Zebec Protocol AMA Summary Recap with Shin Chan Community

8 min readOct 7, 2022


We held a live AMA with Community Lead, Ayush from Zebec Protocol on 7th October 2022 at 09:00 PM(UTC+8). Here’s the recap for those who missed it.


JH | Shin Chan: Could you please introduce yourself and Zebec Protocol in details??

Ayush: So it’s me Ayush, Community Lead at Zebec Protocol. I have learned and experienced tremendously while working over several years on marketing, sales and public relations. I have been close with technology, and have gained variety of experience from being a application developer to a Community Manager at Zebec.

Talking about our project Zebec, Zebec is a continuous settlement protocol built on Solana with the aim of transforming how money moves on blockchain. We here at Zebec are building a revolutionary DeFi technology that empowers real-time, frictionless and continuous streams of payments. Zebec currently offers Multisig Treasury Management and Payroll solutions to Web3 projects gaining mass adoption rapidly. We have also launched our own token $ZBC which is currently traded in many major exchanges. We are also launching our own L1 chain.

📌 Zebec Protocol social media links
Website- https://zebec.io/media-kit (https://zebec.io/media-kit)
Twitter — https://twitter.com/Zebec_HQ (https://twitter.com/Zebec_HQ)
Telegram — https://t.me/zebecprotocol (https://t.me/zebecprotocol)
Discord — https://discord.gg/fJM9cHuvvB (https://discord.gg/fJM9cHuvvB)

JH | Shin Chan: What’s the motivation for starting Zebec Protocol ?

Ayush: The usual method of receiving pay at the end of the month or after a set time frame has always bothered us, and we at Zebec are committed to changing that. The thought of receiving money to your wallet continuously as you are working is fascinating, and we want to make it a reality. We also provide Multisig treasury to keep your hard-earned money safe and secure from various attacks happening in the Web3 ecosystem.

📌 Zebec Protocol social media links
Website- https://zebec.io/media-kit
Telegram — https://t.me/zebecprotocol

JH | Shin Chan: Token economics is essential to a project. Could you introduce the token economics of Zebec?

Ayush: $ZBC token is integrated within the Zebec ecosystem with it being used as fees. Revenue generated from 0.25% fees on every withdrawals/cancels off every transaction in continuous settlement protocol and 0.25% fees on every withdrawals from Multisig will be used in burning token. $ZBC has been listed in various major exchanges such as OKX, Gemini, KuCoin, Huobi, ByBit, etc. and is currently traded in high volume.

Read the Tokenomics here: https://t.co/IwKnEjGqhD (https://t.co/IwKnEjGqhD)
$ZBC in CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/zebec-protocol/ (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/zebec-protocol/)

📌 Zebec Protocol social media links
Website- https://zebec.io/media-kit
Telegram — https://t.me/zebecprotocol

JH | Shin Chan: great to see most of the major exchange list $ZBC

⛵️Trade Zebec Protocol at https://www.okx.com/en-in/trade-spot/zbc-usdt

JH | Shin Chan: my next question
Can you mention more about Operation Horizon and share detail about how many nodes would be shared in what ways?

Ayush: We are soon launching our own chain to help scale Zebec and that is Operation Horizon. Operation Horizon brings us a payment-focused layer 1 built by the community and sustained by the community, building an independent, highly efficient, and safe network. Apart from the high transaction speed of 700,000 TPS and enabling a multi-chain infrastructure for Solana dApps to go multichain since day 1. Zebec’s recent announcement on cross-chain expansion to BNB is only the first step of Operation Horizon.

The first 288 “Zepoch” nodes, which Zebec will use to incentivize early participants in the Zebec Ecosystem, will be available to users with more than 1,888,888 ZBC tokens. Users who’ve locked 188,888 ZBC tokens for one year will be eligible for an airdrop of the “Zepoch” node. In phase 2, the node price is priced at 2000 USDT/ BUSD, and the contract price automatically increases by 0.5% (5/1000) for every 50 additional node holders.

Learn more about Operation Horizon: https://horizon.zebec.io

JH | Shin Chan: What is the timeline for Whitelist, Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Operation Horizon?

Ayush: Whitelist Registration:3rd-11th of October, 1 pm UTC
Phase 1:13th of October, 1 pm UTC
Phase 2:TBD

Learn more in details: https://horizon.zebec.io/#/participate

Twitter Section:

Q1: For the Zebec Pay app, what if a certain employer wants to halt or stop all payment transactions to his/her employee, will the employer be able to cancel the payment stream right away? Will the employee still get the accumulated funds before he/she got cancelled?

Ayush: Yes, the employer would be able to cancel right away and the employee would still get the accumulated funds before the payment got cancelled. That way we can make sure that an employee gets paid for what he worked for even if he/she is fired or decides to leave, or the employer decides to cancel the payment.

📌 Zebec Protocol social media links
Website- https://zebec.io/media-kit (https://zebec.io/media-kit)
Twitter — https://twitter.com/Zebec_HQ (https://twitter.com/Zebec_HQ)
Telegram — https://t.me/zebecprotocol (https://t.me/zebecprotocol)
Discord — https://discord.gg/fJM9cHuvvB (https://discord.gg/fJM9cHuvvB)

Q2: According to Zebec empowers real-time, frictionless and continuous streams of payments. How can a business establish a stream of payments? What specifics must the employer enter on Zebec Pay in order to make a stream payment?

