We held a live AMA with Mobius Finance CEO, Pedro Torres on 20th September 08:00 PM (UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


Elson: Before AMA start, can you introduce yourselves and the team background to our community?

Pedro Torres: Mobius Finance is comprised of an international team. We all have distinct background, with the sole convergence that we’re all product builders at heart.

Ive personally been into “blockchain” since 2016, I started doing mining back then. in 2017, the focus shifted towards ICOs

In the years since, mainly quant trading and developing strategies that can be applied to any market conditions. Mobius Finance got created with the idea that

The biggest market in traditional finance is the derivatives market

which is at least 10x the size of the stock market (the one everyone talks just because is the most popular one)

If you look at derivatives products in DeFi, they are not so many, and the ones that exist, are undervalued

AMA Twitter Section Begins:

Q1. Compared to other market solutions, what makes the Mobius protocol more attractive and profitable for its users? And Why should we choose Mobius to synthesize assets

Pedro Torres: Mobius Finance is the first multi-collateral synthetics protocol in Polygon. It allows users to create and trade any synthetic asset, including off-chain products such as ETFs, Commodities, Stocks, and Bonds.

Part of the reason we’re going with Polygon, it’s due to the fact of the fast transactions, and low fees

Also, we’re targeting a different market as well

SNX has decided to pursue Optimistic Rollup for example, so in that sense, the market they are targeting is on a sligthly different ecossytem than us

In Polygon, we will aim to be the biggest one

and in 2022, we’re looking to expand to Cardano

So we won’t be limited by ETH compatible chains

Elson: comparing with eth, is really fast and low gas fees

Pedro Torres: The other reason, is that all orders in Mobius Finance, will be executed with 0 slippeage

thanks to our Quote-driven market system, and oracles powered by Chainlink

all of our mAssets, will be powered by Chainlink oracles

We’re looking to adopt to all users strategies, so we will include various incentives for everyone to participate, not just trades

Q2: What caught my attention was that The Mobius protocol uses multiple incentive models to make it attractive to all types of participants.Could u tell us more about this MULTIPLE INCEMTIVE MODELS?
What does it refer to? How will it make the Mobius_Finance more attractive to users?

Pedro Torres: multiple incentives mean that there’s a possibility for everyone to participate in a different way

traders, stakers and providers

There’s a lot of information already prepared on

traders will be able to enter any long or short position, stakers will be able to enjoy earn rewards and providers can manage their collateral ratio to recieve rewards

they are also part of the ecosystem, such as Liquidators

that will be able to liquidate under-collateralized positions

and recieved a 10% discount on that collateral

Q3. Mobius is a synthetic asset creation protocol. When synthetic assets are created, they can go to commercial markets or interact with various decentralized financial services. What synthetic assets does Mobius create? What are the actors involved in the creation of assets?

Pedro Torres: When synthetics assets are created, they can interact with other DeFi dApps, sure! all mAssets can be tradable outside the Mobius protocol

all assets that Mobius create are called “mAssets”

mBTC will be a synthetic that tracks the price of BTC, for example

Q4. You mentioned the Automated Debt balance algorithm (ADB). So, Can you explain how the ADB algorithm actually works? what are the terms of the debt? how do you anticipate someone if he wants to trick you? and where did this innovation idea come from?

Pedro Torres: that is explained in more details in our WP

The ADB is a way to compensate participants opposing each other and to stear the debt towards the net zero position

in a way to archive stability in the protocol

Q5. The Mobius protocol will allow users to tokenize any asset from any chain, including off-chain financial instruments. Does it mean that users can trade traditional stocks & commodities too in the platform?If so how does this integration work?And how will you valuate a commodity?

Pedro Torres: Not only “blockchain assets”, but by collaborating with Chainlink, we can also trade other off-chain assets

such as stocks, etfs, commodities, futures, etc

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6. I read on Medium about Beta testing of the #MobiusFinanace platform.
Are there any weak points that need improvement or development in the app?

Pedro Torres: You can test it and let us know ;)


Ask the admin to send you some testnet tokens

Q7. As Mobius Finanace has also Created the New Stable Currency called “moUSD” , Can you tell me What Important role Does this Currency will play in Mobius Ecosystem ?

Pedro Torres: moUSD (Mobius Dollar) is a new stable currency that will be created to function as settlement currency for all orders in the protocol

it will be pegged at $1

Q8. When this token will be available on exchange for everyone? Is it right after IDO or before IDO?

Pedro Torres: After the IDO

We currently have 3 exchanges that are going to list us

Including Gate.io

Q9. Are you open to making adjustments or updates based on community feedback and requests as you complete developments on Mobius Finance’s roadmap? What rights and opportunities does Mobius Finance offer them to keep the community alive and active?

Pedro Torres: We’re always open to hear our community, this is why the MOT tokens will also work as part of the DAO governance

Q10. Does Mobius finance plan to Integrate NFTs as one of it’s features?,What major project is the team working on presently?

Pedro Torres: Yes, we will integrate NFT in the short-term future

Q11. Just now OccamFi announced IDO with #MOBIUS so can you tell me the requirements of joining? How much is total supply and what will be the IDO price?

Pedro Torres: You can check this article

Q12. Can you talk about the importance of Mobius Finance’s partnership with Graph Protocol? What are the mutual expectations from this partnership and what will your ecosystem stakeholders gain from this partnership?

Pedro Torres: We wont a bounty hunt at a hackaton organized by IOSG

our analytics will be powered by The Graph

Q13. Mobius Finance chose polygon to start and then I’ll integrate Cardano as well, but will Mobius only compatible with these 2 Blockchains? Or do you have plans to integrate many chains as possible?

Pedro Torres: We will be monitoring the situation and see how other blockchains evolve

Q14. You are already Audited by Certik is itself a brand in Cyber security, Do you have any plan to do other audits by other Comapnies as well?

Pedro Torres: Yes, we are audited by Certik already

We will be pursuing a second audit which we will make public soon

Q15. When I want to try Mobius Beta version, To use it we must have moUSD. can you explain in more detail about this moUSD and where we can get it? Then what is the difference between the role of moUSD and $MOT?

Pedro Torres: This is not correct

You can use


you have moUSD, you can also use it to trade, the above 4 can be used to enter any position to collaterize it

Q16. MOBIUS FINANCE is a fascinating project. My question is, do you intend to hold activities such as airdrops and ambassadors to encourage different communities to increase participation and volatility on Mobius Finance?

Pedro Torres: The CMC airdrop finished today, it lasted more than 10 days and we gave away $25,000

Q17. What areas is moobius currently focusing on? (DeFi, Stake, Dapps..Yield Farming,,NFTs,,Gameing) and what is your target for this year?

Pedro Torres: Defi, Yield Farming and NFTs in the future

Q18. What are the various ways traditional and non-traditional potential investors can take advantage of all the benefits and opportunities of decentralized derivatives through the Mobius Finance platform?

Pedro Torres: We will have both types of assets in our protocol!