We held a live AMA with Founder of Unreal Finance , Ishan Garg on 16th Sept 09:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Serene: Before AMA start, can you introduce yourselves and the team background?

Ishan Garg: Hi everyone 👋 I am Ishan, founder of Unreal Finance :)

We are a future yield tokenization platform that allows anyone to tokenize the future yield of an underlying protocol

its a unique concept in the world of DeFi and we have a first movers advantage. Future yield trading is really popular in traditional finance (worth $14 trillion) and our vision is to bring it to the world of DeFi :)

Serene: Any latest/ update news about Unreal Finance you would like to share with our community?😀

Ishan Garg: We recently announced major updates — we are the first future yield tokeinzation platform on Polygon. We have also announced partnership with Quickswap as well as Unilend

we have some major announcments coming up in the next few weeks, so please do stay tuned :)

AMA Twitter Section Begins:

Q1: I understand that they only support the metamask wallet, can I connect my trusted wallet to their platform, is it in your plans to support other wallets?

Ishan Garg: We plan to do more wallet integration as we get closer to the launch. We are also working on getting UGT on Trust Wallet.

Moreover, we are also working with other wallets to support UGT.

Q2: Within the Unreal Finance machinery I could read that there will be 3 Token: $UGT, $UOS and the UToken. Could you explain us in a simple and dynamic way the function of each one? As potential investors what we need to know about each one of them?

Ishan Garg:

Each token has a different function -

$UGT — Unreal Governnace token — it is the main platform token used for the governance of the platform.

$UOS — Unreal Ownership Token -this is a platform token which signifies your ownership of your locked assets on Unreal Finance. It’s similar aDAI, aUSDT etc.

$UToken — Unreal Yield Token — This token signifies the future yield your locked asssets are going to generate. This token allows you get instant liqudity on your future yield

So when you deposit $100 on Uneral — we mint 100 UOS and 100 UToken

Q3: Can you tell me more about the Polygon partnership? What is it and what are you doing?

Ishan Garg: Our Polygon integration marks a major milestone in bringing liquidity to future yield for retail investors

We are the first future yield tokenization platform on Polygon

and because of the extremely high gas fee on ETH our polygon integration allows for retail investors to make instant profits or take long/short position

Q4: Through powerful partnerships, great projects build upon others’ successes & choosing partners that compliment your values & support your progress is excruciatingly important. So may we know why #UnrealFinance chose to integrate with #UniLend? And how will you benefit from them?

Ishan Garg: Unilend is a very crucial partner for Unreal Finance.

Unreal as a protcol works on top of an existing lending protocol such as Aave and Unilend. Through Unilend finance we are looking at a more deeper level of integration so that users from Unilend can instantly tokenize the future yield from Unilend.

Unilend is one of the first 3 protocols which we will be supporting on the launch

Q5. $UGT recently got listed on Quickswap. Can you please tell me more about LP mining rewards on UGT? Thanks

Ishan Garg: Yes our Quickswap partnership is really great. Quickswap on UGT/QUICK, and UGT,WETH pair is giving some of the highest LP mining rewards on its platform.

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6. I see that Unreal Finance is the first future yield Tokenization platform on “Polygon”, what benefit does Polygon Provide to the platform & Ecosystem?

Ishan Garg: The first major benefit of the Polygon is the reduced fee. Now even deposits as low at $100 can be profitable on Polygon while that wasn’t possible on eth.

Moreover, polygon is fast really fast :)

Q7. Can you explain to me how I can set an interest rate that remains with constant earnings? There is no common or more convenient rate that they show or recommend for people? Can I set any type of rate no matter how high or low it is?

Ishan Garg: You can set the rate on your end, but ultimately its being bought by another person. The more higher the rate, or more unrealistic the lesser the chance of it being executed

Q8. Recently, you partnered with Quickswap, That’s nice to see actually,
How much LP mining reward users can Expect on Quickswap?

Ishan Garg: Currently Quickswap is giving 10 QUICK (worth $5,000) per day as LP mining rewards

Q9: I did not see the roadmap of your project on your site, can you explain why?

Ishan Garg: Our website is being updated at the moment. Our roadmap can be found here:

Q10. Can I buy your native UGT token on different exchanges or is it only available on QuickSwap? Do you offer some incentives where users can generate some income, such as staking, farming, etc? What would the APY be?

Ishan Garg: We are available QUickswap and Uniswap at the moment. We also have talks going with various CEX but due to NDA i can’t comment further.

We have partnered with Unilend to provide Unreal staking. We are curently giving 38% APY. Feel free to lend UGT on


Q11: Is there any deposit limit to generate UOS and UToken? Is any amount acceptable?

Ishan Garg: ANy amount is possible as long as the underlying protocol supports it

Q12: what is the emission rate? and how UGT tokens gets into circulation?

Ishan Garg: Our full tokenomics can be found here in our detailed medium post.

Q13: One of Unreal Finance’s promises is fixed interest rates. In another project, we saw interest rates and APY change over time depending on the liquidity in the pool. What is your technology for providing a flat rate and can you share the minimum expected APY for your pool?

Ishan Garg: at unreal we are seperating the principle and the future yield. The seperated future yield (which is a new token) can be traded on the open market. So, to fix the yield you simply sell your future yield tokens and get the interest upfront.

Q14: Do you support other chain besides ETH?

Ishan Garg: yes we support Polygon. Our aim is to be a multichain protocol, and we plan to do just this.

Q15. Governance is an important part of Unreal Finance . Can you tell us how community members can vote on the important part of the protocol? How many tokens do I need to hold?

Ishan Garg: We haven’t released our governance structure. We will be announcing our governance structure after our testnet launch.

- End -