, reaching an audience and fundraising.

It starts with a unique suite of tools aimed at both developers and gamers. The VisionSDK for example, shaves off months of development time, allowing what could normally take a dedicated team to be done in a few clicks. It’s powered by popular technologies such as Enjin and Solana, and it simplifies not only the approach to the blockchain technicalities, but also to game development, as it’s a tool thought for both traditional and blockchain oriented companies.

VisionOffering instead, our crowdfunding platform, lets developers and enthusiast players meet to support each other. It has community built in features, and brand tokens, which allow projects to avoid selling NFTs to early in the concept stages of their game, letting those creative juices flow more freely. For their supporters, this means no early committing to in-game items that might not prove to be as useful as they thought, but also more kind of rewards, from physical merchandise to 1 on 1 talk with the developers and more.

But we wouldn’t be much of a publisher, if it all stopped there. We’re putting our expertise in creating engaging and fun experiences enjoyed by millions, to provide both creative and technical services to the projects that seek our products and help, ensuring not only a great release, but a great game. Our goal is to shape the industry, raising the bar for quality one game at a time

Serene | Shin Chan: Do you have any recent or updated Vision Game news you’d like to share with our community? 😀

Cristian Esposito: Well, definitely our upcoming IDO exclusively on Solanium is probably our biggest update of the week. Whitelisting will start soon, so make sure to follow:
We’re also almost ready to release a first version of VisionOffering, that will allow a sneak peek of what’s to come, one of our first party games as well, plus early registration for users (the early bird gets the worm, so you can expect some rewards for our more enthusiastic supporters, when the time comes).

Twitter Section Begins:

Q1: You mention that the usefulness of $VISION depends on the product. Could you tell us a little more about the different use cases of $VISION in your different products? How it is used and its benefits?

Cristian Esposito: We have such a unique suite of products, that are going to constantly be supported and updated, especially VisionSDK, following the technologies that developers and players love, that our token usage will be constantly evolving and increasing as a natural consequence.

For now, in VisionOffering, supporting a project with $VISION will mean getting 0% transaction fees, and we have some stacking plans and more TBA soon. Brand tokens can also be traded back to $VISION, without affecting the support provided to the project.

As for VisionSDK, it depends on the features that the developers will use, but the main usage that can be expected, will be for fueling all the necessary networking features. We have more planned there too, as we’ll announce more features that can be expected within our unique SDK.

Q2: I saw on your website “VisionSDK” Can you explain more about VisionSDK? What are the benefits and benefits for game companies who want to join VISIONGAME? Ty.

Cristian Esposito: Well, there are multiple benefits, and multiple use-case scenarios. A traditional game development company that would like to join the blockchain space, would have to acquire a whole new set of skills and know-how, often having to hire a dedicated team to get the job done, and that can be a fairly big stopper in their plans. The VisionSDK allows access to popular and tested technologies, starting with Enjin and Solana for its first release, that allow even game developers to quickly introuce NFTs, play2earn approaches and more, without requiring any particular previous experience. The SDK sits as a middle layer between the developer environment and the blockchain technologies supported, and simplifies the entire approach to the point of almost being handholding.

At the same time, for blockchain-savvy projects, there’s a plethora of game related features, from turn based and real-time multiplayer, to metaverse aids like terrain generation and assets optimization, which, for a less experience game development company, are going to be a tremendous help in delivering a better experience, with less effort, allowing that effort to go in what they do best.

So the benefits can be multiple, but even if a company requires just one of the many features, we believe it’ll be worth it for them to use our SDK.

Q3: Gaming companies need huge funds to provide a great gaming experience. Many even fail because they cannot afford it. How does VisionGame come into play at this point?

Cristian Esposito: We come from a market where funds aren’t being thrown around easily. Optimizing development and ensuring that costs are kept in check while delivering incredible experiences is what we do best. So not only we can provide a tremendous boost through VisionOffering, our crowdfunding platforms, which not only aims to raise funds for those companies, but to build entire communities directly on it, supporting the developers and providing valuable feedback on the longterm.
But, as part of our publishing approach, we’ll also be able to advise those projects best, helping them acquire the right resources, and maximize the benefits that the funds can bring, also by tayloring the game experience around them to ultimately deliver amazing and engaging experiences.

Q4: Could you tell us more about the advantages and functions of your token $Vision? What about its present popularity? Where can I find it right now? Will there be a pre-sale?

Cristian Esposito: Right now the easiest way to get some $VISION, is to participate in the whitelisting soon to open on Solanium:, listing (partners soon TBA) will start soon after.

As for $VISION, I already said plenty before, but it’ll be the driving force behind both VisionOffering, allowing flexibility and 0% fees for supporters, and the SDK, fueling all the networking related features. More will soon be announced, as we have a lot in store planned right from the start.

Q5: You claim that VisionOffering removes the risk by allowing fans to support projects early on without committing to specific in-game products; yet, are fans permitted to report negative consequences of early project development? How do you deal with fan feedback?