Ayush: Employer could just connect the wallet to Zebec as sender wallet & receiver employer would connect their wallet as receiver account, and yes that’s it, it’s that simple. For step to step guide, go to docs.zebec.io

📌 Zebec Protocol social media links
Website- https://zebec.io/media-kit
Twitter — https://twitter.com/Zebec_HQ
Telegram — https://t.me/zebecprotocol
Discord — https://discord.gg/fJM9cHuvvB

Q3: Staking is one of the most attractive way that exist through the DeFi system where users generate passive income. With that, can you tell us more about staking program and various ways through which users can participate in your staking program?

Ayush: Currently we have staking available on OKX, which you can see on details from: https://www.okx.com/earn/product/staking.
We are also working on on-site staking which would be launched soon.

Q4: I read that Zebec is a Continuous Settlement Protocol built on Solana. Can you tell us why you chose to launch Zebec on the SOLANA? What are the advantages of SOLANA in terms of energy efficiency to the Zebec? Do you see yourself collaborating with other chains in the future?

Ayush: We chose Solana because of their low fees, high speed and scalability and we are happy with our choice. We are here to make Solana ecosystem a lot safer by providing our treasury option. We made our first move of collaborating with other chains by recently announcing our integration with BNB chain.

Lately, we are announcing our own chain with Zepoch node that’ll help us connect to multiple chains and take Zebec to a even bigger level.

Q5: As I see that Zebec’s services provides fully customizable multi-sig on Solana ? I heard people attempt suicide due to huge crash of Solana why you still have Solana ?

Ayush: No idea about where you heard it, but We chose Solana because of their low fees, high speed and scalability and we are happy with our choice. However, addressing the issue about Solana outages, we are building our own L1 Zebec chain for more scaling opportunity which you can check at horizon.zebec.io

Telegram Live AMA Begins:

Q6: While Researching, I Found that In Q4 2022 , You have Planned to Launch the “ZEBEC CARD”

May You Please tell us MORE about this CARD , What Will be it’s Main features, How We Can Use it and What Will be It’s Benifits ?

Ayush: You can check all the details about the Zebec card and also sign up for it at https://zebec.io/debit-card

Q7: 🐻 BEAR Market is Worst Phase For all Projects
And Many Projects have been Shut Down In this BEAR Market

Do You agree with me
May I know What Strategies Your have Made to Protect Your Project From BEAR MARKET , Is Your Roadmap Also Affected by BEAR MARKET. ?

Ayush: We think bear market is the best time to build the product so we could shine once the bull run starts. We have raised $40M+ funds so we have sufficient financial backing to get past this bear market.

Q8: Is KYC a requirement for Zebec protocol users? Do you follow a rule that reputable exchanges like Binance offer to their user community, such as a withdrawal cap for non-KYC compliant customers? What are the withdrawal restrictions for both completed and uncompleted KYC?

Ayush: KYC is not needed for general use of Zebec but to order the Zebec Card, there is KYC verification in place.

Q9: Who are you currently partnering with Zebec Protocol for now or is there a new partnership with Zebec Protocol ? then where can I buy & get the $ZBC token?

Ayush: Our latest partnerships are with Binance for integration with BNB chain and with Visa to launch our own Debit card. You can check our CMC page to get the list of all the exchanges $ZBC is traded on.

Q10: I read that Operation Horizon consists of 2 main components namely Zepoch Node Holders and Themis Gavel NFT, can you explain more about these two components? What benefits does each component offer to users?

Ayush: Learn more here: https://horizon.zebec.io/

Q11: can Zebec debit card users use the card when purchasing NFT? can you provide some benefits for Zebec debit card users?

Ayush: Yeah with our latest partnership with Crossmint, you can use Zebec card to purchase NFTs as well.

Q12: 🫒🫒How many Country Will Support Zebec Visa card? Also will this card open for Public or only for internal investors?

Ayush: First batch is available for Europe, UK and US users. We will expand to more countries in future.

Q13: As not much familiar with the word “Mutli-Sig” can you explain me what is Mutli-Sig and what are benefits and requirements of being a part of it?

Ayush: Multi-sig is short form for Multiple SIgnatures meaning multiple wallets would need to sign the transaction for it to go through. This secures the treasury from one wallet being compromised as majority would need to sign the transaction.

Q14: I have a question regarding the Zebec Debit Card,..Do users spend based on the specific Crypto they choose to use or is the crypto converted to A fiat currency before it can be spent,and also regarding security,are there plans to hold an Hackathon/bug bounty contest anytime soon?

Ayush: They can choose which crypto they want to use when making purchase through the card. Card would have fiat off-ramp to convert crypto to fiat during the time of transaction

Q15: Where did you get the inspiration of creating Zebec? How did you decide on this name? Can you please tell the story behind? How do you see this project in the next year?

Ayush: Zebec name comes from a very fast sailing ship of the past named “Xebec” and pronounced “Zebec”. Our plan for next year is to launch our own chain and further scale the project.