Cristian Esposito: Well, it wouldn’t be much of a community built-in feature if it didn’t allow the community to express their thoughts. There will definitely be moderation involved, for both spam and possible disruptors, but negative comments that have a valid point have a reason to exist just as much as positive comments.
It might seem something deleterious for projects, but feedback is always valuable, and knowing the feeling of the community allows developers to adjust their communication and possibly even product before it’s too late. That’s why VisionOffering will welcome any kind of feedback.

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6: Have you really been contacted by a project to develop a game with Vision Engine technology? or really before you offer your technology, do you want to develop a game yourself and show the beneficial features that it will have?

Cristian Esposito: We’ve been in several talks with projects, thanks to the network and assistance our backers and advisors have provided.
It was important for us to confirm if the issues we had identified, were actually reflecting the developers thoughts. Not only we found out that yes, we sort of nailed that, but one of the most immediate feedback was requesting support for multiple technologies within our SDK. That’s why we decided to change our architecture to a multiple-blockchain support, so that we won’t only support Solana and Enjin, but after the first release, Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon and more will be targeted, and more as we follow what developers need.

As for developing a game ourselves, let’s say we have a lot to announce very soon, but yes, we believe if you talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk, so we’ll use our development capabilities to also showcase what could be possible within blockchain gaming to expand the market and provide more engaging experiences.

Q7: You guys point out that through Brand Tokens, users can back the projects they love before committing to specific NFTs, but really we’ll just have to buy those tokens and we’ll already be backing multiple projects? If so, then where can I buy those Brand?

Cristian Esposito: Each project/company that will list on VisionOffering, will have its own brand token. This brand token can be later exchanged for rewards, like NFTs, physical merchandise, meetings with developers, or giving your name to an enemy! Anything developers can think of to engage with their users at a higher level, they’ll be able to provide. You’ll be able to purchase a specific project brand token directly on VisionOffering, once everything will be up and running!

Q8: I am very much intrested in your project , But Before Investing in any project , I always Focus about the goals and vision of the project,Will you please tell me the main motive to make VISION GAMES ,and what are your future plans for VISION GAMES?

Cristian Esposito: The main motive is passion. When I look at the blockchain gaming market, I see so much potential yet untapped, that I can’t help but get deeply excited about thinking of being a part of it. Even more so, if I can help that potential to become a reality. This is why we’re going with a publishing approach, rather than just building a game: we want to be part of an entire industry change, and help achieving it, rather than being a single one-time success.
Our future plans, are all gearing towards mass adoption. Helping to make better games, better experiences, better and more inclusive onboarding process. We believe that blockchain gaming one day will be just gaming, and we want to be there when it happens.

Q9: We know collectively that the gap between Traditional players and blockchain players is still huge. How does VisionGame bridge this to attract new traditional players to the blockchain playground? Do you have an effective marketing and promotion model?

Cristian Esposito: I’m a strong believer that if a game is great, there’s no platform or market that will stop a gamer from playing it. This is not a short process, something we’ll be able to achieve immediately, but it’s something that we can work towards, painstakingly, one step after the other, helping each project to be better than the previous, raising the bar one great gaming experience at a time.
There will be plans and marketing strategies to help this process, but we’re going to focus on the blockchain market first, to get the support of a great community hungry for more, and use that experience and know-how to blast down the doors to mass adoption, showcasing all the amazing possibilities the blockchain as to offer to gaming.

Q10: So many projects prefer to communicate about the short or medium mission and vision statements, but what are your short-term goals for your project? What are you concentrating on right now?

Cristian Esposito: Right now we’re concentrating on…so much! There’s our IDO (once again, exclusive on Solanium, whitelist starting soon, make sure to click that follow button there! wink wink:, we’re finalizing a rebranding that will also help us provide a better understanding of our goals.
We’re working day after day on our products, as we aim for a showcase release of VisionOffering for early registration, and the alpha launch of all of them within Q1 of this year.
We’re talking and partnering with great projects, we’re trying to be at the forefront of the discussion for new technologies for early implementation.
It’s a lot, but we’re loving it, but yeah, there’s a lot of “concentrating” that needs to be done at the moment!

Q11: A common problem is when Users have to face a complex onboarding process that often requires a large initial investment, and have difficulty offering initial support for a project they are passionate about. Does Vision have a solution for that? And how do you handle it?

Cristian Esposito: One of the main things we want the industry to gear towards, is making games accessible to be enjoyed and be played without a hard paying wall even before the user has got a chance to see what the game is about. Purchasing power can still be a decisive factor in obtaining some special in-game benefits, NFTs and the likes, but a good experience should be enjoyed by all, with some free for all content that allows players to participate, boost numbers and enthusiasm, and provide a lot of support to a project, even without paying huge sums upront to be a part of it.
It’ll be a process, but we’ll get there.

Q12: How can users join this project? Is there a channel with the local community where users can get the latest updates?hji
1, YouTube channel
2, Website
3, Instagram
4, Discord
5, Twitter
6, Other_____

Cristian Esposito: You can follows on all our official channels for updates and more!

Telegram (Group):
Telegram (Announcements):